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on 19 December 2017
Lovely sounding headphones that can be listened to for very long periods due to well balanced-detailed sound with superb clarity and stereo imaging. These are very Hi-FI sounding headphones and sound way better than the new Bose QC35ii and the new sony mdr 1000xm2.
The noise cancelling is good, ( Bose QC35ii is flawed as the noise cancelling impairs the sound when walking outside.)
Build quality and plastics can be fragile, so, you must always keep headphones in the rather nice case supplied.
the only downside is the ear-Pads can wear a little after 2 years of use.
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on 28 September 2017
The best sounding noise cancelling headphones I have used. I have heard all the Bose models except the latest. While the NC was good on those, there is very little in it. As for the sound - in active state these knock spots off the Bose - they sound like real hi-fi headphones. A bit coloured - bass is more extended than neutral, and the mids a little underpowered. But the treble is the Bose's undoing - it is papery and weird. Here it is great - present but non-fatiguing. Yes, there is some white noise hiss when the NC is activated. But unless you are listening to very quiet music in an already quiet environment (which is presumably not the environment these headphones would be used in any way) it is not audible. In passive mode, some quality is lost, so these would not do for your only set of phones if you are a serious listener. But for their intended purpose they are top notch.
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on 16 June 2016
My first pair of NC headphones so I've nothing to compare them to. My thoughts:

Fit: I'm a woman with a smallish head (it would seem) I have to have these set at their smallest, and put a piece of folded cloth under the headband, otherwise the padding around the earpieces press on my jaw, and after two minutes, my jaw is aching. I have small ears too, and they just fit over them, so anyone with ears like the F A cup might struggle.
Noise cancelling: Not at all impressed. They do drown out the noise of my PC on all settings, but I can still hear the washing machine in the kitchen. I bought these to get some peace and quiet from noisy neighbours but I'm not very hopeful. There is a distinct hiss when the NC is on, I'm not sure if it's the constant hissing that's drowning out the noise (or if this is the idea) or not. Listening to classical music, the hiss is still very noticeable, unless the volume is cranked right up, which would eventually damage my hearing, thus negating the need for NC I suppose.
Sound quality: Apart from the hissing, very nice. I swapped out my normal Sennheisers for these and I have had to turn the volume down on everything, probably because these are closer fitting. I'm no audiophile so I can't go into the technology of sound, I just know they're pretty good. I use them for movies and TV mainly. If you switch the NC off, they just sound like a cheap pair of headphones.

All in all, I'm not impressed. If these are considered as good as Bose, I'm glad I didn't shell out more money on Bose. In my opinion, a pair of earbuds will have much the same effect. If not better.
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on 3 September 2015
There is no doubt: the Audio Technica ATH-ANC9s are a stunning piece of audio equipment that are a must-buy for anyone who wants the highest quality sound reproduction without being disturbed by background noise. Firstly, the audio quality is of the highest order. Music played through these sounds vibrant, dynamic and highly detailed. There is no silliness with excessive bass as some headphones makers try to ruin your listening pleasure with - there is perfect balance across the dynamic range. High frequencies sing beautifully, the mid-range is full and spritely whilst bass is wonderfully sonorous without going over the top. These headphones would be worth the asking price for their audio quality alone.

But of course, they have another trick up their sleeve - active noise cancellation. I have tried a lot of active noise cancelling ear- and headphones, it seems the technology is now established enough to even put on quite inexpensive equipment. It is generally a false economy to buy at the entry-level of the market. When you turn on ANC on a lesser headset you invariably hear a distinct hissing sound and you are aware of this until you really crank up the volume of your music. I've dropped quite a lot of cash on the 'latest and greatest' ANC headphones, and tried a few inexpensive models for things like monitoring in my studio: always the hiss. Switch on the nose cancellation on these ANC9s and you are encompassed by silence - there is never the hint of a hiss.

The ANC9s come with three noise cancelling modes: one for aircraft and trains, one for office environments and one, which I have to admit I find a touch perplexing, for quite environments like libraries. I use mine in the office mostly, so generally use the second mode. Computer fans stop spinning. Printers are unplugged. Fridges and dishwashers are thrown out the window (to land on very soft down bedding, I suppose). All those people nattering on in the background shut face. Indeed, you can barely hear someone speak if they are standing directly in front of you. These are a dream accessory if there is a crying baby on a train or aircraft. And this fabulous noise cancellation does not effect the superb sound reproduction by even a far-distant gnat's buzz. I cannot say I have tried out the third sound cancelling mode much, but my experience over the past 6-7 months with the other two makes me doubt there is a better active noise cancelling set of headphones on the market at the moment.

Included accessories hit a high point with the stylish semi-hard case. You also get a cable with a microphone and an call answer button (which even works on my Windows Phone) - but that's it as far as controls on the cable. You also get an aircraft headphone adaptor and an AAA battery which is good for about 60 noise cancelling. When my battery has run out unexpected I've just used the headphones like normal ones and they have worked just fine unpowered.

They are extremely comfortable to wear. They have large memory foam ear cups which do a good job of noise isolation themselves. They easily expend to fit even over my (ego-fuelled, my partner will tell you) large head.

To summarise, I cannot recommend these headphones highly enough. They sound great, they cut out sound great, they answer smartphone calls great, they fit great, and they've got a great protective case. You want the best noise cancelling headphones on the market? Look no further!
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on 4 May 2013
I picked these up for £160, but would happily have paid the Bose-like price to get something this good.
Subtle shifts in noise quickly picked up and adjusted for
The three settings actually do work differently, and the 'study' setting seem (so far) to be very battery-friendly
Totally block background noise such as on train/plane/office environment/dull road rumble (no ANC phones of this sort, even Bose QC15, will block high-pitched loud conversations/children squealing)
Good sound quality (even without battery)
Being able to use the in-line control for iPhone
Good level of grip to head
Work for playing audio even without battery

One-button inline control (I prefer not to have to do the one, two, three 'click' thing)
Width quite broad (as in, stand proud of the sides of the head)
Passive NC could be a bit stronger
The smallest setting (size) is fine for me, but if one had a particularly petite head this might be an issue
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on 7 September 2013
Having recently been diagnosed with Hyperacusis, a low tolerance of loud sounds, I purchased these to use on a flight to Croatia.
Once settled in my seat I put the phones on and there was already a reduction in noise from the passive effect of the snug fitting
ear pads, but when I switched on the active noise cancelling circuitry I was absolutely astonished by the peace which descended
on me. A big smile came over my face and a wow from my lips, these things are amazing. The sound quality is excellent also. If
need noise reduction in your life, you need a pair of these.
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on 22 January 2013
Honestly, when it comes to comfort, build quality and noise cancellation - there isn't that much between the Bose QC15 headphones (Colleague who sits next to me has them) in terms of effectiveness.

Where these cans set themselves apart is in flexibility and sounds quality.

Firstly, you have 3 cancellation modes which is a nice touch, I won't go through them as its in the product description, suffice to say they are pretty good and do what they say on the tin. (As with all NC cans, they 95% stat is nonsense of course!)

Secondly, there is a passive mode - ie they still work as headphones when not turned on/battery dead. Also, when off there is still the noise cancellation generated by the build of the headphones.

Thirdly, the sound quality - This is really where these headphones win:

I have a pair of Bose QC3 headphones - noise cancellation is laughable and the sound quality is muddy at best and has a huge amount of sound leakage.
Bose QC15 headphones have a better sound quality but still not what you would want from 300 notes!

Audio Technica - Compared to the comparable Bose, its like night and day. You're never going to get stellar sound from active noise cancellation headphones but this is the best I've heard - if you're looking at Bose QC15 - don't believe the hype and get a hold of these!

Very quick review I know, but thought a brief comparison with the Bose headsets might prove useful (Don't even consider QC3)
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on 25 November 2015
Having bought a Bose QC15, it lasted for about two years of careful use before it failed on the left hand side. Internet research said this is a very common problem and I eventually tracked it down - finally by destructive testing, to a poorly made unit. No more Bose for me EVER. I then discovered these and am so pleased with them. They work as well if not better than the Bose as far as NR is concerned. Work also with no batttery, which the Bose doesn't. And the sound quality is marvellous, not that I was disappointed with the Bose in that regard. Also a lot cheaper. I did find them on eBay at half the Amazon price but went with Amazon in the hope that I'm avoiding clones.
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on 2 February 2014
Really, really good.
Very good at cancelling noise - even a loud diesel engine is reduced to a faint murmur.
Also very good at MAKING noise - at least on par with my studio monitor headphones.
Very comfy - I regularly use them for 2-3 hours at a time and usually forget I'm wearing them.
Super, super chuffed with them.

Handy that they can be used without power, but be aware that they sound pretty lame in comparison to when the power is on.
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on 29 October 2013
Comfortable with a good cushion seal around the ear. Good noise suppression, particularly good on trains and aeroplanes where you can really notice the difference. Excellent sound quality - bright and with presence even with the noise cancelling on. Can be used without turning them on. I like the ability to remove the cable so you can use them for sleeping on aeroplanes. Personally, I'd like to see them with Bluetooth.
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