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on 31 March 2013
Good points:

- Built-in wi-fi easy to set up and works.

- Lovefilm app works for playing Instant content (over wi-fi) if you're a Lovefilm member. That's a nice useful feature.

Bad points:

- Unbelievably, this machine clicks and groans rather loudly when a disc is inside, even when not playing. I expected a gentle, constant whirring maybe, but nothing like this. It sounds more like a HDD hammering away than a DVD player. Far too distracting while watching films; it is loud enough to hear over e.g. quiet dialogue (at several yards distance), and silences in films would be ruined by it. This is why I am returning the unit, even if it was perfect in every other way it would be reason enough. Read on if you want to know some less important drawbacks as well...

- Text entry on-screen keyboard is poorly designed. Mobile keypad style functionality (as on my Youview box for example) is much handier. But even as these on-screen keyboards go, this one is poor as you can't go from the end of one line to the other side (not sure what that feature's called), so lots more button presses!

- I nearly injured myself trying to get the battery cover off the remote, and I'm not mechanically clumsy. It took me a good 10-15 minutes to get it off, never happened before. That's bad design for a market-leading brand. It has a shape that gives you no leverage when something sticks a bit coz it's new.

- Samsung SmartHub interface is clunky, slow and unattractive, as others have commented.

- Samsung menus. I have a recently bought Samsung TV as well (a somewhat regretted purchase, although the picture is good) and I hate their menus - it takes me about 5 button presses to switch subtitles on on the TV, to give you an idea. Not sure how subtitles are implemented on this, as the DVD I used to test the appliance did not have a subtitles facility. It's probably not quite as bad as at least the button isn't shared with audio description (and the latter prioritised!) like on my Samsung TV.

- While slim, this box seems very wide, it only just fitted into the compartment in my generously sized tv cabinet. As it seems mainly hollow, I wasn't sure it needed to be this big?

- No HDMI cable included - a bit stingy maybe? Obviously no big deal though.

I am giving 2 stars as some features work well and so as to not appear like an angry, dismissive reviewer. In my opinion, any player this noisy does really only deserve one star as it's basically useless (at least to anyone who, like me, gets irritated by background noise). The worst thing is that it's not a continuous noise and therefore all the more noticeable.
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on 3 March 2013
Edited to reflect changes after downloading the latest updates.
The BBCiPlayer now functions perfectly (end of April 2013), but there's still no sign of an ITV Player for me.
I am so pleased with this Blu-ray player I'm planning on purchasing a second one for my bedroom tv.

Original review:

I don't have a smart tv but I use Netflix so I decided to get this, to be honest partially on the fact that I've been really pleased with all the Samsung products I've purchased.

It's a fantastic bit of kit!

My TV is not smart, but I no longer care because this is.
Plugged it in (HDMI cable required, not supplied), switched it on, logged into my router then let it update stuff.

Netflix, Love Film, Blinkbox & BBC iPlayer are all apps you can download for free.
There are loads of others which seemed a bit random.
There is a web browser & something for You Tube - I haven't tried either of them but may be things someone else wants on their tv.

I've used Netflix, Love Film & Blinkbox successfully.
iPlayer kept stuttering to the point it was unwatchable but I don't really use it so not a problem for me personally.
There is no sign of an ITV Player.
This is no use for Skys NOWTV as they don't have an app for it, so if you use that you'll still need to plug your laptop in.
I asked them - they have no timeframe for adding one, but are 'looking into it'

No more plugging the laptop into the TV & using the mouse whilst fighting to protect the laptop from my toddler was my number one priority.
Now I just watch Netflix etc.. like they are channels on the TV.

It plays DVDs & Blu-rays just fine, I'm not really one of those people who notice the difference on quality between SD & HD but it does seem better although I didn't have a problem with my picture before.

The remote has a source switcher, power on/off & volume control in the top right corner which work with my Samsung TV without me having done anything.
The power on/off for the player is at the top on the left.
Sometimes I confuse them which is my only real bugbear with this product.

For the price it's very good value for me, as my main requirement was to get Netflix etc.. on to my TV without wires or having to buy a smart tv.
I don't really like the remote layout but I love the product.
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on 13 November 2012
my reason for purchasing this item is to get netflix and lovefilm on my TV, i have little use to play DVD's, blue rays or use the 3D feature. the player looks good and is of decent quality bearing in mind the price. the interface is ease to use and setup was no hassle. the negatives are that it is a little slow to react once you press a button the remote (2-3 seconds delay) but for what i paid it does the job well and would recommend, if your a real 'film buff' then i would recommend that you spend a bit more and get something with decent hardware, stoarge for the apps is small, in the region of 250Mb HDD. however as i have said all i wanted to use it for the netflix and lovefilm apps so i stream tv and film to my TV, this is does very well and am very happy. only got 4 stars becuase the hardware inside is a little slow. considering buying another one for my parents for christmas.

at the end of the day if you are unsure you can always send it back !
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on 4 September 2012
A brilliant machine for the money.Bought this as a secondary machine to my sony bdp-s790 as this will play a few more codecs & mainly because it will play divx hd files & the sony won't.Also i prefer samsung's version of lovefilm allowing voting & dvd/bluray postal-disc request from the player.Firstly while it can't compete with sony for sheer sparkle with bluray discs what it does offer is still a superb picture considering it's almost half the cost of the sony.Using bd-wise is a good one stop shop for those wishing a simple hassle free setup but it does degrade the sharpness & detail levels somewhat.Switch it off turn resolution to auto or 1080p & click tools while playing a disc from there you can tweak the picture either manually or by the presets available.With a little patience much better results can be achieved with better sharpness & detail.When it comes to upscaling dvds thisis a much better machine than it is a bluray player.Pictures look clear & full of detail.The sound is good with clear upfront dialogue & well steered surround either by the coax socket or via the hdmi socket.Smart features are a strong point as other have already mentioned.Yes compared to using a tablet maybe the remote is a bit clunky but by no means worse than any other budget remote.As for streaming content from my pc the updated allshare menu is a joy to use & simple to navigate,over all then a fine player for the cost & over all features but if bluray disc playback is your primary concern there are far better spinners for the same cash.
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on 22 May 2013
Had the bluray for over a year now. Never used 3d, can't comment. bluray quality is very good, but I am very disappointed that share function started to play up. When watching movies from my computer the frame freezes every 30 seconds or so and you have to wait another 30 for it to play again. makes watching films impossible. Tried to reinstall software on computer and update firmware on bluray, but the problem persists. It only developed in the last week or two. Also, have purchased a smart samsung tv soon after the bluray which didnt have a bbc iplayer or itv player on it. With software update these appeared on tv and some other apps, but not on this bluray. I am also unhappy with my decision to buy this item from amazon. If i'd purchased this bluray from John Lewis, I would have had the benefit of two years warranty on this item. Although I was reasonably happy for year, I am disappointed because you do expect your electricals to last you longer than that.
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on 18 March 2013
I bought the Blu-ray player for my dad's birthday, he recently bought a new Samsung 55" TV and wanted a 3D player to go with it. This one ticked all the boxes including the reasonable price for it. I had ordered it in the morning and got an update that the player was dispatched by the afternoon. The Blu-ray player arrived two days after it was ordered, I am very impressed with the speed of service.

My dad got to open the box for the product today and is in excellent condition, he was pleased with it. The player required about 20 minutes for installing new updates over the wireless which was fine. It was easy to set up and when it played 3D films, it was fantastic.

Think I'll buy one if these for myself!!!!
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on 24 September 2012
I purchased this very competitively priced product in the hope that I could watch 3D movies on my Samsung 'D' 42" TV. Unfortunately this proved not to be the case, as the TV allows viewing of 3D discs, but not in actual 3D.

Back to the player. The quality of the picture is excellent and the sound tracks are as good as you can get using a flat screen TV speaker system. Blu-ray discs are fantastic to watch and ordinary DVDs come to life and give a cinematic experience. For the technically challenged - like me! - this player is quite easy to operate.

For the price and functionality, I strongly recommend this player.

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on 9 April 2013
We were after a Blu ray player that would be used in our bedroom - currently have an all in one DVD flat screen tv - but also able show things like BBC iplayer etc and lovefilm - so we wanted a wifi player.

The set up was easy, the download update (it came with nothing) was very easy to install.
The picture is good.
Lovefilm and netflix play very well.
Wifi seems to work ok, although given my super internet connection and powerful wifi router, it perhaps could be faster.
It is flat, sleek and black... and strong enough to put a 19" flat screen tv on top of without wincing.

Noise is a factor. It whirs and cranks a fair bit (without anything on it!)... You really hear the mechanics... so much so you think something is going wrong. But then it settles down again. Pausing can send it into a noise frenzy, but that seems to vary from disc to disc.
BBC iplayer - EDIT: firmware update 1057 to 1059 fixed the I player issue. 100% sorted. Very happy.
Default Internet browser is woeful using remote control... seriously baldy designed to the point of laughable... however USB on front does allow you to put a bluetooth mouse in (assuming you have one) which speeds up letter and number selection immensely when searching something.

We will use it mostly as a blu ray player and less as a smart tv. Does the basics well. So overall it does what we want and is a little future-proofed (assuming an update appears for iplayer). We've watched Game of Thrones Season 2 blu ray without issue for example. As iplayer now works, rating increased to 4/5, but the noise (as has been mentioned) is a factor... just hope you watch action films and not chick flicks!
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on 25 July 2013
All we wanted was Netflix!

My brother got one of these models and recommended it to us
We had some Amazon vouchers (from Nectar) and we decided to use those to buy this and treat ourselves

It plays Blu-ray and plays films in 3D! We usually attach it to a network cable which makes it faster despite of our slow internet connection (less than 3mb) and it still plays network films really well. (Netflix)

It is really worth the purchase!
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on 17 March 2013
Was purchased to go with a non-smart LED tv in the bedroom with the bonus of access to the internet alas a little disappointed as the internet facility is clunky and slow.

It is like going back in time and using an old fashioned mobilephone to use the internet. Access is via your remote control so is time consuming to enter informing such as URLs. Hopefully in the future remote controls will become tablet based as on some smart televisions.

WIFI pick is poor unless the player is next to the wifi hub, player is in a bedroom above the lounge where the hub is situated and repeatedly fails to connect.

As a player it is great and can not fault it.
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