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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Price:£92.19+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 26 July 2012
As other reviews have said, the product does not work out of the box. It must be updated over the internet via a PC or Mac. The instructions are not good. I could not get the remote updated until I found a youtube video tutorial that shows how its done, my mistake is that the backpac must be connected to camera before you uypdate the remote.

Also note that the iOS application that has featured prominently in the advertising for months, is not available as of 26th July 2012, and also there is no forecast date either.
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on 15 August 2012
Bought a wifi back and remote from Chaos Surf Shop via Amazon. Tried to do the firmware update but got no-where for two days then suddenly the software recognised the camera and updated it. However, when I tried to update the wifi back I had no joy over a week. Numerous emails to GoPro just resulted in different explanations of how to load it (all of which I had already tried). Finally lost my patience when they suggested I call them direct in California (from UK) at my own expense.
Spoke to Chaos Surf Shop and said I wanted to return the item which I did. By return of post I got a new wifi back and remote - already set up. Took it out of the box, plugged it into my camera and now all works.
So, a big well done to Chaos for excellent customer support. GoPro - you could learn something from them...
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on 23 June 2012
When I first received the item, I couldn`t for the life of me make it work. For 4 days I tried and was on the verge of giving up and sending it back for a refund. As a last throw of the dice I went onto the Gopro website and found there was an update for the Bacpac + Remote. Since the update (which MUST be done through the Cineform Studio program available free from Gopro)this product seems to perform flawlessly and you have FULL control over your Hero/Hero2, not just on/off like many remotes. The bottom button on the remote acts like the front button on the camera, while the top button acts like the camera`s top button, and the screen on the remote matches the screen on the camera.
So a very nifty unit, though a bit on the pricey side, hence I`ve knocked a star off! Just looking forward to the Gopro app being available!
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on 4 January 2013
Firstly, follow the instructions. You have to upgrade the remote, the wifi bacpac and the camera to the latest version. It is not difficult, but it won't work without. Some extra options on the camera also make it a nice upgrade. The addition of the free iPhone app also makes it great to see what you are video'ing.

Some small downsides:
* the iPhone app only controls one camera at a time
* you cannot use the iPhone app and the remote at the same time. I like to use the iPhone app to set the scene up and then the remote to start/stop the video. This is a hassle as you have to change the settings directly on the camera to do this.
* The battery life on the bacpac does not seem to be very long and doesn't match the cameras battery life
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on 26 October 2015
The short version:
- This accessory was manufactured a few years ago
- It contains a rechargeable battery
- When a rechargeable battery sits on a warehouse shelf for too long, they perish, and lose their ability to hold a charge
- If you buy one of these today and it has a perished battery, GoPro will not support you under their warranty.

The full version:
I’m not one to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest version, like a Hero 3 or 4 that has Wifi built in. Iv used a Hero 2 quite happily since 2013. I bought the Wifi Bacpac & Remote Combo pack brand new on 19/10/15, it arrived on 23/10/15.

Following the instructions I updated the firmware of the WiFi Bacpac to the latest version. I connected the Bacpac to the camera, paired the camera to the GoPro mobile phone app and saw a live preview of the camera's perspective from my phone.
In summary, while a USB lead was powering the Wifi Bacpac, everything worked.

Then it became clear that the battery in the Bacpac was not holding a charge. Remove the
USB lead from the Bacpac and it turned off, and would not turn on. Insert the USB lead again, and
it worked. It was not a firmware issue as many others have had problems with, the device wasn't "bricked", it
simply had a battery which did not hold power. I needed a replacement.

The GoPro warranty is on their website: https://gopro.com/support/articles/warranty-information

"GoPro products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects one (1) year from the original date of purchase."

So I emailed GoPro support and explained I bought the device brand new (not used, not refurbished), only a few days ago, and the
battery is defective. The reply from Gyula R, GoPro Support:

"According to the serial number your BacPac seems to be over 3 years old, because of that it's not under warranty anymore. In case you purchased it from an Authorized Retailer, we advise you to return it to them for replacement. If you purchased it from a Non-Authorized Retailer, please contact them to get a refund."

As a fan of GoPro, I found this pretty shocking. This suggests that GoPro's support policy starts from the date of manufacture, not the
date of sale. As a buyer, I just buy the item. I have no control over how long it has sat in a warehouse waiting to be bought. But, according to GoPro's support staff, GoPro will not honour their warranty on these items. Buy at your risk.

In the end it worked out fine for me, as the seller refunded me for the defective item. I'm just disappointed that the seller, a small business, had to absorb the cost and effort of returning my order, while GoPro, a massive multi-million dollar company, refused to stand by their product. I just want others to be aware of this. In my case, GoPro walked away from their warranty, and in return, I'll not buy another GoPro product.
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on 6 January 2013
I bought the WiFi Bacpac so I could control my Hero2 camera whilst it was on my Quadcopter, so I didn't have to land in order to change from say video to still etc.
I received the Bacpac in good time, and noticed that as stated in other reviews it said on a card in the box that you have to perform an update in order to get it working correctly - what a nightmare that turned out to be so I thought I would share the experience here - all came right in the end, but I learned a few things along the way which might be helpful to others.
Firstly I made sure that my Cineform Studio software was fully up to date - this is easy to do as the software checks if a newer version is available on start up.
I next connected my Hero2 camera, WiFi BacPac and remote as per the instructions and sure enough the software reported that an update was available and a blue 'update' button appeared which I duly pressed.
The updates were downloaded and installed without any obvious problems, that is until after the 'update successful' message appeared and the BacPac turned itself off and then promptly refused to turn back on again - the screen remained totally blank and the unit appeared 'dead' furthermore it began continually toggling between connected and disconnected accompanied by the familiar 'de dunk' noise that sounds when you connect a USB device.
That seemed to be that and after a few hours of listening to the continuous 'de dunking' sounds I got absolutely nowhere so I sent off an SOS to GoPro tech support, switched everything off and waited.
Not heard anything from Tech support as yet however I decided to persist and see if I could do anything - I started Cineform Studio (make sure you disable any virus software at this point) and connected the BacPac on it's own (you don't need the camera for this) via the USB lead and just left it alone - it constantly toggled on and off for ages again but eventually the BacPac showed up in cineforms device window with an 'update' button - I pressed this and waited with baited breath, after several failures because the USB kept disconnecting itself it eventually did the update and hey presto, the Bacpac sprang back to life and the screen came back on.
I then connected the remote (which will not update unless the Bacpac is connected as well) and it detected an update which installed OK.
All is now OK and the BacPac and remote are working fine - after trawling the net to investigate this problem it seems quite a few people have experienced the same problem, whether a fix is available from GoPro or not I don't know - If I get a response from tech support I will write another review to let you know what they say.
I've given the BacPac 4 stars because it works well once you get it sorted out, why some people have such trouble updating and others find it a breeze I really don't know, so if you have had similar problems I hope this might be of some assistance to you.
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on 21 July 2012
Wow, you control up to 50 camera's at once after you update : 1, the Gopro itself 2, the wifi backpack, 3, the remote for the wifi backpack, and then you can control all of your camera's plus view the camera's on your iPad right........ Wrong, the 'App' hasn't been released yet, I didn't know this upon purchase, still it's something to look forward to I guess. Apparently it willbe out for download August 'ish' . However controlling your Gorpo is cool, and works well (after updating everything of course) Updating the kit takes about 10 minutes per Gopro, this wasn't explained very well but needs to be followed exactly for it t o work!!!
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on 7 November 2012
product is great works exceptionally well. The remote to camera delay is minimal (split seconds) and range is great. One note that i missed, the app dosent work with orginal HD hero camera (for live stream) only minor down side and thats due to my error on research not on a product fault
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on 3 August 2012
great products which will bring further reward with the App, releases end August. All this aside though, the process in updating the firmware on the camera, the remote and the wi-fi back is excrutiating. To do all of them took me around 2 hours and it was not easy and there were many frustrations along the way. in short, buy the product though, because it's great, but as a consumer i think it's a fair request to want a product that requires minimal tech knowledge and to be able to plug and play with limited exceptions.
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on 22 September 2012
after reading some bad reviews about how difficult the updating process was for the wifi backpack i was very worried , but i just downloaded cineform and followed the instructions and it was a piece of cake , i honestly cant understand what all the fuss is about because it is realy simple to do,
once its all set up its a dream to use , no more switching on and off when the cameras in an awkward position , i wear it on my wrist or stick it around the cycle light clamp on my handlebars , it just makes things soo easy with no fuss, that was on my hero 1 , now i need one for my hero2 and everythings sorted :)
JUST REMEMBER TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM TO THE LETTER if you dont want to have any problems updating your gopro :)
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