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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Edition: 32GB Model|Change
Price:£79.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 21 January 2014
Now I'm a massive Sony fan and own all their consoles and handhelds (except for the awful PSP Go), but this proprietary memory card lark is getting OLD. There is absolutely no reason for it anymore. Sony charge outrageous amounts for the cards - I bought this for ~£40 but the original asking price was much higher.

The card itself is tiny. Why is this a problem? Well if you're like me then you'll want to install and download a lot of games. Let me tell you that the 32 GB fills up very quickly, even before you've put media such as music and videos on there. The solution would be to buy multiple memory cards (!!!) and switch them out. But being so tiny it's very easy to fumble and lose the card if you're out and about, so you'll either need a special case for them or just leave one in.

The thing is - if you want to do anything more than buy a couple of physical Vita games and install them, then you'll need the space. The other cards are far too small, and the larger ones are (in my opinion) too expensive (bringing the total cost of the Vita way over £200 before games). So you'll have to suck it up and buy this card, then try to drown out this experience with quality gaming sessions.
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on 18 October 2013
If you prefer to use your Vita the way I do - downloading games including PSP and PS1 classics - then you're going to need a high capacity memory card. At the time of writing this is the highest capacity available in Europe, although do bear in mind there is a 64GB version releasing shortly in Japan which should at some stage make its way over here.

It's just much handier and makes life easier having your own catalogue of games quickly accessible straight from the Vita menu. At £39.99, Amazon seem to be the cheapest going; at time of writing they're having trouble keeping them in stock but hopefully this will improve.

To give you an idea of how useful the size is, I currently have Final Fantasies VII, VIII and IX, Tekkens 1, 2 and 6, Soul Calibur Broken Destiny, and Wipeouts Pure and Pulse saved onto mine, and still have 21GB free which I plan on slowly filling. It feels good knowing you have too much space!
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on 2 August 2016
The 32Gb version of this card seems to work perfectly, unlike the bigger 64Gb one (I had one - it died) If you get a PSVita (which I fully Recommend - it's superb) you will need this. Be careful not to pay both an arm AND a leg for this card though, i got my original for £40 and I was still miffed. This is the biggest brake on the PSVita even now, you NEED more than one card & they're stupidly expensive. The sheer amount of superb stuff available on this system (+the remote play concept) means it's vital to have them. Even if you buy (for example) Borderlands 2 as a Retail cart you will still need over 2Gb for the season pass downloads. Zen pinball 2 is upto 3Gb now with all the tables.... surface.... scratched..... come on Sony.
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on 20 February 2015
Out of all the ways Sony could have prevented piracy on their device, this is by far the most anti-consumer way imaginable.
Expensive, proprietary garbage that is required for the functionality of your Vita. Admittedly you can get away with 4gb if you buy all your games on cartridges. However we are living in a time where games are available for download instantly with cheap memory cards available. Hell if it were for a 3ds, I can pick up a working memory card twice the size of this for $25.
This is less of a complaint about this product, but a complaint about the hardware made to protect Sony's property. Encryption works fine. Why do this?
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on 16 May 2012
Way back when the PS Vita release details were coming out, I was disappointed to hear that the 32Gb card would not be getting an official UK release at launch. In the end I got a 4Gb memory card as part of a package when I bought my PS Vita from Vodafone and that was enough for a while until the official Euro / UK release of the 32Gb memory card.

The card Amazon are selling from this listing is the official European (including UK) release, which has different packaging to e.g. the US release of the card, but inside of course the card is the same and compatible with all Vitas worldwide.

Transferring your data, games and video from one memory card to another (e.g. if you're upgrading to a larger card size like I was) is very little trouble at all using the backup facility in the Vita's Content Manager to copy your data to PC or PS3 via USB. Apparently a very few games or demoes may not backup properly but most will - mine did fine, including all my settings (even my mobile network settings), you can then just pop in the new card and send the backup data to the new card via USB.

People have been complaining about the price of these cards and that's understandable when a 32Gb SDHC card is under £16 on Amazon UK at the time of writing and a 32Gb micro SDHC card is under £18, with faster versions available for not much more. Well Sony have gone with a new proprietary format and so considering the smaller volume of cards produced and manufacturing facilities etc it's understandable these PS Vita cards aren't as cheap yet. Whether they should have gone with the proprietary format is controversial, supposedly it is an attempt to stop piracy such as that which badly affected the PSP. Overall, if you actually buy your games legally either digitally or at retail, this move is welcome as long as it is actually effective at stopping piracy, and some extra money on a card could be seen as an investment in helping to ensure a steady stream of future Vita games, with developers and publishers more confident people won't just pirate the games. Of course, if the Vita is cracked within a year we'll all be wishing they had just gone with micro SDHC... finally it's worth bearing in mind that either way, the price of these cards will fall over time, so if it's too much now, wait a bit.

Also on the price front you should consider whether you really need this much space. What are you going to be doing with your Vita? If you want to forget about (boxed, retail) PS Vita game cards completely and go fully digital in your purchases then this card is a good choice as Vita games can be large - currently as large as 4Gb (the current top review on Amazon USA's site has a list of game sizes in MB), and who knows in future even larger ones may be released. If you only want to store save games then a 4Gb card may be fine. Do you want to store music or video on your Vita, or record music or pictures? I am using mine as a music player on the go and filled up 20Gb with music alone, with some room for download-only games and video.

All in all, nice to see the UK get this at last, shame price is high for now, but for many a card this size will help them get the most out of their Vita.
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on 12 March 2017
I still use a PS Vita, especially for watching films on aeroplanes and coaches(whilst travelling). Very good size card to store lots of films. Works very well. Very surprised that the seller didn't format this card before passing it on, still had some data on it.
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on 8 November 2016
Haven't had any problems with it, I've been using it for 4-5 months. I currently have over 30 games stored (12 physical and the rest digital). Shame that the price keeps going up but it is a necessity for every vita owner.
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on 14 May 2013
Ok, first things first. Considering the prices of SD/microSD cards, this is extortionate. In Sony's bid to combat piracy they have made a terrible decision in making these memory cards. However, they have more than redeemed themselves with PS+, cross-buy and the PSN sales. I've more than made up the cost of this card with the savings I've made from these services already, especially considering I already had a PS+ subscription on my PS3. Even if you only have a Vita then the savings should still justify getting this card. As for why I'm talking about PS+/cross-buy/PSN sales for a memory card, well, let's face it, 4GB and 8GB cards are too small if you're going to be downloading games online. You could keep deleting/re-downloading games but it is very impractical if you just want to play a quick game but then realise that you don't have it on the system. A 16GB card should be fine for now but in the not too distant future when more games come out, even that won't be enough, so this card is pretty essential for future-proofing and getting the most out of PS+/cross-buy
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on 3 May 2013
its a must item if your looking to download your old PSP game or even the newer PSV games gives you enough room to keep them all on here

it is painfull how sony deced to use brand spesfic memory but sins they have your best bet is to get the top end of size and this one will be the better for all who can see them selfs useing their psv's a lot

best price i have seen around from the size would recomend to anyone who wants to gett he most out of the vita and PSN store to get one.
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on 7 December 2012
So, Sony create and release the Vita - the best handheld console of its generation, they then create a special locked card format which is the only memory card format the Vita will read / write to. You need to have a memory card in your Vita otherwise you are screwed. To use the Vita to its full potential you will of course download games, store pictures and play videos / music - all of which will require you to upgrade to a bigger card than the standard 4GB (lets face it 4GB can only handle saving a few games.) Sony then rake up the price of the card to an extortionate figure, and sell it on the market, knowing full well you NEED the higher 32GB card to do anything useful, and you don't have the option of shopping around for 3rd party cards as all competition has been precluded by Sony themselves. Result: you bite the bullet and fork out whopping £58 for a 32GB memory card; because Sony made you NEED it, and there is nothing else you can do about it. Shame on Sony for the price, but the card is a necessary evil.
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