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on 27 June 2016
This is such a good light. So good in fact I've just bought another one. And over time I will buy more to kit out a proper studio rather than just having 2 in my camera bag so I can control the light better when shooting video and add fill lighting to static photography shots with bright backgrounds.

It's an interesting setup in so far as the 5500K White LEDs and the 3300K yellow LEDs are controlled separately so push them both up to 100% and they don't half throw out some light. I've had to buy some tall lighting stands to throw the shadows behind and below my subjects.

Although everything can be controlled from the back of the light unit, and each one comes with it's own remote control, I particularly like the iOS app that lets me control all the lights I have from one place. The app lets me have 8 lights in total which is more than enough for a studio but I will only be using 2 when I"m out and about. It's sometimes a little fiddly to get the Bluetooth working between phone and light units but generally works if you switch things on and off enough times!

Each light has a handle, a small table stand and can be mounted either to the top of your camera (with the hotshoe adapter), put on a tripod using a screw mount or even attached to a lighting stand. The barn doors are more for protection and, I suppose, asthetics more than anything else but their study. There are a couple of diffusers included (one white, one yellow).

From just one purchase, I'm already buying another and will eventually get more for my photo studio. The units aren't tiny, and are weighted fine for on-camera use, but for what they are, they are excellent value and highly recommended from this old tog.
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on 19 May 2017
3C4U e-mailed me through Amazon me asking for a review, so if they don't like anything :-)
I'm just an ordinary purchaser who paid the full price and have had no contact with them before.
So here we go...

Yongnuo make two versions of the YN-600L II, one with 600 LEDs that emits a daylight type of light (5500K, like most flash guns, and the Sun) and one with 300 daylight LEDs and 300 more-orange coloured ones (3300K) giving a more Tungsten style of light, as is often used in studios. I bought the 300+300 one so I could vary the colour of the light.

Even with just 300 LEDs of one colour it's impressively bright and I'm not disappointed.

The control scheme is different to some panels, who have a single knob to control the colour (from 5500 to 3300). Here you set the percentage brightness for each set of LEDs independently, which is a little more fiddly as you can't control overall brightness and colour mix separately. If you want it brighter/duller and the same colour you have to change one then the other until it looks about right. Having separate mix and brightness controls would IMHO have been much more convenient.

It does miss out on some things. While it's great that it comes with two batteries and a charger, so you can use it anywhere, the mains power supply is an optional extra that you may well want (it uses the 8V/5A one): https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01CSF0Q9Y (I can't comment further on this as mine is still en-route).
It also just has a screw thread in the base, there is no way to adjust its position unless using a tripod with a head. If using a lighting tripod you'd want something to allow its position to be altered (there are lots of mini ballheads sold by Amazon).
The batteries seem a good choice capacity-wise, however you get a rubbish USB-powered charger that charges them slowly, one at a time, and gives no idea of how far there is to go. I'd strongly recommend getting something like (the one I use): https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01BJTIXTA which charges two batteries at once and shows their charge state.
Also on batteries the instructions say one battery will power one set of 300 LEDs, so if you want to use both sets you need two charged batteries.
Oh and while I'm at it the Lithium batteries may be supplied, but two AAA ones for the remote aren't. The batteries don't come with any kind of plastic terminal cover that some airlines require (although the contacts aren't exposed on this type of battery.
You do get a handle for hand-held use while out and about.
You don't get a carrying case.
I haven't noticed any fan noise by haven't used it on a hot day or for long periods, so don't read anything into that. I'll edit this line when I have a better idea.

On the control side a few initial notes. The power on button is in the middle of the rotating knob and isn't in a contrasting colour. The remote has an on/off slide switch on its side (unlike many remotes it doesn't just work). There is also an App to control it via phone/tablet, using Bluetooth. The App is basic but works (I used it on a iPhone).

As I said above the main plus is there is a good amount of light from the 300 LEDs and it comes with a set of decent Lithium batteries. For me it was particularly handy that they are the same type of batteries as my Atomos recorder takes, so I already had a decent charger (and another USB charger which also isn't getting used either).

Overall I'd recommend it as I think it's good value and performs well.

I wasn't able to test if the reported CRI of over 95 is correct, so if anyone tests it please comment.
Also if anyone finds a case that works well with the batteries attached please let me know.
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on 23 March 2018
I try and write reviews on all products I buy as I find them helpful when choosing what to settle for. I am always realistic and constructive and never gush.......until today!

These are so so good, very well built, love the blue tooth connection between the units so they can control each other or just independently from your phone. I went for the Daylight only so as to get the maximum brightness from all 600 LEDs rather than 300 yellow and 300 white, as a result, it has the capability to over power daylight out doors and makes for a great fill light on location. They also work very well indoors in so many ways.

Attached is a frame grab from my last video for an artist. The ambient is from an east facing window defused with net curtains and the key light is this unit with a softbox (previously reviewed). Very very pleased, I bought two and will be adding to this as funds allow.

The only comment I can offer that is not a dig at the product is that you should make sure you have a swivel head to mount it on, it does not come with a swivel mount so if you are starting out, you will need to consider this, the rest of us already have multiple ways to mount this. I have attached a link to the item I am suggesting for this purpose. There are cheaper alternatives to the Manfrotto head but I find them very robust and can take the weight of a LED panel without putting a strain on the joint or the nut that tightens the joint.
Manfrotto 026 Lite Tite Swivel + Umbrella Adaptor
review image
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on 9 April 2018
I received the product and used it the next day at a photo shoot. It's an awesome item. I haven't had any problems yet and certainly no issue with the fan thingy.
The flappy things are ok though it's main use here is to cover the LEDs. If you want to use it to cut off light, just cover the shiny part with black paper and that's it. Problem solved.
Only down side is the charger supplied with this purchase. It's ok but not the best. It takes about 5hrs to charge 1 battery at a time. That's fine if you keep your battery level high after doing a photoshoot. Just need a bit of planning. Good thing with it is that you can use this charger with every 5V USB output you find, even in the car. Anyway, in order to make life easier when needed, I bought a double battery charger from Yongnuo, which I didn't receive yet.
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on 23 February 2013
I was after a cheap video light to do some macro photography with. I came across this brand, read some reviews and settled on the YN-160.

I was not expecting a particularly high quality product at this price so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. The package comes with the video light and a few accessories including filters. The filters reduce the light output(Marginally) as they are the hard plastic ones which are more practical and durable than the flimsy Gel type.

Build quality overall is good, the plastics are robust and the barn doors are stiff and stay in place like they should. The only thing I don't particularly like is the battery arrangement. There are a couple of adapters for using video type batteries but I opt to using AA batteries. When using AA batteries they are partially exposed at the back of the unit because of the way the adapters work. This does not affect the operation just looks a bit odd to me.

The light output is bright and even across the range of LEDs that are used so I guess they have been matched for colour and intensity. The controls are simple, on/off button, battery test button and power level + / - Battery life so far is hard to tell as I am still using the same cheapo AA batteries but they have been used for at least 3 hrs so far.

The only reason for giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is the arrangement of the AA batteries and also the lack of an external power socket to give a bit more flexibility.
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on 10 April 2017
I work as a professional stills photographer but have now slowly ventured into making videos and were looking for a small, light and a pure 5500K LED light source. (For my stills, I usually use flash as artificial light; Elinchrom, Profoto etc).
Prior to this purchase, I was scouring the Internet for reviews trying to find the best possible light for me and was very happy to find these from YongNuo - a brand that was no stranger to me, having their flashgun.
When unboxing, my first surprise was how small they were, next how bright they are. Very handy to be able to operate the light from your smartphone (I have a vintage iPhone 4s and it worked fine...). The light comes with a small dedicated remote as well but I leave that in my camera bag as a backup if Bluetooth or other technical problems occur. I think the combination of power, size, cost, handling and price is hard to beat. ​
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on 1 February 2018
I was pleasantly surprised about this product. Was concerned it may be too heavy on my mirrorless camera but instead found it to be fine. Indeed much better results than another on camera led light that is well reviewed and assessed. However, the barn door internal covers being silver sucks. Should be black. And also if you fit in one of the filters that come with it the barn doors don’t close well so one has to take off the filter. Annoying when switching equipment back and forth.
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on 2 April 2018
For the money I think it’s great. The F770 battery lasts hours (sadly so does the charging with the included usb charger, but hey: there’s no free lunch).

The fan is audible only if it’s next to your microphone. I use a lavalier on a Zoom H1, you’ll get away with it from a distance. The barn doors are fragile, be careful with them.

I’m using it for video with a 7D: depending on lens you can get away with ISO160 for product shots where you can put the lights close. For every other situation life starts at ISO400.

TL;DR: good budget light especially for beginner videographers.
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on 8 June 2017
What can I say other than having used this item a lot recently on many video-shoots, I really love this thing. It's light power and dim-control works really well, it takes the same re-chargeable batteries as my 'COMER CM-LBPS1800', and it is reasonably robust. If you want a good powerful video light, I can thoroughly recommend this one.
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on 7 March 2017
Used it a couple of times for still and video. Easy to use and gives enough light in a pretty far room. The "flaps" are not that much use. But the battery holds a good charge, the light is even and the options to fit to camera, seperate stands etc are good.
Is of pretty good build quality for the price.
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