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on 24 November 2012
Firstly I will make a point of saying im no surround sound expert, I also purchased this from Curys rather than here as I wanted one straight away. The setting up was very straight forward, the bar comes with 2 HDMI ports, so for just having my TV and PS3 I connected it up in the folowing way:

Soundbar has an IN & OUT HDMI ports, so the PS3 goes in and the TV goes out, if like me and do it the opposite way you just get no sound at all.

I then turned off completely my TV speakers on my LG 36 Inch LCD TV as I just wanted the sound coming totaly from the sound bar itself.
The only other minor adjustment I had to make was on the PS3 settings and make sure it was set up for Dolby 5.1 surround sound, the display on the sound bar is really nice and can be dimmed at night using the remote control, likewise so can the 3D virtual surround sound , this has 3 levels which are OFF, LOW & HIGH, I had it set to HIGH and have so far made no more adjustments to the sub or the audio levels in speakers, I also used my Star Wars Bluray to try it all out as from years ago when I had a full surround set up I remebered how good it sounded with 5 seperate speakers, and with this I was not dissapointed in the slightest,its immersive sound and in a nice size bedroom like mine really does feel like the ships are flying over and around you, so I cant understand other negative reviews on this.

If you want a mid entry sound bar then this I highly reccomend!!!
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on 4 May 2012
At the time of me buying the HW-E350 is a new model soundbar from Samsung. Not to be confused with the HT-E350 or HW-D350 which are both completely different things.

In the box came:
Remote Control
Sound bar
3.5mm jack to dual phono cable
2 ferrite cores
small wall bracket (only suitable for flat wall)
small usb cable

The remote is small but of good quality. it switches my old Samsung TV on and off. More on this later.

The Soundbar is standard Samsung shiny piano black and looks very smart. As it's been designed to go with 32" TVs its a little shorter than many soundbars, being about 750mm wide. It has a flat front and a curved back. it has two speakers each side at the front and a small upward-firing sub on the top.

HDMI In (I have a Sky boxed plugged in to this)
HDMI Out (My TV is plugged in here) This port also supports ARC. My TV is too old to support ARC. It also support anynet+ if your TV does.
Aux in (3.5mm jack) I have the jack to phono connection in here, connected to my DVD player.
USB in to allow you to play music from a usb stick or mp3 device. It must be presented at FAT/FAT32 storage, not NTFS.

The HDMI looping through the sound bar makes for really simple connections BUT they dont supply a HDMI cable to you will need to source one of these.

The soundbar has a small vacuum-led type blue LED display (dimmable) which tells you what input and what sound mode you are in. You can dim it.

The sound controls are reasonably basic, you can change between various programmes like drama, news, music, cinema, which seem to be like a digital equaliser being applied. They do make a difference. You can turn the small sub up and down, but it is small don't expect the neighbours to complain much even if you have it on +6.

As for the sound, it's nice, it does add some depth to the TV and is MILES better than the (frankly awfull) speakers built in to my TV, but this is in now way an ear-splitting cinema sound experience. That's OK becuase actually this is what I wanted.

This unit both looks like, and sounds like the speakers they should build into the TVs by default!

If your TV supports ARC then you can send sound back from it in to the soundbar, then I guess you would have control of the volume from the TV. likewise if your TV supports anynet+. Mine had neither so I mustn't loose the soundbar remote control, but I knew this, My TV is from 2007 :-)

The only real disappointment is the bar has no auto power off/on feature (the D350 does but that has no hdmi but optical connectors and no sub). This helps me take -1 off the score.

Overall I'm reaSONABLY pleased with the device, and would recommend as long as you have a tv with anynet+, but if you are an audiophile and want the full cinema experience then this is not for you. If you just want TV sound that works properly, then it's ok. A sub-£100 price would make it more reasonable value for money.

The manual for this model can be hard to find on-line, it's here:

[...] (as Amazon edited out the link I guess its still hard to find)

Edit: Second annoyance - When the Soundbar is powered off it doesn't pass through anything to the HDMI out, so with the powerbar off there is no picture or sound passed from my sky box to the TV. minded to reduce the reivew to 3*
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on 9 May 2012
It's sleeker than a lot of other models - and at the the price on Amazon (£155), it's £45 cheaper than the stores.

The sound is certainly a lot better than my TV. The functions are useful and it was easy to set-up. (I used two HDMI cables for the TV and Virgin box and then the phone plug connection for the DVD - NB doesn't come with an HDMI cable).

So at the price, I'm really satisfied and give it four stars out of five.
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on 24 December 2012
I was in the market for a sound bar and came across this Samsung..
After reading reviews some were negative and some research i decided to purchase..
It's a great looking soundbar as you would expect from Samsung..and it compliments my TV.
The audio sound is not like the cinema, for indoor use it ticks all the right boxes without annoying the neighbours..
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on 15 February 2013
I am very pleased with how this soundbar enhances the sound of my smart led TV. It was really easy to set up with an HDMI cable (not included) and looks great sitting in front of my TV. I'd recommend this to anyone who does not have the space for a full surround sound system!!
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on 25 June 2012
I bought the Samsung UE32EH5000 32-inch TV and the Samsung HW-E350 as a low end small and up-to-date replacement to a 15 year old Sony TV which wouldn't go wrong. I made the incorrect assumption that new Samsung models would work together. In this case, wrong. The only audio output from the TV is digital (optical), which is not accepted in the soundbar (why not?). The soundbar supports the ARC HDMI mode but the TV doesn't (why not?). So two 2012-released systems from Samsung don't work together (OK, my PS3 links to the TV through the soundbar using HDMI and that's fine, but that's only half of the story). I'm returning the soundbar. Should have stuck with Sony.
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on 8 May 2012
I have a Panasonic plasma TV with OK speakers, but they lack bass. So, I thought I would invest £200 in a sound bar to bring out more of the cinema experience.

Well, the Samsung sound bar was not what I was looking for. The most important thing about a sound bar is that it should outperform your TV's own speakers - this lightweight and modest kit completely failed to do that, and so must be counted a complete waste of money. The volume is no more than OK, but even at 100% it can hardly be described as loud. Most disappointingly, the bass is extraordinarily weak considering it has an in-built woofer - this is the critical component missing from TVs and pretty much the only reason to justify buying a sound bar in the first place. It was returned for a full refund.

Of course, some TVs have poor sound in the first place, and so the Samsung could offer some benefit to some people. But for the same money you could buy a better TV rather than adding extra kit to the one you already have. Therefore I cannot see any reason to buy this soundbar.
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on 25 November 2012
Slightly different requirements to most people - bought to take the edge off the very slightly thin sound from a new Panasonic TV, but NOT to gain thumping "meet the neighbours" base, or add huge volume. Therefore was not looking for 5 star reviews. Also had to be short enough to fit the 73cm space on the shelf underneath. At 72cm this was the only one I could find; BUT on reading the safety instructions (am I the only one?)it says to leave 7cm each end for ventilation! Strange as the unit tapers to point at each end; why not have ventilation holes / fins where it actually gets warm, ie just right of centre? We'll have to see how that goes. Just beware - it says suitable for 32 inch TVs, but the safety instructions require a 40 inch shelf unit!

Anyway the unit looks fine (though some might prefer a cloth grille over the front), and sound-wise it meets our requirements, connected via HDMI-ARC. One day I'll turn it right up and see what it can really do!. One thing - you can set various sound stages - drama, music, news, sport etc. Don't bother, they sound awful (at least in our room) Leave the setting to "off" and it's perfectly acceptable
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on 19 March 2013
This item was a substitute for my Surround 5.1 Sound System which, my wife did not want me to keep after we moved into a new home (Ground Floor Flat). However, I persuaded her that the speakers on out LG 37" HDTV were not that brilliant and as the room we were going to put it in was quite large, we needed 'something' to 'fatten-up' the sound of our LG, A friend had recommended a Sound-bar as a reasonable alternative/compromise. I did quite a bit of on-line research as well as testing a few in some local retailers... This one was the best! - Although, not as 'fat' as a full surround-sound system; the Samsung HW-E350 120W 2.1ch Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer Compatible with 32 inch TV (New for 2012), does pack a fair punch and IS a very good alternative. The bass sounds are adequate to good; as are the 'Sound Modes' on offer (Cinema/News/Music/Drama etc..). This system is not as 'filling' as full 5.1 sound but, nevertheless does fill my fairly large room. Overall, I'm rather pleased with this product... I still miss my 5.1 system tho! :-)
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on 19 August 2012
I could not recommend this sound bar as the sound was even worse than the sound from my Samsung dtv.Had to return the unit and Amazons service could not be faulted when i returned the item
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