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on 16 January 2013
great picture, sharp crystal clear, easy to operate... still few things need to figure out but as long as i can change channels thats fine!!.
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on 18 May 2012
We got this as a replacement from Toshiba UK for our original 3.5 year old TV that developed a vertical stripe fault - a recognised fault it seems...

The TL963 is an excellent TV generally speaking:
- great picture, rock solid, bright & colourful
- HD in 3D as well 2D
- great connectivity (so far tried: Wi-Fi, BBC iPlayer, Media-browser, etc)
- improved audio (over previous 40TL8xx)
- good case, swivel base (silver bezel is OK, matt finish)
- Toshiba Wi-Fi dongle works well, fast.
- Good, clear remote

Great UK support from Toshiba UK:
- based in UK
- relatively quick response (and friendly too!)
- dealt with original faulty TV (3.5 year old, 40in, vertical stripe)
- offered replacement deal (ie the TL963)!

Possible issues - all minor (depending on your expectations):
- sound is somewhat 'thin' (symptom of thin LED TVs - small speakers)
- TV Guide is annoyingly slow at times, but clear
- 3D requires ACTIVE glasses (£50 per pair!)
- Have NOT tried 3D with Toshiba glasses - waiting del
- UeroTek glasses (Active shutter) gave awful flicker (possibly incompatible or faulty)
- Fixed list of names for inputs ("DVD", "Game", etc. confusing is say you have PS3 and Wii)

If TV is arriving by courier - do check the packaging prior to opening as ANY external damage is likely to damage the TV itself: the packaging is alarming lacking! Good for the environment etc, but needs a careful courier! If you have any issues, Toshiba UK should should sort it all out very efficiently.

LSR, Norwich, UK
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on 16 August 2012
Firstly I must say I don't consider myself a total A/V nut, but do take my audio-visuals pretty seriously. I don't usually bother reviewing things, but since Amazon seems to be just about the only place where there are any reviews of this set (wonder why?) I thought I would help out anyone who, like me had a mid-range budget to spend and began to suffer from serious buyer-fatigue trying to figure out which of the hundreds of choices to go for.
I have broken this review up into segments.

My main use for this TV is DVD's and Blu-Rays and video gaming. I have not used it for standard TV at all, so cannot comment, although if YouTube/iPlayer/4OD etc through the Xbox 360 is anything to go by, I imagine standard TV (which has a higher quality than any of those sources to begin with) looks pretty fantastic.
As with any serious bit of A/V kit, you need to be prepared to spend quite a bit of time getting the various settings how you want them - the "standard" mode straight out-of-the-box will probably look pretty good compared to your last TV if you came from a non-HD TV or even just 720p, but there's really no point in spending this much on a TV if you don't care enough about the image to spend a lot of time tweaking the finer controls to get it just right.

Once you do get it right, Blu-rays (through a Playstation 3, which is still one of the best around) and games (through an HDMI cable at 1080p) look absolutely fantastic, and you'll find yourself wanting to watch all your films and play all your games again just to see how they look on this. There is a depth and clarity that again, assuming this is an upgrade for you, you have probably never seen before (even in shop displays where they rarely seem to have them tuned right for the environment they're being shown in).
DVD playback varies wildly (as they tend to do) and the clarity of this TV tends to show up flaws with badly-transferred DVD's, whereas it makes others look a lot better - pot luck really, but one drawback of this TV is that you'll end up wanting to own everything on Blu-ray once you've seen how much better it looks! All the film grain and tiny detail comes back again, and they run as smooth as could be, without a jot of judder or blur. You will see your favourite films in a whole new way - its the visual equivalent of the first time you heard your favourite album on headphones and heard all the things in the sound that you never knew were there (younger readers ignore that bit).

There is a "game" mode for video games, apparently to help prevent lag, but personally I didn't really find it a problem even on the normal mode, even on shooters like Call Of Duty, where precision and zero lag are essential.

Every non-HD source is upscaled to 1080p, and so almost everything looks far better than it would if you tried to stretch a normal picture out to 46". I have been quite taken aback by how much better certain DVD's and MP4's etc have looked on this TV.

My only complaints with regard to picture is that the black tones can be so dark at times that it takes some getting used-to - in fact, your old TV probably displayed black so badly (in comparison) that blacks were actually mushy greys which made the whole picture appear lighter. For a while I couldn't get used to this and always thought it was too dark, but as I've become accustomed, I have realised its just my expectations of blacks being greys, which of course they should not be. Secondly, there is LED edge-lighting on this TV which prevents light drop-off (vignetting) at the edges of the picture, however I really don't feel its necessary and in certain scenes, there's an annoying lighter stripe down both sides of the picture, and seemingly no way to turn it off - I hope this issue is addressed in a future firmware update. It isn't a major gripe, its just more noticable at some times than others, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off is quite an oversight on Toshiba's part.

3DTV Performance:
I suppose I haven't really put this feature fully through its paces, but know enough to give a reasonable evaluation I think - so far I have tried 3D (with 3rd-party Active-Shutter glasses at £25 a pair) in 3 different forms. Firstly, I have Hugo on 3D blu-ray - it looks amazing. I missed it at the cinema and thought the chance to see it in 3D had passed, then I realised I could now see it on this TV, and wasn't disappointed. Realistic, life-like and very clear indeed (none of the shadows or "ghosts" that some reviewers have reported) and exactly as you would hope it would look in 3D, not some half-house substitute. Secondly, I have played Halo Anniversary in 3D mode on Xbox - looks great, the gun infront of you seems to stick right out of the TV! But the graphics in the game are not the best, so it is perhaps not the best example, but it was good to see that this mode seems to work perfectly convincingly too. I think you would get pretty tired eyes after any more than about half-an-hour's 3D gaming though. Thirdly, I have tried watching various sources in the "fake" 3D mode this TV offers - it's an interesting enough novelty for 10mins or so, but isn't really a worthwhile feature for me (although I see some reviewers on here disagree) as the TV doesn't really know what's supposed to be in the foreground or background in any given scene and so just makes it up, with completely random degrees of success, so you just end up with a weird looking "layered" picture, but not one that often convinces as 3D. As I say, its a cute novelty, but not really a feature worth serious consideration in my opinion - perhaps some sources respond better than others.

Personally I thought the sound from the set was very good for such a slim TV (its about the width of two fingers!) - its never going to be as good as through a proper system - if you're thinking about spending this much on a TV and you're not going to plug it into a stereo/surround system, don't bother with it at all, go and buy something cheaper and simpler.

Online features:
I did try this out with Toshiba's own USB dongle, which connected fine. However, the interface is ridiculous and does not explain how you enter upper or lower-case lettering (I tried everything!) to give your password for your network, and neither does the instruction manual, so I gave up and sent the dongle back to Amazon - I can do everything I need to through the Xbox and PS3 anyway, but beware of this if connecting to the internet is important and you don't have any other devices. You can also stream media directly from your PC with the dongle, but I can do that with my Xbox, so again, no real need for me. If you have any interest in gaming at all, I'd seriously consider whether you want invest £75 in an Xbox 360 rather than £25 in single-purpose Toshiba dongle (which arguably ought to have come free with the £600+ TV you just bought!) - the Xbox does everything the online features of the TV can do, only far, far better (you can use a keyboard rather than picking out letters with a remote control), as well as offering Sky, Netflix etc. And I suggest Xbox rather than PS3 because its far cheaper and runs media so much smoother (I have both, and no particluar allegiance one way or the other), but the Xbox will cost £40 a year online fees.

USB playback:
I love this feature - plug in a USB stick and you can access any photos, music and videos (as long as the file type agrees, but it will play most types of video file, mp3's and jpegs) copied from your PC and it actually has a really nice interface on the remote, which makes it quite a pleasurable experience and a lot less hassle than firing up your gaming console every time you want to do it. MP4's, AVI's and MKV's also (again, as long as you work on getting your setting right) look fantastic on this TV, which upscales them and compensates for some of the quality issues that tend to come with such files. Also, as its Toshiba, you don't have to worry about any of the Cinavia or other copy-protection headaches that come with the PS3 or doing the same through your Blu-ray player.

Digital TV performance (watching normal TV with an aerial):
Again, I haven't tried this out, but if the picture quality on lower-res sources such as iPlayer or MP4 is anything to go by, there's no reason to assume it wouldn't also look great, assuming your signal is reasonably strong.

Build quality:
Looks fantastic, clean neat lines that would impress anyone, has glass over the screen (as opposed to the flimsy plastic you get on a lot of LCD's, which can sag or warp over time), anti-reflective screen (although you will always get SOME glare if you don't think about where you position the TV) and feels solid.
The remote control is a bit of a pig, and to my mind seems to be about 1/4 as long again as it needs to be, but everything is laid out nicely, works very responsively, and is generally comfortable despite being slightly over-sized.

A/V Inputs:
Everything you could need really, 4 HDMI slots to take the majority of the work, plus RGB component, a couple of USB slots, scart socket (in case you somehow end up trapped in 1999 and have this TV with you) etc.

TV Recording:
Have not tried this feature. Be aware that not every type of USB HDD will connect or work properly, you will have to format it (remove all other content) and the content you record will only play back on this TV.

All in all, I am really happy I settled on this TV after more than a fortnight of intensive, incessant reading, browsing and stressing over what to get. In the end I went with one with the fewest reviews on the web, but am glad I did, especially at the price compared to other sets.
2 weeks in and its still making me go "wow" occasionally, the picture is just lovely and makes watching just about anything an absolute pleasure.

That's me done, so just to summarise, significant pro's and con's:

Amazing picture, and that's what really counts here.
3D looks great.
Good sound quality.
Great connectivity to various kinds of media and sources - there's not a lot this TV can't connect to.
Upscales media so almost everything looks remarkably good.
The set itself is sleek, stylish and looks great in the living room (or, I imagine, on the wall). The stand revolves too, which is handy.

LED edge-lighting can't be turned off, and is occasionally a little obtrusive.
Instruction manual doesn't cover everything you might want to know, some of which is quite important.
Remote control is a little larger than it needs to be, and thus slightly unwieldy.
Internet connectivity requires additional purchase.
3D viewing requires additional purchase (although not uncommon, there are a number of sets that have included up to 8 free pairs of 3D glasses!) bear in mind if you have a family of 4, you will be looking at an additional £100 minimum to get everyone watching in 3D.
If placed on the included stand, the TV feels solid enough while free-standing, but is very front-heavy and it would only take a glancing blow to send it toppling forward.
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on 8 February 2013
I purchased this tv from Amazon due to them offering it at the lowest available price both online and in stores. Delivery to N.Ireland (which usually takes day or two longer) took 3 days only, delivered wednesday from a sunday night online order, 1 day ahead of projected delivery date.

As for the product itself, as an owner of large TV's for 10-15 years, including old rear projection tellies and my most recent Panasonic plasma I am well versed on the technological shortcomings of the various types of technology. Prior to purchase I read countless reviews of this tv in comparison to others and accepted that with all varieties of manufacturer you will have small issues you might just have to accept at the price range of £450-£600.

As I haven't used it in the first few days of owning it for online content, the SMART functions etc I can only comment on the picture & sound performance. The tv arrives with a number of pre-set modes as usual but I have found them all in need of adjustment via the picture menus. For example the Dynamic setting is striking and vibrant on sport, animated movies such as Toy Story etc but on regular movies / tv, the level of noise that shows up is terrible, so you find yourself having to tone it down if watching these programmes. The Hollywood settings for movie watching I found very very soft contrast, and if I wanted such a soft picture i'd have purchased a Plasma instead and not LED/LCD tv. With enough tinkering of the motion setting, noise reduction, contrast, brightness and colour you can get this TV showing beautiful pictures (especially on HD) and not bad images on standard definition pictures depending on the Sky channel and their encoding quality. MTV etc still remain particularly pixilated and 'rough' regardless of the settings but thats as a result of them not being HD and poor digital compression encoding also.

Now the bad points. As a newcomer to LED techology, I have read repeated reviews about backlighting bleeding when picture is dark and was wary about purchasing tv as a result. This TV does suffer from it, and from what I gather the tv's LED is 'edge lit' hence it shows up at the extreme edges of the screen. You can reduce the effect of this by reducing the backlight setting down to around 50% or lower, without it significantly reducing the vibrancy of the picture overall. Do this and also reduce contrast and brightness suitably and you can get good levels of black, strong contrast and superb colour rendition without very much blacklight bleed. There always remains some brighter light at the extreme sides of the screen, encroaching around 2-3 inches inwards and some might find this offputting as when u know its there, you may not be able to help yourself look for it. But concentrate on the centre of the picture as normal viewing would and its a fault of the technology that I find i can live with. (and I'm fussy about my picture quality!).

Finally the sound on this tv is very weak and tinny due to its fantastic slim frame. You might want to invest in a separate sound bar to get the best from such a large dynamic picture.

As for the 3D function, I tried briefly watching film on it but found it poor with lots of flickering in the background etc. This might have been fault of my universal 3D glasses I purchased, not the official Toshiba ones, so wont claim that it doesnt work well. Might just be that I dont particularly find 3D inspiring, easy to watch or useful in any way and more a gimmick until the quality issues can be ironed out.

One final point : the casing on the back of the tv was cracked, length of which was about 3 inches, with a score along side it of same length. Fortunately this doesnt seem to have affected the tv in anyway, and Im guessing came about due to the solid stand 'cup' that attaches to tv and stand being stuffed into the very slim packaing thereby cracking the plastic rear of tv. This was then moved to the FRONT of the box against the tv screen and fortunately the foam covering prevented any scoring on the screen itself, but poor packaing I'm afraid from Toshiba, and not im sure anything Amazon can be faulted for.

All in all, with a little tinkering this TV can produce excellent pictures for a decent price, and I'm sure somene else can vouch for the interactive / SMART functionality of the tv for those keen to use them.

Highly recommended and purchase from Amazon with confidence....
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on 22 December 2012
This is my 3rd Toshiba TV from Amazon. They are high quality products. This has a fantastic picture in HD and very good sound quality. Set up was so easy. Its a shame it didnt come with any 3D glasses like a lot of the competition do and they are expensive to buy. Also to set up the Smart TV you need to buy a dongle or a home plug so there is a fair amount of money to spend on top of the initial purchase price.
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on 2 June 2013
I will give this TV 4 stars but only for the picture quality including 3D. If you like the idea of using Smart features via an internet connection look elsewhere. Please remember what you DON't get in the box, as they may add a considerable cost: Specific 3D glasses compatible with this model only (no other 3D glasses will work), an optional USB wifi dongle specific to this model only (no other makes or models will work). Good points: A decent quality picture that is easily tweaked from the easy-to-use main menu. Very slim design that looks good. Bad points: I made a wired connection from TV to DLNA compliant wireless router. Although I can access Toshiba Places the connection failed to access my PC files on the same DLNA network. I have ordered a wifi dongle but am not holding out much hope. The USB flash drive connection is fussy - I was told by the Toshiba services that it is in fact limited to an 8Gb drive (I bought a 64Gb flash drive especially but which doesn't work). I also found that file size playback for video/movie content is limited to 2Gb meaning your viewing of a movie might well be abruptly interrupted, as mine was - the TV was responsible since the file playe perfectly on my PC. Toshiba Places is primitive to say the least. No Netflix. No Love Film. No Skype. No web browser. Yes - NO web browser. The only two useful apps on there are BBC iPlayer and YouTube, both of which work fine. The rest are all pay-for apps like acetrax movies, etc. You cannot install any other apps at all since there is simply no option for that. I also found the EPG program guide in Toshiba Places simply doesn't work - all I get is an error message saying my TV programs are not supported, and that's when I'm viewing in the inbuilt Freeview mode. The remote control is ok but a little too large for its own good. If you want to be able to surf the web on your TV forget Toshiba, unless you are content with an HDMI wired connection direct from your PC. Overall the smart functions of this TV let it down big time. Although you might think its cheap for what you get, you may find yourself forking out quite a bit more for essentials like the specific 3D glasses and the specific wifi dongle, neither of which are supplied. Its like buying a new set of cutlery without the teaspoons. That said the Toshiba picture quality is natural looking and as good as you might get for more expensive TV's in this range.
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on 19 December 2012
I have to say I was a little apprehensive about buying this TV given some of the other slightly negative reviews but I need not have worried. This is truly a stunning, value packed TV. The greatest attraction is the wealth of feature and adjustments provided. These can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use them. First picture quality. Having checked out all the models at the price range (Panasonic, Samsung & LG)They all have more or less the same characteristics in terms of LED edge lit LCD screens. I guess backlighting inconsitencies are pretty much pot luck but the set I have does not seem to suffer noticable at all in terms of eveness. Where the sets do differ however is in the picture processing. The Toshiba has fast picture processing (The Panasonic E5B to my eyes showed some motion blurring probably due to the 50Hz rate)Care is needed however in set up. Picture adjustments with the Toshiba are nothing short of bewildering.Straight out of the box the picture was ok but nothing special. Time spent tweaking the picture however is worth it as the picture is now truly stunning.I cannot comment on the 3D performance as I have no interest whatsoever in this feature (and suspect many others feel the same)
Another area worth highlighting is the array of inputs available. In addition to the 4 x HDMI's a scart is provided (lacking on the Panasonic) as well as a headphone out. This latter feature is essential if like me you have an older analogue surround cinema system. Also lip sync criticised on some sets seems pretty good on the Tosh.
Much has been said about the remote control being large and unwieldy. Well to put this in context it is the same size as a Humax freesat control and has an indent at the back that provides perfect balance.
The only real negative point concerns the poor applications provided for a so called "smart" set. This has been commented on elsewhere and if it is high on your priority list then this is not the set for you.
So to sum up. Clearly sets costing twice the price undoubtably offer superior performance but at this price sector (sub £600)the Toshiba seems to do mosy things very well indeed. If you are considering a large screen set then do not hesitate going for the Toshiba.
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on 21 July 2012
The good
Lovely looking, thin led television
Uniform blacks
No backlight bleeding on my set
Crisp picture and no blurring on fast moving scenes
Toshiba UK support (I've used them so speak from experience)

The bad
Woefully bad wifi (my settings were never saved, or the optionally purchased never connected after the set was turned off/on)
Smart services nowhere near the standard of competators
EPG rubbish

This is a great set at the right price but if you want smart services better look elsewhere.
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on 9 August 2012
I was keen on buying 3D TV since I wanted to enjoy 3D novelty. I kept reliance on Toshiba technology and its reputation in the electronic industry. I had Toshiba lap top, DVD players and DVD recorders which performed without any troubles. The design is first class and 3D picture clarity is amazing and no cross talks. I have used LCD ( Sharp, Samsung) and LED ( LG, Sharp) previously. Each model has its own strengths and weaknesses. This model looks expensive and Sound quality is not bad even though some complained about the sound quality. This model converts 2D contents to 3D, I think this is selling point and you cannot see much depth in normal DVD. If you want to enjoy truly 3D experience you must play 3D blu rays. I could not get high quality picture in factory standard colour settings & changed to dynamic colour setting in order to get the best picture quality. My settings are,

Picture Mode - Dynamic
Backlight - 48
Contrast -75
Brightness -19
Colour - 7
Sharpness -43
Colour Temparature - Cool under advance setting

1. Design - No doubt this model is solidly built
2. Four TV tuners ( analog, digital FW , satellite, HD tuner)
3. Smart TV/wireless LAN but I am not interested in browsing web on TV, I did not test this functionality,computer can do better job
4. HDMI 1.4 ARC - This really works with my Sony 3D blu ray cinema system & user can eliminate optical connection and listen TV sound on cinema system through single HDMI 1.4 connection.
5. Eye popping 3D & blu ray picture quality
6. Good colour rendention on both HD & SD contents
7. Good TV tuner - Good reception, my previous Sharp & Samsung TV tuners were weak & could not get all the channels
8. Wide viewing angle - This is exactly true as Toshiba mentioned. The panel may be IPS, this model has best viewing angle out of all TVs I have used
9. Toughened glass stand rather than cheap plastic stand
10. Photos on USB can be viewed in 3D mode. Upscale photos taken with 5MP cameras to high resolution images

1. Initially I thought analog/standard definition picture was not very sharp in comparison with my previous LG LED TV but I was wrong. I changed standard picture mode to above settings and I got the clean and crisp picture on SD programes too.
2. Remote is badly shaped and not urganomically designed
3. It takes long time to start up

This is really good TV and I highly recomend this model to anyone who is looking for good 3D capability and quality HD/SD picture.
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on 21 March 2013
Very satisfactory, excellent picture, easy to use ,smart component very useful, especially iplayer. 3d not used, not many 3d films & didn t come with glasses,but not really too bothered about that feature.
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