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on 12 January 2018
The film itself is/was immensely slow, immensely grand, portentous in the manner of the early Cinemascope epic, and not quite forgettable, mainly through a typically enthusiastic turn from Peter Ustinov. But this DVD is dreadful, and you are hereby warned. The best screen setting will give you a Cinemascope image which occupies less than 50% of the available screen area, mainly to allow for unvariable and irremovable Chinese subtitles. Korean viewers can get Korean subtitles over-printed on the Chinese characters. English speakers can get the original dialogue, accompanied by large Mandarin characters, but only very ill-transferred video in bleached pastel colour and subdued sound. Close shots are a little better, but any panoramic distance or middle-distance shots are unforgivably dim, and this was a movie sold on spectacle. An old and now dead friend of mine, who persuaded me to see it in its original UK release in 1955, claimed to see a Quaker pacifist subtext in it, which he attributed to co-scriptwriter Philip Dunne (who was certainly a very seriously committed Catholic Christian, and a defender of the Hollywood Ten with a bad conscience about Dalton Trumbo, for some of whose screenwriting he provided a respectable front and an unsmeared name) but I never found its excellent breeding outweighed its elephantine tread. Even so, it would be nice to find a decent DVD transfer, but this one is awful. AVOID!
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on 1 January 2016
"A woman who combines malice with intelligence and beauty is dangerous indeed – more dangerous still when she can add to this the power of a royal consort."
The Egyptian is a classic historical novel by Finnish writer Waltari and set in the Egypt of the 14th century BCE. The main protagonist and narrator is Sinuhe, priest-physician to the Pharaohs Amenhotep III and Akhenaten (called Akhnaton in the story), whose consort, Nefertiti, is the subject of the above quotation. What I found surprising in the story is that Nefertiti plays a much lesser role than history implies.
he Egyptian is not a novel to read for great excitement or high romance. The strength and beauty of Waltari’s work lies rather in the wealth of historical information and in the interaction of the historical figures he introduces in novel format. Perhaps unusually for a novelist in the 1940s, his scenes of sex and violence are quite graphic and he depicts the realities of life and death in all their sordid and gory detail. The Egyptians are presented as a people stuck in a rich/poor society, dominated by a polytheistic priesthood and consanguinious monarchy yet, despite their hardships, resistant to change.
Actually, I'll give it three nd a half stars!
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on 4 August 2015
Despite this being a very confusing Amazon page, with half the reviews being about the book and not the film, and the rest apparently about two different DVD versions - one fine, one awful with Korean subtitles - I decided to risk it, and am very pleased with the item. The print is clear and colours vibrant, in cinemascope format, with good sound. The story is talky and rather preachy, but I knew that, and it's still an enjoyable romp through ancient Egypt. Edmund Purdom is not really star material as the rather drippy physician, and is eclipsed by Victor Mature as the ambitious, no-nonsense soldier. The supplier, Jon Hunt, even supplied some notes to ensure the buyer gets English dialogue and no subtitles, and sent it in double quick time.
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on 5 April 2016
Great novel, written with incredible sense of humour, but sadly the whole parts of the book are missing- eg when Kaptah is delivering justice to Babylonians as their Fool King- I had opportunity to read this novel in Polish few years ago, and the quality of translation into English is far from the best. Mika Valtari is from Finland, so of course it would be the best to read it in Finn language, but still why do not translate the whole book? There are also some grammary mistakes. I would suggest to wait for next edition, hope it will be better translated, as present edition robbs this great novel from its well deserved glory.
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on 12 March 2018
Iv’e always loved this movie in spite of some of its shortcomings, Victor Mature for instance, whose appeal I have never understood, and the inclusion of one of Zanuck’s mistresses as the courtesan causing the hero so much heartache. But it is beautifully produced and deals with the little known one god Revolution of Pharoah Akhenaten.
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on 26 November 2012
It's always a bad sign when the company logo is missing from the front of a film. I'd feared the worst when I'd received "Land of the Pharaohs" just prior to this. "Pharoahs" has no Main Titles, or End Titles at all! But that's another story.

The Main Titles do appear here, as stated, minus the Fox logo. The quality of the transfer isn't the best, not quite out of focus, but a touch fuzzy. The disc plays in English okay, but I couldn't remove the Korean subtitles. It's a pity because the DVD sleeve is very well-presented.

Despite this, I've given the disc an "okay" rating. If you have to have this film in your collection, and have no other choices, it does have a sort of intersting appeal about it. I've put it on display in my "mini film museum", or, to be more exact, one of my ever-expanding DVD shelves.

I'd already recorded "The Egyptian" from TV some years ago, the picture quality was far superior to this. However, I much prefer buying genuine DVD releases which prompted me to buy the Spanish version from the US. But, again, that's another story, which does have a happier outcome.
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on 23 June 2016
It had to happen. For the first time I have made a purchase through Amazon that is a total washout. The picture
quality of the copy I have is unbelievably poor - as bad as the very worst VHS recording I have ever seen, or
even worse. The screen format doesn't help either. In the default setting the picture occupies only the central part
of the screen. It is possible to correct this (to some extent) but the picture quality of the larger image is even worse.
Do yourself a favour and forget it.
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on 1 March 2016
This is also one of my movies I love again I would have preferred to just download, I am always wondering if there is away to order this films and not just this one but loads of others as well, I have been trying to find First Blood with Johnny Cash starring in this film, but can I no! The only copy we have s a VSH, it seems to me that no one has heard of this film specially with Johnny Cash in it.
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on 15 April 2015
I remember reading this book many years ago, and the historical accuracy seems not to have been much diminished by time. However I found it much to rambling, lost interest in the Egyptian himself and his many and varied travels and adventures well before the end. I suspect it is me that might be at fault having read so much more in other books, but nontheless it is still quite an interesting story.
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on 1 February 2014
This has been my favourite book in the last 37 years since I learned reading when I was six. I can guarantee that once you sink into reading this one you wont stop unless you find out how it ended up with "Sinuhe the Egyptian". It took me five full days reading not doing pretty much anything different than reading. But be warned, this book is about love but also about how things can get wrong and you will fee the pain while reading...Anyway, still the best book of my life!!!
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