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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Limited Edition|Change
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on 17 August 2012
Many of you will remember the True Crime series from the last generation, well, after some growing pains we finally have gotten the third installment.


In Sleeping Dogs, you play as Wei Shen a Hong Kong cop whose mission is to infiltrate the Triads and break them up from the inside, Wei Shen also has a personal stake in the matter he wants revenge for the death of his sister. The story isn't mindblowing, but I found it very engaging nonetheless, if you tend to enjoy high quality action films, then this will be right up your street.

In order to earn the trust of the Triads and work his way up the ladder, Wei Shen will be required to make some tough choices along the way, I shall say no more about this and get on to the real meat of the title, the gameplay.


Now this is the strong point of the game, the way in which in combines the three gameplay elements. The three elements at play here are driving, hand to hand combat and shooting - driving is as you would expect, like GTA you are free to take any vehicle to get around the city, each having their own characteristics which you can use to your advantage. Also added are movie style leaps from one car to another, so let's say you're driving a slow saloon trying to catch the bad guys and you a see a fast looking supercar alongside you which would be better, well rather than stopping to get that car, you simply press a button and jump from one car to the other and continue your pursuit.

Fighting is simple, but highly enjoyable, in addition to your standard punching and kicking attacks, the game also allows you to bring the environment into play, much like the Yakuza series, so now you can slam your opponents heads using car doors or shop shutters for instance to inflict massive damage, or pick up items laying around and swing them at the enemy. One thing to consider is that the fights will often pit you against multiple opponents and at it's this time when one of the issues the game has it rears it head, the camera, which often gets stuck on nearby walls or affords you a view which is not ideal meaning you will get blindsided occasionally as a result, this is particularly a problem in narrow or confined areas and can be frustrating.

Shooting like many titles, allows you to take cover, but unlike other games, Sleeping Dogs rewards players, who choose to charge out from behind cover when you do this you get a brief slow motion time period in which you can place your shots carefully, one thing I particularly liked was how free flowing the system is you can easily charge in shooting then start taking on the enemy with your martial arts skills if you so choose.


Sleeping Dogs is a very good looking game, however it is not the best graphics we have seen yet, some textures look rough around the edges or slightly blurry this is mainly for the environment and given the scope of the game, this is understandable. Character models look brilliant and highly detailed, they animate smoothly the facial animations are very good. The cars follow the genre trend of imitating actual cars closely but changing the names, ironically enough the real Chinese car companies do pretty much this exact thing so it's quite fitting really.


The sound in the game is excellent featuring a high calibre English cast who all do a good job job voicing their respective characters, their is some sporadic Chinese spoken in game but it is subtitled. The actual soundtrack for the game is also very good, like something out of a high quality martial arts film, it strikes the right balance to get your blood pumping or sometimes being more subtle to reflect the ambient mood of an area.

The cars also feature a radio station system each station has it's own variety of licenced tracks, I will leave it upto you to each decide which station you like best as this is very much down to personal preference.

Sound effects are very good on the whole, each of the guns has a distinct meaty firing sound which as you will will become recognisable, naturally there is a wide range of car associated sounds thrown in as well, each having their own unique engine note.


I would personally give Sleeping Dogs 8/10 - the things I liked it about are, the free flowing nature of the gameplay, how quickly you can go from driving to shooting or brawling, however, some issues such as the camera can make these parts not as fun as they should be, but it's not enough to ruin what is otherwise a high quality game.
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on 22 August 2012
well, this game pretty much has everything for all gamers, action, story, martial arts, racing, you name it, the story is very compelling, and the voice acting is realistic and witty, i don't want to spoil anything so i'll finish off by saying it's a unique and original game, and i highly recommend it.
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on 17 August 2012
The game is packed full of action and violence ( just how I like it ) It is worth every penny spent on it, from guns, to cars, to girls and e.t.c. the fun is this game seems like it just goes on forever. Highly recommend and extremely happy with the quality of the game, great job Square Enix. !
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on 26 August 2012
I cannot praise this game enough. Sleeping Dogs is the first open world game in a long while for me that has provided everything it said it would, the story is very entertaining, gripping and makes you want to keep playing as you dive deeper and deeper into Hong Kong's dirty underbelly as undercover cop Wei Shen. One big highlight for me is the combat system which makes SD stand out above over open world games, (GTA, Saints Row etc.) as a martial artist you are able to pull off many beautiful visually, appealing moves which makes it that much more satisfying when you win against a handful of enemies. As you continue through the game you are able to upgrade new moves which help you gain a big edge over your enemies.

But hang on there, aside from the main storyline there is still much to do in the form of cases (you are a cop after all), favours for citizens and allies around the city and races; which you unlock when you buy better and faster vehicles (which there are an over-abundance of). Also including fight clubs which range in difficulty and will test your skills as a fighter.

The voice acting is brilliant and the characters involved in the storyline are actually interesting giving the player another incentive to continue playing. I hope I've sold SD to whoever is reading and if you've played it I hope you agree with me. But I guess in the end personal experiences when playing video games always vary between players so please tell me what you thought of the game as it's my personal pick for best game of 2012. WELL DONE SQUARE ENIX!!!
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on 17 August 2012
sleeping dogs is a brilliant game. it borrows ideas from a lot of games but it does not feel like that when playing, some games like batman arkham city , wheelman , and need for speed. e.g when fighting you have square to punch and triangle to counter if you have played batman then your instantly at home and feels natural some of the finishing moves are brutal breaking arms and shoving heads in to fans to mash up. there is plenty of side missions to do like street racing and like gta take women on dates. the missions never get samely like gta and free runing like assassins creed is a great edition. graphics are very good the story follows a undercover cop trying to bring down the traids from the inside but you play from the side of the cops and crims and you need to keep in line with both which adds to the tension. make sure you still have a just cause 2 save as this unlocks ricos outfit to wear what adds a bonus to car jumping (like wheelman) a must have game of the summer excellent a must buy!
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on 27 August 2012
First off - the DLC included in the Limited Edition is nothing special. It consists of three outfits that look largely identical and equally ridiculous, a punch move (nothing special) and one additional side mission that consists of shooting cars on the freeway whilst riding shotgun in a police car.

Ok the main review - Sleeping Dogs is an excellent action game. You play as an undercover cop in Hong Kong named Wei Shen trying to infiltrate the Triad leadership. It's exactly what you would expect - fast cars, martial arts, explosions and does feel like playing in a Hong Kong based Hollywood thriller. The location (a scaled down Hong Kong Island) is stunning and the gameplay borrows heavily from the GTA series but with a much lower emphasis on shooting and more hand to hand combat.

The central storyline is immersive but is unfortunately quite predictable in that many of many of the plot elements and twists are cliched and will be recognisable to fans of the GTA series and thrillers/gangster movies in general. The dialogue is also weak at some points (conversations between Wei and female acquaintances are particularly cringe-worthy) and many of the minor characters are unoriginal and cliche (the hapless blonde Russians, the seedy fat guy, the wisecracking black musician). Having said all that, as long as you don't expect to be blown away by the writing, the game is a lot of fun due to rapid arcade-style combat, driving and shooting and a fairly lengthy storyline. There are also many hidden items, side missions and upgrades that will keep you occupied outside of the main story and allow you to explore the well designed game world.

In short, if you want a fun, fast paced action game then buy Sleeping Dogs. It's not quite up there with GTA and Red Dead but it does come surprisingly close.
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on 17 August 2012
This game is a lot of fun, you play as wei shen, an undercover cop who gets put through a lot.
This game is big, and by that I mean gameplay wise not just the area you get to free roam round, there are a load of side missions on top of your main story, and these are varied in what you do, there are even random encounter missions as you walk round, these are simlar tasks such as chasing down a bag snatcher or helping someone who has been locked in the boot of a nearby car.

The combat system is really easy to pick up and has a nice selection of upgrades which you get by collecting statues and taking them to your master at the dojo.

The cars handle great, this helps to make the street racing events, police chases and just driving in general a lot of fun.

The radio stations are very good, they aren't comedic like gta's selection are but it carries a more serious tone (just like this game does) and there are stations by some well known record labels and play a nice variety of genres.
The day and nightlife of hongkong sound so surreal, the sound effects used in this game from ambient back ground sounds to the way your car sounds as you start it up are first class, also the voice acting in this game is very good with a mixture of english and cantonese speaking with a few famous names appearing among the cast.

The graphics aren't the best I've seen on ps3, but are very impressive considering the scale of this game, most notable are the charcter models which look great.

The camera angles can sometimes get a little dicey in tight areas when fighting, but this happens rarely and also there is occasional pop up and texture problems when there is a lot going on.

I cannot reccomend this enough for overall fun factor, definately my favourite sandbox game of this generation, received my copy two days ago and haven't been able to put it down, well done square enix for rescuing this game when it was almost cancelled.
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on 21 August 2012
When I bought Sleeping Dogs, I wasn't expecting the world, given all the speculation and recent troubles that the True Crime series has faced. Early reviews had me convinced, though, that this game was worth buying and I don't regret picking it up.

The story is pretty solid, the acting is good, voice is great, and soundtrack is excellent. You play as Wei Shen, who is a Chinese-American undercover cop. I am loving the hand-to-hand combat so far, and the controls seem pretty solid. I've noticed that some people have commented that the graphics aren't top-notch and I hate to admit, that it's kind of true. Coming from Square Enix, the geniuses behind the amazing graphics of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the graphics in Sleeping Dogs were a little bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong, they have beautifully recreated Hong Kong and the open world is fun to play in, but the facial animation is a little stiff and in some areas, the graphics are funny. I think this is where Rockstar owns this genre because they polish their games to perfection before they are released. Anyway, this is nothing that deters you from thoroughly enjoying the game. It's definitely one of the top games of this year so far. From Marital Arts moves to driving cars, a lot of fun is guaranteed and you won't be disappointed.
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on 19 August 2012
Since receiving this game on launch I have been hooked!

This game has been beautifully made, it is well detailed throughout, has really good animations, really good story line and fantastic voice acting.

I have seen in numerous places people either trying to slate it or saying they refuse to purchase it just because it was originally supposed to be the new True Crime from activision, but then Square Enix purchased it after activision ditched it several years into its development. It`s a good job Square Enix did this to as the game is a real gem.

Yes the game does have some little bugs, for example there is the occasional texture pop up, you see the odd pedestrian stuck in a wall, and the biggest one I have seen yet is after I bet on a chicken fight I won, however after claiming my cash I was stuck, unable to move and unable to get the "Place bet" off screen. I was forced to reload a previous check point. However these issues are made tiny when shadowed by how stunning the rest of the game is.

Of course with this being a "Sandbox" game you can essentially do what you want, when you want, and there is a lot to do! There are street races, drug busts, various collectible items (loads of them in the various areas of the map), shops to buy clothes, food and vehicles ranging from casual to sports cars and bikes. Mini games requiring you to hack security cameras, gambling on chicken fights, karaoke.....the list goes on and on. So needless to say there is more than enough to keep you busy in the game, and that`s before we even get to the main story missions.

We play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop tasked to get in with the Triad empire and take them down from within, however as he delves in deeper he is forced into positions that lead him into murder, robbery and other illegal activities. The story is very well done and very enjoyable to see unfold, all the voice acting is professionally done with a mix of English and Cantonese (English subtitled) which makes the characters believable. The story is more serious than GTA, but still has a way of being fun with the mass of side missions adding to the fun.

The game allows you to earn XP based on 3 types, Face (earned through helping people), Triad (completing Triad missions and completing criminal missions), and finally Police (busting criminals, completing police missions etc). All these allow you to earn skills which enhance your combat, strength and ability.

Combat in the game is a simple button system, O to grapple, X to sprint, Square to attack, L2 to lock on and Triangle to counter attack. Don`t be fooled by this simple system though as it allows for more variations than you would think, particularly as you learn new moves. Different button combinations result in all kinds of moves making for very satisfying martial arts combat. You can use most of the environment advantage, for example you can smash your opponents into walls, tables, break their backs on railings and more. There are also environmental kills too, when grappling an opponent you may find things in the environment highlighted in red, drag them there and hit circle to do some brutal and often amusing things such as hanging them on butchers hooks, sticking their heads into fans, throwing them into bins, and even setting them on fire, it`s all great fun and you earn bonus XP for doing this.

All the vehicles that you see in the game can be stolen, driven and smashed. Each vehicle has its own handling characteristic, and while being arcadey they are all fun to drive. With the use of the Square button you can ram cars which is handy when the police are chasing you, just like in GTA you can hang your gun out of the window and shoot (taking out tires on bikes and cars in high speed results in them crashing out spectacularly). It is thrilling stuff.

Gun play works well too, you can take cover behind objects using L1, shoot over and jump over which then results in brief slow motion sequences allowing you to take precise aim and shoot out several enemies at once. However unless in a situation where your against a large number of gunmen you would likely get your hands dirty with your kungfu where you can disarm them.

The radio in games is pretty good, making use of authentic Chinese music aswell as having rock and hip hop stations available.

Sound effects are suitably punchy and detailed and sound perfect in every part of the game.

Overall this really is a huge surprise, the game is great at everything it does, the only reason I marked it 4 stars out of 5 is that it does have its minor little bugs but nothing serious, and I would have loved online multi player features, maybe Square Enix will inroduce them in the future (fingers crossed). Overall though this game is fantastic and I highly recommend it!
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on 20 August 2012
I was only recently introduced to the True Crime series through True Crime NYC on PS2, and I was very excited about Sleeping Dogs, which was until it was dropped by Activision True Crime Hong Kong. Square Enix and United Front did not disappoint in the slightest!

The game is immensely playable, with an engaging main story that lasts a good 25/30 hours if played quickly, as well as mountains of side events ranging from gambling to street races to miscellaneous "Favours" for members of the Hong Kong community. I enjoyed this game no end, and found it nigh on impossible to stop playing - the engine and graphics are well refined and the game on the whole plays smoothly and with plenty of drive. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a well written, engaging and hugely fun open world adventure!
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