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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£26.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 17 May 2016
Loved this series growing up so the fact i managed to purchase it on here was great and could not fault the product in any way
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on 8 April 2017
Dragon, dragon .. Dragonball z fantastic season decent quality if you want the best original non cropped experience buy the dragon box's from Japan as they are non cropped and better picture and sound

If you can't get dragonbox version of season this is a good alternative but some times scenes are cropped and you miss half of what's happening in fight scenes ect

Good cheaper alternative regardless and any Dragonball z fan would like this version regardless
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on 17 January 2015
Sadly the end to what is an amazing TV series. Yes, besides the new movie Battle of Gods, this is where the plot line ends, right here, no more future material than this, except for said movie. Yup, this is where it ends. Oh i'm sorry what was that, you thinking of buying GT next, well guess what, im thinking of going to your funeral, for when you die of disgust. GT = non canon. GT = the worst thing to ever happen to a thing you love. GT = (quite litterally) Giant Turd, now do you want to watch a series call dragonball giant turd? no you do not. So buy this DVD boxset, enjoy it. Buy all that came before them and enjoy them. But an advance warning you really, really dont want to see GT. If you have seen it then I know you dont need warning. You already know the horror.
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on 25 October 2013
This review is not for the series (which is still great in my opinion) but for the Region 1 DVD Set I recieved from Supermart. After having previous problems with this company when buying DVD's from them (although their prices are usually better) I decided to stay away for a while and buy the rest of the Dragonball Z series from a UK distributor on another site.

Recently, I foolishly decided to get Season 9 from them hoping that I would have no problems but the DVD's were damaged and I had difficulty returning the items because they came from the US. I will now probably have to buy another set in order to fix the problem and it will not be coming from either them or the US!

I would advise buying the Region 2 versions of this series (if anyone plans to start collecting them in the future) rather then risk getting them from the US and they end up being damaged or go missing. If you wait long enough, the Region 2 versions will be cheaper although they already are online.

I know some people have brought US versions of this series and have had no problems. I am just writing this review to warn others who may think they are getting a better deal by buying them from a US supplier.
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2009
Things are looking grim for our heroes as they face their toughest challenge yet in Dragonball Z season 9. Just as Majin Buu begins to show a gentle and more docile side to his personality his true, evil form is released, and what we get is the meanest, baddest villain of the entire DBZ saga. Like the previous Dragonball Z season sets, this ninth and final release once again turns things up a notch. The action is even more over the top with some serious power levels being reached. When compared to the first season, DBZ has certainly come a long way, and the fact that it has reached a ninth season and is still able to get bigger and better is a testament to the franchises increasingly growing popularity. Season 9 contains the fusion and kid buu sagas over the course of a whopping 38 episodes. The first saga of the set primarily focuses on the fused form of Goten and Trunks (Gotenks) and his efforts to defeat the rubbery, villainous Buu. The final saga of DBZ sees the Z fighters pitted against the evilest, most powerful form of Majin Buu and goes about giving us a brilliant look into his history.

This six disc collection is contained inside the familiar orange boxset, with the usual information booklet which gives us episode and character summaries. Once again, we also get the choice of 3 audio tracks which are: English language with Japanese music, American broadcast version and full Japanese version. Furthermore, the marathon feature is also included, which allows the viewer to watch several episodes in one go with all the opening and ending credits removed. There are also some trailers for other funimation DVDs on the sixth disc.

As per usual the plot is very addictive and easy to watch. Each episode ends with some kind of cliff hanger that makes the viewer want to watch several episodes in one sitting. Furthermore, like previous seasons, this final outing also manages to pull off some surprising twists and turns in the story. Just when you think the Z-fighters are done for, something happens to suddenly turn the tables. It is this aspect of DBZ that has allowed it to run as long as it did. With many long running series' it is fair to say that the quality deteriorates as it goes along. However, the same cannot be said for DBZ, which remained consistently entertaining throughout it's 291 episode run. So if you're expecting the final episodes of this long running epic series to lack in comparison then you may be pleasantly surprised.

The animation of the series may look dated compared to todays newer, CGI filed animes, however it is still very good for it's time and just goes to show how beautiful traditional, hand drawn artwork can look. The action sequences are classic with explosions and energy beams a-plenty, giving DBZ a distinctive and instantly recognisable look. For many people, DBZ defined an era for Japanese animation. The sheer imagination of the storylines, mixed with the originality of the characters makes DBZ a winner, and definetly a series that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Season 9 marks some of the greatest episodes of the shows entire run and proves that not all long running series' get weaker as they go along.
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on 2 December 2014
Brings the end of arguably the greatest anime of all time has stood the test of time and seems better and better everytime you watch it great last too sagas in the fusion and kid buu arks earths two greatest fighters in goku and the prince of all sayians vegeta vs super buu gohan absorbed and kid buu great fights leaves z on a high
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on 27 January 2016
I'm not happy one bit. My box set arrived in horrid condition smashed up, I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW. The anime gets a 5 star and the DVDs are fine, but I am disgusted an the box set, Five me a replacement!
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on 16 November 2013
So finally we have all 9 seasons of DBZ out in the UK. Although this is the end of Z the next series which is called Dragonball GT is coming out on DVD in the UK in January next year so look forward to that. Also if GT sells well then Manga UK will probably release the original Dragonball too.

Anyway this season includes the Fusion and Kid Buu sagas. Watching these sagas again brings back a lot of happy memories from when they aired on CNX way back in the day.

Basically Fat Buu has become friends with Mr Satan and has become good. But unfortunately certain events lead to him splitting into 2 people, Good Buu and Evil Buu who is skinny and pure evil. After a battle Evil Buu turns Good Buu to chocolate and eats him which then causes him to transform into Super Buu who is way more powerful than his previous forms. We get to see Super Buu battle with Gotenks(who manages to become Super Saiyan 3), then Mystic Gohan(Gohan who has had his hidden powers awakened by Old Kai), then Super Buu absorbs Piccolo and Gotenks and becomes even stronger and eventually absorbs Gohan too which takes his power to an even higher level. Then we get to see Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Vegito and fight Super Buu. Eventually Vegito gets absorbed too(on purpose though) and splits back into Goku and Vegeta who travel through Buu's insides and managed to free not only Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo but also Fat Buu which then causes Super Buu to become Kid Buu who is insane and destroys the earth without hesitation.

Then we get to see Goku and Vegeta take turns battling Kid Buu until eventually Goku has to use the Spirit Bomb to finally finish Kid Buu off for good. 10 years later there is a Tournament were Goku fights Uub (Kid Buu reborn as a good person) and then decides to train him to help defend the earth from future bad guys.

All in all this is a really epic and action-packed finale that does DBZ justice. The highlights are Goku vs Kid Buu which is a really close and epic fight, Mystic Gohan vs Super Buu which is the coolest beatdown since Gohan vs Cell, Vegeta vs Kid Buu, Vegito vs Super Buu and the final part of the battle with Kid Buu were everyone on earth unites to make the Super Spirit Bomb. But honestly all the fights in this are really entertaining. This Season is right up there with the Frieza saga and the Cell Games saga. And it's great seeing Goku come back to life and become the main hero again.

As always there are 3 sound options:

1. English voices and English music
2. English voices and Japanese music
3. Japanese voices and Japanese music

I would highly recommend watching it with English voices and English music first. The dub music by Bruce Faulconer is really epic and nostalgic. And it fits DBZ better than any other score. It also brings back happy memories of watching DBZ on CNX years ago and being creeped out by Super Buu's creepy theme music. You'll get to hear lots of great music if you set it to English like the Super Saiyan 3 theme, Super Buu's theme, Mystic Gohan's theme, Vegito's theme, Kid Buu's theme, the Super Ghost music and the Buu is fighting music to name a few.

If you are a DBZ fan then you owe it to yourself to get this. Trust me you won't regret it.
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on 8 February 2014
Very poor dubbing into English. The voice and the mouth movements are totally of of sync which makes the moves extremely frustrating. DO NOT BUY.
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on 9 February 2015
Thank you so much. The blu ray is awsome. I wish i had enough money to purchase the rest of the dragon ball z seasons. I recommend this user to anyone. 100% trustworthy!!! :)
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