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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 4 September 2013
This was my 4th attempt at wireless headphones - Thomson, Sony and Panasonic. The first 2 were dreadful. VERY poor volume and a great deal of background hiss. On top of this the sound quality of the first 2 was on par with a pair of wired 99p headphones! Certainly not worth the money. After more research it seems no matter how much you pay for wireless headphones they all have some level of hiss no matter how high you set the source volume because the sound is transmitted over FM radio bands. The Panasonic ones (around £57) had better sound and volume but still barely adequate so these were my last attempt before giving up. Am I glad I did give these a try! The sound quality is extremely high. Superb bass, excellent treble and well balanced mid level response. As these are digital there's ZERO hiss! Volume is more than powerful enough with plenty more volume to spare, especially important if you have any hearing difficulties.

I'll admit I am a little picky about tech purchases but for the money I was spending, I was expecting FAR better quality in the first 3 sets. The price didn't match the performance in my opinion. So from my original outlay of £25 I have ended up spending £79.99! I quickly learned that wireless headphones are around 4x more expensive than the wired equivalent for similar sound quality.

As far as my research went it seems that Philips are the first to release digital wireless headphones. Certainly takes hiss out of the equation. The volume and bass response are excellent and these completely wipe the floor with the competition. Well certainly within this price range. Very comfortable to wear even for extended use plus I have a rather large head (LOL!) and they fit like a glove! Just love these!


I have been using these for a few days now and no interference. I was concerned as 2.4GHz is the same frequency as my internet router! They just keep surprising me with the sound quality. Even music sounds rich and clear with great bass.

I think these are THE wireless headphone choice, certainly in the <£100 mark.
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on 4 December 2013
I expected a lot from these wireless headphones. My last pair, Senheiser RS110RF had brilliant sound quality but were annoying. They fell off your head if your barely leaned forward to look at your watch and they played really loud white noise if you paused your film or music for 60 seconds. Well I'm glad to say the Philips SHD8600/30 do not suffer either of these problems. The over-ear enclosed design and self adjusting headband work very well and are really very comfortable. The earpieces are actually very cleverly moulded to fit the shape of the skull around the ear especially at the lower ear/ upper jaw where it does dip in ( well it does on my head anyway!) but are faux leather type. Dunno of velour are available, as these would be more comfortable. Plastice ones are comfortable and soft though. Sound quality is good with really good bass. No distortion, even at maximum volume, which, unfortunately is not as loud as you might expect. This isn't a bad thing though. I expect is improves battery life. I can live with it, volume is digital + and -, on / off is a slider switch and connects to base station very fast every time. Connection is simple. Usual headphone jack, power supply plug....that's it. Sound quality, as regards to wireless transmission of signal is unbelievable. I cannot hear any distortion at all. Even going downstairs through several double thickness walls the signal is perfect! The best things for me by far are they stay on your head. Drop your remote for your telly on the floor, lean forward to pick it up and my Senheisers would be on the floor. These things don't budge. Also, lets say you are FastForwarding the adverts which means there's no audio, yeah. Senheiser's would cut off and blast you with ear deafening white noise kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, THESE DO NOT....Hurrah! They do nothing...they switch off, but as soon as the sound starts again they automatically switch back on and it's so fast you don't miss any audio. BRILLIANT!! This is the biggest benefit to me. I took ages looking at loads of different wireless headphones, most do the stupid white noise when they don't get audio for 30 seconds. These are the only affordable ones that don't. Apart from the equalisation sounding a little 'plastic' they are fine. Bass response is fantastic. Very light. Nice blue LED on side. Won't get better for the price in my opinion.
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on 2 October 2013
I bought these to stop my other half worrying about the neighbours if I watch a film. At my age, late 60s, I find that if I want to hear the dialogue on a film then the sound effects and background music are generally too loud. Having bought these the problem is solved! I can watch a film at the volume I like without disturbing others. The sound quality is excellent, it is just like being at the cinema. An added bonus is that my wife can watch the film at the same time with the TV volume set to suit her. (I don't know if that is possible with all TVs, ours is a Panasonic Viera). The headphones are reasonably comfortable. My only minor criticism is that the power and volume controls on them are a bit fiddly. The base unit is compact and I have found that it works even when sited behind the TV so it is very unobtrusive. I cannot base this review on a comparison with other systems and I have not owned the headphones for very long but at present I am a very happy customer.
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on 26 October 2013
I can certainly recommend these headphones - wonderful sound quality with absolutely no noise (i.e. no hiss or hum). Great sound across the range, bass to treble. I have used them every day for a couple of weeks, and never experienced 'cut-out'. The only thing I occasionally notice is when the stereo sound moves from one ear to the other (e.g. on radio if the person talking moves across the microphone), the sudden, 'clean' transition can be slightly disconcerting. This happens very rarely and doesn't detract, for me, from the excellent sound quality.
So, definitely 5 stars for sound, and 5 stars for wearing comfort, too - although if I'm wearing my spectacles they do press very slightly against the side-bars (I notice this when I first put the headphones on, but soon forget about it).
Setup was very easy. I do have a couple of niggles here, though. Docking the headphones in their cradle doesn't always work first time - no doubt it's my fault, but I'd like this to be a bit more idiot-proof. The thing I really don't like is the on/off switch on the headphones - horribly fiddly! Philips seem to have chosen to make this discreet and impractical rather than practical and a bit more obvious.
There you have it: 5-star headphones with a 1-star on/off switch. I think overall they're worth about 4.7 stars, which I'm showing as 4.
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on 23 May 2014
I chose these headphones because of the 2.4 GHz digital transmission frequency, most of the others transmitted on the VHF band` (863-865 Mhz ) and as I already have some in use on this frequency, I could not be sure these would not interact with each other, especially as most had automatic tuning.
Also I`am Tired of continually having to replace expensive battery`s in the transmitter and receiver
each week, (AA and AAA) and all the distortion as they run down.

Some adverts sadly don't give the above details.

I found I could receive a signal in the garden up to about 20 yards away from the transmitter, before it broke up, this is with one wall in between to impede the signal.

The Headphones.
In my opinion these are of good quality material, well made, and good design, the only small niggle is in finding the controls when worn, the On/Off switch appears to be a push On / push Off type this has to be slid towards the bottom of the headpiece, and held a while to operate, and only the green light gives a indication that its made a connection, other than the sound,of course, so you really need to switch on whilst you can see the light indicator because its such a fiddly job whilst being worn.

The Volume control is a toggle switch, the + at the top. and - at the bottom, this is hard to locate with my NUMB OLD FINGERS. Ive noticed that the volume appears to revert to a pre-set level, each time you switched on, so you need to readjust your setting when you switch on, therefore it would be better if it was easier to locate the control.

I`m using the 3.5mm stereo output socket on the TV, using this socket disconnects the internal speakers of the television, but the television volume control is still in use, so if you increase the gain using the TV volume control, you can reduce that required on the phones, reducing the circuit noise,

I have the attenuator switch at 0dB, this allows a low setting for the headphone volume control,
I haven't heard any background noise with the television volume control set to 80% and the phones at a low setting. please note though that I am partly deaf, especially at the higher frequencies

The Plug / Power Supply / Adaptor
This is rated at 5 Volts output, and 550 mA ( Mine gave a reading of 5.1VDC off load )
The only thing that I`m dubious about is on the docking station as it is called, this is the base unit that houses the RF transmitter, and also the battery charging circuit, which is powered from the 240VAC / 5VDC adaptor.

There is two spring loaded contacts mounted on the base, that make contact with gold plated plates that are recessed into the bottom of the headphones, to connect the battery charging circuit,
I have not been able to obtain a voltage reading from across the pins, with or without the pins being compressed, so the voltage supplied to the phones may be a pulsed output, may be someone can
tell me ?
Locating the phones on the base unit to charge the batteries is precarious, there's no positive locating method, I have to wobble and slide then around on most occasions before I get the green charging indicator light to flash, I believe this may be a poor mechanical contact between the pins and the charging circuit inside the base, the movement of the pins may form part of a switch. May be I`m unlucky and have got a faulty one, anyway its still works up to now.

The Two AAA rechargeable batteries supplied with the phones are not standard and I doubt if you will find any in local shops,

The batteries are fitted side by side, an held between a springs at the negative end and a plate at the positive end as is usual, with the batteries in series,

The difference in the batteries being that the outer insulating sleeve is about 5 mm short at the negative end, to allow the side of the battery case to make contact with a metal side contact to connect it to a circuit, I believe this is to charge the battery, and prevent non chargeable being charged.

Philips advise only their NiMH batteries to be used, the cases of these batteries supplied look as if chrome plated, or made of stainless steel,
They also say that other types of rechargeable alkaline batteries cannot be charged with the system

But AAA alkaline batteries can be used to operate the headphones

The Instruction leaflet could be much better. Much better, the instructions are of picture form, insufficient in size to show small detail, especially for my poor old tired eyes,

Well that's about all to be said, I will update this if anything comes to light.
Hoping this will be of help. Joe
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on 24 March 2015
We bought these to replace an expensive Sennheiser set that were very unreliable (ie didn't work consistently, and not for long when they did!). Almost an essential piece of kit in our house so my fiance can watch football and I can practice my guitar at the same time!

We didn't want to spend a fortune on another set, and plumped for these after reading all the reviews on here. We've had them for several months now, and they're very reliable. They always work, which is a relief for us! It's very handy having a stand as you can just pop them back on it to charge - the Sennhiesers had to be plugged in to recharge.

The sound isn't on a par with the Sennheisers...a bit bassy and definitely not audiophile quality, but they're perfectly good enough for watching TV. If you've never had high-end headphones, or audio kit, you'd probably think it was great and it is, taking account of what they cost. They look smart too, which is important for us as we don't have anywhere we can keep them out of sight in our lounge.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend these to anyone who isn't after audiophile level quality.
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on 21 June 2014
Bought to watch TV, the sound quality is excellent, and the range extends throughout the 25 mtrs of our house, which is good for cooking, going to the loo and not missing anything! You can watch TV with sound at same time so this might be good for someone with poor hearing.


1. It interferes with our router signal which means no internet, BBC Iplayer, etc. With connected TVs increasingly the norm this is a big no-no
2. The on ear volume and on/off controls are a little fiddly, and the big downer is that the on/off switch has packed up just outside warranty, so it is now useless.
3. Philips customer services were not that interested in helping - it is not repairable
4. Getting it back on the cradle for charging is also fiddly and can take up to 30 secs to position the charging nodes correctly.

All in all, I won't be getting another
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on 10 November 2013
I wanted some wireless headphones so I could duplicate my laptop to my tablet and still have sound as the method I use doesn't support it,

Decided to purchase this pair due to the high reviews and first impressions were initially quite good.
Comfy to wear, even for me who has a rather large head, the range is quite impressive, allowing me to listen to music from downstairs in a house with thickish walls, decent build quality, not too heavy to wear

The problems that I encounter were with sound quality, after using for quite a few weeks, I quite often hear crackle on the line even though Im right next to the base station which is quite distracting. It doesn't occur too often but enough to distract. As for my next pair i think ill be going back to wired and keeping these for when that extra range is needed.
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on 16 September 2015
First ones faulty. Replaced straight away. Thanks.
They look very good.
Reception is very good throughout the house and the volume is good.
They are not as clear sounding as you would expect for £70 +. Quite mushy.
I personally do not recommend them at this price as the sounds of the music is barely £20 quality!!
Although they are not the top end, price-wise,I bought them thinking that the price reflected the quality.... Wish I hadn't
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on 25 March 2015
These sound great, the bass reproduction is excellent and unlike other wireless headphones I've tied in the past, I don't get any interference or crackling/loss of signal. They are also the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn - the ear cushioning is plentiful without being bulky and the self-adjusting lower head strap is also very comfortable with enough cushioning so as not to leave any marks on my bald bonce.

I've only heard the low battery warning once and find the quoted operating time for battery to be accurate. A few people have mentioned issues with audio cutting out at low volume but the solution to this is easy - simply turn the volume up high on your audio equipment and turn the volume down a few notches on the headphones to compensate. With my Denon AVR at -30db and the headphones on about -4 I don't get any more drop outs. I've also seen mention of the right channel occasionally cutting out, this one is sadly true but it's only in 1 ear, very brief and pretty infrequent.

There are however a couple of more serious flaws which are disappointing considering the price. Firstly, the power 'slider' feels extremely cheap and fragile and I suspect this will be the first thing to fail or break which is such a shame considering the otherwise stellar design and materials choices. Second, the charging cradle design is almost laughable. It's incredibly difficult and frustrating to get a connection between the contacts on the underneath of one ear and the base especially when the base is placed somewhere out of sight and therefore in an awkward spot to reach.

Overall though, even taking the flaws into account, I'm very happy with these and would definitely recommend them.
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