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on 17 May 2012
This is a powerful novella which sets to out to introduce the main characters, plots and landscape to a fascinating new zombie series - The True Zombie War.

That said, it's a chunky enough tale to do the job and could easily stand alone but I think most readers will, like me, be looking forward to learning more about the violent world the author paints.

I don't use the phrase `political' flippantly as Dale sets out in his introduction to this work that this story is clearly meant to have a message. It's not your typical zombie slasher in many ways and in my view has much more to say.

Firstly, Dale spends a lot of time sketching out his brutal world, which is dominated by the terrifying real New World Order or NWO. More on these villains later on.

Secondly, the author has written this work with a style and verve which I enjoyed but which may not be to everyone tastes. Personally, I loved it and there were sections of text written almost as poetry. Who said zombie authors couldn't mix it up?

The subtext behind this novella is a political one - it's the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots and the terrible implications when a powerful global elite develops a virus to deal with the growing discontent of the mass of the populace.

As the wealthy retreat into their bastions, they leave the world to die....

Sounds like fiction and there's plenty of action to keep this novella moving along nicely but what sets it aside is that it feels so real. There's just enough real-world in there to make it feel much closer than many stories. This makes it all the scarier.

In this desperate world, we find one hope of salvation - the Dead Nation's Army or DNA - a mix of freedom fighters and desperados battling to defend the living against all odds.

In some ways, this is an American novel. The NWO could be a thinly-veiled, power hungry-version of the UN. The DNA seen as the freedom loving fighters akin to those from the American War of Independence. But equally, the NWO could be seen as national socialist Nazi's with the DNA as the socialist revolutionaries setting out to even the score. Chuck in the zombies and you can see how fascinating the tale becomes...

This opening chapter follows a particularly nasty encounter between some human survivors, a brutal NWO and later some family twists as the NWO troops run into the DNA.

The story combines conspiracy theory, reality, history and politics, mixed against an almost Orwellian background, then throws in a zombie plague!

Intelligent zombie fare which really got me thinking...
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on 16 April 2012
Brilliant author! Very original view way of writing and varied points of view from every side of those involved (don't want to say to much as you NEED to read this!) a must read and well worth the price, a must have for your kindle collection. Begging the author for part two already- as I seem to be finding myself wondering what happens next... when I'm at work, in the bath or driving- I just need to know!
Surely all this tells you Alan Dale is well worth a read, can't wait to read his future works.
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