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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 August 2012
I use my old PSP to play videos at work when I am doing particularly mundane tasks. I wanted to use the Vita but it's tricky as the power goes in directly under the middle, rather than at the side like the PSP. So when I saw this I thought it would do the job. It does. Fits in very snugly, perfect angle, light yet feels solid on the desk. I was slightly dubious about the silver front but with the gloss black Vita in it I think it looks fantastic too.
Two points. To get a charge from a USB connection you must enable a setting in systems. Go to Settings, System, and make sure 'USB power supply' is ticked. The Vita charges very slowly through USB and when I have done it before the advice was to turn the Vita off to get the best charge. I will admit I'm not sure how it will charge while watching videos. Time will tell.
Secondly, the audio socket. As another reviewer mentions the volume cannot be controlled. This is because it is not a headphone socket, it is a 'line out.' It is for connecting to external speakers which have their own volume control. I do use headphones, but I have a FiiO headphone amplifier which has volume adjustment. Not that it needs boosting, if anything with just headphones it's a bit loud, but it means I can control the volume. Be warned, if you will want to use headphones with this but have no way of controlling volume, this isn't for you.
Very pleased with it, and will probably end up buying another one for home.
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on 10 December 2012
What I liked:

- Having a charger and an audio out means you can watch films, with much better sound, without ever having to worry about battery life!
- It transforms the Vita into an awesome mini cinema
- It saves your arms from holding the Vita for 2 hours whilst watching a movie
- Can use it as a dock or charger
- Its good value for what it is
- The viewing angle which it holds the Vita at, is just right (see below)

What I disliked:

- It looks better quality than it feels
- The viewing angle is not adjustable
- Whilst watching movies, charging is slowed down considerably


One of the Vita's better accessories and a must have for watching films. Highly recommended.
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on 28 January 2014
So after a good few months of use I figured I'd leave a review. Left it for so long as I wanted to make sure I didn't leave a positive review only for it to break a week later after extended use.

All in all, it works. It does the job. If you require a stand for your Vita, this'll do it and it'll do it well.

For a piece of plastic it's quite sturdy and has survived knocking around in my bag multiple times. Has even been stood on and shows no sign of relenting.

The angle is good. Can be sat at most levels and the tilt is more or less spot on.

Now for a couple of niggles I have with this... For some reason that I'm unsure of, if you try to plug your headphones into the cradle the sound on the Vita will max out. Trying to turn it down results in nothing, it's literally stuck at full volume so long as you have the headphones plugged in the cradle. I've worked out that if you turn on the "hearing protection feature" (forget the actual name) that'll cap the volume enough that it's not deafening. Alternatively, it is possible (depending on your headphone jack) that you can bypass the cradle and just use the Vita's headphone socket. It's a tight fit but if you thread the headphone wire over the arm and not under it, the cradle works as normal and you've got sound control.

Second niggle is the price. Come on guys, you charge this much for a bit of plastic? Bit steep!

4/5 out of five. Could claw that star back if not for the headphone volume issue! Already paid this much for the cradle, don't make me fork out for headphones with volume control as well.
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on 14 August 2012
i have no volume controls on my headphones so maybe this would not be a problem.but when the vita is docked on the cradle, your usual slot to fit headphones is blocked by the stand.there is a slot at the back of the cradle but when using this there is no volume contol from you ps vita.( can not use it)
this makes volume loud and not ideal for eg playing a game or watching a movie while charging.
good but could be better
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on 29 November 2014
Oh dear,
This is so small and I mean the box is actually 6 times bigger than the item.
It's small and plastic so do not assume it is metal.
The box had been opened because I could see how the sticky tape had been off and reseated but was not in original place.

What do you get?
Instructions and a small plastic stand......that is it!
Did you expect a power cord of any kind for the price tag of £20 including postage?

My advice,
Make a a cradle yourself and use your psvita power cord because you need to use it anyway.
Not worth it at all unless they drop the price dramatically.
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on 25 February 2013
Nice cradle, looks good and does the job. It's fairly small so you can carry it easily if you've a long train journey or flight and don't want to keep hold of the Vita.
I bought this so I can keep my Vita on my desk at work, it's good to be able to charge up in work for the train home as I'm currently mid way through Final Fantasy IX (again) and the battery charge vanishes fairly quickly.
If available to you, you can stick a load of good viewing on your Vita to have as background noise in work and not worry about the battery. The line out is also handy as I can connect my desktop speakers (only on my dinner...sort of)
I've based my review solely on the purpose I bought the cradle, but it's a handy Vita accessory in the home too. Note that you only get the cradle, you will need to get another USB cable if you plan to take it to work, these are only a few quid though.
Saying all that, from a general point of view and based on how time consuming it can be to rip DVD's and then convert the video to Vita format, you could pick up a Galaxy Tab and cut out the hassle if you are more inclined to watch rather than play.
Overall, nice item and I'd recommend it to any Vita owner who actually plays on it.
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on 12 February 2014
It works - and well. The cradle is stable and doesn't wobble when using the device docked. My only criticism is that it is very light and 'cheap' upon handling, which I guess is okay; but for the money I would have expected slightly better, especially from Sony.
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on 12 September 2012
I use the dock to sit the Vita on my desk at work so I can use Music Unlimited or have video running in the background. It sits on three flat rubber feet at the perfect angle and small enough that when I travel I throw it in my bag so I can sit the Vita on it during a long flight or train journey.

As others have mentioned, the audio socket on the back is a Line-Out socket and as such you can't control the volume with the Vita itself.

Fortunately, the gap on the dock under the earphone socket on the Vita has just enough room let you plug in a pair of earphones with an L-shaped jack. There's a small gap on the struts that allows the earphone cable to be fed under the Vita and out to the side without the Vita squashing it. Using the actual earphone socket you can at least control the volume from the Vita, although it is a bit of a faff to have to take the vita off the dock when you want to retrieve the earphones.

I do love having it, but there's no getting away from the fact that just like Vita memory cards, this is a very over-priced plastic accessory. There's just nothing to it - no weight at all, so even pushing the touch screen on the Vita is enough to have it and the dock slide along my desk. A bit more weight would solve both that and the impression that you've received an empty box when it arrives!

If you use your Vita a lot for listening to music or watching video then I recommend it - just be prepared to be underwhelmed by what you actually get for your money!
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on 9 February 2014
I purchased this cradle for use with my PS Vita and Music Unlimited.

While I can use Music Unlimited on my PS3, it requires both the PS3 and TV to be on all day, which consumes far more energy than the humble Vita.

The cradle provides a line out socket, for easy connection to a Hi-Fi set, or external powered speakers.

Several reviews have mentioned that the volume cannot be controlled when connecting via line out. Please be aware that this is normal and as designed! This is not a fault of the cradle!

Line out and headphone sockets are two different types of socket, despite the fact that they take the same size connector. Line out produces a much louder, fixed volume output, for use with external audio equipment. Headphone output is designed to be much quieter, and is unsuitable for use with external audio devices due to its low output.

Anyone who has ever connected an iPod, mobile phone, portable CD player (does anyone still use these?), or any other MP3 player to a car stereo via the headphone socket will be familiar with the problem of having to crank up the volume in order to hear the music loud enough, only to nearly get a heart attack when the traffic updates come through, frantically reaching for the volume knob to turn it down to more manageable levels!

Similar to the line out in this PS Vita cradle, iPod speaker docks work on the same basis. No one connects their iPod to the docking station via the headphone socket, instead the bottom socket on the iPod is used to connect the two devices. This is because the dock connector on the iPod doubles as a line out, and the volume is controlled by altering the levels on the docking station instead of using the scroll wheel on the iPod.

With this clarified, you can now safely ignore all the other reviews complaining about the volume controls on the Vita not working when connected to this cradle.

If, however, you plan on using this cradle with a pair of headphones, and wish to adjust the level, you will have to consider getting a headphone amplifier with its own volume control, for example the very affordable ones made by Fiio, also available here on Amazon.

While the build quality is good, I feel that the cradle is a bit expensive for what it is. I would have liked to see some more heft to the device, with a solid metal base to add to the weight of the Vita itself and thus minimise sliding, as well as a real brushed aluminium front, instead of the fake plastic one used here. This is the only thing that stops me from giving it 5 stars.

Despite these two minor complaints about the device, I would strongly recommend it over the other, non official cradles sold elsewhere on Amazon, and pay the extra money.
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on 31 December 2012
I only wanted this for charging and to display the vita and it does a wondeful job, it may seem a bit expensive but it works. If youre looking for a stand to watch films I recommend you buy the PlayStation Vita Starter Kit it comes with a case that flips and can act as a stand, not great protection but you can easily plug in headphones and the charging cable can still be plugged in. It doesn't look great like this stand but better for watching films and stuff.
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