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on 27 April 2015
I bought these cans at about £16. It has so far been the best pair of headphones i have used.

Background: i used to buy gaming headphones since that has usually been what i have been doing mainly with my headphones. However back when i bought these i wanted something that had good audio, and was not too pricy. Noise insulation was also very important to me because i have a very loud roomate.

The sound is very balanced. It produces very clear audio and it does not overly focus on bass as most of my previous headphones did. It has excellent noise canceling with the volume turned up. My roomate has several times stood a few feet away and yelled my name and I'm not able to hear him if i have the volume turned way up.

Design: The design is not the best. They are not the prettiest headphones on the market, however at this price point that is to be expected. I use the headphones in extended sessions daily and i very rarely feel discomfort wearing them.

These are by far the most durable headphones i have ever had. I have dropped the headphones more than ten times and i havent noticed any drop in sound quality, while it is certainly not healthy to drop them on the ground they have exhibited just how durable they are.

I have encountered a few issues though the padding cracks, while this doesnt reduce usability it doesnt look pretty. the added a photo showcases this crackling. Also because the jack stick has to connect to the headphones themselves (shown with the red arrow) it often falls out if you move around and the wire gets caught on something.

Overall it is a great product. I am very satisfied with this product, and they have stood the test of time great. I bought this product the 29 Nov 2013. And at the time of writing the product still works perfectly, not mentioning the crackling of the padding.
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on 25 April 2018
These are some seriously amazing cans for the price. I initially purchased these to play music on my wife's belly, when she was late term with our daughter. We picked these because the earpieces rotate easily, so we could position them on her bump. After our girl was born, I started using them myself as instrument monitors for drum machines and synths, and late night listening to bass-heavy music. They sound quite good, are powerful, and well built for the price. The ear pieces block out noise quite well, although they can get a little hot. They are not necessarily lightweight - they feel hefty. That said, these things are built like a tank, and thanks to the detachable cable that is a standard 3.5mm jack, I have no doubt they will last forever. Great utility cans, excellent for live musicians and DJs, and live monitoring situations. A+ would buy again, but why would I need to, these will likely last forever.
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on 23 April 2016
First off - I paid £11.99 for these Monoprice headphones which I now know was an incredible bargain. Thanks Amazon!

My impressions of sound quality - Very good. If there is a stand out point it would be the Monoprice's handling of bass tones, which are reasonably tight and deep whilst never being overpoweringly intrusive.

Treble is also handled well with symbols, strings and tinkling piano sounds being distinct and without sibilance.

Vocals are also well controlled and listening to If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is a pleasure, with Elvis sounding clear and.in good form pretty much throughout. At times Elvis's backing singers come across less well, but that's for a different review. From Buble to Little Mix and from Wishbone Ash to E.L.O. the Monoprices shine with just enough separation and a neutral, but seasoned character.

On to build quality. Hmmm, they're okay... ish. They're pretty much of plastic construction with foldable and swivelling ear cups. Not the best plastic is used, but it's not that bad either and far above acceptable given the price paid. There are a few creaks from flexing, but I've had worse from well-reviewed Sony headphones. Rugged? Yeah, why not. Durable? With careful use, again why not? Used with a little abandonment and less care I can see the hard plastic areas being prone to possible fail. I've used them for a couple of months and so far so good. My Monoprice headphones have also become my 14 year old daughter's headphone of choice when listening to music so any failings, should they exist, will likely show up sooner rather than later.

Included with the headphones are two cables - yes, the cable is a 3.5mm male to male removable type. One, some eleven and a half feet long, is made from a reasonably thick cable, most likely for use when attaching to main amplifiers. The shorter cable - 50 inches - is a rather flimsy affair and I immediately replaced this with something more durable. A a 3.5 mm to 1/4 inches gold-plated adapter plug is a little extra which may come in handy.

Comfort - The firm plastic oval ear pads leave something to be desired. They're neither large enough for my ears nor comfortable for long periods of listening, leaving me feeling somewhat constrained and sweaty. Listening to Paul McCartmey and Wings Band On The Run - not a long album by any means - and despite feeling musically satisfied I welcome the removal of these ear warmers. There's a small area of soft foam to protect your skull from the hard plastic, which just about does its job well enough.

Design - If you're a follower of fashion then you are likely to regard these Monoprices with a distinct lack of empathy. Many may go so far as to use the word hideous to describe the Princess Leia effect applying these headphones creates to even the most butch of wearers. If you're one of those who enjoy being laughed at by those oh so fashion-conscious Beats wearers, comfortable in the knowledge that you're a form over style individual then these Monoprices may just be for you.

Amazon's product description states, "They swivel up to 90 degrees so they can double as a makeshift set of speakers." And they do. And, yes, they are definitely "makeshift"!

In summation, whilst I prefer my many different types of Superluxes for longer musical pleasuring these Monoprices have one advantage in being closed back headphones and are therefore more suited for when I prefer to have as little intrusion from outside goings on. If you're a bargain hunter and care little of fashion and style then at the right price I feel sure you will be happy with your purchase of a pair of these Monoprice headphones. I know I am.
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on 1 February 2016
Have owned these for a while now and have to say that I am really glad I bought these.

+ Sound Quality
= It's really hard to believe that they sound as good as they do for the price that they cost (I had a pair of Audio Technica Sonicfuel headphones prior to this which broke, but these sound far superior). The Acoustics in particular are a big plus point, sounds appear to be coming from all directions crystal clear. Have had to remove them a couple of times in public as I was convinced the sounds were actually coming from behind me! :)

+ Detachable Cable
= Again difficult to believe that headphones in this price bracket are able to offer a feature like this. Most headphones which have a detachable cable are priced around £50 or more. Having to throw away a pair of Headphones because of a faulty cable is never fun and having the option to attach a different cable will hopefully help increase the lifespan of your headphones. The headphones come with a long and thick cable over 3 meters and a thin cable which is about a meter. I use the long one on my PC and the short one for listening to music on my phone.

+ Swivel
= Okay so they don't spin the full 180 degrees like a set of professional headphones do, but they do swivel 90 degrees, which is a plus point in my books. Keep in mind they are less than £20 and similarly priced headphones often don't have this (Sennheiser HD 201's also sound great but don't have much in the way of swivel for example). These headphones also fold into themselves for easy transport which is great.

= Despite being made out of cheap plastic, these things can really take a beating. I've dropped mine down a flight of stairs and watched agonizingly as they tumbled their way down banging against every step on the way. I was sure they would be broken but worked fine afterwards with no sign of damage. I've also been caught in a downpour with them on and had them soaked through but they still worked just fine afterwards.


- Appearance
= If you are looking for a set of trendy, fashionable headphones then you are looking at the wrong page. These don't just look cheap, but feel cheap also. This sort of thing doesn't concern me that much and I will gladly wear these in public, but I can imagine others would feel differently.

- Packaging + Accessories
= Hard to criticize this point too much. The cables are great, although I have my doubts that the shorter one will last me that long. The packaging has been done on the cheap, and I think they made the right decision. I don't want to be wasting my money on something that will likely end up in the recycling bin. My main grip is the lack of a bag to keep my headphones in. Luckily I have one from a previous brand I owned so just use that one instead.

Sennheiser HD201 Closed Dynamic Stereo headphonesAudio Technica SonicFuel Headphones with Remote Control and Microphone

OVERALL : I have tried a few pairs in the budget price region, and these ones do the best job of emulating professional headphones out of them all. Would definitely recommend.
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on 27 November 2016
Not bad, take note of when you insert the ends into the headphones and your music output device. The wrong way around will cause music to come out of only one ear. Two cables included, but they're both the same length, one is thin, one is slightly thicker with one inline button. Don't know if this is a mistake or they just changed the contents of the box and didn't update the Amazon description. For £17.59, it's not bad but I really wouldn't pay more for it.

It is completely over ear, which is what I was looking for so that's great, but I have pretty dang small ears so if you had bigger ears I don't know if it would completely envelope your ears.

Also, even though the Q&A section has answers telling you its open back, I think it's closed back. Or so /r/headphones says.
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on 2 December 2016
Bought these a few weeks ago. So far no problems. I bought them to listen to heavy metal and psytrance and I have to say they're perfect for this type of music.

They're a bit bulky, one of my colleagues said I look like a cyberman (dr who) wearing them but I don't care. I didn't buy them for a fashion accessory, I bought them with sound quality in mind and they deliver. Read that some people found the clamp force too strong and it was a bit tight so the first night I placed them on my son's mini basketball and in the morning they felt a bit more relaxed. They're not the most comfortable headphones and they're quite warm which is good for the winter but in the summer I assume they might be a bit too hot to wear.

Sound-wise the clarity is quite good for the money and also separation and soundstage. It just so happened I was listening to some Sennheiser HD202 a week before and the sound was relatively similar. Usually listen to FLAC or 320kbps MP3 and they're not very forgiving to non-stellar productions.. Bass is also very good and it feels satisfying yet not overpowering. Drums of all sorts, bass guitars, heavy distortions sounds great, also the bass on psytrance is also quite good. The bass is not as deep as my Philips SHP2500 (their bass is just EPIC and clean) but it's still tight and clean and its presence is felt. Vocals and mids are quite good, no issues there yet I ain't no audiophile so I won't go into more detail.

Sound isolation is ok, they don't isolate everything but they isolate quite well in the workplace or at home.Tried to use them as gaming headsets but I'd say get a pair of SHP2500 for that.

My colleague that called me a cyberman owns a pair of Beats Solo that he won in a competition and I compared them listening to same Dream Theater track and the Beats sounded more 'artificial' and the overall soundstage and music quality was better on the Monoprice. Considering his headphones retail at £150 and I bought the Monoprice ones for £17.49 I have to say that I'm very happy with my purchase and I'd recommend these headphones on value. If you're looking for comfort or design look elsewhere but if you're looking for value for money you're in the right place.
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on 13 November 2013
I love these headphones. They represent fantastic value! I bought a pair of SkullCandy ones for £5 more on special the other day, after hearing people go on about them.. and they simply did not compare. They needed a battery to run an over-powered bass, without which they still sounded terrible. I really couldn't believe the difference in quality. I needed a second pair of headphones for my home studio work and so I'm right now going to buy a second pair. I'll give the SkullCandy's away as a gift to someone who likes listening to dance music and wants to make a fashion statement.

These headphones come with a proper long as thick cable. It's a little annoying to take out with you.. they do provide a shorter and thinner headphone cable for that.. but I fear it would become damaged out and about, and so I use the studio one, tied up with a rubber band and tucked in a pocket and I never have any trouble with loose cables or poor sound. You can't hear them when someone is wearing them next to you which is great for privacy.

They are also perfect for my studio work. Go and give them a try. They won't disappoint you for the money! =)
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on 2 August 2017
Ive been through mabye headphones in my life cheap and expensive and these mid price headphones are the best headphones I have ever used, they have amazing bass that you can really feel and no distortion when you turn up the volume, the build quality is ok as it is only made of plastic but that is why I expected for £30, aswell the cable it comes with looks like someone pud lots of money for, feels really premium, I definitely recommend buying these headphones!
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on 28 May 2014
I wanted to buy a pair headphones when using the laptop. My main criteria were value, sound quality and comfort.

I previously owned a pair of Kitsound KSDJ, the ear pads had started to 'disintegrate' and the head band snapped after a couple of years of use. I didnt want to get anything too expensive as i dont have a headphone amp or DAC to run the headphones off and after reading Steve Guttenberg's review i bought these.

- The sound is very good and precise and an improvement over the previous one.
- The comfort is good, not amazing, but wearing these for a couple of hours at a time are fine.
- The value is GREAT. It includes two different lengths of cable and a 6.3 plugs adaptor.

My only minor complain is the shorter cable is a little too short for my liking and the same with the long one.

For extended periods of listening to music when travelling (its cheap - who cares if it gets damaged or stolen) or at home on a minimalist audio set-up these headphones are perfect.
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on 7 June 2014
Great sound for the price of the headphones. I'd be a little disappointed perhaps if I'd paid £30+ for them, they are put together nicely and sound good but you do get what you pay for. The 2m long wire (you can also use others ofc) is a huge plus also meaning I can plug it into my amp late at night and still have great sound on games etc

Defo reccomend if you need some large headphones for casual use. Though you may want to look somewhere else for other uses. Fact is the sound isn't quite good enough for professional use (DJing etc), they're too large for traveling (at least for me, though I just like the little in-ear ones I can take in my pocket), they're too ugly to want around your neck as a fashion piece (if you're that way inclined), and lastly another reviewer said they can get uncomfortable after extended use which I suppose I could imagine, though it wouldn't be too bad as they're still quite comfy.

That said I'd still gladly give them 5 stars, as they are great for what they do
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