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on 2 October 2012
My advice to anyone new to Apple and thinking of getting one of these is not to bother, don't waste your money, get an android tablet. Some people think they are great but it depends on how you use them. To browse the Internet, write a few emails, a calendar and other simple stuff they are fine. Getting music and photos to go across to it is a nightmare. Sometimes some photos and tracks go over, sometimes not, and there is no logic to it. When you do get some across they are all messed up in a single folder eg 300 photos all together, no structure, and you can't seem to be able to structure stuff how you want.
I still haven't got my phone book across from my android or Nokia phones and can't see how to do it. Yet from my Old Nokia to my Android getting it across was a breeze.
I installed IOS 6 thinking it could solve some issues, it doesn't...in fact it has made Google street view disappear. There is no way to roll back the OS upgrade.
I have spend hours trying to beat this but I shouldn't need to do that, it should be intuitive. Hours wasted. Data is already across to an SD card ready to use on laptop, tablet with card reader or PC. Meanwhile the IPad is still lacking, stuck, unable to use its 64Gb storage. As of getting my C.V across to it....well, I have all but given up all prospect of it ever being able to do that, so I can't even attach my CV to an email.

This piece of rubbish reminds me of the struggles we had with various quirky, buggy operating systems in the 1980's. at the time we were glad that Microsoft brought some uniformity and stability. Like it or not but without MS you would be struggling with proprietary, buggy, time consuming machines like this all day, every day...when getting the machine to do something is the challenge rather than the task to be done and when one machine refuses to talk to another.
Whoever heard anything so backward as each app. Having a separate copy of a file? Where did the idea of integrity of data get lost to Apple? Android, being a follow through from Unix comes from the opposite viewpoint. Open systems, sharing, free...it should be the natural progression, not this piece of money making, incompatible, corporate attempt to tie the customer to their product line.

This should be in a museum to the history of communications, not part of this century's offering.
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on 30 June 2012
My background First and foremost I am a Chef / Restauranteur but I am also gizmo junkie so I own a Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Fire, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and HP Touchpad. I am familiar with the operation of all of the products and help my friend build high end computers and servers as a hobby.

What's included?
The device is packaged nicely and the box includes the iPad charger rated at 2.1 Amps at 5.1 VDC. It also includes a USB to iPad cable for use with the power supply and it also interfaces with your computer to connect to iTunes. The cable is only 41 inches long which is always one of my pet peeves because when you plug the charger in the wall the cable is too short to allow you to reach to the top of a dresser for example and charge the product at night. The first thing you will do is buy a USB male to female extender cable or buy the Apple extended version charger at 20 Euros cost to charge the unit properly.
You also get a one page instruction card that basically says to turn on the unit and follow the directions. You also get the important product information guide and two white apple logos to use as you desire.

Set up
* Turn it on and select your language and touch next.
* Select your country and touch next.
* It will ask you if you want to have the unit identify the location of where you are at. Select yes as this is important for later tracking of the device if it is stolen.
* Activate networks, which in my case was only WIFI. Select your SSID from the list of possible connections, enter in your password, if your network is protected. Touch next.
* Activate your Apple ID using your e-mail address and your Apple password.
* Accept the Apple terms.
* It will then start a set up.
* It asks if you want to use the cloud option for communication and uploading and downloading.
* It asks if you want to use the dictation mode when you touch the microphone on the keyboard.
* The iPad then does some diagnostics and loading.
* It asks you if you are ready to register the product with Apple.
* It then tells you that you are ready to use the iPad.

Attach the unit to your computer that has iTunes installed, (make sure you are using the latest version):
* When you plug in the iPad it asks if you want to set it up as a new iPad or to use the data of an existing iPad. I selected New iPad.
* It asks you to select an iPad name. Make sure that it is unique so that you don't confuse iTunes into thinking you have two devices with the same name.
* The iPad is set to auto sync and I stopped that as my music files are to large for the 64 GIG memory. I select only the music, videos, and photos I want to sync.
* The unit will begin to sync your data and it will install all of your existing apps you own as long as you have not exceeded the limit of 5 Apple devices using those apps.
* Your apps are all loaded as single apps and if you want you have to combine them into folders and name the folders. This took me about an hour as we own over 200 apps. The list was 10 pages long.
* I then told the iPad to sync with my contacts, calendar and with two email accounts using Outlook. Don't forget you will have to enter in your ISP email account password for each email account you sync with before your e-mail will be down loaded.
* All of these steps occurred without error and they happened very quickly. This unit is faster than the iPad 2 device and it clearly shows while processing these steps.

Installing Kindle Reader app.
* I use the Kindle reader app a lot and it was already installed above by the app installation process.
* Touch the Kindle app and it will ask you for your Amazon ID and password. Almost instantly it tells you that you can look at your books in the Cloud and you will start to load up the book covers. Each cover will have a downward pointing arrow on it to indicate that it has not been downloaded to your device.
* Touch each cover and the book will download. I have a very good WIFI and each book only took seconds. I own about 350 Kindle books and the process was very fast. You can touch 10 to 15 books and it will download them sequentially and very quickly.
* When you are reading a book and want to look up a word in the dictionary, the first time it will ask you if you want to download the dictionary to your device. Select yes and it takes about 5 seconds to do this. Look up of words is virtually instantaneous.
* You will notice the outstanding quality of the display as the text looks like a printed page with perfect resolution and dark text. It is impressive!

Find iPhone
* Touch the Find iPhone icon
* Enter in your Apple ID and Password and touch Go.
* The application will then locate all of your Apple devices assigned to your account. You can now look at each location either on a map or even a satellite view. If your iPad does not show up then go to settings and touch Location Services and turn on Find My iPad and Status Bar Icon. You will be able to locate your device within about 10 to 20 feet!
* It is critical that you set this up as you can now track your device if it is lost or stolen!
* You can also make the missing device, Play a Sound, Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, and even allow it to send you an e-mail when the device is found.

This is one of Apple's shining stars regarding security. By touching settings for example you can set Auto-Lock to on, select a Passcode Lock and set restrictions. By doing this you can lock your iPad with a simple or more complex passcode (recommended) so that if it is stolen you will not lose your data to a hacker. Under restrictions the list is 21 items long. You can give this device to a child and turn off the web browsing, social networks, buying games and products, dictation, installing and deleting apps, etc...
This product is professionally designed and if you are giving this to a child (or even giving them an iPod) you can lock these features and feel secure that they have access to only the things you want them to have. You can even assign age limits for music, shows, movies, apps, etc.. It is the best security setup available today.

Web browsing
Unbelievably fast! This is where the strength of the new processor shows and the speed of the WIFI connection is wonderful. It is virtually as fast as my 1GHz wired Ethernet connected computer. The streaming of video is fast and flawless.

Face Time
The advantage of having a front and rear facing camera is that you can call anyone using a iPhone 4 or iPad 2 or the new iPad and talk to them and see them simultaneously if they are connected to a good WIFI connection. The new cameras on this iPad are 5 Mega pixels and you will see the difference immediately. The video and picture are extremely clear.
Face Time is very nice and if you want you can even swap camera front to back so instead of the person you called seeing you they can see what you are seeing. This is a very nice and powerful feature.

Typing is smooth and fast. You cannot type with two thumbs (as the screen is too wide) and it is better to rotate the device to landscape mode and get a good sized keyboard to type on. I can almost type as fast on the iPad as I can on a full size computer keyboard.
This set up immediately and downloaded 50 e-mails into each account in about a minute. The e-mail system is easy to use and to respond on. It set up two email accounts for me in about 1 minute to set up and 1 minute to download the 50 e-mails.

Apple has the best app store in the market. Amazon is getting better but Apple has a head start. Literally, "There is an app for that!" is not a joke but a reality. All of my 200 apps loaded via iTunes in about 20 minutes and we have a lot of them.

The new 5 Megapixel camera is very nice. The quality is instantly recognizable in every photo and video you take. You actually record video in 1080P HD quality and between the camera and the display you will be amazed at how good the result is.
There is no flash on the camera so that is an issue in low lighting.
One of the advantages of the iPad is the number of high quality apps that can be used to tweak your photographs and make them look professional. We own several of these apps and the results can be spectacular. You can literally make a professional looking photography show using these apps and with this improved camera the results will even be better.

Dictation and microphone
Using the iPad Notes function you can touch the microphone on the keyboard and dictate to the iPad. I dictated this paragraph and it translated it to text with fewer typing errors than I did while typing this section. After you finish dictation, just retouch the microphone on the keypad and the voice recording will be converted to text.

Set up of Facebook was fast and easy. Just enter your e-mail address and then your Facebook Password and you are on line. The quality of the pictures looks much better on the display as long as the person who set them up used a high quality photo.

iTunes music and movies
I have input every CD and audio book I own into iTunes. I also have loaded MP4 movies into iTunes and they can be played on the iPad with very good results. They literally are HD quality. I purchased a 64 GIG version white iPad 3 to have the space to load as much music, photos, and videos as I can onto the device and use it for an entertainment center. I loaded 200 apps at 9.5 GIG and 350 Kindle books and I still have almost 48 GIG of free memory left for my other items!

I won't spend a lot of time here but just to say that we all know that the Apple products have some of the best gaming apps available. They vary from action games, sports games, strategy games, puzzle games and tower defense style games. Make sure that you buy the HD version of the games for the iPad in order to take advantage of the new display features.

The 9.7 Retina Display; 2048 x 1536 resolution produces razor sharp pictures and text. You simply have to see it to believe it. This screen has 3.1 million Pixels and is powered by a quad core graphics chip. The first three things I noticed were the quality of the pictures and videos and the text is crisper and darker.

This design has up to 10 hours of battery life even with all of these features. This makes the Apple iPad a truly enjoyable device when you know that you can listen to music, read, watch videos and work on photos for 10 hours and not have to worry about recharging or being tied to a power cable.

* No flash on the camera.
* No 7" tablet available for a lower price and portability.
* Power and connection cable 41" long, way too short in my opinion.
* High price, demanded by the quality but still a gulp when operate.

So go purchase the new kid on the block...
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VINE VOICEon 27 July 2012
I have resisted buying a tablet PC since the very first iPad launch. I viewed these gadgets as just something to waste time playing Angry Birds on for those inclined. However, I found myself separated from my laptop for a month whilst in hospital and needed something to help me research, keep in touch with friends and family, keep up to date with my social networking and emails,watch film/tv and listen to music as well as read books. Enter ipad3...

I was not fortunate enough to find myself in a place were I could purchase wifi access and needed 3G at least (4G is boasted by Apple but we have no 4G networks offered to us at the moment) in order to get online. It isn't necessary to have a 3G iPad if you can set up a portable hot spot through your smartphone. If you choose to do this beware of the data limits of your mobile phone contract if you have any. Watching video and tv eats data and you maybe faced with a hefty bill at the end of the month. It may prove cheaper to get a microsim from O2 if you enjoy YouTube and lovefilm instant etc.

The tablet itself is lighter than predecessors and quite slick, which doesn't mean it's light by any means. This is no issue if you follow the manufacterurers recommendations and buy it with a smart cover (not necessarily from apple if you want to avoid inflated costs for accessories) so it can be propped up in 2 different ways or a rotatable cover which allows you to keep iPad in an upright position on a hard surface too. Those who have a kindle will find holding and reading the iPad quite cumbersome and it really needs to rest on something when you use it.

That being said it really is a marvellous device. I managed to use it to complete the tasks I mentioned in my first paragraph and widened my use of the device by using it to take photos, watching YouTube and using twitter too. It easily became my portal to the outside world.

The screen is simply marvellous, very crisp and clear and vivid. You will get a lot of finger marks on it unfortunately and a good quality cloth used to clean spectacle lenses is suffice to keep marks off. Due to the advanced coating on the iPad no chemicals are recommended to clean the screen. It's HD and makes viewing films, programmes and HD video clips a delight. Being backlit this screen is no competition to the kindle screen which is still the gold standard for many amongst ereaders. The camera is very impressive for a portable device and additional applications help with photo-editing and sharing. Applications for tv channels and film rentals are easily available and give you more to do on iPad when you are not at home and on the move with this iPad.

It sounds ok through its integrated speakers, but if you like your music with bass external speakers would be better and you do have easy volume control switches and equaliser like iPod. It gives easy access to iTunes and if you have iTunes match you can download tracks from your music library anywhere. It sounds wonderful through headphones too. I don't particularly like the bland look of the music media player but it does the job. Again not integrated to download MP3 from Amazon or other MP3 sources due due financial politics and competition with the android market. I have no interest in the market dominance war of apple vs android, all I know as a consumer is that it's a damn inconvenience to not be at liberty to shop music downloads where I want.

iPad syncs wirelessly to your pc through your home wifi which is very convenient too.

Basically, this device makes a place in your life and is iconic for a generation. With a higher memory you can carry as much photo, film, music as you like. If you aren't into social networking, YouTube etc, ipad3 makes those things easy to get into. Some sites on the Internet won't load onto iPad due to the lack of integration with Adobe Flash but it's a very small price to pay for the quality of the iPad and the numerous other good things it does offer.

It's not cheap as you are paying apple tax for this product but you do appreciate it even at this price. If you're thinking of going iPad do, because it really does broaden your horizons as well as being a practical product in this day and age.
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on 7 October 2017
Some minor scratches but it is working very well.
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on 24 October 2017
I bought this a few years ago and it's still going well without any issues
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on 3 September 2017
It works good
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on 11 January 2013
I required an IPad4 but due to an inadvertently old person dealing with computers I received an IPad3 still in dispute.

Kind regards,

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on 13 December 2016
Quick delivery but was waste of money. It freezes.
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on 30 October 2016
Great value vertically brand new
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on 5 November 2012
There's a price point against value and Apple are pushing this perception of value. The tablet is a new need for business and home users alike but it has to be fair. Having worked in IT for over 20 years, I have seen many trends from Ethernet, Layer 3 switching, IP voice, business grade Wireless LAN and now the tablet. I question the IPAD's true value as it operates on a value principle of the application and there must be a more cost effective approach to the mobile platform.
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