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on 15 July 2017
This speaker is extremely deceptive, it's really small.. it fits in the palm of your hand but the sound is fantastic! I wasn't expecting it to be so small when it got it and was a bit disappointed until i plugged it in but it does have very clear sound with a nice bass for music, films and videos. I'm using it for my laptop because my speakers are underneath and i needed better sound.
When i received it one of the plastic tabs on the case was shattered so i was confused where the smashed plastic was from. Luckily it wasn't from the speaker! My other bug bite is the wire from under the speaker is very short so i use the USB wire and plug it in to the mini USB audio so it's longer and more comfortable.
It doesn't take very long to charge and takes really long to use that charge! I love it and would buy more to link them (which is a cool feature)
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on 24 April 2017
Comes nicely packaged with easy-to-follow instructions. The speaker appears to be well made with a lovely black matte finish, and also comes with a good quality pouch to store the cables and speaker in. I love that it comes with an audio cable extension and a split charger cable which allows you to continue using the speaker as it charges.

The speaker appears to have a long battery life, even with constant use; there is an LED light to indicate if the batter life is running low. The sound of the speakers are very loud, despite its size and is very good for watching movies, etc.
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on 22 December 2016
Really pleased with this speaker & I have now purchased 3 in total. Two as gifts along with MP3 players - one for my mother and as my young nephew loved it so much (he would often steal it away) he now has one of his own.

I have also purchased one recently for myself to mainly use with a desktop computer. I don't really want a big speaker set up and this is perfectly adequate for my needs, I don't really care for surround sound and all the fancy stuff I just want to hear something occasionally when I don't want to use the headphones. This does the job and is so small it's unobtrusive so does not impact on my desk space.

This really is quite a versatile little speaker and I am very happy with the output, it's as clear as a bell. I don't find it tinny but then I am no music expert, just know what I like and what I don't like - I like this and so far everyone I have gifted to does as well.
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on 8 February 2015
I was a bit dubious about this speaker before buying, but it was available at a good price and the reviews seemed positive.

My main reason for buying was to use in my car as my car stereo is broken - I thought I could attach this to my phone (and I can). The one thing that concerned me was that it would just be loose in the car and not mounted on a base, but the speaker is so small that it fits nicely in a cup holder without affecting the sound. The charge lasts a decent length of time, and the savings in batteries from some portable speakers is a massive boon.

It is only a mono speaker, though, please be aware of that, and my understanding is that chaining two or more together (which I intend to do) will still not create a genuine stereo sound - merely two mono outputs.

There is no set up required as such, it arrives charged (well, mine did anyway) and can be used right out of the (excellent) box (the packaging of the actual speaker is great but for some reason Amazon used a box over a foot long by about four inches high to send it!)

I've given this five stars as I am impressed with the sound BUT if I were to compare this with my home speakers, it probably wouldn't warrant more than three stars. It is a great little unit in its own right, but it will never replace a decent home stereo system.

For emergencies, though, fantastic.
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on 15 January 2018
Excellent very pleased with my purchase , easy to set up and the sound is better than expected .... perfect for me, came the day after I ordered it. Well pleased.
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on 27 September 2017
Very speedy delivery, I can't open it yet. As it's a Xmas present for my eldest granddaughter. I just know she will love it. I've got a similar one and judging by what people are saying I just know there's going to be quite a bass boost from it. Looks a good model and very well presented with its packaging. Very pleased.
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on 4 December 2016
Impressive performance for such a tiny speaker. Nicely packaged too with charging cable and 3.5 mm jack plug extension cable, and even some spare rubber feet. But the main thing is that it sounds pretty good considering how tiny it is. It won't go very loud, but easily good enough for my daughter's bedroom - ideal for children. Beware cheap imitations such as the Betron version, which I compared this too. The Rokono sounds much better.
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on 20 July 2016
I really love this! I bought it to take on holiday to listen to my mp3 player on the balcony during the evenings.
But now I use it all the time!
It is more than loud enough and being rechargeable you don't have to worry about batteries.
The sound quality is incredible, my friends who went on holiday with me have bought one too.
It comes with a travel bag to keep it safe.
I use the speaker most days now, for my laptop, mobile phone, tablet and mp3 player.
Being so small its easy to carry around in a pocket or bag.
I was a bit sceptical about the sound quality or if it would be loud enough, but its brilliant...I really can't recommend it highly enough!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 31 July 2013
I bought the same speaker in red and found it excellent for my mp3 players (the reason for my initial purchase - see my review of the same speaker coloured red) and my Kindle e-readers both Kindle Keyboard and Touch for listening to the robotic Text to Speech facility (this is improved too - less tinny). The speaker also gave a more Bass tone to my Kindle Fire for music or audio/audible books.

I then - - -

Tried it on my portable TV which has a USB socket and found the speaker made the 10" August portable TV sound 100% better and the USB socket on the TV charged the speaker while it did its job improving the sound. The remote control of the TV controlled the volume of the TV and thus volume of the Ball speaker.

Tried it on my portable Sony DVD Player - no charging facilities on the dvd player but the short fitted audio cable from the bottom of the speaker fitted into the headphone socket on the DVD player and really improved the sound of my dvds. Again the remote control on the DVD controlled reducing or increasing volume on the DVD player itself and thus controlled the sound on the plugged in speaker though the speaker does have an individual volume control by the way.

I then tried it on my laptop and it worked great. The volume on my laptop is not that loud even set at maximum, the speaker solved that and also introduced more bass than my laptop itself allows.

Thinking it out I realised that if I bought another ball - which I have, a black one - I can have one at each side of the laptop. The left one is just plugged in for power by a USB socket on the left side using the Y shaped cable that came with it. The audio cable of the Y shaped cable is just long enough to trail behind the screen/top of the laptop and meet up with the ball speaker at the right hand side of the laptop - plugged into it's Audio-In socket hole. This right hand ball is connected to the laptop by the Y shaped cable that came with it for both power - USB socket, and for audio - in the headphone socket of the laptop itself.

I can leave them set up on the laptop and just remove one (fully charged) ball speaker and attach it to my DVD player when required - as long as there is one movie's length of charge in the speaker no power cable is needed.

Or just borrow one ball, again fully charged, to plug in to the TV. Again no power needed unless I am going to watch more than 10 hours of TV with it the speaker plugged in. I have sent off for a USB/miniUSB power cable for use with the TV and the speaker if it is ever needed, this is quite likely for watching films or music channels on the TV as the sound is so much improved.

The Ball speaker is supposed to last for 10 hours once fully charged.

The distance between two ball speakers using the audio cable of one of the Y shaped cables is a maximum of 22" - great for your laptop.

You also get an extension cable which is 32" long (including 3.5 plug and socket)with each speaker, one of these can be added to the shorter audio cable and could improve the sound received if you used it to distance the two speakers apart when used with a dvd player or a TV with a headphone socket. You can enjoy double the sound or turn the sound on each down and have a sort of stereo from an average dvd player or TV if stereo sound is not built in.

I have a slight deafness in one ear and sound always seems to be coming from the left side of the room as if it is not coming from the speakers of what I am using at all. I am able to increase the volume on the right hand speaker to get the volume from the speakers to appear to come from the TV, laptop, mp3 player or whatever itself instead of across the room.

This really improves the narrator's voice on audio or audible books from my mp3 player or my Kindle Fire.

It is a great little speaker. I'll wait a few weeks and buy another black one so that the laptop will look better with two black speakers.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 July 2013
I have to admit that what I am really looking for is a speaker the same size as my mp3 player - that needs only a small single cable to pass sound from the mp3 player to the speaker when it is playing.

The speaker would need a another socket to receive power from a usb cable from a power source to charge it up.

Is that too difficult to manufacture ? ? ?

In the meantime this lovely red ball serves the purpose though really just a little too big for my handbag. Actually it's a dark ruby red not the bright red that it appears to be in the picture.

The ball has a circumference of 8" and a diameter of 2.5". It has a height of 2" closed and 2.5" when open.

The ball opens upwards when in use. There are two sockets on opposite sides - a miniusb socket and a 3.5 jack socket.

I read the instruction leaflet and learned that - - -

The 3.5 jack socket is for when you join one or more balls together - the attached cable coiled under the base of a single ball fits in the 3.5 jack socket on another ball this use is shown on the leaflet, you can therefore join up a few to get a louder sound.

The leaflet says to use the power/audio joined cable to connect your device to the speaker. READ MORE CONNECTING YOUR DEVICE AT THE END OF THIS REVIEW.

There is a male/female 3.5 jack cable packed with the ball to add a of length 30" to this short attached cable to separate two balls by a larger distance or you could use it to add to the 24" fixed length of audio cable fixed to the power cable.

The USB cable which carries the charge to the ball is only 8" long (really should be 12" at least) and that and the 3.5 jack audio cable 24" long are physically joined together at their other ends and become a single miniUSB plug at the end to plug into the miniUSB socket on the ball. Charge and sound go in the same socket on the ball.

I plugged the miniusb plug into the ball, the usb end into my laptop and the other end which is a 3.5 jack into the socket on my mp3 player.

Yes, you can listen to your device while the ball is charging but the ball will be only 8" from the power source.

OK, with the ball on your desk next to the laptop the short 8" cable will do but not as easy with the power cable pushed in a usb plug fitted in a mains socket at floor level and only another fixed 24" length of cable to raise your device to a working height, though you can add the 30" audio cable to it.

That's if you don't want your cat or dog (or rug rat) to pick it up or treat it as a new ball to play with while it is on the floor near your mains power socket.

What a pity they could not have given the user a Y-shaped adaptor to plug in the miniUSB socket with two separate cables for power and audio. The user could then purchase longer cables if they wanted.

Once the Ball is charged I plugged the miniUSB plug in the socket on the ball and I plugged the end with the 3.5 jack in my device and then there is this unsightly 8" cable with a USB plug on the end of it dangling loose. READ MORE ABOUT THIS AT THE END OF THE REVIEW.

Also opposite each other on the ball are the ON/OFF switch and a knurled roller switch for Vol - and Vol +. The turning distance from - to + is not wide so I used the volume control on my mp3 player to raise or lower the volume.

Incidentally there is nothing in the little instruction leaflet to say that the Ball has to be open when it is switched on. You can hear the sound with the Ball closed but it is a little bit louder when open. In case there is some sort of heat control by having the Ball open when playing I'll do that.

I use two mp3 players one for music and one for listening to audio books.

The reproduction of the narrator's voice is excellent. Not too sharp or too soft. I tested music from the fifties as well as some Folk Music - The Last Farewell by the Houghton Weavers which is singing, a piano, guitar and silence is a good example. I listened very carefully to the silent seconds on this track for hiss and did not hear any. Loud music can hide a lot of sins.

Audio books be they from Audible or from mp3 files sound very good on this speaker. With speech of course, the silence between the words is as important as the voice of the narrator as crackle and hiss can ruin the book being read.

Attaching my Kindle Touch e-reader I could listen to e-books that provide Text to Speech. instead of listening to the robotic voice direct from the Kindle itself and while you are still obviously listening to a robotic voice, the voice itself from the ball is a little less sharp. I could say softer but I don't want readers to think it is quieter.

I forgot to say that you get the little black bag shown in the description which is four and a half inches square. It is fine woven and seems to have a rubbery feel to the outside surface. The pull cords when pulled make the bag STAY CLOSED. You also get a little piece of red plastic in a tiny clear plastic bag - stuck on this are three tiny peel-off red spare feet but the ones on the underneath of the ball seem pretty well in place.

Having typed all this I checked the leaflet and the box for a charging voltage to see if I could use a 5.0V charging plug with a long lead and a miniUSB that I already have. There is nothing quoting a maximum output voltage of a charger.

It says Output 3W and Power Input L/R320Mv Whatever that means. Can someone in the know add a comment to this review to say if I can use the 5.0V charger plug I can use for my Kindle e-readers and mp3 player.

THIS IS WHAT I DID FIND SHOWN ON AN OUTER SIDE OF THE BASE OF THE BOX (covered by the box lid when the box is closed up.



So my mp3 player can lie neatly next to the Ball without any long leads showing at all.

Why on earth is this not in the instructions ? ? ?
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