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on 14 April 2012
For those of us who have been waiting patiently for this addition to the series, I can only say that it has been worth it. Here we meet Caine the hero, a Pyte who has been in existence for almost a thousand years. Caine works for the sentinel council, going on patrols with the sentinels killing rogue vampires and demons.
Due to the unstable situation between the sentinels and their enemies, Caine has been assigned to babysit a group of humans who have been sent to destroy a nest of vampires. These humans are the children of sentinel couples, unlike their parents who are part human and part angel, they are completely human. Amongst their number is a woman Danni, she once had a close relationship with Caine. When she was a small child and her parents were frequently absent on missions she latched on to Caine demanding he look after her and be her friend. At the time Caine found he was unable to resist Danni when she was a child, unlike everyone else she was never afraid of him. But as she grew older he cut her out of his life, deciding it was for her own good. He had not spoken to her for years. He knew this had hurt her, but that's just the way things were going to be.
Unfortunately the human leading this mission is a complete idiot, which culminated in Danni and Caine being captured by a group of vampires.
this is an excellent read, loved the two leading characters, their relationship was at times hot and passionate, and at others was tense and full of trepidation. Caine is a loner he cares for no one except número uno. whereas Danni is keen to prove to the council that she is able to do the same job as the sentinels, even though she is human with no special abilities.
Characters from the previous book are also featured. It was lovely to read about Chris, Izzy, Madison Ephraim and the rest of the family. There are also a cast of new characters introduced, in particular a werewolf shifter named Jax. He definitely needs his own story, (hope you're taking note RL). This is a great read with a lot of passion and emotion. There is also plenty of action elsewhere in the book.
This is not strictly speaking a stand alone novel, it would be better to read the two preceding books Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel Series) and Without Regret (Pyte/Sentinel Series). Both excellent reads as well
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on 24 April 2016
I really enjoy all of the pyte series,fun sexy and said. As well very cocky! All the characters There are grown on me. I really loved the story with Danny & Cain so much to deal with two stubborn characters lol
Cain is a pyte who has been keeping an eye of little Danny and growing up Danny. And he fall in love with her long ago,without notice that she is sick, because he cut all the ties with her when she matured. But he always was there. Danny didn't know this, because she is heartbroken that Cain didn't speak to her any longer. She miss the old Cain, to take care of her. She always had a crush on him and can not understand why he has not spoken to her in ten years.
There is someone else who actually want her dead, as well played a horrible game with her and Cain.
There both get caught and hold together to make a master happy. But to find out more you need to read the story yourself.
R.L Has done it again to make your heart racing form all the lovely erotic scenes, very detailed fun and keeps you awake all night lol
All the characters are in Chris the lovely sentinel with his dad Ephraim and Maidison, izzi and the sweet addict Kale what for a fun to read!!
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on 22 October 2016
I am so glad that I read this book. I love the series but after a bit of a rough start this book really made me fall in love with the series.

I love the way these are written, love the multiple story lines and I think I'm in love with most of the characters!!

Can't wait to read the next one. I need to find out what happened to Jill and Joshua. I want Marc to be okay. I want Kale to find his mate and I need to read more about the whole gang including Jax!!!

P.s so glad that Greg got what he deserved :)
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on 7 October 2012
This book is really amazing and it's the first book I've picked to read out of the trilogy.

The storyline between the pyte and the human is breathtaking and flowed really well throughout the book. Their relationship developed in an extraordinarily realistic way with a lot of passion & confessions.

The chemistry between the couple is wonderful and all the little twist in this book has you sitting on the edge of your seat while reading - but the ONLY thing I didn't like in this book was that theirs about 6 chapters (which I skipped through) that wasn't relating to the story. It was the lives of what I can only assume are characters in the rest of the trilogy. I understand they have slight roles to play in THIS story but I couldn't understand why the author put so much of "their" story in THIS book. That's why they have their own books????? Possibly she was trying to introduce their lives - but it was to much. I didn't buy this book because I care what happens to them - I'm buying this book because I care what's happening to THIS pyte and THIS human. And for that reason I gave it 4*
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on 11 April 2012
Can not express how fantastic Tall, Dark & Heartless is.
R. L. Mathewson has done without a doubt an amazing job.
Even though Caine starts heartless, you can't help fall in love with him.
It was also nice to have the previous characters included.
A perfect cliff hanger ending.
You have to give this book a try if you've read the previous two books in the Pyte/Sentinel series.
Looking forward to the rest of the series.
Highly recommend.
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on 25 April 2013
These books are so far out of my normal comfort zone/genre of reading yet now I cannot believe that I have had the three books in the series so far sitting unread on my kindle for so long.
I have read all the Neighbour From Hell books and Sudden Response and loved them. I downloaded Tall Dark and Lonely, Without regret and Tall, Dark and Heartless but as I really do not enjoy sci fi, horror or paranormal just didn't start reading them and to be honest if I had not seen the Twilight films which my husband calls 'Girly Vampire' I do not think I would have had the imagination to enjoy them. But believe me each book just got better and better and book three I was up until 2 0 clock in the morning as I just could not find a point to comfortably stop reading to be able to fall asleep without thoughts of the book going round and round in my head.
Well worth the money and a dam good read. I'm hoping there will be more as there are characters who could have stories of their own.
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on 25 July 2013
cracking third instalment!!

introducing 2 new main leads, i was worried that the main characters from the other books would be left behind, and in some ways, they are AT THE BEGINNING but they come back with a great rush midway through!!

again, very funny in parts,and very hot and sexy, also introducing more vampires and some werewolves to the scene, this instalment has laid the way for at least one more book, possibly two. would love to read about Kale, the alpha now working with the Sentinals, cos you just know, from whats said in this book, that when he falls, he is gonna fall HARD!!! and i need to know whats going on with Jill and Logan, please! :-)
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on 12 December 2017
All of this series is spectacular for them all to find their mates and to have a relatively normal existence even with everyone looking for them it's truly great I'm thoroughly enjoying my reread excellent
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on 31 August 2016
Love it❤. This serie is really great and it's getting better and better. The 2nd book I didn't like as much as I liked the 1rst and this one. However, i'm tryly enjoying the story that the author is developing here. It's a awesome romantic paranormal serie! A real page-turner. I've already started the 3rd book of this lovable serie❤🔝💚😙
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on 23 June 2017
Would have been a 5 but the editing lets it down. Too many missing words, duplicates and jarring grammatical errors. Worse than the earlier books and very distracting to the reader. Otherwise it's a funny wild story with great characters, lots of action, hot sex scenes and I'm already reading the next in the series
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