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on 15 November 2012
As with most decent Kindle dictionaries this is a one-way only dictionary - English to German - though for this price you should easily be able to afford the excellent The Big German-English Dictionary With 400 000 Word Pairs (German Edition) by the same author.

This is properly indexed as a dictionary (as you type a word in the Search dictionary box, a word list appears).

Word pairs is a bit of a humble description for this dictionary, it actually gives a number of alternative translations. It contains translations for word groups too. I'd been looking for some time for a dictionary that contained the correct phrase for 'Food and Drink Industries'. It has some handy idiomatic phrases too (e.g.'I am at my wit's end', 'in a bad temper'). It's got some very useful business phrases eg. Shipping addresses - Lieferadressen, invoice at cost - nach Aufwand verrechnen, exempt from duty - abgabenfrei and medical ones 'attention deficit' - 'Aufmerksamkeitsschwäche'

Some of the phrases are a bit unusual - more like example phrases. One entry,'In 2005 he came to the attention of police' - is neatly translated as '2005 trat er polizeilich (mit einer Straftat) in Erscheinung'. However, if I wanted to look up 'Come to someone's attention' rather than looking up 'in', I would look up 'attention' expecting to find an entry 'attention, to come to s.o' or I'd look under 'come' however I would not find 'in Erscheinung treten' there. And unfortunately, although you can get to the Kindle's Find function (highlight word, press Space bar, then left on the 5-way button) it won't find anything.

What it (and its German-English Counterpart) also lacks are the genders of nouns so you may need a second dictionary to supply this deficit if you want to put together a sentence. If you have a Kindle 4 or the new Paperwhite, which I believe both come with a built-in German-to-German dictionary, you will have your solution already.

There are a few context tips (unfortunately, in German) in brackets next to the words eg (naut.), (hist. Waffe) (obs.)though instead of giving you sample phrases within the word definition, phrases are given their own heading, in alphabetical order so you may have to look up the suggested translations in the German English dictionary to see which of a choice of words to use eg. for the English word bow. And there is no 'Abbreviations Key' so you'd better be able to figure out that (hist. Waffe) means historical weapon and you may not know that (übtr) means colloquial. These are standard abbreviations so you will probably be able to create your own key with Notepad but it would have been a good idea to include it.

A small number of entries have flawed coding so that ç appears as an accented capital A and a squiggly symbol (see the word façade) but the German translations that I've seen so far are of a high standard.

In spite of these flaws, this is simply too good and useful a dictionary to miss. Highly recommended.
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on 5 November 2012
I downloaded this to my Kindle prior to a visit to my in-laws in Germany. It was useful when I was at a loss for a German word - it's 17 yrs since I was last there and many of the older people do not speak English - also it is polite to try and speak the language. Definitely helped me cut down on weight and easy to carry around. Obviously being just word pairs could have limitations but it did what it claimed.
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on 1 February 2014
It is something that you cannot easily use, I did not even look up one word it just kept scrolling across the pages with sayings ie ( the high school) giving German underneath and that was all that was on that page, totally useless for a Kindle and I paid for this, I would like to get my money back too, I have deleted off now.
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on 16 September 2014
This must be my fault but II simply cannot use this dictionary. I was so looking forward to improving my German but it just doesn't work for me.
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on 21 December 2014
Not what I expected
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on 21 March 2016
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