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on 14 February 2013
First up, the install guide for Windows 7 didn't work for my Compaq laptop. It said to stop windows from installing the default bluetooth drivers and download them from the broadcom website. This didn't work for me as the broadcom install said the bluetooth stack could not be initialised. So I did this:

Plugged in the adapter
Let windows install default drivers
Downloaded Broadcom drivers and installed

Hey Presto, all working fine.

Now I haven't any devices which need Bluetooth 4.0, or 3.0 to be honest, but the devices I do have all connect to this without incident and more importantly, re-connect when switched on without me having to re-pair, something I have had to do with another bluetooth adapter in the past.

Range is what I would expect, in the same room just fine, through walls or more than a few metres and things start to drop out but I guess it all depends on what you are connecting to and line of sight. For me, does just what I need.

Great little device.
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on 1 July 2017
The blurb says it will work with OSX, But Beware.
It will only work with OSX on computers that have the bluetooth 4.0 software already. Otherwise as I found out after ordering this you will have to Hack settings and:

Use Continuity with older Macs: Words of warning
For the Continuity Activation Tool to work it needs to hack a handful of system files and also disable driver signing. In other words, the overall security level of your Mac will be lowered a notch. This is arguably a minor concern, and a price worth paying bearing in mind the enhanced functionality you receive in return, but it needs to be noted.

Because of the system file hacks, you’ll need to reapply the hack whenever you update OS X. You should always ensure you have the latest version of the Continuity Activation Tool.

Something I am unwilling to do

This is a general rule of thumb and not specific to this item

So if you are on an older machine and perhaps wanting to get "Handoff" to work with you apple watch for instance, you may want to look elsewghere for a solution. (and then please tell me it)
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on 1 January 2015
I bought Sony DR-BTN200M Bluetooth wireless headset from another seller but it did not work on my laptop built in bluetooth but it worked with iPhone 6P. I was so disappointed I plan to buy another USB wireless headset but than I decided to try usb bluetooth adopter instead. After looking at reviews of many other items, I decided to buy Kinivo BTD-400 which was bit expansive than many under £5 but I took risk to try it. Item arrived 3 days early than expected and in smart packaging including installation CD. I was in bit rush so inserted bluetooth adopter and install it and then pair it with my Sony headset. For my disappointment, it didnot find the driver. I looked at instructions and there was option to install drivers from CD or download from Broadcom website. I have lightwight laptop which doesnot have CD so I downloaded latest software from web but it didnot work. Than i put CD into my old laptop and copy software to USB stick and run it from laptop. For my joy during installation it found the missing drivers from Sony headset and when installation finshed, headset start working.
With my experience I will recommand it to otherss as well.
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on 2 August 2016
I revived this package a day a head of time so that was fantastic, so thanks to amazon for that. The products packaging was simple,sleek and easy to open and inside was the item described/shown. I bought this item for one purpose only and that was so i could use my PS4 controller via Bluetooth.

I had bought about 2 different Bluetooth dongles over the pass two weeks and none of them wanted to connect to my controller so i did some resource and found this item. After receiving this item i put it into my USB slot and it started to install the drivers i then installed the CD that came with the product and it installed it's own software for the dongle. Lastly, I then tried to to connect my controller and it "WORKED" which was a great feeling. I am really grateful i bought this product.

So basically if you are trying to buy a Bluetooth dongle that will connect with your PS4 controller this is the one for you it's simple,easy and best of all it connects.
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on 28 February 2014
You may get problems with Word failing to load and giving "macro errors" If so:

Go to Word Options in the Office Button, select “Add-ins”, then select the “send to Bluetooth” item and disable it. Restart Word and the problem has gone.

Do NOT down load the latest drivers. They don't work with XP!

To install the software you need a clean boot and it must be from the CD – NOT the download.
Use the Run box to go to “msconfig”
Go to the “start up” tab and disable everything (make a note of the ones you want to keep).
Go to the “services” tab tick the “hide all MS services” box and disable everything that’s left (make note again).
Click OK and restart the computer.
Put in the software CD and just follow the instructions.
When everything is installed, restart.
Go back to “msconfig” and reinstate the start up items and services.
Restart again

It’s a complete pain in the bum but it works. XP was obviously not designed for these kinds of gymnastics, so it takes some effort to get it to jump through the hoops. But it can be done.
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on 28 June 2017
I bought this to connect my PC with a bluetooth device in another room. For me it works OK up to about 15 feet in line of sight. After that the signal starts to break up. If I close an intervening door it also breaks up. It works fine with devices in the same room, but maybe I was too ambititious to expect it to connect beyond that. It was relatively inexpensive so worth a try. For me, it does not connect automatically. I have to reconnect each time I boot up . Also the cd does not contain windows 10 drivers. I downloaded an zip file from the Kinivo website. Identifying the the correct installation / setup file was a bit tricky but I guessed right and it did then install seamlessly (Windows 10/ 64bit). No complaints about the seller who have been very helpful (Bluerigger).
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on 11 November 2015
The Bluetooth on my 2011 iMac packed up well over a year ago and I have been using an old wired keyboard and mouse since then. Last week an Apple store suggested I try a Bluetooth adapter rather than fork out for a costly new built in replacement Checked the reviews on this and delighted I bought it. Literally was Plug and Play. My Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad are now back in use. Recommended piece of kit !
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on 12 November 2012
Bought this for a laptop which i bought from amazon claiming to have bluetooth...which didn't (thanks amazon)Use this for transmitting music to a logitech adapter attached to speakers. Works great - good range (about 5m before music signal starts to break up). Very small, just leave it in usb port all the time. Only downer for me is the annoying and bright blue light, which flashes when in use (i.e. when playing music). So got a black permanent marker to cover it up with.
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on 14 January 2016
Bought to replace an aging Bluetooth 2.1 dongle on my pc, which wasn't compatable with several devices including new wireless headphones I had recently bought.
Originally went for another brands adapter, but that one would not work on Windows vista, so after returning that one, I went for this one instead. Must say it has performed wonderfully as expected. Worked straight out of the box, plug and play, and everything ive wanted to connect through it so far has connected fine. Well worth the purchase and would certainly do so again.
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on 7 September 2017
Works really well. very little profile so no worries leaving it plugged into a laptop when moving it about and carrying it in rucksack. connection hasnt faltered since i bought it. connects first time every time.

I use it with a dell laptop (which strangely doesnt have bluetooth) - no idea how it works with non-laptop stuff!
highly recommend for laptop use though.
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