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Heartbreak On Hold
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 9 November 2016
Fan thanks.
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on 18 June 2012
I don't see why people hate Heartbreak On Hold so much and why it hasn't done that well, it might not be like her last album Overcome with the ballads and r&b style but this album is just as good, better in my opinion. This album only has twelve tracks, two ballads and the other ten tracks are up beat dance tracks with some quite good vocals, not as good as the ones of Overcome but there still good. I really recommend this album, I think Alexandra worked really hard on this it and it deserves recognition. Cannot wait for her next album, hopefully it does really well and there is a tour.
***Top 5 Tracks***
Heartbreak On Hold
Between The Sheets
Oh La La
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on 17 September 2012
I ordered this album because I absolutely fell in love with her first album and there weren't one song what I didn't like. Then when I heard Start Without You I absolutely adored that song, so I wanted to give this a chance and wow what an album.

I was slighty curious if Alexandra had changed her musical style and gone to more slower tempo songs but no. The majority of the songs are fun and the vibrant colours of the album cover also gives you a hint that the album is good. The tracks are mainly dance and pop blended together and you would defintely hear them in clubs abroad. My personally favourites now are 'Heartbreak On Hold', 'Let It Go', 'Fire' and 'What Money Can't Buy'.

When I first listened to this album I honestly thought 'Oh my god, what have I done. I've wasted £7.50." But like previous reviews have said it is definitely a grower. You might think it didn't blow you away and that it's a bit boring at first but on your second/third listen you will start to fall in love with this album and just want to dance to all of the tracks because they're fabulous. Keep it going Alexandra, this is excellent!
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on 11 June 2012
Having owned Burke's first album 'Overcome' since the day of its release and still playing many of its tracks two-and-a-half years since, my expectations were high for her sophomore album. As I'd expected, it has its up and downs. Such is the 'curse' of the fabled 'sophomore slump'.

The album's stand-out tracks are definately 'Elephant', 'Let It Go', 'Fire', 'Tonight' and 'Oh La La'. Whether its pumping beats or piano melodies, its as clear as ever that this girl can REALLY sing. Throughout the album, and on these songs in particular, her voice ranges from raw strength to smouldering power, determined earthiness to broken heart. Few can dispute that the pumping beats of the album's dance tracks - combined with Alexandra's powerful vocals - leave you wanting to do anything other than hit the dance floor.

However, it is worth noting for anyone hoping for something earth-shatteringly original (aka The Adele Factor) on this album, that this is not quite the case. Lyrically, some of the tracks are simply not as strong as those of Burke's debut (she appears to use the word/phrase 'Tonight' in 70% of the songs). Some of the dance tracks are also slightly generic i.e. they lack a sense of clear individuality and artistic direction. However, if like me you come home after a week's hard work and simply want to forget the pompous "Ooh, this isn't exactly original, is it?" thoughts and have a good time, this album is undoubtedly just the ticket.

Burke is clearly a very VERY talented vocalist and I only hope that she continues to make music for a long time. The British music industry needs ferociously hard-working power vocalists like her!
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on 3 July 2013
i loved Alexandra's first album and used to listen to it all the time. when i heard the title track elephant i thought the album would be good but to be honest it was trash!!. i hope she goes back to doing balads instead of rubbish wanna be dance tunes.
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I've got a lot of time for Alexandra Burke. I believe in her.
Her 2009 debut 'Overcome' was a cracking first showing and
her sophomore album 'Heartbreak On Hold' benefits from a
move from Mr Cowell's Syco label to RCA (did she jump or was
she pushed? - either way I can only think that it will work
to her advantage and she deserves it). Feisty and funny in equal
measure Ms Burke also possesses one of the finest voices in the
land. The majority of the twelve songs in this new collection
are unabashedly dance-friendly. Big beats; big soaring tunes
and plenty of room for her to show off her impressive vocal
range. The voice is nicely sultry and smokey in the lower register
and when she opens her valves above the stave the result really
does give you goosebumps. No matter that many of the numbers are a
tad formulaic; it's a good formula. Dance/pop of the shiniest caliber.

Once again she has a veritable gaggle of different producers at her
disposal but the overall sound of the album is remarkably coherent.
I can't say there's anything I haven't found to like here but top
tracks would have to include opening gambit 'Heartbreak On Hold', a
big, fat storming housey confection with a jubilant chorus which
will make plaster fall from ceilings across the land! It's a cracker!
'Elephant', too, is a rumbustious anthem, whose abrasive synths and
pounding rhythm will doubtless have Friends Of Ms Gale gyrating madly
on dancefloors throughout the Shires! 'This Love Will Survive' has a
bit more light and shade, the better to show off Ms Burke's expressive
skills and dynamic artistry. The beautiful 'Between The Sheets' comes
close to being the best of the bunch; the kind of song which is very
hard to get out of your head once it gets hold of the grey matter between
our ears. 'Tonight' demonstrates (if proof were really necessary) that
Ms Burke has soul as well as boundless energy and at the end of the day
the glorious final number 'What Money Can't Buy', a composition stripped-
down to nothing more than voice and piano, radiates a truly glorious
sense of purpose and passion. Alone and exposed Ms Burke is the real deal!

Highly Recommended.
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on 10 June 2012
This music is neither here nor there. It's bland, generic, lyrically dead and doesn't feel like the right direction for Alexandra. Instead of creating someone new, she's followed the crowd like a sheep and sucked out all of her personality along the way.

It's okay, but it's nothing new or ground breaking.
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on 9 October 2014
Brave and talented girl bringing out a dance album but with one superb ballad.... But what an album - two great hits and a load more capable of charting - love "Elephant" ( and the ecoustic version on the single) and the very Motowny "Love you that much" whilst "Fire" & "Tonight" will have you on that dance floor fast .
But - last track " What money can't buy" sizzles - just the piano backing Alexandra whilst she scorches the lyric - should be 3am downtown Manhatten - great album ....Buy It!
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on 10 June 2012
not sure whats happend here ,not sure where she is going but this is a set with no standouts at all ..all the songs sound alike and the only track with any quality is the last in the set...very poor from a very talented young vocalist
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on 6 April 2013
This girl has everything! the cutting wit of Morrissey, the most poetic lyrics since bob dylan and a voice that rivals elvis's for sheer emotion, not really, i think she's awful.
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