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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 24 April 2017
This is the second book in this series order of the blade. I really enjoy the style the book is written. So emotional, you cry with them. Love can change all if you conquer your fear.
Gidion and Lily have done it, it was a great reading to follow the story of them both and find out more. A MUST read!!
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on 31 May 2012
I like this book and I also got the other 2 of the series ,
it have good action and some suspense but the world building
is a little confusing and with big holes that need to be fixed .
As many of the other ones in this genre (paranormal romance) the immortal guys
have a destined mate but in this case , she is the one who will
destroy them. That is OK but first the author says as soon as they meet
that destined woman and bond with her ,they go crazy and finally are killed by the woman and she dies
soon after., but then she talks about one of this immortals killing his mate and their 2 year old son,
2 years plus 9 month for the pregnancy and they was living together because they talk about her living
her husband and daughter to live with him,how is that possible? much is talked on
the first book about the couple there been the first
ones to bit the curse. Well they just been together for a month.
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on 7 October 2014
another gripping read. I enjoyed this as much as the first book. I was hooked from the first few pages. highly recommended. I will be downloading the next one tonight!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 November 2013
In the second book of this series, Lily; who makes a significant impact in book 1, takes a lead role. She has spent her life studying Calydon warriors for several reasons. Her parents were killed by a Calydon when her warrior father turned rogue, she hoped to save the life of her younger brother during his transition into warrior adulthood, and hopes to escape the fate of becoming a Sheva and also allowing a Calydon to drain her of the magic they find so overwhelmingly alluring.

Lily proves herself a survivor, and not only the history of her imprisonment, but significant events throughout her life leaves your heart aching for her. Her worst nightmares are answered when she becomes a Sheva to Gideon; the most controlled and emotionless Calydon of all and the very warrior that killed her parents.

I liked the magical elements and battles to stop Ezekiel from being released into the mortal realm. What I didn't like was the romance side of things. Again the bond between Lily and Gideon is strong from the start, and they fall quickly into the trap of securing the mating bond between them; despite the dire consequences. They fall into each other's arms at the most inappropriate of times (always explained by their overwhelming attraction to each other) and don't do anything to halt a relationship that can only end in tragedy.

I also didn't like Gideon's history and the reasons for his own personal demons. His friends and he appear callous and arrogant. Each assumes he can beat the odds when he meets his Sheva and is overwhelmingly protective of her. Yet each is quick to contemplate the murder of someone else's Sheva "for the greater good" if it means they can beat their enemies. Ultimately the Calydons are not likeable leads and any romance is tainted by the doom that any bonded couple will destroy each other. I won't be pursuing this series any further.
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on 30 April 2016
I'm still loving this series and I'm so glad I stumbled across it. The book is very well written, the words just flow seamlessly, the dialogue is believable, and it's clearly been well edited. The idea behind the series is an interesting one, and each member of the Order is intriguing in their own way (leaving me wanting to read the rest of the series to get their stories, one at a time).

Gideon is a much more likable character in his own book than he was in the last book. We get to see more of the person he really is, particularly around Lily. I suspect it will be the same with the rest of the Order as we learn more about each of them. There is plenty of plot in these books with a good back story keeping things interesting, Also, the books manage to impart a real sense of caring between the characters, making it about more than the sexual attraction.

This book was an absolute joy to read and I kept finding myself keen to get back to it whenever real life intruded. I'll be starting the next book later and I've already bought the one after that too!
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on 28 May 2016
I loved the first book in this series it took me a while to get around to the second one and by then I forgot what was going on. Luckily The second book follows on from the first book perfectly and it all came back it's a brilliant follow on because of course we met Lilly in the first book so we have been routing for her since the start. In the beginning I feel so sorry for poor Lilly but Gideon is right there to put her back together again. Gideon reminds me of a big friendly giant he's a genuinely nice guy he's a proper sweetheart but at the same time a deadly warrior. I loved the characters in this book and the relationships that they share I would highly recommend this little gem. It has well placed steamy bits and not to over the top oooooh and the end bit it was so epic I couldn't wait to get stuck in to book three I'm currently reading it 😜. If you enjoyed book one but are unsure if u want to go the next step in this series u will regret it if u don't as it looks like it will only get better and better. Worth the buy.
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on 4 June 2012
This is the second book in the Order of the Blade series by Stephanie Rowe. Darkness Seduced is a fast paced novel with many twists and turns, making it another real page turner. Lily Davenport is the heroine of this book, unfortunately for her her mate is non other than a Calydon warrior. She is an expert on everything to do with the Calydon Warriors and so we feel a tad sorry for her but only for a few minutes that her happily ever after is with a clan she hates.

Lily is a strong heroine although she has been very much a victim and now is determined to put all that behind her. Gideon is finding it hard to put his past mistakes behind him.

Lily takes Gideon on a path of self discovery as she herself discovers the burning passion she holds for him, their bonding ritual is hot enough to burn the pages of the book.

Looking forward to the third book in the trilogy.
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on 22 November 2013
Wow this was a fast paced emotionally charged and honestly passionate story.
I loved Gideon`s hard demeanour being softened by the beautiful mysterious Lily who herself has her own powers .
Her resistance to the hard stony calydon takes a battering and they lose their battle as the sheva bond grows stronger sealing their Demise.
There's some strong scenes and i properly cried several times and I couldn't put this down until i know they were ok.
There's a continuing storyline and you have the presence of previously introduced grace and the other blade boys.plus a really nasty illusionist who will stop at nothing to release pure evilness into the world.
Great story fantastic characters amazing steamy scenes and love that conquers all.
Enjoy book two in this series and have book three ready to read you wont want to wait.
Charlotte x
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on 21 March 2016
This is the story of Lily Davenport who had been Kidnapped two years by Nate Tipton who tortured her and kept her prisoner Nate was a sociopathic Calydon warrior who was immortal warrior descended from a crasy evil male who'd taken one to many doses of demon-tainted water and he nearly destroyed the world. Nate had also kidnapped Ana Mathews six months ago but Lily had only met Ana two weeks ago they planed that Ana would try to escape when Nate next took her on one of his killinng spree's. Ana was saved by the Order of the Blade by Gideon Roarke was also a Calydon warrior he them went to Nate place and rescued Lily which is the start of the story of soal mates evil magic.
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on 13 March 2013
I bought the entire series after downloading book 1 for free. I love this author's writing style and the character development just improves throughout. Each subsequent book has a very different story with the same basic tenets which is difficult. With some other authors you can find that the sequels are just repetitions of the initial story with small variations. Not this author! Each book is individual and could stand alone but previous characters are carried on throughout so you can keep up with them as well.

I will keep buying this series as long as Stephanie Rowe keeps writing them!
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