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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 1998
I first read this in 1992 and did not believe a word that was written. I was, at the time, a very bleeding heart liberal! This couldn't be right, hrmph!, that would mean - gasp! - the Government entities weren't telling me the truth! Needless to say, I and my, then newlywed, wife researched what we find that it was exactly as Mr. Cooper had described it. There are some very controversial facts described herein that I was not able to verify. However, I did verify approxiametly 80 to 85% of his documentation and found it to be right on. For those that discredit this book...grow your own brain! Do your own research instead of eating the re-digested junk the mainstream media feeds you! I can only hope he cares enough to write another...
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on 27 May 1999
Even if only 1% of this book is true, we patriotic Americans (read "lovers of FREEDOM") have something to be concerned about. This book will give even the greatest skeptic of conspiracy theories something to think about. Bill Cooper talks about everything from the Illuminati (which, according to him, encompass virtually all of the secret societies), to aliens, to the Bilderburg group. This book is packed with supporting references, including photo copies of Cooper's authentic naval service files. Warning: you may not be able to read more than a few pages at a time unless you have a strong stomach for conspiracies revealed.
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on 28 December 2007
Milton (Bill) Cooper was a military man (US Air Force and Naval Intelligence) and a patriot. He was also a visionary who accurately foresaw in this book what has come to pass. His voice was deemed too dangerous and he was shot dead by US government officials outside his own house on Nov 5th 2001. David Egan is plainly illiterate and painfully ignorant.
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on 28 October 2010
Excellent book. Half the book is references and documents which confirm the author's statements. However it is a very good read and as this author was killed in suspiscious circumstances later, it seems to be even more interesting now.
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on 9 May 2011
It is a very interesting book with alot of knowledge inside - if you don't care about learning stuff then stay away from it.
But if you do like to learn about the real things going on - then check it out ;)
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on 8 March 2000
This great book really does make you think. It makes readers question what they are told by the TV, newspapers & people in prominent positions.
Like William Cooper says, don't believe anything unless you have done your own research to back it up.
This book is a definate must for everyone anywhere in the world.
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on 5 September 2014
Like some other reviewers who wanted to like this book, I too purchased it the hope of endorsing it. But ultimately it's rather disappointing. Written in 1991 with a supposed prediction of a One World Government or a possible collapse of the human race, here we are in 2014 and we're all still here. But for how much longer?.

It would have been interesting to see what Cooper would have thought of the 9/11 events, or even current debt crisis (with virtually every major country now in debt, especially the US at $17 trillion, and climbing).

The book lacks any real narrative and many of the chapters are simply put together in an ad hoc fashion. There are also some strange mistakes. Cooper refers to a Pope John XXII in 1935 (there wasn't one), and refers to the Protocols of Zion (Sion) being published in the early 1800s. I thought it was the early 1900s (or late 1800s). The narrative also contains many typing errors.

Expensive as an e-book (at the time of writing); Avoid unless you can get a cheap (possibly second-hand) paperback.

There is one funny moment, In the appendix section he refers to Michael A. Aquino. Aquino was leader of the Temple of Set (a Satanist organization). Aquino was also an officer in the US military and did not hide his "religious" activities. The US military saw no problems with this.

But one William Gill, executive director executive of the Catholic War Veterans took umbrage. "It's unbelievable that an admitted devil worshipper [Aquino] should be allowed to hold a senior and sensitive post in the US Army... Citizens have the right to expect our military to uphold the traditional values of God and country."

Like bombing poorer countries (Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Bosnia). Gill seemed to forget, or didn't know, that the Jesuits are also devil worshippers!

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on 16 November 1998
If you think my statement above is melodramatic--think again. "Behold a Pale Horse" is a masterpiece of complete and utter FOUNDED paranoia. Bill Cooper chronicles his career in the armed forces all the way to government leak status. Be warned this book is like Pandora's Box; once it is opened, you will never know what to expect again. It will change how you look at everything; from aliens to freemasonry. Take everything you know about conspiracies and toss them out the window; because this bundle of joy is the MOTHERLOAD!!! People have disputed the accuracy of some of these stories and musings; thats fine and is to be expected. But just think what does Cooper really have to gain by saying all this stuff? He doesn't care what his peers think. He doesn't care about opposing forces.(you'll know what I'm referring to when you read the book) And even in Bill's own words " If even ten percent of what I'm saying is true; we're all in trouble." I urge every American to read this book and decide for yourself how to go about living with this earth shattering knowledge. It truly is on the top ten list of NON-FICTION books I have ever read. Once again I want to state that whats in this book will scare the living hell out of anyone with a concious, love for life and humanity. It's sickening what is being laid out for this country and the world.(without spoiling anything) This is should be placed next to the BIBLE, history books, and your hearts!!! Have fun living in mainstream society while you can; because after you read this book you will be ripped out of it, and thrown into a distant world of EXTREME evilness, where everything you know is wrong.
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on 2 April 1999
folks.... read coopers tome when it first came out. as a conspiracy buff in my own rite, it validated and enhanced every paranoid fantasy i ever had and added a few more. there can only be three scenarios concerning the way things are on this planet...... either nobody has a clue and the fundementalists are correct that satan runs it all... OR.... things are just the way they seem and it has only been 10,000 years of misguided struggle to get us to this point of global collapse or global transformation; depending on your point-of-view...... OR .... there has always been a "cadre" of individuals who meet on rare occasions to determine who will starve and prosper, who will have peace and who will have war, where the wealth will go and what the standards of wealth will be, etc. you can throw in the ufo aliens' influence, the illuminati or the hashishans of the old man on the mountain if you must, but all this has to be taken with a pound of salt. i don't know. but it seems the golden rule is well in effect. them with the gold, makes the rules. anybody else?
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on 6 January 2002
The late Bill Cooper wrote a masterpiece of its time here,
exposing many truths which in the decade since have come to the fore.
It's sad he is no longer around to give advice to the millions who need a guy like hime on their side right now - honest caring and patriotic.
The truth will undoubtedly hit the majority of people in this world when it is too late.
Like when they realise the railcar isn't taking them to a safe haven away from the 'infected' city, but to a civilian concentration camp where if they stay alive will be enslaved.
Hard to take in but all so true when you read with an open mind.
We can stop this with LOVe, but who is really going to try?
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