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VINE VOICEon 26 April 2014
I've used Adobe Premiere products for well over a decade and stuck up for them in the geeky world of video editing for far longer than I should have done. I've just finished three days of - what should have been - editing. I've probably spent 10 hours editing and a good 20 trying to make sense of the illogical, buggy and quite frankly infuriating piece of rubbish that I've paid good money for. Everyone who's spent time editing knows that codecs can be - let's say - a tiny bit annoying but Adobe have created a piece of software that actually stops you being creative. Do not go anywhere near them or this for the sake of your own sanity. When I find something intuitive and nice to use I will update this review.
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on 28 June 2012
Lots of new features and a new interface make this a decent update from CS 5.5. however, i like many others am experiencing problems with MTS files imported from Sony and Panasonic cameras. MTS files when imported do not have any audio attached !? Browsing the Adobe forums seemingly no solution is forthcoming , indeed, Adobe have actually locked the thread in which people seek a solution.

So,if you use Sony or Panasonic cameras ensure you download the trial before investing or upgrading to CS6 ypu can then at least you can test tp see if it works for you.
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on 22 April 2014
Unlike the other reviewers here, I have had no problems with loading MTS files or other technical problems...it has always worked really well for me.

It handles well, although it takes a bit of getting used to as some of it is not really intuitive unless you have used earlier versions of Premier Pro.
As an amateur I can't say that I fully utilised the program at its maximum capacities. It is definitely a pro set-up, and you need to have some idea of what you are doing. There are training manuals and youtube videos available, of course, so I recommend reasearching before buying.

Otherwise, it is a very powerful program, with a lot of creative potential to the person who is willing to unlock its secrets!
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on 19 May 2015
Professional software for professional users. It does take some learning, but the capability to put together professional products with every option that you could imagine and then burn them as fully fledged DVD's, with chapters, straight into Encore gives the editor an amazing experience and superb workflow. Not suited to amateur videographers but who would pay this sort of money to do their holiday videos?
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on 29 September 2012
This is my review from the US website. I really want to see this product fixed. It has the potential to be a five star product, that is, if it worked properly.

I personally own CS5.0, CS5.5, and CS6.0. I was quite pleased with the CS5.x series, so I upgraded to CS6.0 as soon as it became available. What a big mistake! It doesn't work properly. The video frames froze or displayed solid colors or blocks of solid colors. I tried to import projects made with earlier versions of Premiere Pro that performed properly with those earlier versions, and they did not function properly with CS6.0. I tried to recreate those projects from scratch with CS6.0, and had similar dismal results. I reported my unsatisfactory and dismal results to Adobe in bug reports.

Since I own CS6.0 I will spot check Adobe's progress in fixing the bugs in CS6.0; however, I will not hold my breath waiting for an Adobe fix update that works. I will continue to do all serious work with CS5.5 as it does work properly now. On the plus side, I can run both CS5.5 and CS6.0 side by side. If Adobe does decide to fix CS6.0, I will update this report to reflect that progress.


I just installed the latest software update and retested Premiere Pro. Nothing that I reported on here initially has changed as a result of this software upgrade.

Updated 2012-0917

I just installed the V6.0.2 software update and retested Premiere Pro. I tried recreating from the ground up those projects that worked perfectly with V5.0 and V5.5 and failed miserably with the newly released V6.0. The stuff that failed miserably still fails miserably the same way with V6.0.2. The stuff that worked, still works. Importing projects into V6.0 from V5.0x are the same. Things that failed before still fail. Things that worked still work.

I did contact the Premiere Pro design team about the problem. They have an attitude-superiority problem. I am just a "mere" individual customer not worthy of a response. Being a an experienced design engineer, this total lack of engineering professionalism turns me off totally about the product. I still use CS5.5 as I can rely on its working properly with my projects.

Updated 2012-0928

I just installed the V6.0.3 software update and retested Premiere Pro. Nothing new. I recreate everything from scratch to avoid carrying production errors caused by previous bugs forward into the realm of the new release. Still broken as expected. Still unusable.

I have been so concerned with the horrible video drop-outs and bad video previews, that I have observed that I did not report on the audio dropouts. They are there too. CS6 is seriously broke in many respects. It is bad enough to be technically deficient, i.e., have software bugs, but to not care about correcting those technical defects is inexcusable. Other Adobe divisions take quality defect correction (bug fixes) very seriously. Premiere Pro does not.

And based on my limited contact with Adobe Premiere Pro engineering and many years practicing engineering, Adobe seems to have amassed a Premiere Pro engineering team that considers itself too important to have to care about technical defects in existing released product, i.e., so important that they can spend their time working on "fun" stuff and not waste time on mundane bug fixes of existing product.

Updated 2012-1001

By accident and playing around, I discovered a mechanism to circumvent the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 bug that created many video and audio dropouts. This discovery also defined exactly the Adobe Premiere Pro software bug that caused my problems and needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, the Adobe Premiere engineering folks are much too "high and holy" to communicate with just a mere low individual mortal customer like me, so I do not know to whom at Adobe, a person who cares about bugs and bug-fixes, to communicate my bug fix. It would be nice to see the fix incorporated in the next update release. Is there someone at Adobe who cares? I would raise the rating from zero stars to many stars if it were fixed !!!
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on 8 May 2013
I am an ardent fan of the CS6 range of products and have used many iterations of them However, I cannot raise more that a single star for Prem Pro. I find it a dated and over clumsy interface and does not import Panasonic video - MTS - files properly. When I connect the camera it tries to download and fails. If I take out the SDXC card it fails to find the video files.

So it's goodbye to this product, I have recently invested in Final Cut Pro X - Apple only I know, and it is a fantastic and intuitive product. That alone has convinced me to buy Apple and ditch Windows forever.
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