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on 3 May 2015
This game makes all the other shooters i play seem massively psychotic! This game has a depth and intelligence that i dont think i've seen in any other game, almost to the point of being absolutely miserable. The story line is absolutely excellent, although the game constantly makes you feel bad for things it suggested you do. The game play is good with just a few niggles (namely chest high cover about the place). This is not a relaxing shooter (such as doom and quake), you will have to pay attention. But i would defiantely say the game is worth you time.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 May 2016
Was a wee present, read the reviews before purchase, but didn't expect it to be so good. Out of expectation indeed. Great story line, it is a bit short, yet very sweet and full of replayable value.

I am not a hard core gamer, quite a few popular games I find it not to my taste and get bored when playing a bit, then put it aside gathering dust. What I am saying is that it takes a really good and well balanced game in every aspect to keep me playing and interested in, and this is the one which does it.

2 of us, each played through the game twice. Highly entertaining shooter! Consider the price is a lot cheaper than some top games, yet the content and everything is outstanding. Well worth the price!
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on 10 April 2014
This game has got to be the greatest game to pass everyone by on the markets back in 2012. I don't remember it being advertised at all, let alone seeing it in shops like Game. But 2 years later I came back and bought and.......wow. I'm assuming people were put off by the Spec ops part of the title, as it seemed like it was in a series, which it really isn't (I'm pretty sure the last spec ops games came out in the 90's) If it was just called The Line I think it would have done a lot better. However, the story line is one of the best I have ever seen, if not the best. It's heart of darkness and apocalypse now inspired, but in a Dubai setting. I don't wish to reveal anything but the game delves into war crimes and the morality of soldiers under extreme duress. The twist at the end left me thinking for literally days, as I could not bring myself to move on, such was the impact of it. Never have I played a game before where I have genuinely questioned the nature of who I am killing and what I am actually doing. There is a statement that appears on one of the loading screens that reads 'You don't understand anything, then again you are not meant to', which sums up the pure mystery of what happened to the Damned 33rd in Dubai, which is one of the questions that you are left asking for days. One of the all time underrated games. And yes, the graphics are really good. My one niggle would have to be sometimes the cover system was a little annoying, but in the scheme of things, it was completely eclipsed by the rest of the game. MUST buy.
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on 1 January 2014
I bought this game on the basis that I played on of the original Spec Ops games on PlayStation a few years back and loved it.

I think if your looking for a new multiplayer experience away from COD or Battlefield this isn't the game the multiplayer isn't anything special. What sets this game apart is the campaign.

The campaign is very different to any other shooter I've played. You take a journey with the delta squad that you command. And its not a happy journey. Bringing in a realism that war does not have a heroic ending like other games. This is a bit more gritty and real in that respect.
Its a good length campaign took me about 8 hours on hard, and was quite pleased when I finished felt like an accomplishment.

There are a few bad points about the game, being the multiplayer is nothing like the campaign which i found disappointing its just any other shooter in that respect.
In the campaign the duck behind cover system was good but not refined and you get killed because the game is struggling to understand what your telling it to do.

Apart from those I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good war game. Its a bit more realistic than any other I've played so far.
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on 29 November 2013
Whilst there are a couple of minor niggles that make it a tad imperfect, there's nothing that stops this from being an ace game. It would be nice to be able to direct each squad member individually, rather than giving a direction and hoping for the right one to take the order. They're not the smartest in terms of AI either. Sometimes they'll run out at the worst moment to carry out your order and get shot down.

Gameplay is at times spectacular but usually just solid. It works more than well enough and head-shots are fantastically satisfying. You can have as much fun with pistol as with a LMG. This could be indicative of a lack of balance but it IS great fun rolling around with a silenced pistol, even on higher difficulties.

Silencers actually work! Too many games let you use a silencer attachment but fail to make it effective enough to bother with.

If you're not the strongest gamer I'd recommend playing through on easy on first play through. It is a bit too easy, but even on normal some parts are so difficult and require so many attempts that it kind of punctures the flow of the narrative. And that is easily the best part of the game, and deserves a minimum of interruptions to your attention, which some of the harder sections will provide. And you WILL want to play it through more than once anyway.
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on 28 December 2016
Good game with clear game play, slightly different to COD which is good and what I was looking for.
Game play is good and there is a story line (as much as there is with any of the games), good so far only played in single player mode so far
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on 24 June 2013
Gameplay is fun and challenging (especially on FUBAR difficulty) but is let down by some little bugs. Story is a bit like Fight Club in that it's hard to follow on the first play-through, especially toward the end, but on the second play-through you see all of the cut-scenes in a new light. Surprisingly dark and complex story for what on the surface looks like just another cover-based stop-and-pop shooter.
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on 15 August 2016
It was great. Good storyline, excellent gameplay. I have played it through again and again and again and again and again and again and again and......
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on 22 January 2014
The game control is similar to Gears of War, crouch, cover, shoot, run, role etc.
The selection of guns is diverse and interesting.
All fairly similar to other games, what sets this game out from the rest is the story line, really involving, constantly evolving throughout the play through. The twist at the end is amazing, don't spoil it, buy the game, play it through, its far more entertaining that 99%of whats on television!
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on 21 January 2015
A dark and depressing 3rd person shooter. Not the gung-ho Call of Duty game but a brutal, introspective, but also a great GAME.

Something of a classic. If you like military shooters you REALLY should get it.
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