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on 27 March 2013
I intially wanted the asus dsl-n55u due to the NAS feature, but bought the Billion 7800n based upon all the very good reviews and the fact its almost universally recommended for broadband at long distances from the exchange which i have. With snr tweaking the billion got me 4mbs which was great for my line. long story short... poor wifi, wifi disconnections and admin lockouts. back it went.

I thought id give the asus a go. It shipped with the latest firmware. i loaded it again anyway just to be sure (twice, with the hard reset as recommended) Set up was a breeze. Checked my connection.... Boom! 4mb with a default setup. no tweaks at all! The range of the wifi is fantastic, easily beating the billion. I will attempt tweaks at some point soon, but im more than happy at the moment.

I've connected a usb flashdrive to my router and set up the media server with a click of a button. now i can stream videos straight from my router to my TV, ipad and iphone. it's awesome.

The only downside to this router is the documentation if you want to go anything further than set up the ADSL or wifi. It's not great and there's no where near as many forums covering this as the billion, but for £30 less and with the usb ports, 5ghz wifi faster adsl i know which i'd rather have. It's been rock solid so far. I know the original firmware wasnt great, so ignore the original reviews, its sorted now with the latest firmware. 5 star product without doubt!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 May 2012
Style: N600 Mbps + ADSL/VDSL modem|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, it should be said that this is a high end modem router and is designed for use with a dial-up telephone line based adsl internet service and not for use with a cable or external modem.

This router has a modern and up to date appearance, stylish and suitably high tech and will look well on any work desk or even in the living room.

The wizard based setup was easy and straightforward and for most users all they need to do is input their ISP user name and password to access the internet with no need to use the supplied CD. Many adsl routers such as the AVM Fritz! Box Fon 7390 Wireless 4 Port VDSL/ADSL2+ Router DECT VoIP Phone Adaper that I usually use myself now support internet access from a cable, external modem or another router. Not so this router which is limited to an adsl connection only. Although Asus claim a maximum speed of 600Mbps this is slightly disingenuous as this is in fact the combined speed of the 2.4 and 5Ghz network streams. Rival high end routers from Netgear and other now support a single band connection of 450Mbps or higher - although few network adapters yet can handle this. Perhaps I overlooked it but I could not see anyway of using this router as a repeater to another existing router network. As another review has already pointed out this device does not allow for MAC address spoofing - this is a way of fooling some ISPs that insist on their own specific routers being used by allowing the user to input a suitable MAC address into the router settings and which is then passed on to the ISP during the connection process.

Like most of the current generation of routers this one offers a built in Media Server, FTP Server and (via a separate utility program on the CD) a Printer Server. The easy to configure QoS settings ensures that network traffic will be given suitable priority your needs. No sign of dedicated hardware VOIP support of the type used across the AVM Fritz!box range.

This is a top of the range product and delivers a high level of reliable performance. It has many advanced features perhaps not required by the average user but seems to be lacking some others to be found in routers of comparable price.

The Good
Wifi on/off and Reset switches on case
Two USB ports
Printer server
Media server
FTP server
Gigabit LAN
Table or wall mounting
Free Asus DDNS service
Aerials are detachable for storage
Easy to configure QoS settings
Good build quality
Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks separately configurable

The Bad
300Mbps speed max
No hardware VOIP support
User Interface is old fashioned
No support for external or cable modems
No support for MAC address spoofing
No support for use as a Repeater
No Guest network
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on 6 September 2012
Not a computer geek, so don't ask me to explain all the fancy stuff it can do. I can explain from my point of view.

My Wifi was struggling to cope with all the stuff connected to it, or so I was told. Apple tv, iPad, phones, printers, laptops, play stations the norm stuff a normal family have.

Opened the box, plugged it in, followed the instructions on screen, apple stuff on the 5 band thingy all the other stiff on the 2.4 band thingy and it all works.

Netflix, apple tv works well without stalling, ipad super quick... other laptops/playstations, I have no idea as the children just grunt, eat and fester in their own pits but assume it all works.

I reckon it was worth the £109 quid it cost just to stop the kids whining... result!!
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on 21 November 2013
Just wanted to share what an amazing router this is in terms of setup, options and function.

Came with power cable, ADSL filter, ethernet cable and CD & Manuals etc - no problems here.

Internet Connection:
So I updated the firmware when I first got it and chose internet connection autoconfigure (happens when you open chrome/ie/firefox) when connected to the router via ethernet. Did all the configuration itself and requested username and password which I entered and it worked, just like the "under 30 seconds" video on youtube.
(I am on a sky ADSL internet connection, the original router has its username and password hardcoded and you have to use Wireshark to retrieve them both)

all settings that it autodetected are the same as those on the original router (VCI,multiplex,etc etc) so glad they are not an issue. The internet connection is as fast it was before 16Mb/s (2MB/s). Not lost sync or internet use over the last week or so.

Wireless Performance:
My house is a victorian 4 floor (basement) with thick solid walls which are the worst for wireless transmission. The new Sky router (white box SR101) has poor wifi reception - it would transfer on the wifi network transfer at 3MB/s at best - with the Asus I now get 6-7MB/s.

Also, where I had no reception I now get 1-2 bars (out of 6) and primarily at long range the 2.4Ghz is better than 5Ghz (as expected). Virtually everywhere in my house in terms of internet speed via Wifi gets 16Mb/s (2MB/s) even if its just 1/2 bars out of 6 - great news!

My wireless printer picked it all up and worked, so no problems there!

Ok fine, I didnt measure the dB strength, but if its wireless performance is better than before and transfers at an acceptable rate and range then it should most people - not those seeking performance over value.

Ethernet Performance:
Gigabit speeds are achieved without issue, measured using TeraCopy when transferring files over the network speeds are between 50-70MB/s (which is 400Mb+ and gigabit is 1000Mb). Cant complain there, maybe 2 more ports so I dont need to use a switch ;)

Media Server/NAS functionality:
My NAS server requests its own IP address rather than auto assign from router and it just worked as before without issues. All mobiles devices (via DLNA protocol) pick up my NAS including wireless and ethernet methods.

Advanced Options:
There's a lot! QoS, Times to have wifi on (each band), keyword filters, url filters, VPN server support,

Responses to other reviews:
> Annex A including support for L/M but not B
> Not for fibre optic, its ADSL use only
> Did not use 3G USB or USb drive/printer sharing so cant comment
> Did not need to contact customer service - cant say
> After updating to latest firmware (at time of writing) did not have to do a h/w reset
> Did not have to alter settings for ADSL connection
> It does support MAC CLONE to get certain ISPs working
> Firmware updated from web interface (using Chrome on a Win7 laptop)
> No restarting needed yet for any internet or wireless issues
> Some devices take long time register the internet connection is available, whereas another device is readily using the internet
> Did not use its VPN server (only my company's VPN Cisco server to access work)
> Did not use DDNS
> Did not have to use CD at all
> UPnP and DLNA just work perfectly
> Does not get that hot, it sits next to a gigabit switch and NAS all "just" warm not HOT
> Static/fixed IP addresses work as expected
> Firmware update did not wipe out any of my config, all was preserved

> Bad labelling - "ASUS DSL N55U" I thought DSL is cable/fibre optic broadband, it should be labelled as "ASUS ADSL N55U" anyone else agree?
> Any wifi options require a quick restart of the wireless "chipset" <30seconds
> Any other settings require a router restart ~60seconds plus another 30secs or so for internet connection
> No upright stand, not a bother as it looks nicer flat

This device works perfectly fine for me and I have at least 11 devices connected (4 wireless, 7 wired) which include: Smart TV, Bluray player, PCs, Laptops, mobile phones, kindle, NAS drive. The speed, range and all previous functionality are either preserved or improved significantly.

I can imagine a lot of the issues people originally found have led to the more recent firmwares to include the fixes, so thanks to all for that. But there are some recent complaints on the newer firmwares and I think there may be some build/batch or quality issues.

But my particular unit I am extremely pleased with it no real complaints at all!
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Style: N600 Mbps + ADSL/VDSL modem|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A lot of wireless routers sold in the UK don't have the ability to connect up to an ADSL service (internet over a copper telephone wire). That's fine if you have cable, or if you already have an ADSL modem to plug your router into. For simplicity though, if you have ADSL, you probably want an ADSL-capable wireless router like this one. I have, however, had some stability problems with this router on my ADSL2+ line.

The router has an ADSL port, and an ADSL filter to connect your phone and the router to (it's important that ALL phones in the house have an ADSL filter fitted, not just the one next to your router, so you may need to buy more, such as the Max Value ADSL Microfilter). It also has 4 x Gigabit ethernet ports and 2 x USB ports.

There are three detachable WiFi antennae, and they give a very good WiFi signal at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both frequency bands can be configured to run at 300Mbit/s, optionally at the expense of compatibility with older WiFi devices. This is not as fast as the 450Mbit/s that some devices can manage, but it's still pretty good. Manual setup, using the web GUI, is fairly easy, but it does require some networking and WiFi knowledge. The "Quick Internet Setup" that starts running when you first connect didn't correctly configure my ADSL internet settings though: it set up my "encapsulation mode" as LLC, not VC, and my connection type as PPPoE (ethernet) instead of PPPoA (ATM). I needed to change the encapsulation mode manually to get a connection.

Whereas my Linksys WAG320N Router router manages a reliable ADSL2+ connection rate of 12Mbps down, 1Mbps up, the Asus was typically achieving higher speeds of around 13.5Mbps down and 1.04Mbps up. Ping response was also down from around 25ms to 19ms. Very encouraging. Disappointingly though, the ADSL connection with the Asus router hasn't been very reliable. I've been seeing very high (approx. 8%) forward error corrections (FECs) on the uplink, and the line keeps dropping and taking a couple of minutes to reconnect. Sometimes I get a BT webpage telling me that the connection to my ISP is down, which it isn't. I don't see these problems when I use my Linksys router (not since I put a new microfilter on the line at any rate), and it's configured with the same settings, so I can only assume that there's some sort of compatibility issue between the BT equipment and the Asus router. It may only affect ADSL2+ ("up to 20Mbps") lines, or it may be it's just something funny with my particular line. Hopefully a firmware upgrade to improve ADSL2+ stability will be released; I hope so, because the Asus router has much better WiFi than the Linksys, and has the ability to plug in hard disks to use as a media server. At the moment, I have the slightly awkward hybrid that I'm using the Linksys router to handle my ADSL service (and DHCP), and the Asus for WiFi.

I can't really recommend the Asus router based on my experiences, but bear in mind that it may just be that the router doesn't like my phone line.

Update, April 2013: Having upgraded to firmware version 3.x, I can confirm that the ADSL stability problems I experienced with the original (1.x) firmware appears to have been resolved. My ADSL line is now running at just over 8Mbps non-interleaved (compared with the 12Mbps interleaved speed I was getting previously), and at this rate I am seeing a good stable connection.

If you upgrade the firmware, make sure you back up your configuration first: the upgrade wipes out your config, no matter what it says on the website. When you finish upgrading, the router is left with no config, default admin password and open Wi-Fi, and you can't do anything about any of that until you have successfully configured your internet connection using the setup wizard. And the AP-only mode is no longer available. That's a minor irritation, though, as the major flaw with this router is fixed.
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on 25 March 2013
I was using an AOL modem router with two edimax range extenders. Trouble was that the connection kept dropping out with ipad and iphones, also with the smart TV. This was was a real pain. Having a large and old house with thick walls, that goes a long way back, didnt help with signals either.
This model took literally minutes to set up. I'm not a techno but not stupid either, but set up was no problem at all. It basically sorted itself out using the set up disc. This was pleasing given the hours spent setting up previous modem and then the range extenders.
The signal throughout the whole house is great - no need now for the range extenders anymore.
The smart TV is set up wirelessly and steams films with ease. No signal drop outs/lost connection. The ipad and iphone signal is consistently good with no drop outs.
Speed is also significantly improved on devises.
The set itself looks stylish enough and its really handy having the 4 ports to connect second as its not wireless.
The devise has features i don't need or am likely to use but now I have it I'll see how these may be of use/can figure out how to use!
What I wanted was a powerful and stable modem router and thats what I've got, and again, so easy to set up. I now feel I have a devise that meets all my networking needs, with out having to set up extenders or worrying about whether the streamed film will keep stopping part way through.
Only negative is that the box feels a little warm to the touch.
At present I have no reason not to reccommend this model to anyone else.

Update, signal strength is only two bars instead of full three without range extender but this doesn't cause any problems with streaming and access around house. Just to get best possible signal I have reinstalled range extender with the smart tv, just to be on safe side. What I am pleased about is I've had not one drop out yet, so that's mission accomplished.

Also, buying from Amazon, this arrived after 3 days using the free delivery option, great!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 11 November 2013
After 3 weeks I'm impressed. I upgraded the firmware as recommended by others. Simply pressed the button in the browser controls and waited 2 minutes.
MUCH better wireless signal than the Netgears.

I won't repeat what other positive reviews have said but will add:

Power consumption is 9 watts. I turned off the 5 GHz as none of my devices use it and it dropped to 8 watts. I turn the wifi off 11pm tp 7am and that drops the power consumption to 7 watts. I've read that for maximum speed leave routers on 24/7 otherwise your exchange sees the line dropping and lowers your speed in an attempt to stabilise your line.

This Asus has powerful parental controls. You can set times of day for any given device to allow internet connection.

My router history
My first router was the Netgear DG834 - Lasted 3 years before dropping.I replaced that with a Netgear DG2200 that lasted 18 months before constant drops. I replaced that with another Netgear DG2200 under the 2 year warranty of the previous - Replacement was also faulty and dropped continuously.
So I bought an Asus as it had a 3 year warranty after having enough of Netgear
review image review image
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on 7 November 2012
I wish I had bought this router as soon as it became available. I struggled with a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ from January to July when Netgear upgraded me to v2 in recognition of the problems I had faced. Th upgrade router failed to recognise printer, USB connected devices and ethernet connected backup drive. I got as far as I could go with Netgear support and (November) have still to hear what they are going to do. I had a look on line and found this modem router and its better performing router-only 900. I would have liked to go for the better performer, but was uncertain about modem issues. The modem on this is much better than the modem on the Netgear - it squeezes more speed from a very poor waterlogged BT line. Coverage in the house is better, but streaming video on iphone and ipad in our kitchen sometimes fails - three full bars show at best and it drops to no signal so major variation in signal. Much better is the way it handles connections with client devices, allocating IP addresses from across the full range. Loads of information about what is going on. It shows "Error message: Kernel: Qidx(0), not enough space in MgmtRing" regularly. Will raise with ASUS. Rebooting the router after firmware upgrade caused a minor panic. I needed to re-enter my ISP logon details for a provider not listed; sorted with a little thought. Overall satisfied, but if I could find a modem as good as the one on this modem router I would see if the claimed additional coverage on the 900 is really delivered. 10 out of 10 for Amazon Customer Services. Action within seconds of speaking to them. Three stars. I dropped one because I would not really have coped unless I had gained unwanted expertise in router management with the Netgear. Second one for the unexplored memory issue. In a house less difficult than mine with a better BT line, it would probably get five.
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on 27 June 2012
Stay clear.

This router promises much but delivers little. The first sample I got lasted a couple of hours before it died (very long pings and slow connection speeds). The second sample was a bit better and is still running after a couple of months and sort of works. The problem is that Asus had promised firmware upgrade to actually make all the advertised features work back in April 2012 and we are still waiting. There is a vague post on their forum that this will be ready in July 2012, but I doubt it. There is absolutely no support from Asus.

There are other comparable ADSL routers out there. Avoid this one.
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on 22 October 2014
Really unimpressed with this. It's unable to reliably maintain our DSL connection, when my ~8 year old Netgear DG834G has no problems whatsoever.

Compounding this is its error behaviour if unable to sync: it intercepts all HTTP connections to redirect you to an error page, causing you to lose browser state (so for example, if you open your browser when the connection is down, or just hasn't come up yet, all your restored tabs will show the error page, and there will be no way to get them back). Destroying browser state in the event of a disrupted connection is totally unacceptable.

Compounding *this* is its error diagnosis - it's unable to distinguish between a failure to sync and an unplugged cable, and it reports the latter in all situations. A minor annoyance perhaps, but when you've just had all of your tabs replaced with obviously incorrect information, it kinda grates, y'know?

An extremely frustrating experience all round. Avoid.
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