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on 26 July 2005
I was given this cookbook last week as a present and I simply love it!
I am - honestly speaking - not the best cook in the world, but even I could follow the recipes! I have now tried 3 recipes (risotto in pasta sauce, spagetti with prawns, and the fairy cakes), and my toddler (who is almost 18 months old) seems to love it all! I will definitely try some more recipes now, based on the success of the ones I have tried out!
The best thing is that this book does not have really complicated stuff in it and most of the recipes are quite short, so you don't feel daunted by them.
I was very impressed by the "batch cooking" ideas, where some recipes that have similar ingredients can be cooked together, so you can freeze them all! This is not really covered in any other kids cookbook I have seen before.
The photos are really great, very up to date. It is also nice to see what the food should look like (good for cooks like me!)
I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends. In fact, I think I might give some copies as presents!
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on 26 October 2005
A cook book that will be on my list of "must haves" for all mothers who want to know how to prepare home cooked food on a regular basis for their small children.
There seem to be new cook books every month directed at mothers who wish to feed their young children healthy and wholesome food. The array is quite bewildering. This book stands out from the rest in many respects. The whole presentation makes it easy to read and use. The colour photos are clear and uncluttered, the recipes are easy to follow and yet the results are delicious. Gina Ford has shown once again her understanding not only of the nutritional needs of small children but how important it is they are fed tasty and interesting food in a world where child friendly convenience and ready made meals are all too avaliable to the mum who wants the best for her child yet may not believe in her own ability to produce it. Using these recipes will help young mothers see how easy and yet satisfying it is to prepare meals for their small children.
An added bonus is that so many of these recipes can be used for small children and adults alike, freeing up Mum from having to prepare two separate meals a day.
The batch cooking is also innovative, and will be another lifesaver for the busy mum who wants to feed her children with home made food but may be short of time.
In short this is one cook book which deserves a place on every mother's shelf, and will undoubtedly stay there for many years as an everyday source of tasty, nutritious and wholesome meals for all the family.
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on 10 September 2005
This book is ideal if you are not a great cook, its very straight forward easy to follow recipes. Ideal also if you are a busy mum like myself, none of the recipes are off putting with complicated items.
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on 27 February 2008
I bought this book having tried most of the recipes in my excellent Annabel Karmel Top 100 purees book. I looked at a number of baby cooking books before settling on this one, due to the excellent previous reviews.
The positive thing about the book is that there are some nice looking recipes, however, the vast majority of these are for toddlers (18 months and over), when I expect my son to be eating family meals rather than his own special food. Apparently this book follows on from her "book of weaning", which presumably features more recipes for younger babies.
The recipes are quite traditional, which on the plus side means the list of ingredients are shorter than many AK recipes, and you are therefore likely to have a lot of these in your store cupboard. However, I prefer the more unusual recipes AK has in her book such as fish with orange and cheese(and baby loves them too).
I also prefer the way AK's books are laid out, with receipes split into age groups e.g. 6 months, 7 - 9 months, 9 - 12 months, so you can gradually and easily introduce your baby to textured food. This book is split into meal types - soups, lunches, desserts etc, with each of these containing receipes for all age groups in a random order. Also, there are quite alot of recipes for soup - I just can't get my head around the practicalities of feeding a young baby soup!!
Finally, the book is quite "preachy" in typical Gina style. I found it annoying that the author assumes that the cook is a stay at home mum who spends all morning cooking for her baby. I wish! Also, I know lots of sugar isn't recommended for young children, but I think a small amount in desserts does no harm and allows baby to experience different tastes. I'm not sure what omiting it altogether is supposed to achieve, although of course, that is a mother's choice.
All in all, I think I will be trying some of the recipes when my son is older, but it definitly won't be as well used as my Annabel Karmel book.
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on 13 July 2007
This is a good easy to use book. My baby is only 4 months but when he gets to 9 months I will have yummy treats from this book for him. We (me and dad) have been using it this week and have ate healthy recipes with all major food groups which are quick to prepare and can easily be adapted for adults, most of it can also be frozen. The ideas for tea (finger foods) are many and varied. I only wish I had found it when breastfeeding as the recipes are gentle and full of good vegetables in nice combinations. Will be using this a lot I think. I would reccomend the lamb cous cous it is delicious!
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on 21 November 2007
When I first saw this book in the bookshops I assumed it was just another way of making money by re-packaging Gina Ford with pretty pictures. However, for some reason I went back to it, and I can honestly say it is the most useful children's recipe book I have. All the recipes I have tried so far have been eaten happily by both my 1 year old and 4 year old, and I could cook most of them with ingredients I already had in the kitchen. Does this book provide a groundbreaking adventure in the culinary arts? no. Does this book provide recipes that will mean you can give your children a balanced diet without having to employ a nanny so you can spend all your time in the kitchen and without taking out a loan so that you can buy all the exotic ingredients? yes.
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on 31 July 2008
I was given this book as a present, as we have recently started weening. The recipes are healthy and easy to follow as well as being totally suitable for the whole family, even the recipes for the six month olds (although perhaps before it is pureed!)

This is making life so much easier not having to cook several different meals!

The recipes cover food for all different occasions snacks, main meals even party food.. Gina has most things covered here...
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on 26 February 2007
This book is a godesend to parents who want to cook delicious meals for their children and mums and dads will love it too. The recipes are easy to follow and are accompanied by gorgeous photos. This book makes it easy to cook for your child and not worry about what you are going to cook for the next meal. Most are freezeable and there is a section for all important batch cooking. A real must have book for all parents/carers
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on 23 June 2008
Easy to follow recipes that you can make up in batches and freeze. As a working mum I need to be able to provide my little one with her tea as soon as we come in from work. Waiting is not her strong point!!

The recipes provided clearly indicate suitable age group, whether to puree / mash, if they can be frozen, how many portions each meal makes, plus finger foods, birthday party ideas etc.

I make the food up in batches and freeze for days that I'm working and follow the fresh recipes for days when I'm home, e.g. a healthy omlette takes 10 mins.

It's so important to me that I can give our little one a healthy diet with a wide range of foods; the recipes in the book enable you to do just that.

All our friends & family comment how well our little one eats and how healthy she is. Fabulous book!
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on 4 November 2006
Gina has thought of everything in the Baby & Toddler Cook Book! The recipes are not only delicious but simple to make, nutritious and there is even a section on batch cooking, making your life as a busy mum a little bit easier. Every mother worries about making sure their child eats enough, and of the right thing, and this book has it covered with some really fab recipes to entice even the most difficult and demanding of toddlers. There is also a section on birthday party food, ways of cooking vegetables to make them more appetising, advice on how to cope with your childs changing eating habits as they grow up etc etc the list goes on..No more cooking separate meals either - here is a variety of mouthwatering dishes which can be enjoyed by all the family from 6 months upwards!A definite must have in the kitchen for all modern day families. Think Jamie Oliver meets Annabel Karmel meets Mrs Beeton! Good, nutritious, easy to cook food with a twist! Go Gina!
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