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on 30 August 2012
Really impressed with this TV. Not the most popular name of Samsung, panasonic or sony - but it compares in quality easily.
Nice LED controls, excellent connectivity - plug in a USB storage device and record anything immediately!
Lovely contrast controls whilst HD free view is outstanding. - and of course 100Hz.
The SMART is achievable by plugging in wireless dongle - not included - or by ethernet as I did.
The SMART tv is BBC iplayer, you tube and toshiba spaces that features a pay to view film service (1.99 - 3.99)- not a well known one though.

If you want NETFLIX then you need a more recent SMART tv that has the newer software of web surfer - Samsung series 7 or 8 - OR a stand alone SMART box.
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on 16 September 2012
Firstly, the same telly in currys is £379 so great saving. I bought this 32 in addition to the 47 fitted in the lounge and very happy with both units. The best feature for me is the freeview HD terrestrial tuner. I have sky HD on both TV's but if the wife wants to watch sky one while the football is on, I can still it watch in HD and in my opinion terrestrial HD is better quality than satellite HD! Most slimline TV'S struggle with sound.......not this one......although the main body is slim, the bottom section cleverly curves out at the back to create two speaker sections which rather than throwing the sound to the wall, distributes it downwards. The remote is sleek, elegant and easy to use.

My only criticism is that it takes around 12 seconds from switching on to coming on, which probably has something to do with software loading. To me this is a minor niggle.

I have given this TV 5 stars for quality, picture, freeview HD and the fantastic price.

I must also give 5 stars to Amazon..........ordered on Tuesday, received text on Wednesday to inform me that tv would be delivered on Thursday. I then received a further text on Thursday morning to inform me delivery would be between 2 and 3pm......It arrived at 2pm. All this for 4 quid postage!!
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on 6 January 2013
I had this TV for 3 months and had been pleased with it until a couple of days ago when it suddenly decided it wouldn't accept any commands from either the remote or the manual buttons on the side of the TV.
It was stuck on one of the HDMI inputs and was powered up all the time until unplugged from the wall.
I tried the usual things like replacing the remote batteries and un-plugging the TV from the mains for a while but my efforts failed to fix the problem.

Upon investigation it seems that other people have had similar issues with this model, probably due to the cpu in the TV getting tied up in knots by bad firmware. There didn't seem to be a resolution to the problem on the web that I could find (sometimes issues such as this can be resolved by combinations of button presses when the power is applied but there didn't seem to be a fix in this case)

Therefore I contacted Amazon Cust Service who, to give them their due were very helpful and agreed to refund the purchase price and arranged to collection.

It's a great shame as the I was very happy with the TV until then but it should last years not fall over in 2 or 3 months.

Just need to get a replacement now, sorry to say it won't be another Toshiba.
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on 4 November 2012
I have owned the 32" Model for around 3 months now and it is a good value Freeview HD TV. I have compiled my personal Pro's & Con's on the TV as a few reviews I've read have been slightly misleading.


1) Freeview HD and good picture on Standard Freeview
2) USB Connectivity - I have a 1TB portable HD connected which is partitioned into 2 sections. I have a separate 100GB partition for the TV's recording and time slip feature which works perfectly. (This partition needed to be formatted by the TV and set as the recording device.) The TV plays back all the media I have on the other partition such as movies, TV shows, music and photos effortlessly and the navigation is simple enough.
3) Slim Profile - Slim and would be easily wall mountable.
4) iPhone App - Can be controlled from an App
5) iPlayer - The rest of the on-demand inc youtube are a waste of time, get a different TV or YouView Box if you want the other on-demand channels


1) Menu's are too small and poorly laid out.
2) SLOW! the TV is slow at turning on and changing channels
3) Only 1 USB so if you want to use a dongle and a HD you're stuck
4) Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) crashing the TV. If you have a new laptop/ultrabook WiDi is a brilliant feature replicating the computers screen and sound to the TV via Wifi, boxes for this are usually around £70 but this TV has it built in provided you use the Toshiba Wifi dongle (I picked one up for £21 delivered last week). The WiDi function would not load on my TV so I emailed Toshiba and they telephone me to arranging a repair.
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on 8 July 2013
I bought this from Currys because Currys is across the road from where I live. I use this as a television and as a monitor for a laptop.

As a monitor it's great, all external inputs look fabulous. I've even hooked up an iPad and it looks grand. I'm not convinced about Resolution+ but I've never been a big fan of upscaling.

It worked with a TPlink wireless-N dongle I had kicking about, so great connectivity, can't complain at all.

The firmware was really buggy, it crashed often, menus got stuck on screen. You couldn't use the HD freeview channels because the it couldn't decode both the audio and HD content at the same time and so the audio would cut in and out. iPlayer would stutter too and the remote control didn't control iPlayer reliably.

A few of the apps on the "Smart" side don't work.

A recent firmware update helped quite a lot though, and it's *knock wood* seems less buggy and the audio doesn't seem to be stuttering yet. iPlayer works better, but would be nice if it were the HD content.

Blinkbox is crazy expensive, Acetrax doesn't seem to work. Not been able to get Flickr authorisation because I tried the authorisation pin a whole day after it was sent and it had timed out. So the "smart" functions aren't overly smart. Stuff like Facebook, well if can get a keyboard of some description to work (not holding my breath) it maybe okay. Typing with a remote control is is like chinese water torture.

I'd give it 4 stars post firmware update if it had Netflix, or even love film. Though oddly I did find some menu that had a Netflix ID. I probably should have bought a Samsung, but I wanted Scart.

Really wish Toshiba wouldn't be so cheap, pay the licenses for the apps, get Netflix, get 4OD and 5 OnDemand and catch up to the competition.
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on 1 March 2013
Good picture - which is after all the main thing. The autoview feature is good - it sets the picture by measuring the light in the room - I've tried getting a better picture by manually adjusting but I can't beat the autoview. Connectivity is good - 3 x HDMI (most only have 2) - 1 x scart - composite input for your games machine - and VGA PC input. There is no input however for an external source apart from the games input. The smart part is a bit disappointing - there is no built in web browser so you rely on whatever is on Toshiba Places. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook - the rest is movie or music sites that you have to pay for. The only catch-up TV is BBCiPlayer. The music player is extremely basic - all you can do is play tracks in alphabetical order - not even a shuffle (random play). I would have thought after all the work that had been put in on PCs - WinAmp, RealPlayer, WMP - they would install a really good music player - but no. I was able to find my music files on my freesat PVR but am still trying to connect to the MP3s on my laptop. This has more to do with Microsoft than Toshiba - it definitely is not straightforward like Microsoft say it is. I could write more but no-one will read it - so I'll just say - this Toshiba is good value for money - and bear in mind that smart TVs are still a bit experimental and don't really do very much that you actually want. Oh - and the sound is terrible so you will need at least a 2.1 set of speakers to go with it. It really only needs the bass filled in so get some with a good bass unit.
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on 12 August 2012
the product said it was a return so i was not suprised when the package that arrived had previously been opened.
All parts were there despite the unusual packaging of a money bag.
The Tv is said to have been fully tested on its return and checked as fully functioning.
The TV takes a long time to switch on and change channels from the EPG. Also the writing on the guide is very small and i have to get up to read it.
The speakers give feedback/white noise every now and then which is very annoying in the middle of a programme. The only way i have found to stop this is running the tv through external speakers and low and behold the feedback/interference has completely stopped.
This tv was purchassed as a gift and the recipient is very pleased. If I had bought this for myself I would definately have returned the item as 'not as described' due to the obvious fault.
It is a good looking tv with plenty of features but as an owner of a LED smart tv already this is a poor quality set. there are better out there for not much more money.
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on 24 February 2014
Had this TV now for year and half, at first was happy but then found the options are limited with neither of the big two streaming companies available in the menu system being netflix or lovefilm and also being limited to only BBC iplayer and no other catch up TV options. I therefore bought a smart bluray player which had all the options I required.

Since buying this TV it has intermittently froze up with no display and just green light. I found unplugging for 10 mins and plugging back in did the trick, so I lived with it. Now it has completely died, I have green LED and no display although I can tell the backlight is working, it just doesn't appear to be booting up. Biggest mistake ever, its now out of its warranty and Im at the mercy of Toshiba, awaiting their reply to my email.

I just wish I had bought a Samsung. my recommendations for smart TVs are steer clear of Toshiba, there simply aren't enough features to justify the smart TV aspect. I am just hoping their customer service is better and they repair this free of charge.
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on 14 May 2013
This TV has a serious fault. Twice now, I presume due to poor firmware, the TV has locked up and wont do anything. Like others have said, the TV switches on but the green light comes on instead of standby. First time was after 2 weeks, Toshiba fixed the TV and sent it back to me. All was fine until recently. I was browsing through Toshiba Places and the TV switched off and on. This time the green light and the amber light were both lit. No response from side panel or TV remote. It seems to be when you try to use Toshiba Places as both times, this is when the TV died. Toshiba are fixing it again but I have bought a Samsung now as the main TV as this one is just to unreliable. I am nearly at the end of my 12 month warranty and I know this TV will die again. I dread doing a firmware update as I know the inevitable will happen and the first time the TV died was the day after an update. Picture is good enough for the price but this is a poor TV with a serious flaw, stay away and get a Samsung. Toshiba should have withdrawn this line.
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on 18 July 2012
I bought the 40' version of this TV to replace my 1-year-old-but-just-dead Samsung 40' LCD. My review is based on my experieces with these two TVs. Note that the Samsung was the no1 product (by far) here on Amazon last year (2011). I went for Toshiba because the replacecement Samsung model for 2012 was a shame (2 HDMI ports, no HDMI-CEC, no DLNA).

My backgroud: I use the TVs mainly with XBMC and for occasional internet browsing. I am a CS guy but with no particular background/interest on image processing. I bought the TV for $425 (the old Samsung was £385).

Buy the TV, it's just fine. The difference over the last year's most popular LCD is obvious even to the non-trained eye. The TV is very light, it has decent connectivity options, its UI is reasonably fast and the power consumption is minimal. Plus, no other LED with similar features is in the same price range.

-Very nice colors. If you come from an LCD you will be impressed.
-A very useful button in the top of the remote marked "TV" changes the input source straight to the Tuner. It you live with people that have trouble gasping the concept of an on-screen menu, this is a blessing.
-HDMI-CEC support, works fine with Pulse8's USB-CEC adapter and XBMC. Every once in a while I have to disconnect/reconnect the HDMI cable but I haven't yet spent some time to understand why.
-Resonable color reproduction with the PC on the desktop. This is a big irritation for me because many TV's apply tons of post-processing to the HDMI input making the the PC desktop very ugly. After spending some time in the settings (eg mark the HDMI input as "PC"), color reproduction is OK. Still, my old Samsung had a desginated HDMI port for PCs and it was much better (ie it identified itself to the graphics card like a PC monitor, not as a TV).

-Not perfect color reproduction when used as a PC screen, see above.
-A badly-shaped remote. It's not terrible but it should have been better.
-It takes quite some time to boot. But it's UI is resonable quick afterwards.
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