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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 19 April 2017
Value for money
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on 28 June 2017
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on 30 July 2014
Has poor repetitive game play which makes your arm hurt. Seriously, this will give you tennis elbow pain if you want to complete it in a short time. I'd say this is in part due to the poor motion controller response since half of your aggressive throws (waves of the wand/motion controller to cast spells) are ever registered. This too effects the swapping of spell types as motion is used, vaguely used, to switch to a new spell. This ruins the game play and really doesn't give you much freedom or great emphasis of the variety to casting spells. It's a linear game that's basically "cast this one only to kill that one only" and so. You will be simply throwing your arm so much repetitively with random results that this becomes mundane really early on.

On the plus, it does look ok, sound fx are ok too, both are pleasing enough ascetics to set the environment. There are good game play ideas, hindered in part by the motion controllers responses. The story looks quite good, don't think i'll finish it tho, it's nicely presented and intriguing.
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on 14 June 2012
I got a PS3 move about 3 months back mostly because I loved House of the Dead Overkill on my dusty brick of a Wii and when I found out there was an uncut version with extra levels and other such goodness I instantly packed my wii up for good and shot off to get the new version and a move starter pack. As it goes it's darn good and there where a few other move games that have held my interest, and the fact that it works infinately tighter than the whole of the Wii console is also a boon. The stuff that keeps me coming back are games like Child of Eden, Carnival Island and Medieval moves but none of these games have ever felt like that golden, killer, app that this nifty add on has desperately needed. Nothing has felt innovative or grand enough to warrant further purchases for my liking - that was until now! read on to find what's to love and what's to worry about in Sorcery:


(+)The graphics are super dooper and probably the best for the move so far. A lush world is punctuated by misty gothic towers and intriguing little villages. Crypts and dungeons look superb too and it all has a rather 'Fable 2 but a bit more refined' look to it: which is nice.
(+)The move controls are as tight as a vice and you'll be dispatching enemies with your wand in no time!
(+)Using your wand to cast various spells, from levitation spells to earth attacks, feel mighty fine and the little effects you get when shoot some inanimate objects are rather spiffy also. None of this feels tacked on like the entirity of kung fu rider which would have been a really cool game sans move controls.
(+)The music is good and everything you'd expect from a rip roaring wizardy fantasy adventure!
(+)It's a small point but shaking and drinking the potions as you would in real life, and how the motion capture ball on the end of the move changes colour according to the liquid in the potion, is just a really nice touch. bravo!
(+) It is a much more substantial adventure than most of the move games out there and well worth coming back to.
(+) Even though it's a bout a boy wizard it never felt too cheesy and Harry Potterish for me, now I know a lot of people like Harry and his scooby gang of magical idiots but I'd rather boil my eyes than have anything to do with that whole scene, so it was a bonus for me.

(+) Your arm will get tired, there's no getting round it.
(+) As with all these motion games there are ways this all could have been implemented to a control pad and not had you wafting around like a berk, however as mentioned in the good points I just don't think it would have been as fun without a little berkish arm wigglery!

So is this the game we've been wating for to shift some moves and make you glad you actually bothered getting one? Well i'd have to say yes - it feels substantial and not just like a colleciton of cruddy mini games, it's good fun, there has obviously been some bucks poured into its creation and next to Datura on PSN it has some great innovative uses of the peripheral. I can't recommend this one highly enough so mix yourself up a money potion and go spend it on this bad boy - you won't be sorry!
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on 26 May 2012
So after a long awaited release the ps3 exclusive Sorcery has finally arrived and for me it was certainly worth the wait. Ill split this review into a few different sections each focusing on certain areas of the game.

Story: So the story of sorcery revolves around a young sorcerers apprentice named Finn. Finn is the apprentice of a magic master named Dash and is a bit of a trouble maker. He is accompanied throughout the game by a cat like creature named erline. Whom is also quite naughty. Anyway finn unlocks a terrible curse that sets free the nightmare queen who is intent on engulfing the land in darkness and your mission is to stop her. the whole game has a very Celtic feel and follows its mythology.

Gameplay: The game play is in my opinion great, its so much fun to flick the move controller at your enemies and combining spells is brilliant. Probably the most immersive move experience yet. What i also love is that you have to do everything in the game. From unlocking doors with a flick of your controller, to shaking an old potion bottle to get it working overall spells can be cast very accurately and power and trajectory are all decided by how you flick your wand (motion controller). You also encounter many different types of spells that you can learn as you delve deeper into the game these include; Arcane, Fire, Ice, Earth, Lighting and Wind and these can be switched between with a whip of a wand

Score: The musical score is a lovely accompany to the game and also has a celtic feel, you can also sometimes use the music to see when certain enemies are close by.

Presentation: This game is very well presented with loads of enemies varying in heights sizes and powers which is great , the graphics aren't incredible but they are completely acceptable as it is meant to look like a cartoon. Also many different lands can be explored throughout the game and they all look grrrrrreeeaaaaatttt.

Overall: Story: 9/10
Gameplay 10/10
Score 9/10
Presentation 8/10
Overall 9/10
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on 3 June 2012
Having got a PS Move for my birthday in April I was waiting for a Move game to try it out on.. Other than Tumble..
Sorcery is a great game..just falls short of being brilliant but the story pulls you along and the spell casting is just challenging enough in Nightmare mode to give you a sore arm.

The Upgrades/Potions system is very simple (too simple) I think I would have preferred if the ingredients where more numerous but making potions was much much harder. Still potion making doesn't spoil the game but I think it was a missed opportunity.

Spell casting is the mainstay of the game and I think they have it just about right.. Arcane bolt is free to cast and is the only way to blast minor treasure top get extra gold. The elemental magic (earth, ice, fire, wind and lightning) can be combined and there are some fun way to blast your foes.

Game is a little short and it would have been nice to have revisited areas to look for treasure that I had missed the first time.

I'll probably play it throu again a second time for mop up as many Trophies as possible..

At 20 quid this game is excellent value for money but beware you will get a sore casting arm...
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on 8 July 2013
The promise of this game was the reason I bought a Move controller when it was released and, despite owning a dozen or more Move titles, this is the closest it's come to actually being a worthwhile accessory, but it's still a wasted opportunity.

I preferred the look and feel of the original demo (check out the 2010 E3 video on youtube here [...] and thought that the published game could have done without so many still-frame, comic-book cut-scenes. I don't think that the story or the feline sidekick added anything to the game at all and I definitely would have enjoyed it more had it been a free roaming arcade-adventure rather than being forced to put up with all the tedious exposition.

The lack of polish is also quite apparent in things like the difficultly the player has in making the avatar face forward, getting stuck next to obstacles and losing the player avatar when boxed in. The scenery looks good in general but sometimes the graphics seem to appear in low-resolution, looking pixelated. Some areas are non-linear meaning there is still more to explore on another play-through. Many of the enemy sprites are motion captured but this is actually distracting. Because they move too realistically, they don't fit with the fantasy experience, which is a pity. Some of the voice-acting is pitiful as well (e.g. the Nightmare Queen).

Santa Monica Studios also produced the God Of War series and the attention to detail there is generally impeccable; why this game fell short is a mystery.

It's still the best Move game I've played so far and my low rating is more down to the missed opportunity and the lack of vision by the producers to give us a fun arcade game rather than trying to generically appeal to gamers with what they think gamers want (yet another video-game slash movie experience). It could have been a fun multi-player experience too.
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on 31 May 2012
I have not played any PS3 games properly & this is my 1st PS3 game.
My partner plays the PS3 a lot so this is my chance to takeover the PS3.
Sorcery is an amazing fun game that I've waited a long time for.
I could only guess what it was like from the preview videos on the internet and I knew it was my type of game.
No cars, no soldiers just fun.
It has a cartoon style that I like and I'm enjoying learning the controls while casting spells and using potions.
All in all I think this game is excellent.
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on 22 August 2012
Having played through a lot of shooters and 3rd person hack and slash controls, this game was refreshing and innovative.
The storyline is fairly simple with an evil force threatening the world whilst you must master your magic skills to confront them
The gameplay is very fun and you must use some tactics to survive in the nightmare mode, i would say the game is slightly short and left me wanting a sequel which is always the mark of a good game. The move controller is very responsive and the spell switching and casting mechanism feels very natural and is implemented well. However whilst using the main bolt flick attack my arm got quite tired and it was useful to play through it with my brother and take turns.
overall i would say i felt there was room to add more spells and make a bigger game but what you do get is very fun.
the only minor issue with the gameplay is the auto target, when a new enemy enters you immediately face it and it takes a little bit of getting use to re orienting the camera.
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on 5 November 2012
Its the first move game I have got, bought it as part of a bundle when I bought my second ps3. Getting used to the move and navigation controllers takes a wee bit of time, but once you get going its a blast, although I can see it being more fun with an audience! Sorcery is a decent enough game to showcase a little of what the move feature is about, but repetativeness is its only let down.
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