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on 22 May 2014
Despite being advertised as a high spec machine
from the start it was noisier than normal
and as of just under 6 months from purchase with not too heavy gaming usage
I have just had to replace the graphics card as the card died or became faulty due to overheating.
Not the best advertisement for a PC
Will not be recommending this company
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on 18 June 2017
Has been a fantastic buy
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on 11 May 2017
Absolutely awesome computer.
Purchased the computer and it arrived quicker than expecting. It's my first gaming PC and gets the job done, I really can't fault it. Very good spec for very good money. I love it!
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on 17 November 2015
Very good company. I would highly recommend them.
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on 13 September 2013
Review for Vibox

I bought this Vibox because I wanted a gaming computer that would do justice to Skyrim, Saints Row 3, Tomb raider and a few other games, as well as simply be up to date for routine computing tasks, Internet and MS Office. Buying off Amazon also assures a level of customer service.

Rest assured, Vibox are a good team to deal with. Visit their web site and you will see strong customer support. They specialise in building machines to order, or selling boxes like these and their prices are good. I know you can assemble your own for cheaper, but I didn't want the hassle of building my own stuff as I'm not into PC building any more. Ordered Sunday, delivered the next Friday - don't forget Vibox assemble and test on order before posting.

It does not come with any peripherals so you need to budget for those. The Vibox start-up help card is clear and you can't really go wrong in putting the system together. I chose Windows 7 as my operating system as it has better games compatibility and 3D flip for swapping between applications. In retrospect I think I would ask Vibox to install the chosen operating system. Whilst it was easy, there is a lot of sitting around waiting for updates to load up and I would rather have had the installed system off the shelf! (Just a personal choice). NB - watch which version of Windows 7/8 you buy. The cheaper OEM versions will become permanently wedded to the motherboard; spend a bit more so you can upgrade without pain.

This rig is getting on for a year old, so claims of "cutting edge" are outdated now. NB! The AMD-friendly Motherboard actually has only SATA 2 outputs so a flashy SATA 3 SSD is going to be a bit crippled unless you forgo 2GB of RAM and enable RAPID. However, the ATI 7850 Graphics Card with a very nice 2GB RAM is a pretty sharp player, but the newer 7900 series now outmatches it (ditto for newer rival cards). The four core chip is fine. Note that you will have to unpark the cores so the extra ones are used.

I got Tomb Raider and Far Cry with this - had to download it via Steam. Bioshock Infinite took a while to be made available to me as promised. No sign of a fourth game - these games offers are all dependent on the current ATI offers so be warned.

Game playing! Now, I use an oddish screen of 1680x1050, 1080p HD, with a 2ms response time (yes, 2ms!), and running at 60MHz. With this ATI 7850 card, a higher level wider screen may start dragging on frame rates in Ultra settings. 3D will also be slower. So you may prefer a 7900 series (or rival) card. But I can play Tomb Raider on Ultimate Settings (above Ultra). And it is as smooth as cinema film. A total joy to watch and play. I'm also an Oblivion fan and I have that maxed to everything complete with Qarl's Texture Packs and it is gorgeous. I'm modding Skyrim to the ENB levels and I will update on how I get on. [UPDATE: playing Skyrim heavily modded including Project ENB, the system copes to a reasonable playing level but not smooth as silk; it suffers more from the infamous Bethesda 'stutter'. However, I find it still pretty good and playable for me. Vanilla Skyrim is totally smooth. So get a beefier graphics card and an SSD if you are heavily modding games.]

As for fan noise, I must disagree with those complaining about lots of fan noise. I have the PC down on the lower part of a regular computer desk. Yes it has fan noise, but in my workplace I have some bog-standard PCs made by a certain Irish company that sound like storm force 10 compare to this. I don't really notice this Vibox fan at all. My son's laptop fan is way louder! I suppose if you stick the base unit on the desk beside your ear then yes, you'll get fan noise. Just put it down below and you'll be fine; don't let issues over fan noise put you off.

Build quality seems pretty solid. I like the front opening DVD reveal - smooth firm action. The base is lit up like a Christmas tree and looks like the photo - watch your electricity bill go up!

So, I am very happy with this new PC. You can always buy cheaper, I know, but this is a very satisfying bit of kit and judging by playing results so far, impressive. An alternative would be to buy direct from Vibox and up the graphics to 7900 series, but personally I'd say don't bother with the 6 core chips. Just be aware this box is a year old now, so you may wish to pop over to Vibox's site and check out their current kit. Modding games users, consider the same but with a new, beefier graphics card.
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on 30 January 2013
So good I bought two.

The computer is excellent, one of the PCs had been damaged during transportation, but Vibox themselves were more than willing to replace the graphics card, which was the only component broken by transport.

As far as performance goes, it's a mighty computer far outclassing many computers far above its price.
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on 3 February 2013
so.. i ordered this on saturday, got it on tuesday, couldnt play with it till thursday because i needed a DVI to VGA Adaptor (only power cable is supplied)

Been playing with it since then and it runs great!

so far ive played on max settings:
- Sleeping Dogs
- Need for speed The run
- Prototype 2

when i say played.. i mean 4 hours none stop, and so far no glitches, frame rate is steady which should hardly come as a shock after all it is a 2GB card ;)

Customer support:
Vibox has one of the best customer support teams around,
they're sympathetic and professional and actually helpful which most company's after getting your money will just hang you up to dry.

- fantastic product, quite future prof (3 years+)
- hardware isn't a cheap built, which means the machine wont fall part on you in 4 months of heavy use.
- tested before shipment, i know how to put a machine through its paces but most people don't, and end up having trouble months down the line
luckily vibox tests all its machines before sending them out, so you don't have to re install everything all over.

- no peripherals: not really a con.. but i couldn't use my machine for a whole day (not much of a disposition but i was really excited)
- noisy fan: when i say noisy it isn't really that noisy my HP pavilion p611uk was 5x worse.. apart from the case fan you can hardly hear the CPU or the graphic cards fan

note: i am not a vibox employee, i am just really happy with the service from vibox and encourage anyone who sees this and thinks "there's got to be a catch" to buy it.
the only "catch" is that you must have or buy your own operating system.
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on 22 April 2016
Very good for the price, and ready to be upgraded, pkwnty of room, spare slots ect, the gpu burned out after 2 years (but that is heavy use), plays games well, have since replaces cpu, the psu (as the one it comea with is fine until you want to upgrade, its an economy 600w so when you thonk about upgrading, change that first or you will start to experience random crashes, added cooling fans (it has never really run too hot according to the digital temperature gauage on the front, but that said I did manage to burn out my cpu!) And currently saving up for a cpu, it has an am3+ socket so the motherboard is compatable a fair few amd cpus. Havent needed to change the ram at all but again there are extra slots so if i wanted to add more I could. I would say you will probably need a usb headset for this rather utilising the sockets, as there isnt enough protection on the wires, so i have found talking to friends means they can hear me, hear themselves and hear my game, other than that its good
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on 9 October 2013
Be aware it has no WiFi only wired,all the other components work great,2gb graphics card, 16Gb memory,2 terabyte hdd,also some great games to get you started like sniper elite which blew my mind 7 usb ports 2 are usb 3,nice temp on the case so you know if its getting too hot,memory card reader plus free bullguard security software,every game i have bought is running at full settings for graphics and all,F1 2013 runs GREAT at full settings and ultra,no jutters no crashes all great.

has not let me down with any games unless they needed updated for the graphics card,all other functions are quick and responsive
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on 23 December 2015
Overall am very Happy with this PC.

I do not us it for gaming but bought it as High 'ish' sort of Spec as Tech stuff nowadays soon seems to become everyday or Low Spec much sooner.

My only one problem which is a bit of a big one for me...has been the Ethernet card that's built in?...I was expecting it to work on arrival..it did not..& it seemed to oddly manage to stop all my other devices that were on Ethernet on plugging it in to my network/router/switch...Eventually diagnosed as a driver fault...so got hardware Ethernet info & then downloaded & installed driver from the internet...all now OK..except it was not...

I've had months of ongoing intermittent disconnections driving me virtually mad trying to find a solution other than having to reboot every time to resolve..(yes I've been on forums & Goggled it & tried all sorts of solutions like disabling IP v6..using a static IP etc...etc...seems to fault on a gateway issue every time..even re-installing drives..no joy......)...I think I've now go it eventually resolved..hence this review...read on...

The drivers I do not think were windows 10 compatible..only xp,7 & 8...After uninstalling the drivers for the last time last week I decided to right click & try installing in 'comparability mode', the PC recommended a previous version of windows, (I think it may have been win 7 or XP) click next & once installed Win 10 saved the compatibility info as now working...since then...consistent continues Ethernet connection at last! :-)

Other than this, is does look sort of look like it means serious business given the shiny red lights from inside on the perspex side & front fans & it is not the Quietest PC I've ever known but there again I wanted something that had presence and at a good spec & price..otherwise I suspect if such things could be an issue for others then you're talking more £££.

Also...got myself a cheap & shiny wireless RED keyboard & Mouse to go with it that seem to work ok....so also ended up then forking out for those & a USB 3 hub to plug all these into...& an 'LG' BLUE RAY burner which there was room to add to in the PC cabinet & no problem with the connections on opening up the side panel & all works OK (I think I may have had to swap one or two around as they were either not long enough or at right angles & the skts. too close together and getting in the way of each other..can not remember for sure now but sorted with not too much of a long look & a short think). The screen am using is my OLD 42" LCD telly as I've also replaced my main TV for an LED one & the HDMI skt on the back of the PC seems to work good via the separate graphics card so no problems there either...As a long standing Windows user am really liking Windows 10 much more than I expected & other previous windows versions.
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