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4.8 out of 5 stars
The New Fellas
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 July 2016
One of the most popular bands on the indie-rock scene, and firm favourites of the British indie bible NME, back in my high-school/college days were Wakefield's The Cribs (consisting of two twins and their brother), and their second studio album 'The New Fellas' still holds up today as one of the freshest and raw. If you like you're indie music loud and 'in your face', then you'll love this quirky and punchy guitar-driven record, full of catchy, singalong anthems to belt out when you're drunk or feeling happy.

Highlights, although there aren't any obvious fillers, include the title track, the opening 'Hey Scensters', 'Mirror Kissers', and 'The Wrong Way to Be', which are perfect indie pop songs, along with gentler and acoustic numbers like 'It Was Only Love', and 'Haunted' which even things out. If you like The Libertines and the early sound of The Fratellis, then it's virtually impossible not to appreciate The Cribs, with their edgy and witty lyrics, and this amazing album, which will always hold a special place in my heart.

A delicious mix of influences which heavily mirror the '80s indie & '90s Britpop scene, 'The New Fellas' is simply a product of it's glorious time, and one of which I would greatly love to be reprised.
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on 7 January 2007
The Jarman brothers come out on top again in their second album, brilliantly produced by Edwyn Collins (Never Met A Girl Like You Before). It starts off scuzzy and caustic on Hey Scenesters! The twins mock the hard-living crowd on I'm Alright Me, and the "wo-oh-oh-oh" refrain on Martell is catchy as hell. Another pop gem from the Cribs comes in the form of Mirror Kissers, and then they take it down a notch with We Can No Longer Cheat You - often prefaced with a snippet of Huggy Bear's Concrete Life on tour.

Incidentally, the Cribs are one of the best live bands around, even indulging fans with b-sides, and invariably Ryan will pull a crazy stunt, start bleeding or kill your ears with feedback at the end; or Ross will play drums standing up on his drum stool. They're really not to be missed, especially for the school disco theme a lot of their gigs have, with disco balls and 80's music between bands all around.

The songs continue in the same vein with It Was Only Love, and then go back to familiar territory on the title track, the New Fellas. Next is Hello? Oh... and then The Wrong Way To Be, almost as heart breaking as it is nuts, with the Jarmans putting down the 'scene' way of life, and then rapping over the end 'you know it's not right but it's something you like.'

The album hits a bit of a low note on Haunted, but it does have Ryan playing the accordion on so that must count for something. It all ends, as quickly as it began, with the brilliant Things Aren't Gonna Change.

Fantastic album, fantastic band - if you like this you simply must check out their debut album and separate single You're Gonna Lose Us. The majority of their b-sides are fantastic as well.
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on 19 March 2007
After seeing the Cribs twice, and thinking they were fantastic, I finally bought "The New Fellas". I can safely say it's been one of the best albums I bought for years. I felt compelled to write a review as these guys are easily as good as fellow Yorkshiremen Kaiser Chiefs and other bands in that similar genre.

Yes, you can compare them to the Strokes, but I've found they're as anthemic as the Arctic Monkeys and as melodic as the Libertines (who I miss greatly).

This album is packed with singalong choruses, and is a delightful little hidden treasure. The band are not to be missed live- see them before they get the recognition they rightly deserve!
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on 8 June 2005
Without a doubt, if the universe wasn't the way it is, this band would already be huge.
Whilst not having a massive following like some of the Brit rock bands, the Cribs make up for that with loyal fans and cracking songs. Their debut album has hardly left my CD player since I've had it and whilst new bands have come and gone, this band's debut CD keeps drawing me back.
I've heard a few of the songs on this, their latest album and I love it so far. New song 'Mirror Kisses' is insanely catchy (go on, I dare you to listen to it and not want to shout 'Woah!' at the appropriate bits). 'The Wrong Way To Be' is a kinda duet about breaking the mould, doing you own thing and not conforming to the expectations of the music bosses and 'Hey Scenesters' is another catchy, shouty tune that you'll find yourself humming all day.
Fingers crossed this will be the album that makes people sit up, take notice and realise life is sweeter when you've discovered the Cribs.
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on 2 October 2005
I first saw the cribs supporting maximo park last may. Although having heard of them, I never really gave them much of a chance, but oh, how I regret not doing so sooner. They were friggin' fun live, and the album is filled with indie-pop classics that will get stuck in your head and leave you humming them all day (I have martel stuck as we speak). Saw them after buying the album at reading fest this year, and it was like meeting up with an old friend. Please excuse the cliques and nostalgia, but this is such a GOOD band. If you manage to get the limited edition with the live disc you'll see what I mean.
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on 1 November 2005
Well what can you about wakefields finest these northern lads sure now how to rock they truly are ones to watch out for its a shame there not that well known but they definatly deserve to be due to being fantastic live and present such a good album. I saw them in april supporting Bloc Party in germany finest hamburg, and they were better live than bloc party that night due to there performance being so entertaining and ryans bleeding face which was pure excitment but the album is a first its well written and has some fantasic and catchy tunes and i would recommend it to anybody that likes music with guitars in ....
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on 4 April 2006
Dont listen to the other review, this album (and band) are the complete opposite of middle class rock. they infact write most of their songs on how all the 'scenesters' only follow the crowd. "But I know that will change When it's cool to be an outsider"
The cribs take a dig at all the posers who preen themselves each morning with their lyrics. and the tunes... well if i had to list my top 10 songs of the last year at least 5 of them would be from this album. 'Mirror kissers' being top and the other sing a long anthems following.
the cribs have to be one of the greatest and underrated bands to come out of england in a while and one of the most unique.
this album is a must have. so is the previous one. get this band in your life.
Unless of course you are only into standard 4 chord bands who dress like topshop.
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on 3 April 2006
This album is undoubtably one of the best albums brought out in recent years, and from the most under rated band in Britain. These would be huge if they had more airplay on the radio. They have produced catchy,infectious songs that anyone would be proud of.
Although they have been constantly shadowed by frequent tourmates the Kaiser Chiefs, it is the Cribs who are by far the superior band. And are absolutely fantastic live.
They are an original and their singer is an indie legend.

For anyone who likes the Strokes, the Kooks, or basically has a good taste for great music. I strongly recommend.

You wont be disappointed. Also try their debut album which is also great.
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on 13 August 2010
The Cribs hail from Wakefield, the city where I now live. I was introduced to the band in 2005 by a friend who is into the local music scene, and my first Cribs gig was at St George's Hall, Bradford on 14th October 2005, where they were supported by The Research (another Wakefield band) amongst others.

I was sufficiently impressed enough to go out and buy The New Fellas as soon as it was released.
I am not normally into new bands but I have to say this was an album that grabbed me after the first listen. Normally albums can sometimes take me 6 or 7 listens for me to get into it, but not this one - the impact was immediate.

As a trio the band have to work very hard musically. I remember seeing a quote relating to The Jam saying that because there were just the three of them, they really had to work hard and cover for each other. That is the case with The Cribs, and the guys are all solid and accomplished musicians.

As a drummer myself I always listen closely to the sticksman and Ross Jarmam keeps a solid and heavy rhythm. The heavy ride cymbal he uses lends itself particularly well to the band's sound.

All in all a brilliant album. I'll give it a 5 - one or two tracks are weak in my opinion, but the rest more than make up for it, and it's not often I can say that an album has had such an impact on me. This is one of them. Super, smashing, great.
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on 2 August 2007
Finally, a proper "indie" band, tunes and attitude by the bucketloads.

However you feel about their anti-mainstream views, you have to agree that rarely does a band release a second album with so many stand-out tunes; the new-scene-bashing "Hey Scenesters!" and the intense "Mirror Kisses" being my favourites.

In my opinion the strongest of the three albums and the best way to get into this great act.
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