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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 August 2012
Unlike most people buying these fans I did not fit them into the side panel of a computer (PC) case, I fitted them to the back wall of a cupboard in which is housed my server and router.

So I cut out the required holes (top and bottom) into the back (hardboard) wall and fitted the fans - and the temperature has never been so cool inside that cupboard.

Corsair supply 3 different colour rings (red, white, blue - how Olympian) and a small cable extender that reduces the speed of the fan to about half (I guess) thus reducing any "noise" even further. When using the speed-reducing cable attachment they really are silent but still shift an amazing amount of air.

At full speed they run at around 1,000 rpm and are very nearly silent (if you put your ear within 30cm of the fan you can hear a gentle whirring although that may just be the air movement). Due to the large 140mm size they can shift large amounts of (warm) air out of your PC case (or cupboard) thus keeping things cool and quiet.

I would have liked the cable to have been longer (or an extension cable included) but that's because I wasn't fitting them inside a relatively small PC case so no points deducted.

They certainly do the trick.
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on 22 December 2012
Well, I couldn't be happier with these. I bought 4 for my gaming tower and they're perfect.

I'm not usually a gimmick sort of person, but the choice in ring colours is pretty cool. I have a black case, and opted for the white rings for contrast. Also my case came with built in LED fans on the front panel that can be turned on with button. These are white LEDs, so I thought 'what the hell - white it is'.

With 2 on the side panel and 2 on the top panel (in, exhaust respectively) the airflow is now amazing. Let me put it this way - I blew a candle out over 1.5 meters away and the smoke went straight across the desk and into the fans.

I have these 4 fans connected up to a front-panel-controller and are almost always set to full speed (1150 RPM) and I barely even notice it. Saying that, there are a total of 12 fans on this computer, so I couldn't say how much of then noise was caused by these fans. They're said to be 24dBa which is nothing...
I will be uploading a video review to show the setup and the lack of noise. Check it out.

I must comment on the price though. £10 does seem like a lot, and especially when you're buying 4 of them. But I don't regret it one bit.

In closing, should you buy these? If you're willing to spend a bit more cash on your computer and want a fan that actually moves air without the experience of standing next to 747 taking off, then this is perfect. Buy buy buy!

[UPDATE 23-July-15]
OK. About 3 years on, and they're still going strong. I have had absolutely zero bother with them. I have since removed the fan controller and connected them to my new motherboard's on-board fan controller pins. Combined with my H100, I have little worry over in-case temperatures. No regrets.
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on 28 May 2012
I bought 3 of these fans a few days ago to go in my Corsair 500R case along with 2 Corsair SP120 fans for my heatsink. I must say the AF140 fans are incredibly quiet and move a decent amount of air. They look really good, I would love for Corsair to introduce some LED fans to go in the front of my case but these will do for the moment. If you are looking for some very quiet, good looking 140mm fans these will definitely be suitable. I never have any doubt when Corsair release a product that it will be top notch! :D
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 February 2013
These babies are amazing!
They provide high air flow in/out of your case, and still remain super silent whilst doing so.
I run mine between 700-1000 RPM, and I can't even hear them, unless I put my ear right next to it.

In the package you'll receive:
-3 rings (red, blue and white)
-Four Black screws
-A 12v-7V step down reducer

Overall, these fans are definitely worth it, and much better than my Fractal Fans that came with my Define R4.
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on 11 January 2015
Maybe they are quiet at extremely low RPM but anything above 700 RPM you can clearly hear them. They do push quite a lot of air. For being fans the installation was actually very annoying because of the rubber around the screw hole and the screws can be easily stripped. I actually had to use different screws.
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on 30 January 2016
Anyne who is worried that this will be lud, dont, I thought it will be quite loud as i read quite alot of reviews for this, but it wasnt, maybe because i used a fan optimisation software, Ai suite 3. Anyways ive had it for nearly 2 years and still going strong, working perfectly, looks beautiful, and is easily cleaned when too much dust settles. Keeps my Pc cool on the inside by atleast 10 degrees.
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on 10 November 2015
The AF series fans work best for case cooling and exhaust vents as they are designed for high airflow, if you're looking for fans for radiators or heatsinks you're better off with the SP series, for static pressure.

These are very quiet and high airflow fans, coupled with the colour changing rings they make for excellent looks and cooling, what more could you want in a fan?!
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on 30 October 2012
I bought this with the intention of attaching it to the side of my case as an intake fan to try and help ease some of the pressure my AMD 5770 graphics card faces when running recent games. Obviously, just having a fan blow near it isn't going to make a major difference (that's what a third-party GPU cooler is for), but it's definitely knocked off 2-3°C under stress from high-intensity games like Borderlands 2, where the GPU temperature almost reaches 90°C. It's not much, but the extra airflow being generated also aids the CPU's temperature by the same amount.

The best part of this fan though is the noise level; it's practically nonexistent. The addition of this fan makes absolutely no difference to the overall noise level of my PC; I don't even need to use the voltage limited cable to attenuate the noise level (which also reduces the fan's RPM, therefore reducing airflow, so bear that in mind). Another major positive is the price for it here. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else as of writing this review. The next cheapest place I could find it is at Scan for £12.17, but you also have to pay £4.99 postage, so the total price is £17.16, which is nearly the double the price, and it actually costs almost as much as a pair of SP120/AF120 fans cost here (£17.33).

Corsair have certainly pulled an ace out of their pack with the Air Series fans. I will certainly be buying a pair of 120mm fans later on to complete my case (both of them on the CPU cooler, with the Cooler Master fan currently on the cooler being used as an exhaust fan at the back of the case). They're not the best-performing fans available (you still have to go to Noctua there), but they're definitely the best value for money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 March 2016
These fans are close to silent, I love them.
I liked them so much I actually swapped out every fan in PC with them, allowing everything to colour match-white, and have really efficient cooling.
The fans come with an additional cable which allow you to lower the RPM, which will result in them being quieter again. I didn't even use this and I still can barely hear my fans.
The color rings on the outside is a great addition, even though they only come with 3 colour rings, you have many options.
1. Spray paint the rings to what ever colour you are looking for.
2. Take the ring off, rock the black look
3. Use one of the colors provided.

My build is a all-white and black build so I continued and used the white rings - and they look great with all the rest of the components.

I'd recommend you getting these fans if you're trying to build a good looking PC that has some colour matching components, there's nothing worse than an ugly looking fan ruining the whole builds look!

Product description at time of review:
The AF140 Quiet Edition is a great choice for a quiet side panel intake or case exhaust, or even a “pull” fan for a radiator or Heatsink
Eleven ultra-thin blades for excellent airflow at very low noise levels
Custom fan enclosure for ducting air in the right direction with minimal interference
Advanced Hydraulic Bearing for reliable, quiet operation
Rubberized corners for sound damping when installed with standard screws
review image review image
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on 5 February 2016
I will start with a summary... This is a great fan! Quiet and pushes a lot of air. However, the quality is questionable. I was excited to unbox this product as I needed some more case fans that weren't so noisy. the current ones in my case are Corsair as it's a Corsair case (760T V2), and they are great fans, but a little noisy as they are not the specialised series. They're just normal fans. Anyway, upon unboxing I knew I was holding a good quality product as I expect from Corsair. However, as I attempted to remove the red ring in order to fit a white one which fits the scheme better of my case, the red one snapped and got jammed in the fan blades... I was able to get it out in the end without damaging any other part of the fan, but I was seriously questioning the quality of the product at this point. And no, I wasn't being rough-handed at all, I was just feeling my way around the ring to see where it came off and it just gave up.

Other than that mishap, I can report that it is really quiet! However, at the same time it really manages to push some air out of my case as it is currently being used as a exhaust fan at the back. I WILL purchase some more fans, and will be sure to be even more careful whilst handling the ring. but I hope Corsair can re-think the design of the rings possibly.
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