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on 18 May 2013
A `cautionary tale' of the adult entertainment industry, as told by Jenna Jameson, one of its biggest stars (certainly at the time of publication in 2004 and probably still the same today). A sturdy book, at almost 600 pages, it's lavishly illustrated (which made for some interesting moments as I read it during my lunch break at work) and follows her life from birth to being on top of the world using prose, Q&A transcripts and the occasional comic panel. She is very candid and open, highlighting her bad childhood (losing her mother as a toddler, a dad, whose occupations don't seem to tally, who's never there but a loving brother who is), the poor choices and accidents of her teens (rape, abuse and addiction feature heavily) and the grit and grind of the porn industry. This is not a happy read, it's grim and unpleasant for a lot of the time though there are flashes of humour and good times and to her credit Jameson doesn't sugar-coat her own personality - she was obnoxious, she was a bitch and, quite often, she was the kind of needy, addicted,unconfident, easily swayed girl that she says the industry chews up and spits out. Having said that, it is good to see her keep going against the odds and it's a timely reminder that if the porn business looks glamorous on film (or the Internet), it is anything but for the performers themselves, who often lose out on normal life, loving relationships and a family life. As I mentioned before, the book is chock full of photographs - mostly black & white, from a variety of sources - childhood and family stuff, modelling, film covers, stripping days - but even though the cover says "Uncut and Uncensored", there is always a large X covering her bare groin whenever it appears in a picture. Also, oddly, she never refers to her vagina as anything other than her "ding-ding" (whilst dropping the C-word for other things) and is also delicate with the use of words for the male member - one line actually reads "When I felt his pee-pee probing around my backside..." A hard book to recommend - it's certainly not for everyone - but as the `cautionary tale' it proclaims itself to be, I would say it's worth a read.
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on 5 July 2016
Firstly, what this book isn't, apart from a two page guide to how to er..fellate in such a manner as to draw maximum approbation from your fellatee, is a 'how to' guide, but the autobiography of the world's most famous porn star. I was intrigued as to how she got where she is today and why she does it and this book does at least tell you that. Given the salacious content it's weirdly compelling in its way, but I do think both the book and its subject are deeply flawed.
The book jumps around all over the place, has too many uninteresting pictures of Jenna (all of them showing her massively overdressed by her standards) and, more seriously, contains loads of chapters devoted to conversations between her and her brother and father, which are uniformly dull and should have been cut. In fact the book could usefully be cut by about 50%, which would then have made for a much more uniformly riveting read.
Jenna has had to overcome some pretty bad things, the loss of her mother from cancer, a dysfunctional family and being raped at least twice.
However, there are clearly a number of character faults that make her an ultimately unlikeable subject, including
1. Her willingness to sleep with whoever she wants to whenever she feels like it even when a relationship with someone else, but woe betide that someone else should they do likewise. I didn't expect her to have the morals of a methodist and a woman has as much right to go out and have sex as as any man, but there is a lot of hypocrisy here.
2. Diva-ish behaviour on and off set
3. Long spells out of control on a variety of drugs. After the second times waking up/coming to to find someone having sex with her (and not being too upset about this in either case) I found it increasingly difficult to sympathize with her.
4. Needy behaviour and a general lack of recognition that her assorted parters of the time may have emotional needs too.
Ironically I'm surprised she has been so successful as she is in her chosen er..profession for so long. While she was quite pretty in her early twenties, by the turn of the century she was no more physically attractive than you would expect of a bleached blonde bimbo with breast implants and a long-established self-abusive lifestyle. Anyway, just my personal opinion, I'm sure conoisseurs of the genre know better.
Still, read the book, chunks of it are oddly compelling, in a car crashy kind of way.
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on 6 April 2012
the book starts well with harrowing tales of a childhood denied by bereavement
her mother dying of cancer when she was very young
her father wrapped up in his own grief works constantly as a las vegas cop
and the children are emotionally neglected .
Its easy to sympathise with the plight of jenna and her brother
as they run wild in the streets in the small hours spraying passing cars with fire extinguishers for laughs and constantly annoying the neighbourhood.
Their father brings home a string of unsuitable girlfriends/pseudo moms who abuse ,starve and generally don't like the misbegotten sprogs of their boyfriend.

It cannot be denied that jenna has had a very rough time
its a book filled with heart wrenching sadness and does cause the reader to empathise with her for her childhood and teenage traumas It manages to quickly throw the goodwill of the readers aside with all her adult behaviour and the half hearted excuses she uses to explain them

The book has entire chapters where the author(s)thought it would be a great idea to go back to jenna's childhood and discuss details completely missed out in the childhood chapters.These ill chosen (and ill placed)passages serve to derail and confuse the reader .And i found myself wondering why they werent actually included in the section on childhood.
Some chapters were merely transcripts of conversations between jen ,her father and her brother while a novelty at first after the third time it does smack of laziness.
She details her first marriage to brad armstrong .In the spirit of complete honesty she details how she treated him badly and he in turn responded in kind .At which point she then attempts to play the blameless victim and lay the fault on her hubbies doorstep for the relationship falling apart.She summarises her first marriage as it failed because he was insecure and not i treated him badly and got what i deserved.
It hard to read a biography when you begin to rapidly dislike the subject.
It gets steadily worse as the book progresses ,diva behaviour on set, assaulting people at strip clubs for pretty much any reason she likes etc
In summary the books opening is fascinating interesting and tragic . A better editor would have placed all the childhood stories at the start and not randomly littered throughout her adulthood section to annoy the reader.
but the adult jenna is the villain of this book .
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on 24 June 2010
I have always thought Jenna was a very sexy lady, and I've seen a couple of her films, but I didn't know anything about her. What drew me to this book was, as another reviewer had mentioned, the collaboration with Neil Strauss. I'm a massive fan of Neil Strauss, and when I was writing my book I was lucky enough to exchange a few personal emails with him where he gave me tips for writing :) His style and wit I greatly enjoy and I knew that this book would be a winner.

As an ex escort I'm aware how people make judgements about me, how many men I've slept with, my inability to form any sort of real meaningful relationship, etc... and how this and other things 99.9% of the time are grossly exaggerated in peoples minds. And I have to confess I did the same with Jenna. You assume porn star = lots of men.

Wrong! Don't read this book if you're a guy looking for titillation, because aside from the photos, which I'm sure you can find many of online, and the obvious 'in your face' title, this book is not full of sex! And thank god. Because her story is so much more.

I was absorbed in her story from the start. In fact I read the huge whopping book (it's about 4 inches thick!) in about 4 days. I was hooked and everywhere I went I had my trusty book tucked under my arm. Yes the cover will get you some strange looks if you're out in public. The title How to Make Love Like a Pornstar does imply that I was learning to become one! And many a time I noticed women giving me funny looks and men looking at me with a knowing look hehe ;-p

She has had such a hard life and the way she managed to turn herself around, I take my hat of to her. She had a string of failed relationships, and I wrote a blog post about one of her comments which was this...

`It's a time honoured tactic among men who feel like they are dating women out of their league: never be impressed and always put her down'.

I found that this and other things about her rang true with me, and it actually helped me understand myself better. I too do as she does cut people out of my life if they hurt me. It may seem obvious but I honestly never realised I was doing it to protect myself from getting hurt again.

Through her writing you get to see her vulnerability and a humbleness which endears the reader.

The only negative things were, if I'm being really picky - when there's a convo with her, her dad and her bro, and it's written as a conversation, it goes on a little bit too long, and when she meets her husband the pages where he says and she says are set out in a newspaper style, in two columns, so you have to page through and read one side first and then the other.

However as with Neil's usual style there's lots of cartoon style drawings - same style/artist that was used in The Game, and they always bring a chuckle and a smile.

As other reviewers have said, I respect Jenna so much after reading her book and it's showed me that as beautiful as she is on the outside, she is equally as beautiful on the inside. What an incredible woman.
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on 16 January 2014
I may be a bit hypocritical because I really like Jenna Jameson, but this book is worth every penny. Jenna goes into detail about every scenario she needed too to fully cover the ins and outs of becoming such a successful porn star. She is a beautiful woman who has had a very tough upbringing and life......which you will learn all about when you read the book!
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on 22 February 2016
Haven't read it yet, but I know I have it and that is enough for me. Due to working 2 jobs and college and my health it is hard to find the time to read, but I would love to get around to reading it.
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on 14 December 2010
Being in a profession where I work with people I love reading anything and everything, its a good way of understanding people and the choices they make. Also ,I love learning from others.
This is an interesting story of a woman who basically raised herself having lost her mother when she was very young. its a journey of discovery and the hardships she overcame to find herself. The title can mislead..., though it discusses aspects of sex and porn ,it is about much more. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it from cover to cover.
Would recommend it highly , especially for open minded people.
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on 30 June 2013
Fantastic and completely different and more intellectual than expected. What a truly fascinating life and written in a really engaging way without being dumbed down x
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on 1 August 2012
I brought this book on a whim mainly because it sounded like an interesting read. It most definitely was! An insight to a life which is very controversial. What I loved about it was how truthful & witty the book is and how much you can relate (to an extent) to Jenna. Some bits exciting, some bits sad and others heartbreaking.
I am very glad that I decided to buy this, and for those who label the porn industry and porn stars as trashy etc they should read this, as it really does give you a different opinion.
I could not put this down once I started reading it and made all of my friends read it (& they loved it!) Definitely recommend!
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on 29 October 2006
I read this book when it first came out over a year ago and it is one of the best books I have ever read. Jenna has had an amazing yet unbelievably life, I found quite a lot of it shocking but very very honest. I was shocked to read about the things that have happened to her when she was younger, she has well and truly come out the other side.

I think to read this and enjoy it you have to forget she is such a famous porn star an just enjoy the book. It portrays her in a totally different light and makes you realise she is actually a person who has had one hell of a life and not just a porn star. I was also very sad to hear that she and Jay have split up now. Please read the book! You will not be disappointed!
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