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on 25 March 2012
I haven't read this either, but I'm dropping a star because it doesn't have a spider on the cover. Plus, the cover's yellow, which isn't nearly as cool as black.

UPDATE - having now read the book, further comments follow...

David Thorne is probably most famous for his series of real-life letters where he attempted to pay for a utility bill by offering a picture of a spider he drew. Much of his best subsequent material is in a similar vein - based in reality, documenting correspondence between David and some hapless victim.

As pointed out by other reviewers a lot of the book is indeed familiar to people who zealously follow David Thorne's site, but there is still a good proportion of new material that I don't believe has been on the website. There are also some surreal, Monty-Pythonesque jokes... a book-mark on the first page, a table of contents that includes absolute zero (-273) and the Fibonacci sequence, and a centrefold in the middle of the book.

The book is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny in many parts, has some surprising pathos on other parts. It's also an uncomfortable book, as David's humour is mischievous and works best when he has dupes or victims.

If you're a follower of David Thorne, the book, even with the recycled material, is worth getting. If you're not familiar with David's work you may want to search for him on line and check out his website, and I'd guess you would become a convert.
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on 17 March 2013
Why? Because I ordered (and read) Thorne's "The Internet Is A Playground" and didn't want to waste my time on more of the same tosh.

Here's my review of the "The Internet..":

"I got this book after being directed to Thorne's website and reading the "Please Design A Logo for Me. With Pie Charts. For Free," series of e-mails.
Sadly, that's the funniest one he appears to have done, so the other emails contained in the book, whilst amusing, don't match it.
The bigger problem is the guff between the emails: a series of musings and outright odd pieces that just seem to be trying too hard to be funny and come across as being, for wont of a better word, daft. And not funny.
The emails are more amusing but derivative: pick on a employee, send them emails containing one-part sense and two-parts nonsense and watch them struggle. By the end of the book I was siding with the recipients of these emails - people doing their job and having to spend working time replying to facetious provocation. To their credit, many people don't snap until the fourth or fifth stage of correspondence.
Yes, some people are idiots and almost ask for a good skewing-by-email. Others, however, aren't and there's little real pleasure to be had from the author's approach.
I am a pretty avid reader. I also ordered Thorne's other book "I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm and Has Chairs" at the same time. I won't bother even opening this up. Heresy, I know."
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on 22 April 2012
..because it assumed I bought it for myself. which in itself is a bit odd because all I think I've ever ordered for myself has been DVDs and video games; if Amazon's shopping spy was that clever surely some alarm would have gone off somewhere..."Hang on lads, Dave's bought a book. Must be his birds' birthday or something. Bung some daffodils in with it"

Well, I did actually buy it for myself. But I haven't got around to reading it yet. It's not that I can't read, I just have a very short attention span. Some of the articles that I have seen after skimming through the book are over two pages long! And the pages seem slightly bigger than the pages in the last book I bought, which means statistically, there might be more words per page. Take font, character spacing and text size into account and this might be the longest book I ever plan to read!! Could someone please do an Audiobook of it, set to the music of dire Straits or just email me the gist of it in less than 100 words, and I want at least three of those hundred to be "Dolphin, Explosion and Defined-Benefits". Hyphenating in my book (that I haven't read) makes two words count as one, just like a buy one, get one free counts as one item in the "10 items or less" queue at the supermarket.

So yeah, probably funny. Nice picture of a Penguin flipping the bird on the cover which has since been banned by Penguin publishing because they own all intellectual property rights on flightless birds, and I like orange.
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on 22 May 2012
David Thorne seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Maybe it's because he's Australian. Who can tell? So, while he appears to be generally gainfully employed for at least several days in the year, he finds plenty of opportunities to amuse himself by engaging unsuspecting people in long or pointless or long AND pointless email exchanges. The general gist of these is that the unsuspecting dupe contacts him on a more or less innocuous subject, at which point he pounces and takes the conversation into some ridiculous, circular and/or deeply surreal universe where only he knows what he's talking about (and even then...). Sometimes this involves drawings of spiders.

It's a bit like laughing at Belgians or gingers. We all do it. It's wrong. It's deeply unfair. You'll surely go to hell for doing it. But it feels so good.

Possibly the best advice I can give you is "don't buy this book". You can look at most of the content by visiting the 27b/6 website, with the added advantage that you will appear to your office mates to be doing something useful (except for frequent guffaws, when you will appear to your office mates to be looking at internet pictures of Belgians. Or gingers. Or ginger Belgians).

Alternatively, buy the book and kill a tree - there are probably too many of them anyway.
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on 28 December 2013
I understand most of the negative reviews are not because of quality but because the book is full of material that you can see on his website. Whilst this is true, it doesn't make up the whole book, in fact I'd say about 40-50% is material from the website, which I don't even mind. You get it for free on his website but his stuff is so good I don't mind paying for it plus I'm sure some of the money will go to maintaining his website (or more likely expensive watches ;D)... That said, I think the description should say everything is new...

Despite this, his unpublished stuff is just as funny as the stuff you see on his website. A consistently funny book with nice little bits of humour i.e. the page numbering, contents, random things in the margins. He also has callbacks to his first book and emails within the book and little references that fans will giggle at.

(Side note: ordered this on the 26th and recieved this morning (28th), extremely speedy service so 5/5 stars for the delivery time!)
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on 20 April 2012
This is excellence in humor and lyric. I do not care how real the stories and correspondences are, its to funny. My girlfriend has vetoed me the right to read this in bed since I keep her up with the screams of laughter. The ironic tone and the obvious comical talents of Mr. Thorne gives one a feeling that you are reading the words of a genius (even though he does all he can to disprove that he is one).
Many of the emailing battles are already published on his website, but what is not is still worth it times ten. And the little stories (true or false) about him almost killing his girlfriend while purposing, and almost killing himself in more ways than ten drunk teenage boys alone in a armydepot can come up with, are written and illustrated better than than any copywriter I have worked with can (ok copywriters dont illustrate anything, but still)...and he is a designer, the most spoiled and lazy kind of creature on the planet, it makes no sense. I love it, keep it coming Mr. Thorne
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on 3 January 2014
As with his other books, David Thorne is a funny guy. While there is certainly some of this content available on the web, it is well put together for reading on a Kindle. If you are a fan of his other works, you won't be disappointed here.

One thing that does not work is the images. There are a few photostatic images of letters etc which do not translate well. They are too small and, in many cases, totally unreadable. For that reason I would find this title hard to recommend on Kindle, even though I think the content is great.

It's a shame as with a bit of work this could have been vastly improved to make this as enjoyable an experience on Kindle as it would be in paperback.
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on 8 June 2014
Having visited David Thorne's website many times I knew what to expect but this book went beyond my expectations. True, some of the articles are on the website but I could read them time and time again and never get bored. The story about replacing the picture of the dog with a photo of Liam Neeson still makes me chuckle. David Thorne's use of language and analogies in his email exchanges is the true star of the show though. He never resorts to threats or intimidation, just a clever use of words, as he tries to coax his adversaries to see his point of view. By the way the title is explained in the foreword but you will have to buy it to find out.
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on 15 May 2012
I'll Go Home Then, it's Warm and Has Chairs is the new collection of David Thorne's stories, e-mails and correspondence with unwitting members of the public in which he drives them to the brink of despair. If you've read his previous book or been on his website you'll know what to expect as it is all in the same vein of dark humour.

The entries don't take long to read but the stories are all cringe inducing or laugh out loud funny (or both) and have a real page-turning quality to them as you wan't to see what happens next.

I knocked a star off the score as I'd seen a fair ammount of the content before on his website and I felt it was somewhat padded out.

Overall, a great collection of sardonic humour from David Thorne and a must for fans of his 'work'.
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on 28 December 2014
After reading the webpage for David Thorne I felt compelled to order the book, and ordered a few copies for relatives. Despite not having the finesse of a more established author, there is something about it that just makes it work and certainly difficult to put down. This is a book that you will want to keep reading and will (dare I admit) be slightly gutted when you enevitably reach the end, once read you too are likely to become hooked on the David Thorne bug so luckily there is sufficient content on his webpage to hold you over until the next book.

I would recommend this product.
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