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on 4 April 2008
My friend Lewis showed me this last night and I was thoroughly impressed. I'd never seen any of director Frank Henenlotter's other films but I will certainly be checking them out if this is anything to go by.

The film stars Kyle McLachlan as Jeffrey Franken, a young man home from college due to a medical emergency at home, while Isabella Rosselini stars as the title character. It's a shame that the title of this film will probably put people off - what it means is that, like Frankenstein's Monster, she is a composite character made out of many others. In this case, it's not literal! It's allegorical! This film is CLEARLY a work of art. The pun extends to refer to the fact that she is Jeffery Franken/Kyle McLachlan's 'whore', so the title should be Franken's Hooker if anything.

Dennis Hopper puts in a terrifying performance as a character I didn't quite catch, but Lewis tells me he's called Zorro. I didn't quite get the character was supposed to be a pimp on first viewing, will have to watch again.

Very moving, if you like surreal films with a great plot, this is one to check out.
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on 4 March 2008
What more can anyone really say? With a title that always brings a schoolboy smirk to my face and some of the most ridiculous scenes in a modern horror film that I can recall - ''Frankenhooker'' is the perfect midnight movie for fans of subversive and rather silly cinema.

Director Frank Henenlotter (recently only returning from MIA with the eagerly awaited BAD BIOLOGY) has always made movies that walk the line of absurdity. From his ''Basket Case'' trilogy to his drug addiction metaphor splatter epic ''Brain Damage'', Henenlotter's movies have always been horror comedies with an undercurrent of an actual idea behind them. Not just 'face value' horror pap - actually, something going on behind all the rubber and blood. Frankenhooker, although not as clever as something like 'Brain Damage' - does work on many levels, but also does what it says on the tin. It has a woman reanimated as a hooker. Which for me, is what makes this director very special.

The story has Jeffrey Franken (played to perfection by James Lorinz) overcome by the death of his fiance (Patty Mullen) in a freak lawn mower accident. Distraught to the fact that his love no longer has a body (and only a severed head!), he decides to re-animate her by collecting body parts of various prostitutes in the vain hope that he can somehow recreate his deceased partner. Along the way, Jeffrey gets involved in 'super crack', a pimp named zorro and many, many ladies of the night. It's all played for laughs and is easily the work of a guy who loves 50s nudie movies and gross out gore and comedy. Its low budget actually helps keep the movie on the seedy side and the cast are pitch perfect in their over the top delivery. Henenlotters' direction is sharp and his screenplay is both funny, playful and ridiculous.

Synapse Films' disc is well produced with a decent transfer and a host of (though short) documentaries and featurettes - one featuring Patty Mullen recollecting the movie and the other with Gabe Bartolas talking about the various effects. The commentary by Henenlotter and Bartolas is both funny and involving. All in all, not the most thought provoking film out there - but, if you are on the lookout for great fun, cheep gore and exploding hookers - this movie is for you. All three of you.
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on 16 June 2015
the first blu-ray release of Frankenhooker was by U.S. Distributor Synapse films
and then came the U.K. Arrowfilms blu-ray of the film
well both U.S. & the U.K. blu-ray's are ALL REGIONS,
the Arrowfilms blu-ray is not region B like it says on amazon's product details, the Disc is ALL REGIONS

the HD transfer is a 2k remaster/restoration taken from the Synapse films blu-ray which looks very Good actually
very nice restoration, sharp & clear picture quality in 1:78:1 ratio
both blu-ray's do not share the same Audio mixes
the Synapse blu-ray has a 5.1 surround sound mix & 2.0 stereo mix option,
when the Arrowfilms blu-ray has one fixed 2.0 Stereo mix which still sounds Good anyway even thou it's not a 5.1 mix
regarding the special features
Arrowfilms did take all the extras from the Synape films blu-ray
which are
A SALAD WHICH WAS ONCE NAMED ELIZABETH-interview with 1988 Pin-up penthouse model Patty mullen
who played the Frankenhooker role
patty specifically talks in great detail about playing Frankenhooker, working with Frank Henonlotter, working with Actor James Lorinz
also gives other comments about filming in New York and other stuff, interesting 9mins
TURNING TRICKS-interview with one of the Hookers in the film played by soft core porn star Jennifer Delora
who obviously acted in lots of B movie action films & B movie soft core porn films from the 80's
very long interview 20mins of her talking non stop about her role in Frankenhooker & other films she's been in
just non stop talking about the film, and about the other Penthouse actresses, strippers that played Hookers in the film etc
an interview that should have been edited, after 10mins i got bored watching it
A STITCH IN TIME a featurette about the special make up effects in the film
plus Arrow films also add 2 more extras to this blu-ray
YOUR DATE'S ON A PLATE- a new 40min retrospective Doco just for this U.K. blu-ray
new interview with Director Frank Henonlotter, Actor James Lorinz and special effect artist Gabe bartalos
very detailed, indepth 40mins aswell about the making of Frankenhooker
plus a new Audio commentary by Frank Henonlotter & James Lorinz
plus the usual Collectors booklet with new writing on the film by Calum waddell
both blu-ray's are standard blu-ray cases
worth the money for sure, scrap the old dvd versions Definitetly time to Upgrade
buy the Synapse blu-ray or Arrow films or buy both
maybe 3 stars for the film, 5 stars for both blu-ray's based on lots of special features & new 2k transfer
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on 3 September 2017
Not a criticism of the film itself, but this copy has dutch or french subtitles with no option to turn them off, only to choose one or the other. The films soundtrack itself is in the original english but the subtitles on the screen are distracting.
My fault - I should have checked the spec properly before buying, but I kind of expected Amazon to put up some kind of warning, as it does when buying region 1 discs...
I have since nearly got caught out again with a similar thing, so watch out!
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on 9 January 2012
When your summer lovin comes to an abrubpt end under the blades of your trusty, rusty lawnmower and the girl of your dream's life gets cut shorter than your newly mown grass what would you do? Cry yourself to sleep whilst listening to Radiohead? Or rebuild her and bring her back to life, better and bustier than ever using the best cuts of local hookers? Surely such an idea can't go wrong? Can it?

Got to hand it to Arrow they have done it again. What they do, they do so well.

Time and time again they reach back into my childhood 80s video rental store memories and return with classic titles that I can relive again and take a nostalgic, bloody and sleazy trip down memory lane. Some of the titles may have been released on DVD since through other companies but you have to applaud the love Arrow put into their releases. Yes the transfers may not make them the best titles to showboat your HD setup, but considering the source material for many of the titles they are as good as you are going to get unless they do a Hollywood shot for shot remake, and nobody wants that!

What really makes Arrow titles stand out from the crowd though are the extras, pure gold as usual.

The packaging for their blu-ray releases make them must own items for any serious genre collector. You get the usual reversible sleeve with both original and commissioned artwork, double sided fold-out artwork poster and exclusive collector's booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by regular contributor Calum Waddell. Whenever friends eye my blu-ray collection they always head straight for the Arrow shelf, the packaging always screams "pick me up and look at me!"

Once I have enjoyed and revisited the film you can then sit back and learn everything about it with the always excellent original extras and Frankenhooker does not let you down.

There is a very informative exclusive audio commentary with director Frank Henenlotter and star James Lorinz. The more than substantial 'Your Date's on a Plate, the Making of Frankenhooker' behind the scenes featurette and an exclusive Tour of the Gabe Bartalos Effects Lab featurette plus more interviews and trailers that will keep you entertained for hours after the credits have rolled.

Forget Ebert and Maltin, we all know that there isn't a better film critic than Bill Murray who even goes as far as to give it his official stamp of approval "if you see one movie this year, it should be Frankenhooker."
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on 25 February 2014
I have to confess to quite liking this movie. I hadn't seen it before but felt it was worth a go. I've been getting into these old (the 90s is not that old) horror movies and with Arrow Films doing such a great job with these Blu-Ray releases I new I would be in safe hands when I purchased it. I have the reversible sleeve version with the movie poster cards and so on which makes it even better.

So the film. A young couple are about to get married when the wife to be befalls a rather gory fatal accident with the new lawnmower she bought for her Father in Law. The Husband to be is a brain surgeon and has been conducting some rather unorthodox experiments in his mother kitchen. Well he ends up bringing his Fiancee back to life once he has found the right sized replacement body parts to go with his fiancee's head. See as he got them from a bunch of hookers the Movie title kind of explains the rest of the plot.
It's great fun to watch and the Blu-Ray presentation is pleasing. The picture all be it not the cleanest restoration (they might have just taken a Hi-Def scan of the original print) I have seen is very detailed with great colours with good depth to the image. The sound even though it is 2 channel Stereo is nice and clear. The 3 stars is more representative of the movie not the whole package. So 3.5 to 4 could be given if you want to be technical.
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on 2 October 2015
The package came in very nicely. As for the content itself, there's so much in it that looks great. I just haven't taken the time to dig into it. I bought it because I love the film, I love some of the actors and the characters they portrayed, especially James Lorinz. Also, commentary tracks appeal to me a lot. The other extras are interesting as well, but I love commentary tracks, so to have the director and lead actor doing the commentary, it was an essential buy for me. I'm glad I bought it.

Take out the extras, it's just an awesomely fun and entertaining film. I only saw it once and fell in love with it, feeling like Lorinz's character was charismatic in a strange way. Silly sounding one liners that turned out really great. I compare Jeffrey to Herbert West from Re-Animator. Forget Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, Jeffrey and Herbert would be my science bromance if it would've happened.
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on 12 February 2016
Speedy delivery son loves this
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on 6 December 2014
This Prime version DOES NOT come with the front slip box or the POSTER.
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on 6 April 2012
I remember seeing Basket Case 1 when i was a kid and was blown away by the grindhouse sleazy approach to the film had, although very low budget Frank Henenlotter was a director to watch. Unfortunately he never quite hit that high again in the subsequent 5 movies he directed, focusing more on comedy horror rather than the straight horror he seemed a perfect fit for. Frankenhooker isn't a bad movie but it's just a terribly average one. The main problem this film has is the horrible pacing to it, by the time we actually see Frankenhooker and the carnage she creates the film is nearly over, instead we get lots of scenes with James Lorinz's character searching for prostitutes and or fawning over the body parts of his dead girlfriend. Had Henenlotter quickend the pace a bit the film might have been more of the cult classic it deserved. There are 1 or 2 funny scenes - the flying decapitated leg for one ( surely a homage to Sam Raimi) but you so wanna see more of Frankenhooker herself that your not just left wanting more but a lot lot more!

Arrow delivers another good package ( actually far better than this movie deserves!) and if you can pick this up for a decent price, it's still worth a watch but for me this is the least appealing of Henelotter's films.
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