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Grimm - Season 1 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£8.73+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 9 December 2012
OK, Lets explain, our family is 2 adults, 2 boy's aged 14 and 11.

Several weeks ago I came across on AMAZON a 22 episode American TV show I had never heard of before... This usually means that they was cancelled after the first season - and you then find the dvds turning up for cheap.
the DVD was £7.95 for 22 episodes!!! At that price cant help but give it a try out - can you!

The show was called - SUPERNATURAL, if you have never heard of it, check it out!
IT IS A MUST TV Show to see...

So over the past 6 weeks we have become SUPERNATURAL ADDICTS - its a show that has captivated both of our 2 boys away from their PS3! So that shows how good it is.
So after watch season 1-4, thought we would take a rest bite...

GRIMM - has all of a sudden ed hit the shelf's of both Amazon, and ASDA! COOL, another ME 2 Show!!!!

So rather than buying season 5 of SUPERNATURAL @ £15, we brought this as our FAMILY Saturday night TV treat!

SAD to say, after watching 4 episodes last night...

the FAMILY'S view point of this show...

Too slow, doesn't hold or captivate you. Story-lines are weak, you get to the plot so quick, and then the characters are not fully fleshed out - sorry for the pun! :-)

As for special effects, poor.
both boys have said: "DAD can you get Supernatural!"
At this point they both asked if they could play with their PS3!

IMHO - Goes to show to avoid me 2 TV shows, especially when there are so many good shows, why is it that American TV creates so many Me 2 shows... take a look at the moment there are so many Me 2 Supernatural Type shows in the genre! Whats wrong with something DIFFERENT. Picking up Daisys, O-Zee, Jericho and Firefly all fitted this bill, but all got axed!

SORRY to say, as a FAMILY we have given this TV show a BIG THUMBS DOWN.
Now going to order SUPERNATURAL 5 to make up for our mistake!

Oh also the CARS are much better and cooler in Supernatural - Dean's black Impal is so cool!


OK follow up... (Feb 2013)

We have now finished all 22 episodes, like all new shows the introduction of new characters and story lines take time to merge.
In this case, it took until episode 10-12 before we gelled with the characters and story lines.

I think, that now as a series it has caught up with the likes of Supernatural, yes its its first season, yes its slow in the beginning... But have to now admit, my first review was over harsh, but our baseline was Supernatural. So Grimm had a lot of catching up to do.

I think that this was realised while they was filming the series, as towards the end, GRIMM takes on the character of Supernatural, even having all of a sudden a LOT of COOL cars! wonder why...

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on 24 September 2013
I had high hopes for this series based on the really strong idea behind it - a fairy-tale cop show - cool. However the show really suffers on practically every level. This is a bit long winded so apologies to those who do not wish to read through - there are much shorter 'bad' reviews of this so hopefully they may be able to help.

The casting is for the most part terrible. The main character Nick is so bland and dull and acted so poorly that he is totally forgettable. Combine this with his girlfriend who is literally only there to quip sexual innuendoes at him once an episode and you have a recipe for stale pie. The writing is so bad between these 2 characters that I actually pity the actors. All the other characters and the dialogues between them are similar in their set up, by that I mean they all have a paint by numbers dialogue stream - the cop sidekick with his terrible jokes, the 'get the job done boys' boss - every conversation is the same. The only characters with any kind of depth are Nicks Aunt who doesn't stick around too long, and his secret werewolf buddy, but they are painfully underused.

Sometimes though these poor casting decisions and cheesey scripts can be overlooked if there is a strong idea behind it that is well executed, however Grimm manages somewhat spectacularly to fail at this. Considering how much room there is to play around with in this fictional universe, its amazing how nothing of note happens over the seasons 22 episodes. The main gripe that I and many others have noted, is that Nick does not have any kind of special powers that we can see as putting him at an advantage against all the creatures he meets. He can see the monsters true forms, and when they realise he can see them, they all panic, but why? He cant (and rarely does) do anything, and when he does pluck up the courage to get into a fight maybe, he usually gets his ass kicked, only for another creature or a friend to come and save him. He is absolutely useless with no reason for the viewer, let alone the creatures, to see whats so threatening about him. This is such a basic flaw and should have been addressed early on, I cant believe the show got this far into production and no one thought to ask "hey, I get that he can see a creatures true form, but can he not like develop a power that will actually help him physically defeat his foes - hes a bit lame if that's all he can do...", but no, X-Ray Specs Nick is all we get.

I can also outline very quickly every single episode for you here:
- Crime (usually a murder) takes place involving some sort of creature
- Roll opening credit
- Nick and his partner arrive at the scene (have friendly banter whilst crouching over corpse)
- Nick spots someone at the scene whos face CGI flinches into whatever creature is flavour of the week
- Nick goes and looks through some books to see what it is
- As Nick is clueless he goes off to his werewolf mate to tell him what is actually happening
- Nick asks his werewolf mate to do all the leg work in gathering clues/breaking into suspects property etc, which he does for seemingly no reason
- Nick and his partner find suspect and kill/arrest them
- No questions are asked by the police how Nick manages to find these suspects, but hey who cares right? End credits

That's it, literally every single episode. It may be a spider lady, a mouse man or a dragon, but I can guarantee they will all play out the same. If you're lucky you may be teased with a bit of Grimm history, and the occasional glimmer of interest from a secret society behind the scenes, but this will happen say once in every 4-5 episodes, and for all of 2 minutes - its just not worth it. Such a shame as some of these ideas are great and leave you curious, but by the end of the series you know not to invest any time in thinking about it because they will go nowhere.

Overall this could have been great, and indeed could still be, but only after some serious re-imagining. I hear the second season is better and when it drops in price I may pick it up, but I don't know if I can be bothered with it anymore. For a good idea like this to be so poorly executed, with even the smallest things done wrong, I am truly amazed it has gotten so many good reviews and is continuing to be picked up for future seasons. I honestly cant recommend this show to anyone unless you are willing to let a LOT of things slip, but with TV (particularly American TV) being so strong lately, why waste your time on something so bland?
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on 29 November 2012
Had been looking forward to receiving this box set and despite exchanging it for a replacement, neither would work. I feel this item should not have been advertised for UK purchase without being checked. It is very disappointing. Hopefully, it will not be long before this box set will be available to purchase in a working order
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on 4 March 2017
I bought this because I wanted to check it out. I'm sure we've all heard about the Grimm fairytale collection and the darker turns that older fairytale took, and that's what got me curious. I expected a darker version of Supernatural based entirely on fairytales. That's only partly what I got though.
Maybe because I'm a fan of supernatural I came into this biased but I am basing my opinion purely on whether I enjoyed the show. First off I found the characters and actors to be generally good. It took me a bit to like Grimm and there are moments when him and his partner are just annoying but that could be said for almost any series. There are moments of humour in the show that fit perfectly. Sometimes witty lines can seem forced and out in for the sake of it but in this show it flows naturally and seemlessly and I really liked that. The storyline was intriguing, royal families and witches trying to rule the world or something with some fairytale characters for and some against them. I only watched it once and, to be honest, I didn't really keep up with the different plans that seemed to be going on in the background. A second viewing would definitely help I think.
On the down side, for me, were the names that they called the fairytale characters. They were all in German (I think) which makes sense for the plot I guess but it kind of ruined it for me when I saw something that everybody in the world would have called a werewolf (or werewolf hybrid or something) called a bludbat? I think it means bloodbath. Also several of the creatures were very similar which led to some confusion about what creature was being fought sometimes.
Finally the worst thing for me was the effects. It is so glaringly obvious when they CGI a creature transformation. I was also slightly confused about Grimms power. From what I understand he can see the creatures true form even though usually they can't be seen unless they will it but he doesn't cause them to actually transform - which seems to be proved when he sees a creature right in front of his partner and the partner does not freak out. It therefore doesn't make sense to me how some of the actors did this wierd head shake thing (like a scaled down version of Nicholas Cage's Ghostrider) when Grimm was around and saw their real face, which the viewer also sees. But considering nobody else can see this all the rest of the world would see is Grimm looking at a person and that person doing some strange bird head jolting movements. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work to be honest and it really annoyed me. The effects were better when they had latex and contact lenses.
The downsides for me were enough to put me off the series and so I've never watched any other seasons. Perhaps in them they improve the CGI and strengthen the plot a little.
Final point - the character Monroe (the main bludbat or whatever he is) is literally the greatest thing about this show. He's a breath of fresh air in the show and my favourite part about it.
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on 4 January 2013
It is a very nice serie, very original: I love the anthropological angle on it, being a fantasy-crime serie. The package is good and comes in a nice cardboard box, it has deleted scenes for almost all episodes and it would make an excellent product, except for the fact that it doesn't have English subtitles: subtitles are just in Swedish, Finnish and similar. The reason is a mystery, to me.
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on 30 May 2012
When I saw the pilot episode of "Grimm" I thought it would be something of a knock off of Supernatural: The Complete First Season. While both shows have much in common, "Grimm" has managed to grow into its premise and find its own identity.

Portland detective Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli)sees monsters and it's not because he's on drugs. Turns out Burkhardt is one of the last of the Grimms who fought and killed monsters that have preyed on humanity for centuries. Burkhardt like all Grimms has the unique ability to see the creatures masquerading beneath their human mask.

With the assistance of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell)a reformed werewolf (or a big bad wolf in Grimm mythology)to help him understand the strange new world he's been dropped into, Burkhardt discovers that many of the creatures out there are just trying to survive while others have more insidious motives. Unfortunately there are those in Burkhardt's own police department who are undermining his efforts for their own mysterious reasons.

"Grimm" has a much more droll sense of humor than the more tongue-in-cheek humor of "Supernatural" and Mitchell in particular is a highlight of the show with his often sarcastic, dry delivery as Monroe. Both shows are entertaining ("Supernatural" has its extended mythology which "Grimm" is only beginning to develop)and "Grimm" has continually improved with each successive episode.

The HD presentations of the show looks quite nice although I would imagine neither will quite match the higher uncompressed bit rate for a Blu-ray

You may want to dive into "Grimm" with the very first episode so you can get a sense of the developing mythology of the series. I would suggest not giving up after a couple of episodes as it took at least a half dozen before the show began to find its tone and stride.
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on 30 October 2012
The first thing worth mentioning is that this series is a lot like the series Supernatural, I meant that as a compliment not implying it's another clone or just another supernatural thriller series...

Nick Burkhardt (pronunciation is not as difficult as the spelling) is a homicide detective but also a Grimm as in Grimm Brothers, rather a descendent of a long line of Grimms, and the fairytales we all know are not really fairy tales at all but the real evil around us - live, pulsating, and waiting to strike. Nick, as a Grimm, has the ability to see the true nature evil and when he realizes this blessing or curse, his old life became so fragile, he had to struggle to keep it away from harm. He is now between two worlds in one as a Grimm he had to fight against ancient evils and supernatural malevolent entities and on the other he is vulnerable and protect his loved ones and his career. These two worlds are often a twain's distance from colliding.

The best part of the series, where we meet lots of evil creatures, entities and beings that even Nick himself thought existed only in fairy tales and nightmares. With the help of his partner Hank and the reformed big bad wolf Monroe, he investigates the supernatural and murders, thus present 22 great addictive episodes of the first season.

DVD Set Vital Stats:
Number of Discs: SIX (Not five as Amazon description says)
Subtitles: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish
Audio : English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Aspect Ration: 1.78:1 Anamorphic
Region: PAL 2, 4, 5 (See my customer image if in doubt...)
Feature Running time (approx.) 15 hours 13 minutes and Bonus Running time (approx.) One hour 24 minutes.
Bonus Features: Deleted and Extended Scenes, The World of Grimm: characters, creatures and inspiration behind the storylines, Grimm: Making Monsters: Behind the scenes with teams who bring the monsters to life, audition tapes etc.

Thrilling and Captivating Episodes
Great script and Photography
Somewhat loosely based on Grimm's Fairy tales
A World of Supernatural beings and Ancient Evils
Each episode new stories

Somewhat loosely based on Grimm's Fairy tales
Sometimes the the story digresses too much
In the DVD set there are no English Subtitles
review imagereview image
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on 10 November 2013
We all attach the name of Grimm to fairy-tales we grew up with and came to love - not long after they scared the s*** out of us. Living in the age of supernatural TV series with a modern twist, you could wait for Grimm tales be pitched. When NBC's Grimm starts, there is the promising theme of the last of an ancient type of warrior, on a noble quest to rid the world of `Märchenhafte' (fairy-tale) monsters, baddies, rooted in German folklore. This warrior takes shape in Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt, who is visited in episode 1 by his terminally ill aunt. She reveals the family secret to him: Nick's ancestors happened to be Grimms. Creature slayers. The mysterious aunt leaves life - and her caravan to Nick. It is a secret `vessel' containing assembled books, clippings, potions, and weapons to help him learn about and accomplish his task as last Grimm. Not an easy one, for the creatures look like you and me and cannot be seen by lesser mortals. With the reluctant help of a Blutbaden (Big Bad Wolf) turned veggie Nick sets out on his new, double life, trying to solve the crimes committed by Hexenbiests, Siegebarns, etc in a way that not just makes them harmless, but in a way that can be accounted for too. Throw in an ambiguous superior officer (The Captain) and a girlfriend left unaware and we could be in for something special. Regrettably, it usually doesn't get to 'special,' merely to 'interesting,' for after the beginning, the beast and creature hunt serves but the crimes per episode. Save for the last few episodes (of 22), the overlapping theme is scarcely mentioned. You woundn't guess it if Nick wasn't constantly checking his road hut information point. The creatures are well done (though think TV, not film), the episodes are well-handled in their own right, but it could and should have gone beyond `interesting.' As said, the last episodes effectively relate to the quest-like beginning again, and, the fact that Nick's boss is aware of - and indeed an influential force of the creature war ìs continuously hinted upon. Here Sasha Roiz exploits every opportunity to let Captain Renard be a mysterious, three-dimensional and subdued sexy character. Nick himself, as played by David Giuntoli, is close to a Romantic suffering hero of that other great German writer (think Goethe), aided and abetted by the camera(regie): Too many close-ups attempt to delve into his psychology, which remains sort of on hold. Bitsy Tulloch, as his fiancee Juliet, is required to spend most of her time with a question mark on her face, guessing at hubby's odd behavior. You don't really root for these characters - awkward, since they happen to be the lead romantic couple. Silas Weir Mitchell's Monroe does develop, from a withdrawn sworn-off-meat-Blutbaden into a participating citizen, with the occasional lapse. A pleasant and well-written `side-dish character' is Fuchsbau Rosalee Calvert, played by Bree Turner. Also, in the making-of it is asserted that Portland and its foresty surroundings have a Teutonic feel, while I, as a European, didn't quite see that. So far, Grimm ends up as a crime-series with that bit of extra, the promising start of something highly original not yet fulfilled. This review applies to Season 1, and despite my reservations, I feel Grimm has the potential of growing into stuff more than slightly over average.
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on 10 April 2013
'Grimm' follows the life of homicide detective Nicholas Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) as he investigates crimes in and around Portland, Oregon. However, Nick is not your normal run-of-the-mill detective, he is a Grimm descended from an ancient line of guardians. As a Grimm, Nick is charged with maintaining balance in the world, between the humans and mythological creatures known as `Wesen'.

Throughout the first season Nick not only has to solve crimes and face off against dangerous Wesen but simultaneously keep his Grimm identity hidden from his homicide partner Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) and his girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). The latter becomes increasingly difficult as his Grimm life threatens to spill into his personal one.

The show follows a standard `crime of the week' format with each episode dealing with a crime (usually Wesen related) that Nick must solve. He is aided heavily in this by his Wesen friend Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) who is well versed in Wesen lore and knowledge of the supernatural, making Nick and he strike up an unlikely friendship.

Grimm boasts a good array of acting talent right across its main and supporting cast but it is the magnetic Silas Weir Mitchell who steals the show. Mitchell is in inspired form and provides some much needed comic relief to offset the serious nature of the show. Grimm also benefits from some spectacular special effects that would not look out of place in Hollywood! In addition the direction is also very good, whether it is creating a sense of suspense or a fast moving action sequence.

However, Grimm suffers from being too serialized with story arcs being spread over too many episodes. So although the show feels fresh and inventive to begin with, towards the last 6 episodes the novelty has worn off as there are too many stand-alone episodes that feel the same as they do not move the main story along.

As the title suggests the show is heavily influenced by the German folktales written by the Brothers Grimm, with many Wesen sharing a similarity with creatures described in the stories. This makes Grimm become far more than just another police procedural rather it would be described as a blend of cop drama and dark fantasy. Though the writing falls short this is made up by great production acting and directing, all of which remain high throughout the season.

Ultimately this is an entertaining and `different' cop drama, which provides a welcome alternative to the now stale `CSI' and `Law & Order' dramas. Though this season could have been better there is enough here to convince that this show could go somewhere. In addition Season 2 promises to be much more story driven with more emphasis on developing characters as well as increasing the detail and depth of its story arcs. So though it is not an outstanding show for now, it is still a good one and well worth buying.

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on 1 January 2013
My review title may seem strange but bare with me (quote is from the series)

The classic part is that it in simple terms is a cop drama. The main story follows a homaicide investagator who in the pilot episode investagates a murder of a runner as well as a missing little girl, but that is where the twist comes into play. The twist is clearly in the title of the series, Grimm is in reference to The Brothers Grimm Fairytales, you find out through characters that "The Brothers Grimm" were infact profilers of creatures and put them into stories to make people aware of them on some level this is also what the main investagtor is told but that he is a disendent of the brothers grimm and can see theses creatures. The creatures also have german names which is further reference to the orginal fairytales.

Throughout the series you see a great many of these creatures and even more are just mentioned, the graffics/makeup for them is by far some of the best ive seen on a tv series like this, the murder secequences will have you grossed out and loving the detail at the same time, the props and location of Portland (where the tv series also takes place)are also behond detailed/beautiful in their own right.

The main charater Nick is also very good in the begining he is very unsure what he is ment to do and you see him progress throughout the series to which you route for him all the way. But I feel the biggest acting credit goes to Silas Weir Mitchell who plays Monroe who is both an enemy and a friend to Nick (not saying why)he is the comic relief in this series but I think this needed as at times as the show can be dark (an over used word i know) but he is by far my favourate character his nerdyness and skill as well as humar are awesome for the series and thats putting it simply. You learn so much more about the world that Nick is pushed into throughout the series as well as seeing characters arent what they seem on face value.

The extras on the dvd i though were also brillant deleted scenes and extended, commentaries, even a gag reel.

On side of delivery it came to me within 2 days and worked perfectly.

An amazingly beautiful series with brillant characters who grow throughout the series into even better characters and a story line which grows and keeps you hooked. I can't recommend this enough if you love fantasy and cop drama's this is the show for you, but if not convinced the show has a youtube channel of clips and a wiki page of describes of episodes :D
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