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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2017
works as intended
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on 26 March 2013
*Edit, 27 Jan 2014. A year of using this card, all still well. All my YT uploads can be seen at [...]but remember all vids uploaded to YT are heavily compressed, the original recordings from the Live Gamer are better!*
I knew my PC was not powerful enough to run capture programs like FRAPS whilst games were set to the highest quality settings. I did not want to take a hit on my FPS. The Live Gamer HD has been a 100% success in this respect - it has very low CPU usage whilst capturing, and the resulting H264 videos are of good quality and only about 1gb for 10minutes of recording. Recordings can be uploaded direct to YouTube (and even edited in YouTube). I have been able to record an event in a game, alt-tab to the desktop and upload it to YouTube, and then give friends in the game the YouTube link - all within the space of a few minutes!
Note I use NVidia graphics. According to some forum posts, AMD graphics user don't get good results but I have not first hand knowledge of this. Now to some downsides - the HDMI sockets in the card are nowhere near as tight as those found on a TV or Blu-ray player, and even a slight movement of the PC or cables can result in the Live Gamer or monitor not being detected. If you use the straight through path of Video card >to Live Gamer >to Monitor, then this leaves you with no picture! The maximum resolution of the straight through path is 1080p which is the res I use anyway, but no good for those using a higher res monitor. Users of Nvidia 3D Vision also will not want to use the straight through path, as the Live Gamer does not carry the frame-packed 3D it just ends up in a mess. Luckily they do show other ways to wire up the card, and the one that works for me is to use clone mode. I have one connection direct from the video card to the TV - this carries the 3DVision picture correctly, and a 2nd connection from the video card goes to the Live Gamer (and then to TV). This works, but using two of the TV's HDMI inputs and the wiring is a bit messy at the back. I would recommend anyone to search YouTube for videos recorded with the Live Gamer - you can get stunning results, and although many edit them before uploading you don't have to. I have used Windows Live movie maker to edit the files and it works well. Some users report problems with other editing programs as they cause the sound to go out of sync but seems that must be an issue with the software, not the Live Gamer recordings, if it's OK in other programs.
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on 18 October 2014
didnt work and had to send back
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on 21 September 2016
Load of s***. Sending back already
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on 16 January 2013
This card is ideal for gamers wanting to record and stream their gameplay without the fuss of compressing and encoding raw footage. Also comes with 3 months of free X-split so that was a bonus!
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on 21 November 2012
A fantastic card, especially for recording Xbox 360 gameplay. If you want to record PC gameplay and have an older or average spec system this card will be great for you too as it doesn't lag your game at all meaning you still get optimal performance!

I would award it 8/10 and definitely recommend it. Even novices to game recording can use this card :)
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on 5 April 2013
easy to install, easy to configure a couple of clicks and thanks also to the hot button going live or recording your gameplay is one of the easiest action you'll ever take.
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on 22 May 2013
Card is easy to install, software is great (coming from someone who had to deal with several other troublesome recording programs on other capture cards years ago...), and the recording button is very handy.

A couple of points though -
Get the Beta recording software from Avermedia's forums first as you can raise the capture quality from 20k to 60k.
Always set video format to TS, TS audio will not create a stream in Vegas/Premiere by itself but you can use tsdemuxer on the file to demux the .aac audio, then import that into Vegas/Premiere along with the original TS video file. No sync problems, and a rendered video with audio!
If you use the program to capture your microphone as you record, when you've done the above steps in Vegas/Premiere import the mic audio to a new line and move it 00:00:00;18 forward. For some reason the mic audio is not captured IMMEDIATELY when you begin recording, so your mic audio will be behind by a little bit if you just line everything up in vegas.

Aside from initially having to figure out the above myself to get it to do exactly as I want, it's a joy to use.

Also, OBS > Xsplit.
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on 25 December 2014
ok well first things first it was well packaged the box is brilliant that it came in well presented. the capture appears to work great so far. have not put it through its paces "yet" only pet peeve is the reccentral capture card software its useless for livestreaming when i tried to use it to stream to twitch the software stops working. so id stick to using OBS or xsplit which ever one you use or is your preference. the quality though is amazing. i dont have much use for the hotbutton just seems more of a gimmicky thing to open the software. also in the manual it states there is a disc for installation. there isnt. you have to go to the website or find the drivers its easy enough. would be nice if it did not say there is a disc when its not included. and ok this is maybe minor but i dont understand why the cap card does not include a screw to screw it into your pc case? luckily for me i had one spare lying around. but come on avermedia dont be such cheap skates. its just a damn screw. over all the cap card seems great. even if ive had it for only a day. il provide more feedback at a later date. thats if the card keeps plodding on. lol
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on 29 September 2013
... this is the card for you!

I love this thing. Easy to install and set-up, took lees then 20 minutes to open box, open PC slot in and install the software (I downloaded latest instead of using the CD).

You can stream and/or record in very high quality very easy with this card and software. From gaming to video tutorials this card is fantastic.
I also very much like the hot button, it's no small task to find an keyboard key you never use in anything you do, but with the hot button you don't need to work out if 'Game 1 -> 1000' share a keyboard key they don't all use.

I should also mention I did some quite extensive benchmarks with this card running (local recording) and only in the most CPU intensive games (Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light etc.) did I see any drop in frame rates, in much less demanding games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 you would not even know it was running. -- A long as you record to a different drive to the one your playing from.

TLDR; If you want to capture easily, quickly and in a great quality this is the card for you!
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