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on 30 January 2013
I didn't buy this Satnav from Amazon however I felt a Review might help those that are thinking of buying one.
First of all the look - Its slim, stylish, lightweight and has a little unique design on the back.(Personal liking)
The screen - This is fantastic, Its very clear with a high resolution for easy viewing.(Night or Day)
The sound - This also is great, again its very clear and the instructions given are precise with plenty time to act upon when necessary.
You can personalise the Sat Nav various ways which i think is cool. (3D car)
The bluetooth allows you to connect your mobile phone to the Satnav so then your contacts come up on the screen which inevitably means you can call "Home" with a click or 2 of the screen. (This gives you full "calling, receiving" functions)

The Holder that the Satnav sits in whilst stuck on your windscreen also is stylish and smart - The Suction on it is very good and strong yet easy to get off your windscreen when not in use. (You also receive a spare Suction for when the original no longer works)

Above is a very small snippet of the Satnav you are viewing - To be honest I cant be bothered to write all the ins and outs of it for the simple fact it would take me too long - However I would Highly Recommend this to ANYONE! Its more than a Satnav and ticks every box.

Although all the latest mobiles like the iPhones, Windows Phone, HTC etc etc have GPS already built in, I think having your own Satnav that was built purposely to get you from A to B is a lovely extra for you Gadget Collection.

If this quick Review has you thinking but not tipping you to buy it - check out for the specs and hopefully that little extra info is what you need.

In my opinion £99 is a good price for the amount of technology you receive and worth every Penny!

Go on, Go buy it - You wont be disappointed!
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on 25 February 2013
Really slimline with clear display - I especially like the split screen function on motorways. Works really well, I use the blutooth a lot too and it is really good - very clear. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade. I've had older Garmin sat navs and tried a tomtom (which I hated) but this is by far the best I've used.
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on 18 June 2013
I have had this satnav now for 4/5 weeks, I have found that it has good visual on the maps, the Bluetooth works well, I have not had any problems with entering post codes, it has always sent me to the correct location, the only thing that you have to keep changing is the country, as I deliver vehicles throughout the UK (England, Scotland, Wales) you have to enter Wales for instance if your last destination is in England, say you enter a place name, ie Cardiff it comes up saying no town/city found, post codes it`s fine with, sometimes I don`t get codes just an address, it`s compact, easy to use, I have found this to be better and more precise than the tomtom I had previous, I recommend it to anyone who wants a satnav with Bluetooth and it`s half the price than tomtom, delivery was earlier than stated, not a bad thing
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VINE VOICEon 9 July 2013
I've had this for a few weeks and used it several times. Set-up is easy enough although Mac users don't seem to be able to download the map update (very poor - let's just hope they don't move the M1).
Finding locations is easy, either type in the post code or the name of the street or attraction and off you go.
My major issue is the battery - it doesn't last very long or charge very quickly which means you have to keep it plugged in for long journeys, so the cable is trailing across the dashboard depending on where you put it.
The suction cup works well but mine dropped off during a journey recently (fortunately the satnav wasn't in it at the time) and because it was too dangerous to stop or move it away I had to do the rest of the journey with it dangling dangerously near the brake pedal. You might want to reattach it every so often to keep the suction up, or remove it when not in use.
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on 30 March 2013
This is a replacement for an old identical one, that has started to develop various faults. It's a very nice unit, works reasonably well, and has a number of great features that really endears it to me. I have the extra bolt on device that sends engine and vehicle info from the diagnostic port, a gimmick, maybe, but in these modern vehicles, you have limited info on the dash, just alerts when a fault develops. I now have air intake temp, engine power loading, coolant temp, and a host more. I love the fact that the Garmin works in either plane, vertical or horizontal, and the mount allows me to 'snap' it out when I leave the car and pop it in my pocket for safekeeping, no leads to disconnect. The voices are clear, and you can have some gimmicky ones for a bit of fun! The 'detour' function is brilliant, I got stuck the other day, when the M40 was closed suddenly for a 'Police Incident' (probably some cop had lost his doughnuts out the window, and a major hunt was on to find them), but one press of the detour button, had a new route plotted in, brilliant!
One small minus, is that some junctions are still totally wrong, but these are very few now, only one notable one, near my home still says left instead of right, but hey ho, can't be right all the time. All in all, the best unit I have had, can't stand bloomin TOM TOM, usually wrong at every turn!!!
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on 4 April 2013
Just got this Sat nav today and tried it out. Superb in a word. Real joy to use. Recommend this stylish Sat nav to anyone. So easy to set up and use.
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on 27 November 2013 guessed it, it rarely does. I don't often go on long journeys and that can only be seen as a blessing when having to rely on guidance from tat like this. In the 10 months or so since I bought this Sat Nav I've used it about five times and each time has been a distinctly distasteful experience. I admit the results are probably better than trying to read a map but for over a hundred quid this isn't such a great accolade.

Today, for instance, I used it for a 2.5hr journey. In that time it rebooted five times, often at the most inopportune moments; just went black and cycled through the boot stages again. When it came back on it helpfully positioned the display at 90 degrees to the viewing angle, requiring me to rotate it about a dozen times until it came to its senses. As an encore it decided to change my map settings at random.

The time before it seemed to get bored with following my little car graphic around and chose instead to focus on a small village some hundred miles away in Cheshire, where I had never been and had no intention of going. Because it was not possible to get it to display any other location, or to pay any attention to me at all, I had to switch it off and navigate by guesswork.

The time before that it informed me that I needed to turn off the dual carriageway and follow a short stretch of dirt road that ran parallel to the main road before rejoining it 400 yards further on. Luckily I knew the road so I knew was a suggestion borne of lunacy. Later the Sat Nav got its own back by deliberately failing to point out several junctions and lying blatantly about which roundabout exits to use.

And so it goes on, just one problem after another, far more than I have patience to document. In summary, this Garmin is a tacky, charmless, spiteful little slab of plastic that will spoil your day given half the chance.

EDIT: Modified the rating from ** to * on account of the accompanying Garmin malware needed to update this piece of junk. Despite you probably only wanting to download content a few times per year (assuming you have a working model), the software is installed just like a virus - constanly present, intrusive and unneccessary. You can't prevent it loading at startup (without in-depth knowledge of registry tweaks, etc.) and you can't uninstall it. Every time you start the PC it prompts an OS query about "Do you want to allow this software to make changes..." etc. No, I don't, but even that doesn't stop it. The trashiest AV products don't hide themselves to this extent and if Garmin had put half the effort into creating a functional product rather than infecting people's PC with viruses this review would have been very different. The icing on a very s****y cake.
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on 13 June 2013
I ordered this unit and wow it arrived super fast. Could not wait to get started opened it up connected via usb cable to laptop and left it for a while. Put it in the car and went to connect the car charger from cig lighter and not the same connection. Deflated a bit but the unit is super clear and the lady inside speaks proper english as well bonus. So at the moment will have to charge up in house and wait for amazon to send the right charger. When it arrives will upgrade to 4.5 stars. Haha

Have down graded this as not a peep from anyone to resolve the charger. Am still using another charger and would have thought that the supplier would be keen to rectify the issue i have. But alas nothing so far. Will keep you posted.
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on 21 April 2013
good quality product slim as an I phone and i like the bluetooth connection the voice is very clear , good value for money
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on 30 March 2013
great it is a good sat nav slim easy to read and nice to look at still leaning all about it
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