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on 28 October 2012
I bought two of these as I liked the sound of them and they offered a good setup for a competitive price. My model is the Intel i3 processor one.
These would have had 5 stars but lost one for hard drive problems and another for CD/DVD drive problems.

The first PC to arrive was amazing, not just quiet but silent, easy to set up and use. This was really really silent, important to me as both are in the living room and our 8yr. old ones were becoming very noisy. The first PC was a no brainer 5 stars.

The second one arrived but had a clicking hard drive which means it is about to die, see youtube and type in 'Hard Drive Click of Death Explanation and Live Demonstration' for an excellent explanation. I did a check disc and found a bad sector but this didn't fix it. The Hitachi 630 hard drive also made a humming noise due to a bad bearinng in the drive.
All quite a difference from the first one.

I contacted Medion but they wanted the whole PC shipped for repair, I didn't like the idea of being without one for three weeks or more so asked them to send a replacement drive and I would have it fitted. They refused so I reluctantly returned the PC to Amazon angry that they were having to deal with it although it was not their fault. Amazon offered to send me a hard drive to replace the faulty one which was why they get extra points for quick thinking, sadly the drive would have needed setting up and I would have voided the warranty.

So a replacement PC arrived with no clicking from the hard drive but still making a humming noise. I was past caring so can live with this as some other PCs do it. As the PC was working and did not cost a lot I decided to open it up and put the drive on rubber mountings which has greatly reduced the humming. It no no longer makes the desk vibrate but will have a shorter life as the bearing will wear out faster than normal. No problem with voided warranty as I can't go through returning a PC again.

All was going well then I tried to load my CDs to windows media player as we mostly listen to music via the PC.
The CD/DVD drive was a Samsung 216AB model, long out of production so what are they doing in our new PCs I thought. Must have found a box of them behind the Sofa ?
Sadly this was set up with Windows drivers from 2006 so very old. Samsungodd (Samsung's site for old product drivers)had newer firmware but it wouldn't load. Samsung and their outsourced support group were beyond useless and provided no help at all.

The problem is it only plays some CDs, from a boxed set of 10 it played 6 but the other 4 were 'stuttering' which is a known problem with the216AB drive. Both PCs have the same problem, mostly but not always with the same CDs.
I had hoped a firm/software upgrade for the exact model would fix it but neither Samsung or Medion can provide one.
Medion have offered to send me a replacement Samsung drive(only one mind you)but at least it is current so will have an install CD and so hopefully will work.
Small problem is they will only send it to the UK but I am in France. Apparently Medion, despite having a French branch can't send it here. Amazon can send things here but too difficult for some obviously.

We bought these from Amazon UK as we wanted a UK keyboard and Windows version and boy are we glad we did. At least you can rely on Amazon to sort out problems with minimum fuss. It has been a month of stress dealing with others (Samsung mainly) just to get a working PC.

In summary, Amazon support 11 out of 10 as they went above and beyond. Medion 6 out of 10 for trying but no proper solution. Samsung -1 out of 10 for not trying at all.

Would I recommend these PCs, yes as they are good value but be sure to check which hard drive especially and also the CD/DVD drive fitted and then see if they have any issues. If not shown ask Medion before buying.

My advice to Medion would be to spend another £20 and fit better drives to the PCs to avoid this, I would happily have paid another £20 for a better product.

Almost all PC are just assembled from other manufacturers parts so the quality of the PC is dependant on the quality of the parts used. These are very good only let down by a humming hard drive, out of three PCs, one silent and two with Hitachi out of balance discs / dodgy bearings.
I would imagine the CD/DVD issue will be resolved when they run out of old units.

I am still sorting things out with Medion and will update this with any positive results as I feel they deserve it as they are trying to resolve the issues.

Edited 09/11/12 with this update.

Medion have sent one replacement CD/DVD drive to a friend in the UK who is sending it on, so I will soon be able to transfer my CDs to at least one pc, I hope. They missed or ignored the numerous hints that I have two non functional out of date drives.
I gave up on the hard drive issue as the PCs weren't that expensive and bought a relacement drive myself (thanks for offering Amazon but it is not your fault so I will pay). I could have pushed for a better drive from Medion but life is too short and the PC is not that expensive.

I still think they are good value, as long as you don't place them on a surface that transmits vibration. I am sure the PC will be outdated before the hard drive would have failed anyway.
So I would say to buy one with the above comments to bear in mind.
*Check that the components are current and still in production.
*Don't accept a 'humming' hard drive if it is your only PC and you have no external drive as backup. If you touch the case and feel (and can hear) a significant vibration, return the PC for a replacement until you get a good one.
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on 20 July 2012
Delivery was as good if not better than expected. I was pleased to receive my new computer as my old one had vitually given up.
The computer worked straight away and the only thing that has held me up has been the transfer of data from my previous machine. It is not as straighforward as I had anticipated but that is not the fault of Amazon or the computer - it is just the lack of a computer nerd when you need one!
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on 24 July 2012
We are very happy with ths machine. it lived up to its description and is fast and efficient when in use. I'm more than happy with the product and would recommend it as a good PC
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on 8 November 2012
the pc arrived on time and it was easy to set up
it is a big improvement on my last old dell pc
it is quiet and the windows 7 is great
as well as a new pc i also changed my internet provider so it did take me some time to find my way around but that is not the fault of the pc ,more my lack of IT skills
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on 24 August 2012
I will be starting my teacher training come this September, and because I will be spending countless hours researching and typing I needed a decent desktop. So, the joyous process of researching what was available began, I was checking all of the websites I could think of to assess what spec computer I could budget, and what sort of bells and whistles it would come with. I had found several computers I would settle for (including this one) and needed approval from a computer geek friend to ensure I was making the right choice.

Well... my friend (the computer geek) was blown away by the spec of the Medion Akoya, and the price! He said it was an amazing deal and I should take it, so I did! I have been extremely impressed with the computer and how fast it is thanks to the I5 processor. The computer has amazing features considering the price, and don't be put off just because it is a name you may be unfamiliar with. My geek friend explained that there are lots of companies who make computers by ordering parts from other companies and then just assemble them to be sold to you.

The only problem I discovered from buying a desktop over a laptop is the extras you have to buy. Laptops are convenient in the sense that everything you need is readily available out of the box. I had not anticipated that I would then need to buy a USB WiFi dongle thingy for the internet and buy speakers because the monitor I chose didn't have any. So be aware of this, but now that I have bought my setup, it will last years and I can upgrade bits as I go.

Additionally, the standard keyboard is fine but the standard mouse is a bit cheap and cheerful. I left mine in the box and bought a USB wireless mouse which is so much better.

Seriously though, this is a fantastic computer and you could expect to be paying another 300 quid for this if it had DELL or HP on the box. I strongly recommend buying.
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on 29 October 2012
We have had this machine up and running for a couple of months now. We had been struggling on with our old desktop (another Medion, purchased in 2000!!) and finally decided that enough was enough with slow boot / slow shut down / delays waiting for files to open and tasks to complete. Having received the new machine, it became obvious that we should have made the investment years ago! Start-up and shut down no longer require a cup of tea to be made between pressing the button and the action completing and standard office type tasks are now lightening fast.
Streaming video from the internet no longer results in frequent pauses whilst the next bit is cached and the whole 'using the PC' experience has become much less frustrating.
Another thing that is great about the machine is that it runs almost silently, in comparison to the loud fan of the previous machine.
Highly recommended as a trustworthy workhorse for home usage, with performance that is a bargain for the price.
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on 23 September 2012
Very pleased, I have had Medion computers before and always found them to be reliable. My last one was 6 years old and I thought it time to change. Out of the box , plugged in and running in about 5 mins.Unlike a lot of other companies you get the backup/restore disks thrown in as well as installed on the recovery partition.I'm not a gamer and use it for office and internet applications, it has no wifi card which may bother some but I prefer to have my main unit wired for security. Very very happy so far and given past experiance I expect to continue so.
Good buy for the cash.
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on 5 September 2012
Nice, quiet, quick machine for everyday use. Be aware if you want to upgrade though, the motherboard (known as a BTX board) is 'flipped' compared to a regular ATX board and mounts on the opposite side of the case. Making adding cards (graphics etc) difficult.
Well done Amazon, a good deal on a nice machine.
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on 6 August 2012
Early days, but this desktop seems to perform very well. Very much faster than my previous (Dell Dimesion with XP), which was the main reason for changing. The Medion has a very good spec. for the money, and is very quiet. It is a pity the front USB ports are not a bit higher which would avoid some bending and groping. The Amazon service was excellent. Delivery was two days earlier than estimated. The only criticism was the delivery man left the box outside the house, although there was somebody present, and did not leave a note. AMAZON PLEASE NOTE!
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on 11 October 2012
This is the 3rd Medion computer we have brought. They all have given excellent service and this one is no exception. They seem to perform better than many machines costing far more. I am unable to fault the information given before purchase or the delivery. We will by another one but as they give 10 years or more service it will be a while. I can recommend these computers to any one who wants a top machine at a sensible price.
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