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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour: Blue (Hook)|Size: 36W x 32L|Change
Price:£47.69+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 23 November 2014
I used to love Levis 501 jeans. They used to last a good few years, however I can no longer justify the price any more as my last 3 pairs have all sprung a hole in the crotch in a matter of months.

My latest pair was bought for my birthday in August (this year) and are now showing signs of a hole in the crotch just like my other pairs. I would like to point out that I only wear jeans at the weekend and days I have off work, so VERY light usage but surely they should last longer than a couple of months for the price you pay.

This is my last ever pair of Levi's as they Quality Control seems to have completely gone and I'm sick of companies thinking they can flock a sub standard product for a premium price.
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on 27 October 2014
These are made in Turkey from the batch number , POOR QUALITY - ILL FITTING AND NOT VERY GOOD AT ALL !!! Although a few reviewers on here have stated '' jean's they have purchased are fake ?? '' They are how ever real Levi's being sold here ,(( just LOW COST , THIN DENIM MADE IN UNSKILLED SWEATSHOPS )) HENCE THE BAD BAD BUILD QUALITY OF THESE 501'S MIXED WITH POOR POOR DENIM .

How-ever Levi's CLOSED the last of it's AMERICAN factory's in 2003 , so the LEVI STRAUSS most people are comparing these to are (( REAL LEVI'S )) previously purchased . Unfortunately the last of the true high grade QUALITY jean's was lost after the 2006-2009 period ''AGAIN DUE TO MANUFACTURING COST'S . The last of the real USA build quality jean's '' WAS 504 OFFICE BOY /511 BLUE LOOM /S DIAMONDS . Due to production costs and the NOW common use of thin low grade denim mixed with poor build quality and shockingly bad designs makes for a disastrous future !! How ever the jean's being sold here are poor second quality that would never make store's ' hence the reviews here and the (( LOW PRICE )) !!
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on 6 September 2013

I just received it. I checked the pants and I think it's not my expected. I bought this here because the low price attracts me as most of you. But I think the item I received is not a genuine product of Levi's. I have several pants of Levi's and by my intuition, I think it is a fake. To confirm, I checked the topic about how to distinguish the stuff of Levi's on the web and then I went to a Levi's store around my home with the item I received and compared it with the same mode sold there with the help of staff there, then my conclusion is the item I received is a fake.

Exactly, the sides of the pockets of the genuine Levi's jeans are double sewed, and this pants are single-sewed. This is very important to distinguish the genuine and the fake.Obviously, counterfeiters always want to save costs.

Then, the leather label on the right butt pocket is different. On the genuine,I can clearly see the horse's mane, But on this one, I can see nothing. Besides that, the red tag on the right butt pocket is also different. In genuine, the two sides(top and bottom) of the red tag are sewed, and the mark R (registered mark) is on the middle of the fold of the tag, but this product is not.

There are also many other characteristics can be used to distinguish. I don't want to list them one by one. For example, some fasteners like plastic raher than copper.

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on 31 December 2012
These are not the quality I have been used to in my 501s. Thinner denim, smaller hems. I thought they were fake at first but it seems you can get genuine poor quality levis! Where are Amazon getting them from? Made in Bangla Desh on labels.
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on 6 December 2012
The product arrived with labels indicating that it was the size ordered but when compared against another pair of Levis of the same is it clearly wasn't. I also doubt that the product was genuine.
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on 11 January 2016
Oh dear.

I am 53, and since i was 20 i've worn only jeans - of various colors, all of them Levi's 501. All of this time i've never had to try on a pair of 501s for fitting. All i needed do was to look at the old pair's label and buy another pair with the same details, which would then be **identical** and fit me exactly like the old ones did.

Because of this, i've occasionally bought them through mail catalogs and there has never been a single problem with them until today.

My previous pair of Levi's 501 was bought perhaps 6-7 years ago, the label says they were made in Pakistan, and they were the of the usual, excellent Levi's quality: a perfect pair of 501s. However, a few days ago i bought a theoretically identical pair of 501s from Amazon, which turned out to be very different from my old 501s (which i still have and i can use to compare them) and are, in my opinion, of *considerably* lower quality.

Just to make sure you understand, i repeat: *considerably* lower quality. To the point that, had i been in a shop where i could see and touch them, i would not have bought them.

First of all, i bought the usual color ("onewash"), but this particular "onewash" seems to have been tweaked: i don't remember my brand-new 501s ever looking like this; the color is unpleasant to my eyes, so, had i known, i would have probably picked a different blue; It's too similar to the "Grayish blue" i see some people use; however, since my old pair are well faded and cannot be compared to the new ones, i concede that my memory of the original color might be flawed. Might. The rest however is not.

1) These new 501s are made of obviously *thinner* cloth when brand-new than my 6-8 year old ones with the wear-and-tear associated with many repeated use/wash cycles.
2) Some of the stitching is two-toned: white and orange instead of the old orange (back pockets). It also looks different and unpleasant to my eyes, less "tight", with less care used in its application.
3) The cloth has an unpleasant feel to the touch, as if it was synthetic rather than cotton; "waxy" is what immediately comes to mind upon touching it. I hope that at least *this* particular problem will wear off with washing.

The 1st thought i had after realising all these differences was that they were fake Levi's, but after carefully checking, all the correct labels and branding are there, present and correct. so, either they are cheaply made fakes, with most of the investment going into the labelling (which makes no sense to me), or Levi's have simply fallen in quality. Also, although I doubt this makes any difference, these last ones are made in Bangladesh rather than Pakistan.

So, i am unhappy with the product, and this time it's not something that can be fixed by Amazon, so there's no point in swapping them for a different pair of 501s.

As a result, tomorrow, for the 1st time in 33 years, i will buy a pair of jeans which are not made by Levi's, AND will go to a shop to do so.

Great job Levi's, shame your marketing dept. doesn't read these comments.

Neil, London, UK
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on 9 June 2014
When I was younger and had the disposable cash I bought a pair of 501's. They were brilliant and lasted me for about ten years, eventually giving up the ghost some years back. I bought a new pair circa 12 months ago. When they arrived I thought they were a bit thin but as I hadn't had a pair on for ages I thought nothing of it. They have worn quickly and over the weekend split spectacularly along a seam which the old ones never looked likely to (and I've lost weight since getting them...). You get what you pay for I suppose but I'm pretty bloody cross.
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on 25 November 2012
made in bangladesh, if this is the future for 501s then im buying no more ,a generation of jeans have been destroyed by this inferior product.
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on 20 April 2015
I have worn Levi's 501 buttonfly jeans in the past and can say without a doubt that these jeans are not fake as some have posted in the reviews.
After I received the jeans, I inspected the jeans and observed several things that verify their authenticity. The first thing to check is the number stamped on the back of the top button. That number is should correspond with the production number on the tag. Also all the rivets all have LS&Co SF and the stitching is not cheap and well proportioned.
Also, the back tag on fake jeans is usually of a poor quality and sometimes with misspelled words both on the back tag and inside labels.
The Levi's red tag has the R registered trademark symbol and the name Levi Strauss is written on all the buttons.
There are a number of youtube videos that give you instructions on how to identify fake jeans and I can assure all who are reading that my pair, at least, are authentic.
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on 20 November 2014
Very disappointed with quality, not as expected, fabric is very thin not the normal robust denim fabric associated with Levis.

I will not buy any more jeans online, this is a worldwide brand with a reputation for quality I did not realise I was taking a risk, would have returned to Amazon but the jeans were part of a present.
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