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on 19 November 2012
we went to see the show 'Carpet Remnant World' in Manchester and took some friends, we liked but our friends didn't.
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on 18 August 2013
Another great DVD from Stewart. All I will say is never meet your heroes. My wife and I noticed him outside a SPAR shop. He was eating margarine out of the tub with a plastic spoon and struck up a conversation with us. He made repeated references to Romanian people who he described as 'lazy' and asked us if we knew any good 'dogging spots'. We didn't, and left. As we were walking away he called my wife a 'fat, hairy lesbian'. An accusation which is inaccurate on two counts.
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on 17 January 2013
I saw the show in London and this DVD is a bit different to the show I saw. The DVD is actually slightly better!
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on 26 July 2012
Like others, I saw it at the Lyceum in Sheffield so obviously I like Stewart Lee. I also went to London and saw a rough prep version in Soho. Interesting to see the way material is worked up by a proper standup - not one of those Russells that they have nowadays. Anyway, Stewart Lee was great and so I give this all the stars.
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on 7 November 2012
Unlike most of these reviewers; i've bought this DVD and watched it this evening.

I saw this show live on 3 occasions during its year-long tour, and it was interesting to see the show developing in that time. This performance, filmed quite late into the tour, really captures the show at its peak and I was pleased and surprised to find some of the earlier and previously removed routines back in for the DVD record.

The show consists largely of Stew constantly excusing himself for having no material and intentionally creates an awkward atmosphere and tension by studying how his jokes are received by the audience and then deconstructing them in intense detail and its here where he really shines. He takes on this anti-comedy persona which fans of his will recognise from the second series of Comedy Vehicle.

Stew regularly pauses mid-sentence to put on his glasses and quote from a wad of cue-cards that he keeps in his pocket. Highlights include his attempt at anti-islamic observational humour, frequent criticism of his new-found and unwelcome tv-watching audience and a look at the American public's reaction to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Carpet Remnant World is I think Stew's longest show and has some intentionally tedious moments, which might prove too off-putting for some viewers, particularly those with a short attention span, or no someone unfamiliar with Stew's work. If this is you, I recommend you try an older show, something a bit more accessible, such as "Stewart Lee - Stand Up" Comedian or "If you prefer a milder comedian, please ask for one" before diving into the deep end with this take-no-prisoners approach to medium of stand-up. Some people will undoubtably fail to understand what he is doing and dismiss this DVD as rubbish.

I would say this; stewart lee is arguably the finest comedian alive today; but i think you have to have seen a lot of stand up comedy to fully appreciate why he has earned that reputation and why this is in fact, a fantastic show.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 December 2012
Mr. Lee, with his complex double-bluffs, ongoing deconstruction of the form, and subtle (and not so subtle) cultural referencing is so far ahead of the game technically that no-one comes remotely close, especially these days. But if you're a fan, you know that already.

But it's worth remembering that when he does decide to do some straight observational comedy, he's the boss there, too. The bit 'The Works', here, encapsulates what its like living in the UK in it's entirety in just over two minutes, and made me weep with laughter.

For me, his best work yet. Though, as usual, me Missus wasn't impressed.
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on 7 December 2012
Hats off to the man (If I was wearing a hat which obviously Im not).
i cried laughing at this . In the early hours whilst watching the dvd on my laptop ,wearing headphones.
My wife woke up to find me tear-stained and stifling my guffaws by biting the pillow.
She thought Id had a seizure .

Funny,honest,thoughtful,provocative and original.

And lets face it, theres not much of that around at the moment is there?
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on 18 January 2013
I gave this as a Christmas present to my son who put it on his wish list. He was delighted so it must be good.
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on 25 November 2012
I love all of Stewart Lee's previous stand up DVDs and like many others, feel unable to watch other comedians as they don't seem good enough anymore. I didn't enjoy this DVD at all though. I've given it 2 stars because there were points I found really funny but overall they were very rare. I am by no means complaining, it's amazing he's produced so much material I like - I'm hard to please! I get the feeling that the reason this show felt so weak compared to the others was that he has had to write too much material in the last couple of years because of his TV show. This showed for me in the comedy vehicle where over 2 series there were only three episodes I enjoyed. It's understandable, if not inevitable, that the quality is going to go down if he has to create so much material. I should point out, as Stewart has, that his comedy involves repetition which builds and builds the absurdity as long as you are still with it - if you are not with it, it's a real drag. So it's either great or it's tedius! For much of this DVD, it was the tedium I was experiencing. Because I wasn't finding it funny I became too aware throughout his show of the comedy mechanics he has developed from previous shows. The overly long repetetive section, the dropping the microphone and shouting section, the pretend anger section, the pointing out of joke mechanics, the prediction of joke mechanics, pointing out the split in the room. With all the previous DVDs he had brought it new styles as well as content but this felt like a rehash. Which wouldn't matter at all if I had found it funny. Once again though, this isn't a complaint, it isn't Stewart Lee's responsibility to keep me pleased :).
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on 14 January 2013
Okay. If you're reading this you are either a fan of Stewart Lee, in which case, don't waste any time, just buy this it's fantastic. OR. You're someone who likes 'comedy' and watches the usual BBC 'stand up comics'. In which case...meh...you'd prefer McIntyre et al. Which is fine...it's refining the audience...it's like trimming the fat off a piece of fillet steak.
I have all of Stewart Lee's DVDs, including the Go Faster Stripe DVD. I have seen him live and the guy just gets more and more impressive. Yes he is sharp, yes, he is smart, yes he is uber-intelligent - and can be controversially as shocking as the next when he wants to be - but he is also extremely funny. Now a 40-something with a kid, Stewart finds himself kind of lost as to know what to do...his previous material/tours/DVDs have always come off the back of something. But now 'he has nothing' in which to dip into for material. And let's remember, Frankie Boyle said comedy shouldn't be done by anyone over 40...
Well, when you watch Stewart Lee, you're not just watching a stand up...you are...but you are watching a masterclass of stand up, performed by someone with such an incredible insight into the job that you are elevated far, far beyond just comedy.
I thank goodness he won't go 'mainstream' as this would be a massive loss. I am a massive Bill Hicks fan, in fact Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Stewart Lee are my holy trinity of stand up. But it's true what Stewart says in this DVD...Bill Hicks left a legacy of a few hours of stand up. Living stand ups have to continue writing and performing class material...and believe me Stewart does. The guy, in my eyes, truly is a genius of stand up comedy. There were bits in this routine that had me crying with laughter (the internet slaggings off). Hilarious. Genius. Master. Very clever and above all, funny.
So.....yeah...I'd recommend this.
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