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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 4 January 2015
I tried to find an 'original' iphone 4 case on the www but they don't seem to exist. I would have paid anything, within reason, that Apple told me to!

Then I saw this Juppa case on Amazon (along with hundreds of others). I am very happy to add to the positive reviews because this case is more than I expected. It fits perfectly and feels like a very high quality and expensive item. I almost didn't buy it because there weren't enough pictures - glad I did though. Have a look at some pictures I took and decide for yourself.
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on 11 December 2017
This is the best case I have ever seen for an Iphone 4!
I used this case for 3 years and had my phone in my pocket while I ride a bmx, every time.
It falls out my pockets and onto the ground constantly, and the phone was fine!
It took these 3 years to finally break the back of my phone (It's glass on IPhone 4's), but the case contained all glass and I didn't even know I had done it until I took the case off weeks later.
The phone is still useable but I have upgraded, but this phone and case will be around for a long time as a backup!
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on 12 August 2013
I read many of the reviews about this product and similar before making this purchase. I must admit the mixed reviews very nearly put me off but at the price it's sold at I thought I may as well take the risk.
I can't speak for the people who didn't like this product or indeed explain why they don't rate the product as highly as I do but my experience is a very positive one.
The product arrived in great time and as advertised, was easy to fit to the phone and does look great.Any gaps between the hard outer shell and the soft rubber inside are minimal and do not really affect the aesthetics of the phone. The hole for the charger is perfectly saisfactory unless you are using a dock and the hole for the headphones is fine unless you are using a jack with a large connector. Standard iphone accessories are fine.
All in all a great product at a very good price. If you want any better prepare to spend alot of money.
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on 5 October 2014
I've had this for a few months now. It's quite heavy duty and definitely protects the phone well, with reinforced sides. I particularly like the slight overlap around the edges so that, if face down, the screen is protected. However, the plastic surround over the volume control never fitted quite right, bulging out slightly. And sure enough a few weeks ago it snagged in my pocket and I had to cut part of it away. The plastic has also started to chip off slightly on one corner. The textured surface has now pretty much worn away as well. Overall it's decent, and has certainly saved my phone in a few falls, but it's looking like the lifespan for me will be about 6 months, after which it will be too shabby and need replaced.
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on 7 October 2016
If you need a case what's strong and still give you access to your phone this is for you. It's reasonable cheap and offers protection for your phone without making unsightly or heavy. This is my second one, had the other for about a year and a half.
The first one just wore out, caught it a few times, broke bits off etc.
Must bare in mind this is with daily use, catching it on stuff. Worth the money I would say.
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on 8 May 2015
After putting up with the nuisances of the chunky but very protective Griffin Survivor for over two years (having to open a flap everytime you wish to use the camera is more than just inconvenient), I decided to go for something a bit more streamlined. My phone is getting old now and I figured I didn't need to baby it so much, so I gave the Juppa a try.

I'm very glad I did! It fits well, and it's relatively low profile doesn't add much bulk considering the protection it provides. Aesthetically it's much nicer than my previous case- a rather nice shade of black, that would complement either the white or black iPhone well. If you're after a bright and bold case you could always accessorise with stickers. It's not too heavy either, and access to the headphone jack, camera and data connector are open. Obviously this means dust or water can more easily penetrate, a minor issue for most the time, and worth it for the added convenience of this case. Another minor quibble is that you will have to remove the case to put the iPhone on a speaker dock, not something I do that often but it is a bit of a faff considering how tightly the case fits!

Now the protection I can certainly vouch for. Yesterday whilst driving to a MTB trail centre I noticed a loud knock and in the rear view mirror noticed something black and white bouncing off my bike (which was mounted on a tow bar rack). Sure enough, I had been an idiot and somehow managed to leave my phone on the roof before setting off. But unlike the time I did this with my wallet, the Juppa case is clearly very grippy and clung to the roof like a monkey to a tree, until a dip in the road sent it free.

After donning my high vis vest and setting up a warning triangle (taking a quick glance) I walked back up the road to find the case, still cradling the phone. I was honestly shocked to find that the phone was not damaged at all from a fall at around 40mph, not even a scratch on the screen- the raised bumper clearly doing its job. Even more surprising was the state of the case. I really wasn't expecting it to come away from its fight with the road with just a few mere surface wounds: a few cosmetic scratches and a small part of the outer material by the volume control has snapped off, but this doesn't affect the function of the case.

Given the relatively low price, I'd say this represents great value for money. For around the same price you could buy other cases that probably wouldn't be as protective in a fall, but might be more fashionable so to speak. If you're after a practical but protective case, and don't use a dock regularly then this is a winner.
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on 25 May 2015
This is the best phone case I've ever had. Previous cases I've had have left the screen exposed, and iPhones are of course infamous for screen-cracking. This case covers the entire circumference without interfering with the buttons, and extends about 1.5mm above the edge of the phone on the screen side, so it protects the screen from scratches and from being the first point of impact if the phone is dropped. It fits securely and is slightly textured, so it is less likely to slip out of hands/pockets.
The only issue is that, because it's so secure to the phone, removing it is really difficult, and has caused a small crack on the back of the case. Slightly unfortunate, as it won't fit into my radio's iPod dock with the case left on. However, it's a minor complaint, considering how well the it protects my phone.
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on 25 July 2014
I bought this case it 2012 and gave it a lot of rough work. It got dropped, thrown across the room and scratched but it survived it all! My phone is constantly in and out of my pocket....I really don't give it the care it needs. But the case makes up for my lack of care! Also due to the slight lip over the front of the phone the screen does not get scratched on surfaces when placed face down.

Gradually the graphite effect began to deteriorate but not very quickly. The abuse I gave it caused small bits to break off over the years but it still kept hold of my precious phone! I Have just lost my phone but have just ordered a new case to go with the replacement phone!!

Defiantly worth a buy if you want something that won't bulk up your phone but will protect it. 5 stars defiantly!
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on 13 January 2015
a very clever and slightly unusual solution to the iphone cover issue
i didn't want a bulky cover, i wanted something in black, i wanted to stop my iphone obviously looking like an iphone, i wanted something that felt easy to hold and easy to grip, i wanted a sturdy and durable case.
in the 8 hours since i received it, it has handsomly met all those criteria (and more)
that makes it extremely good value for money
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on 16 March 2014
Firstly, don't be mislead that this was ever a £30 case! £6 is probably a fairer price considering how overpriced all cases are for two bits of plastic. This one is made of two pieces and the texture of the outer shief is grippy, and offers good scratch protection to the back of you phone. The front is protected by the raised lip of the cover which protecst the glass if laid flat on a table. The case would have marked higher if the two parts fitted together correctly, but on the case I received the case doesn't close around the buttons tightly. This doesn't stop the case doing its job, but assthetically is annoying.
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