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on 16 August 2013
Firstly, this review is based on the AF120 Quiet edition fans but Corsair essentially offers these fans in 2 different configurations. There is the AF or Airflow version and the SP or Static Pressure version. The difference in the two configurations is in the blades, the angle, scoop and size of the blades is different depending on the function of the fan. The airflow fans are designed to move air with little resistance. For example if you need a fan for your case where there is nothing obstructing your fan like a drive bay or radiator then that's a job for an AF fan. If you are using your fan for a radiator or a front intake through a drive bay then SP is the fan of choice as it creates more air pressure to ensure the airflow gets through. So once you have chosen whether you need a SP or an AF series fan there is one more variable to choose from. Whether you need a SP or AF fan both are available in a "Quiet Edition" or a "performance Edition" this is down to personal preference really. The quiet edition is designed to be slightly less aggressive then its performance counterpart and therefore generate less noise but at the expense of a little less airflow. I don't know the stats on the difference in cooling and noise between the two but i'm sure that is only a Google search away.

So, with the technicalities of which fan to choose out the way I went for the AF120 Quiet Edition.

Everything you will need to install your fan is in the box. At first glance, I love this about Corsair; the cable for the fan is black so when you install your fan you have a nice neat looking cable rather than yellow, green and any other horrible colour under the sun. They also ship it with black screws for installation, again very nice, keeps things looking good. The fan comes with a coloured ring attached, which can be switched out to one of three options that come in the box, red, green or white. Nice touch but as my case has a green/black theme I would love to see them add some other colours, even if you have to pay a small amount for a new coloured ring. Last thing in the box is a short cable, again in black, to under volt your fan for the ultimate noise minimalists out there.

Installing the fan is pretty simple and the rings make it easy when it comes to knowing which way your fan will be pushing the air. If the coloured ring is facing in to the case then it will be forcing air out and if the ring is facing out of the case it will be drawing air in. Handy, as it's a pain to mount all you fans only to find they are facing the wrong way... The only part I found slightly tricky installing these fans was when it came to screwing them into place. The corners all have rubber mounts for the fans to stop vibration, great for less noise but I found they were turning with the screws and I had to really hold them in place. Once that's done, plug your fan into a header on your mobo or fan controller and off you go!

In terms of noise I think these fans are great. Even going full belt it's not the fan noise you hear, just the air flowing through your system and at lower RPM they are hardly noticeable.

Overall these fans look good and perform very well and I personally think they are well worth the money.

So, why not the 5 star rating?? If they add extra coloured rings it would be a 5 star product, until then... its a 4.9.
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on 15 April 2014
This is a great fan, solid, chunky feel to its operation, responsive, efficient, excellent cooling curve. There is not anything to dislike about this one to be honest. Does what it says on the tin as they say, and for what it is, an extremely reasonable price. These days, buying a PMW capable fan is a no brainer, because if you don't utilise PMW at present, you soon will once its installed - you'll wonder what you did before without that level of control.

Its a Corsair, so you expect quality, and it is. Don't hesitate, go for it, its well worth the slightly extra cost. Penny-pinching on fans and cooling is counter productive. If you have a powerful machine, good quality fans - not manufacturer stock fans - are a must, and this fits the bill perfectly. There is a marked, significant improvement in cooling ability over stock fans.

Nice One Corsair ...... :)
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on 27 December 2015
"Fan-tastic"... I love these fans. I, bought the PWM High Performance Edition, with the high static pressure blade. Use them both (pack of 2) on my, Be Quiet - Dark Rock 3 CPU cooler, and the temps have dramatically gone lower, letting me achieve 4.4Ghz on my i5 4690k with a highest temp recorded after stress testing for 1 hour & 30 minutes was 65°c @ roughly 65% fan speed, i can barely here the fans spinning in-between 900 to 1200 rpm.

Iv'e also purchased the AF 140mm quiet version, to use as an exhaust. I'll also be buying 6 more soon, as i'm so pleased with the quality, customization, and the quietness of these fans. These look awesome in my NZXT H440
review image
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on 16 May 2017
Great fans, they feel very premium and run nice and quiet. I will definitely be using these for any new build in the future. Replaced stock case fans and are 10x better both in airflow and noise.

Only thing is, the coloured rings that come with it were a little bent out of shape due to transport. On one of the fans I have to keep bending it back into place otherwise there is an incredibly annoying clicking noise.

The above issue is specific to my own set, and would buy them again, but this issue is a little annoying. As you can see in the photo, the ring is a little bent - same goes for all the ones I received in the packet.
review image
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on 11 March 2016
Bought the SP120 PWM Performance fans for the front intake of my case. They're quieter than expected which is great, but more importantly they produce excellent airflow. Really easy to install, although you'll probably have to make sure you install them at the right angle if you want the pins to reach your motherboard easily (the cables aren't particularly long). Would definitely recommend them!
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on 11 November 2017
I have quite a few of these SP fans for my build for all my radiators and im very happy with them. They have great cooling properties when combined with a radiator and dont give off too much noise even when at full RPM.

You will need make sure you have 4pin PWM capability in your system to use them.

You get 3 rings in the box, white, red and blue. I have sprayed mine a different colour to match the them of my system.

You will be pleased to know that there is no ketchup and mustard on show.

No they arent cheap but they are worth it.
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on 9 December 2015
Each fan comes with 3 colour frame rings - white, blue and red, which is good as it gives me options while meantime makes me feel guilty when throwing 2 of them away :D (I'm not planning to open my case to change these rings often)

At full speed it is VERY powerful but quite noisy, so ensure you tune it down with PWM. I found that when below 70% it's significantly quieter, any lower than that the difference will not be much noticeable.

The screw holes are made of rubber which is nice as it reduces the vibration.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 August 2015
Theres 2 things that people need to understand about fans that is not really made clear.

High Airflow or High Static Pressure?

I'll explain here so you can make the right decision by buying these or the AF120 (high Air Flow version)

High Airflow is for unobstructed (just a grill or air filter) and will push air a long distance very quickly.
High Static Pressure is when you are pushing through tight spaces such as CPU heatsinks, tight/angled pc grills (like in corsair carbide 270R front grills or similar.

I got these for pulling air through my hard drive cage in my gaming pc.

* Push or pull air in harder airflow situations.
* Silent
* Look great (3 coloured rings too!)

Price is pretty steep. (Only reason I dropped 1 star)
Air Flow is constant but will not go very far in open air or larger cases. (get AF120 model instead for that)

Hope that helps you make a decision!
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on 9 October 2017
This fan is surprisingly quiet. The cooling is great and the fan looks excellent, the swappable colour ring is a huge plus. If you're looking for a _really_ quiet experience you may want to look for a fan controller or a software solution to slow it down a bit, at the cost of cooling of course. I find that there is a SIGNIFICANT noise reduction when the fans run at about 75% of their power and then a minimal noise reduction the slower it goes after that - meaning that 25% fan speed isn't going to be much quieter than 75%, but 75% is surprisingly much quieter than 80+%. I'm a fan of this product.
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on 8 September 2017
Despite being labelled as the 'high performance' option, these fans can be made very quiet using your BIOS fan controller

On that point, as these are not PWM fans, make sure to always have at least 5V going through them else you may damage them. In my case my motherboard simply refuses to power them until 5V is applied.

Corsair really got the pressure right on these ones, you can feel the air being sucked into the case even on a low RPM.

With these versions being cheaper than the PWM version, I can say without a doubt that the saving is at no detriment to quality.
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