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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2012
I've been a fan of Fallen ever since the first book was released, and waiting for the conclusion to the series seemed like an age. I'll be the first to admit that the Fallen books have always been slightly hit and miss, and has attracted a lot of people who love or hate it.
I'm glad to be on the former's side.

As the final book, it's often hard to find the balance between a brilliant plot and a satisfying conclusion to the story as a whole, whilst also answering questions and tying up all loose ends. Lauren Kate did this with Rapture, and she did it wonderfully.

I don't think it can be disputed that Rapture is by far and away the best book of the series. It just felt like Kate had finally found and embraced her style of writing which has been yearning to come out for some time, and the words just flowed.

All the characters felt much more mature, which was a relief to see. At times in previous books (Torment, I'm looking at you), some had been bordering on irritating with their self-centred, teenage angst feelings - especially Luce - but here they were focused on what they had to do and much more involved.

Daniel especially came into his own. His character voice felt much stronger and his and Luce's love felt much more convincing and worth the battle around them.

I was in awe of how the story progressed and was genuinely stunned at some of the plot twists. Nicely done, Kate. What happened felt right, and more than lived up to what we wanted to happen.

But the ending, for me, was bittersweet. (Here I am referring to the very end - namely the last two chapters/epilogue)
It was the right way to go, I know, but I can't help thinking things were a little different.

I was sad to see the series end - in fact I shed a tear as I read the last line - because I really have loved these books, and have invested a lot of time and heart into them. Endings are always hard, because here we have to draw a line and say goodbye to the characters.

So: farewell, Fallen. It's been worth the wait, and it's been one hell of a ride.

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on 4 August 2012
I've been following Lauren Kate's books ever since I first read Fallen way back in 2009. I read it straight after discovering Twilight and the whole of paranormal romance world, so for me now, it's a really bittersweet moment because I'm very sad it's over but I'm so pleased it ended on such a high note.

Rapture is just pure amazing! From start to finish Lauren Kate takes us on a whirlwind journey following the characters that we've all fallen in love with and she doesn't stop batting out shocking and exciting revelations, until the very last page. Rapture was far from predictable and Lauren Kate took the story to a whole new level. All of the questions I found myself asking through-out this series, are now answered and let me tell you, you will NOT be disappointed. If anything, I'm still sitting her nearly a month later just thinking "wow, I did not expect that" - Seriously, it's that good.

What I loved about this book was there was so much more Daniel and Luce time. I fell in love with their relationship from the start, so I was always rooting for them. Daniel becomes even more swoon-worthy and I loved how their relationship grew too. What I didn't expect was the shocking story that involved Lucifer. Boy oh boy, will you be surprised but you will be blown away also because it was the last thing I ever expected.

The ending of the book was done so perfectly well that all my favourite characters got the ending they all deserved. I just adored Daniel and Luce's ending and Lauren did the finial touches brilliantly. My only major problem was Cam; I don't think his ending was a good as the others. It kind of felt left open - maybe in the hopes that Cam could have his own book because that's how it felt, but I guess we'll see.

All in all, Rapture was the perfect ending to a fantastic series and I honestly will be sad to see it go. Full of romance, danger, hope and love - it's not one to miss!
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on 22 June 2012
In my review for Passion, I swore I would not read this book. Well, that must tell you that the series must be OK if I picked the book up from the shops. Sure, I happened to glance at it and was craving a story since I finished my entire book list, but if I truly despised the series I would not have picked this up again. Point for Fallen right there.

Synopsis: Luce and Daniel are in love. They have been in love, in fact, for thousands of years. For you see, Daniel's kiss is one of death, and every time he and Luce meet and fall in love, she is doomed to die over and over again. However, Luce, because she has not been christened, can never be reincarnated again, and can now have her `happily ever after' with her `soul mate' (quoted) Daniel. Well, not really, because in Rapture, Luce, Daniel and friends have nine days to stop Lucifer from erasing the Fall. In other words, every single thing that has occurred following the Fall to the modern day will be erased entirely. Apparently, only Luce can break the curse. Sacrifices will be made, friends will be lost - and the fate of the world lies only in Luce's hand.

So, like in Passion, I will give you the PRO's and CON's. Some may agree, some may disagree, or just not care either way.

We'll start with the bad in order:

1) Everyone knows Luce's part she plays in the Fall and the `endgame' as Gabbe called it, but didn't tell her as they felt `it wasn't their place'. First of all, wouldn't it be better if they told her themselves rather than it coming as a surprise to her? It won't protect her. Keeping it a secret has no rationality behind it. I do believe that Lauren Kate wanted to keep it a secret because she wanted her audience to keep reading. Well, it was not necessary.

2) Miss Sophia - the weakest villain in all the books I have read. She is not enticing, she is not threatening, she is just mediocre - perhaps not even that.

3) 3 ancient relics? No originality - look at The Mortal Instrument series and Harry Potter. Cam really sums up the absurdity of the situation: `We'll squander time searching for mystery items that may or may not tell us what we need to know in places where they may or may not have rested for centuries.' Daniel's reply: `In short, yes.'

4) OK, so I have no problem with Luce flying in Daniel's arm - no really, I don't. It's romantic in its own way. However, they are supposedly flying terribly fast, so fast that the narrative even says they are gaining speed every second - and guess what? Luce and Daniel have a conversation. I'm not scientist, but I'm pretty sure if you're flying as fast as Kate tells us they are - they actually pass by a plane - that a conversation - let alone the stupid joke Luce made - would be a little bit impossible! Realism, even in a fantasy, should not be neglected!

5) I love romance, but Kate puts SO much droll into it, and it's not new or exciting. It is literally, `They belonged together' over and over. We get it. We know. Jeez!

6) Clichés ... so many I literally don't feel like quoting them all. Just ... Just move on from this point.

7) So, without giving too much away, Daniel and Luce have to dive under water to find one of the relics. Luce is supposed to hold her breath for a really long time - when in the book did it say she was a constant swimmer? I can't even hold my breath for a minute! So, how does she keep under the water without dying? Daniel kisses her. Uck. Carbon dioxide poisoning, anyone? `Luce let a surge of athletic pride complement her relief at having survived.' Uck.

8) I love sarcastic characters, but not everyone can be sarcastic. For every character to be sarcastic deters me from the story, and makes the characters seem the same. In fact, I've forgot most characters because I become confused over who is who! Sure, Luce and Daniel aren't sarcastic usually, but their characteristics are just bland and droll.

9) The scene with the Outcasts was looking good. Tension was piling. Then, Luce goes unconscious and the Outcasts are now her and Daniel's allies. I felt robbed of a good chapter.

10) `She raised her leg, preparing to kick him like she'd seen in kung fu movies...' I have thousands of these examples.

11) The romance between Lucifer and `Luce' was not as grand as it could have been. I felt a little let down by it. At this point in the book, I just wanted the story to be over and done with.

12) The epilogue was disappointing and anti-climax. I couldn't even believe it. I read all the way through this just for THAT?

Believe me, I had so many more points, but I fear I am giving too much away. The smell of the book is better than the content inside.

The PRO's (yes not that many - however, they kind of make up for the boredom in the book).

1) The front cover is, as always, very beautiful. It's why I picked the book up and gave it another go.

2) Luce is still traumatised over Penn's death which is very humble and endearing. Admist all the chaos she stll feels saddened over her friend's death.

3) The `timequakes' were a good concept. The closer Lucifer gets to the Fall, the more timequakes there are.

4) There were a few romance scenes in the beginning I liked: when Daniel gave Luce her locket back and he remembered all the times they spent together. I love these scenes.

5) I really like that Luce remembers her past selves and carried them with her, fighting on their behalf. It's one of those parts of the story I really admired Kate for, that I think she did a brilliant job.

6) I loved a particular scene with Luce and Daniel when they talk about their past, and Luce remembers it. It was a really nice, cosy scene.

7) Some of the angel lore was interesting. Without giving you spoilers, it was probably the most interesting bit.

Bore-factor: 6.5/10 - It took a very long time, just past half way through the book, for the story to get exciting. When it finally reached enjoyment, it was good. Not great, but good.

Romance: 8/10 - This story is romantic. However, if they cut out the war parts of the story and made it just about Luce and Daniel, it would have been better.

Characters: 3/10 - Luce is unoriginal. I felt no connection for her. Daniel was bland per usual and so beautiful that he shines so amazingly and makes me `OMG my face off' (quote) - see, there's my `once in a blue moon' sarcasm.

Ending: 4/10 - Cliché. Terribly so. I felt cheated. I'd read this book really hoping it would be good, hoping the ending would make me satisfied, but it did nothing in me. It stirred nothing in me at all. Why were two adults watching kids make-out? Uck. Anyway. Not the ending I would have liked.

Overall: 5/10 - the concept of the story was good, I can't deny it. Girl reincarnated over and over again whenever she kissed her lover or remembered her past. It has so much potential, but Lauren Kate was not the right person to execute it. It was unoriginal, boring and uninspiring. The idea of erasing the Fall seemed like it just popped into Kate's head. I never thought the story was about that, but about love. This `war' thing seemed so sudden and pointless. Kate said she likes writing love stories - then keep to it. This story would have been amazing if it was just for love. Three books would have sufficed. I am so disappointed when I read a story that could have been `the next big thing'. This could have been. The fact that it's getting turned into a movie won't change the `FAIL' this book should have imprinted on its beautiful covers. Still, I am happy I read the series, because it was an OK read. I even recommended Fallen to my friend (who liked it up to Torment). Would I do so again? No. Would I read the series again? Never. Will I remember it? It's already being erased by my memory.

Buy this book if you have read the series, want a cheesy book to read for your holiday, or are just bored.

Don't buy this book if you are looking for good writing, inspirational content, inspiring and beloved characters, and a general, non-confusing, non-vague story with a memorable, original villain.
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on 2 May 2013
I do love the fallen series of Lauren Kate. Its a very sweet story that stays with you long after you turn the last page. Rapture is very good. A few moments lacking impact but its a surprising end that even I didn't see coming. Its a lovely end to the story that makes you feel satisfied. Good writing and research too!
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on 5 October 2012
I've been eagerly anticipating the end of this series, as I've found each book worse than the last. Fallen was absolutely magnificent, Torment (Fallen) was good but lacking in certain areas, and Passion (Fallen) was OK, showed some promise at the start then just detrimentally dwindled from there on, insofar as just being about Luce's "heartbreaking" adventures with Daniel.

But let me get on to the book in question: There's no doubt the first 50 pages or so showed lots of promise; it was quite different and intriguing - I love the seismic time shifts. But from there on it became almost like a repeat of Passion (Fallen) with all the adventures to the different parts of the world Lucinda and Daniel go to. But then again, it was almost completely irrelevant to the first three books; they could not have happened and yet it was still clear what was going on.

But, contradictory to the last boring 300 pages - nothing much happens, Luce + Daniel do what they have to do all while snogging and professing their love for one another - secrets are revealed (lots of them) which make it interesting. I loved the ending; it was brilliant because I didn't expect it at all.

Overall I give this book three stars - the series ditto. If all four books were written different or there'd only been two or 3 books then it'd been absolutely amazing. If you ever have any spare time read them. They're good.
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on 29 October 2012
I thought Lauren Kate was squeesing as much as she could out of these books to make money and I was proved correct. A lot of it is description of pretty places which all in all don't matter as the characters race around after relics.
The good stuff is that the way Lauren Kate writes is very natural and she only uses her vocabulary occassionally which is fair on the general public. I've been following the books since the first (which was the best, after that it's padding in the story). Her descriptions are beautiful but I seriously cannot count how many times she kept saying 'iridescent wings' etc. which I felt was too repetitive. As for her previous books, sh has included too many characters for me to follow (again) but I do like the creativity of the Scale, the angels whom chose Heaven. Overall, I am becoming too old to read teenage books so I believe I won't buy another Lauren Kate novel and I personally wouldn't recommend it - especially for the cop out that they won't tell her anything for a very long time and their excuse is that 'she already knows the truth and she just has to sleep to find out.' Additionally, they have 9 days to return to the site of the fall and they waste a day sleeping.
The ending made me feel emotional but here are some spoilers so you can judge if it's worth reading;
Sophia's alive but they kill her and Luce finds out she's an angel and that Lucifer loved her. The Throne/ God is a woman and still makes Daniel and Luce choose between Heaven and Hell so they choose each other and the Throne decides to be mean and makes them mortals but they won't remember being angels. I find that frustrating because what is the point in reading all these books for the characters to forget the whole journey?
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on 23 June 2012
This was better than passion, but still it is another slow book that I was skimming certain parts. Lots of running about and not enough story. I really wish they built up the Luce and Lucifer connection more, had more Cam and Luce moments, or just Cam on his own, he barely made much impact this time round.

Would have also love to have seen how Luce and Cam first got to know each other, this book never explored that deep feeling they felt for each other, even though Cam wasn't the one, made clear from the 2nd book, I would have still have love for that to be explored more. I also feel like Cam's story is not finished, he deserved better than to just fade a way into the background and not have much of a role.

And like another reviewer said,there was no reason not to reveal the big secret sooner, maybe if it was revealed sooner, than maybe we could have seen the Lucifer/Luce connection in more depth, and maybe even more believable.

As for the ending, after all Luce's guilt for her past lives family, she quite happily does what she does at the end, without much thought to her current family. Heck, I expected more fear or emotion, but there was hardly any. End felt a bit lightweight. Could have been more in depth.

And really did we need blood instead of some coloured liquid, did we even need a special cup for it? For that scene, that I won't try to spoil too much? There was no reason at all why they couldn't just be ordinary items. Only the halo object made sense in the whole plot of it all. Was the writer just trying to add shock for shock's sake?

It's an ok ending, but it could have been so much better.
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on 17 July 2012
So disappointing! This series seems to have just gotten worse with each book. It honestly bored me to sleep every time I started to read which explains why it's taken me so long to finish! Cam hardly even featured which is a bit odd seeing as how once upon a time he was sort of a main character......I had high hopes for this series but feel like I've just wasted my time on it.

The love story of Daniel & Luce is pretty boring in my opinion. I would have loved for there to have been a few twists & turns and maybe something unexpected. I remember seeing someone suggest that maybe Cam & Daniel were one being that had been split & maybe the end would be them joining again.....even that would've have been better than the ending in the book!

Argh! I'm just really annoyed & frustrated with a direction it went in but I guess we can't all have our way!
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on 8 October 2013
I love the first book in this series but it is not one of my favourites.

It is a great story and the plot is very interesting and well written but I am not getting into it as much as I wanted to.

I love the first three books but I feel like I have lost interest halfway through the fourth one. I will finish it but it is not one of my favourite series unfortunately. However, that is just my opinion and I recommend this book to fans of heaven and hell and a tragic love story, As I have said it is a good read but not one of MY favourites. It may be different for you.
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on 4 August 2014
Good series but slow going. Ithought the Hush saga is a better read if your into your fallen angels . This still a good series but I felt at times the chemistry is missing between Luce and Micheal. This book is the best since the first, in the second and third books it seamed Micheal was abandoning Luce to her own devices
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