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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2017
Not only is this book perverted filth it also is pure s***.
The ending has got to be the most stupid in any book.
The heroine finally escapes her captor but, ( and believe me I'm telling the truth) even though she has been held captive in the house for a year, the police don't find him.
Now before you start thinking that he obviously just escaped and went into hiding, let me tell you that not only didn't he hide, He went and published the book he wrote detailing all of his atrocities AND goes on a book tour!!
Oh Please!!! If that isn't pathetic then I don't know what is.
Or maybe the author thinks that if you publish a book then that means your some sort of God that is above the law and everyone loves you.
Well if the author thinks along those lines how sadly she is in her understanding of life.

It beggars belief that the author didn't realise how asinine the ending is.

One day I hope to find a survey where they ask people to tell them a book with the most stupid ending ever wrote.
If i submitted this rubbish I'm totally and without any doubt that this book would win hands down.
There should be some sort of law against stupidity to this degree of writing.

Please please please Amazon, let us start having the choice of awarding stars or big piles of dog turds.
This book would get the biggest pile from me.

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on 13 May 2017
Extremely graphic and filled with almost unbearable scenes of sexual assault and violence but all of which create a more unique and enticing read.
Would highly recommend but would suggest you mentally prepare yourself.
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on 3 October 2014
never expected this book to go where it did. caught me by surprise. I enjoyed it and found it hard to put down.
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on 30 April 2013
Kept me reading and i finished it in 2 sittings. If you like Richard Laymon, this book is for you. Can't wait for the sequel!
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on 1 November 2012
I have read alot of books downloaded onto my kindle and before that paperbacks but haven't really been inspired to write reviews before i read this. I like murder/mystery and gore and i have got to say this book does not disappoint. I wont give too many details away so as not to ruin the plot but i will say if you like serial killers and you like them inventive and sadistic then you have to read this. There were times when i had to stop reading this as i was crossing my legs and cringeing. As this is taken from the victims point of view it makes it feel like you are almost there. Excellent read, didnt want it to end as it really did have my heart thumping in some parts and it is one of the best books i have read and i have read thousands! So go ahead and buy this and just hope you never ever run into someone like this!!
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on 24 July 2012
I've had this book sitting on my Wish List for some time and felt like reading something a little different and purchased it. It was one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon. I took a chance on an unknown author and found a new favourite to follow. I was just expecting a dark run-of-the-mill thriller and found a writer who can actually scare the heebie jeebies out of me. I was actually holding my breath at the conclusion of this story and I really don't get that moved usually. I couldn't put this book down. To be fair, the general premise of the novel has been done before but the way Kimberly A Bettes writes, you just don't have a clue what to expect. What an amazing ending! AND! She's working on a sequel. I cannot wait.

I loved everything about this book and have now added everything this lady has ever written and published to my wish list.
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on 26 April 2013
As with the other reviews, I must say the description used in this story is great. I have only ever read one other author who described his gore scenes in a similar way, with great detail, Shaun Hutson. I also think there is a scope for another book in the series, and I certainly hope there will be more.

The story is about an author who wants to be a better writer so he does the only thing he can, he does it himself to see what happens, so he can describe.

Thank you to the author, I read it in two sittings, late into the night.
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on 28 December 2014
Just vile! Is what i said about this book when I read it first time. Below is what I think of It now. My rating for the book has not changed.

A friend recommended this book to me, but quickly realised I’d read it nearly 3 years ago; as I’d forgotten it, it was due to the fact I hadn’t liked it very much. However, despite this, thought it reasonable to try it again, as with the passage of time, perceptions and tastes, change.

This book felt ‘different’ to the last time I’d read it, and it seems to have had a ‘make-over’?? Anyway, it was not as ‘bad’ as the last time. When I say not so bad? I can’t do Stephen King type books: horror and slasher type books. This is due to childhood trauma from a Sherlock Holmes TV episode when I was very young (should not have been watching it!!); all black and white, spooky, and with the wonderful Basil Rathbone. Basically this episode of SH terrified me; something to do with a serial killer, and doing something to the necks of women to kill them. So to say I’m sensitive is putting it mildly.

This book IMO is primarily what I would call a horror and a slasher story. There was a psycho who was an ‘author’, his victims, and the one who ‘survived’ (if we could call it that after nearly a year in his ‘care’). On a basic ‘story’ level, there were just too many ‘holes’ for me.
SPOILER: It was never revealed where the money to pay for everything, housing etc., came from? As basic a question as this was never asked/answered. He already admitted to having written one failed book; so no money from there then. He also never went to work; hardly leaving the home at all in fact.
SPOILER: Ron appeared one day with a teddy bear that belonged to Nicole’s baby Mason, with almost no explanation as to how he came to be in her house to get it? Surely Nicole would have been worried enough to have asked him? But no, she doesn’t! This was implausible for me, from a wife and mother desperate as she is supposed to be, to keep her family ‘safe’ from Ron’s threats to harm them if she doesn’t ‘behave’.

There is some (a very little) sex between the Ron and Nicole, but again IMO, unrealistic, that SPOILER: Nicole keeps his ‘attentions’ at bay for around 4 months or so, but we are expected to believe that he lusted after her; that she was ‘special’ to him; that he ‘loved’ her and desired her.
The author’s attempts at creating ‘sex scenes’ felt uncomfortable, and not for what may seem obvious reasons, but because they were just cold and clinical; lacked any kind of detail. Much could have been made of this, and added lots to the story and excitement, but it felt like this writer hadn’t a clue how to write erotically at all. Sex can be delicious WHILE being ‘forced’ (she actually put up very little resistance when it - finally - occurred) and a better writer could have made much of it.

SPOILER: During the period of Nicole’s confinement, there are three other women that Ron keeps to satisfy his ‘dark’ urges as it were; all three are tortured, raped and finally murdered - all while Nicole is made to watch. The last one is barely a teenager, and pregnant!!
I admit to hating ‘Nicole’ due to her callous disregard and almost utter lack of feelings towards these other women. She made virtually zero attempts to escape, and it’s not enough to say, but she was kept handcuffed most of the time. How about trying to make Ron really fall in love with her, how about getting him to TRUST her?? She never even TRIED. For a woman desperate, as she said she was, to escape, and especially as for the most part she kept her wits about her throughout her ordeal, it never occurred to her to make him trust her. She watched THREE women lose their lives, while she lived relatively comfortable upstairs. I hated this character. Hated her! She was little better than Ron in my eyes. In fact so much did I think this, that I was expecting the author to turn things around so that instead of escaping, Nicole eventually joins Ron in his madness?

I didn’t like this story for many reasons. I will never read it again, and feel like my skin wants to drop off, as it was just too creepy, for creepiness’s sake! I need to read something ‘romantic’ to cleanse myself of it all. There’s a book 2 but I am not going there. I will not recommend it to anyone. It’s just not my type of ‘dark’ but appreciate that for others, it is?!
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on 9 January 2013
I really enjoyed reading this book, even staying up to the early hours of the morning to find out how it ended. The scenes of gore are really well-described and I've read lots of the other books by this author since this one. I'd definitely recommend this one for anyone looking for a gory story.
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on 4 June 2016
I haven't read this book yet, but I can't wait to start. I'm gonna tell you my first impressions, then come back and review it properly later. Well, the size of the book is quite large compare to average books, which puts me off. The story itself seems only short, so I don't know why the book has to be physically big.?

Secondly, the writing on the back (blurb) is large and the pixels are quite disorentaited. It's fuzzy to read. Not fun.

With that being said, I can't wait to read inside, the actual story seems full of promises and I have high expectations. Please don't let me down. :)
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