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on 8 February 2017
I absolutely love how the stories, not only stand alone if read separately, but also click together when read in the correct order....fifty shades of grey, fifty shades darker and then fifty shades freed.
This is a lovely set of stories that introduce us to anna and Christian; the main characters of this story.
We see Christian overcome a number of obsticles with his tendency to be over protective, his need to punish when lines are drawn and overstepped, his to be loved unconditionally and his struggle within that sense to see that he can be loved. Christian sees himself as a broken man, and therefore not deserving of love.
This is where innocent anna....in all ways comes in.
She is Christian's cure, his way to free himself. Anna is no submisive, although she tries for his sake.
There is a bond that cannot be broken, even when they have their first fight and she leaves him.
Christian needs anna like he needs air and cannot live/breathe without her.
They are drawn to each other from when anna falls into Christian's office. And through good times and bad they support each other.
quickly things are changing in their relationship. And for Christian to keep anna his, he had to change his way of thinking, his way of living and his being a dominant. It all has to change and it does....beautifully.
You need to read all the series to get the full understanding about this story.
It is not a tale of wife/girlfriend beating. It is not at a story of domestic abuse.
This is a love story. A story with passion and understanding the needs of each other in Christian and Anna's relationship. Its about boundaries and expectations. Its about new love, raw and erotic and passionate.
Its about new beginnings and exploring new heights in everything(not just in the bedroom😀)
This series of books have had a lot of bad press. But it made it to the world of films.
Well done there E. L. JAMES.
Saw the first fifty shades movie. Loved it 😍
Looking forward to see the second in a few days😁
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on 7 June 2018
Seeing this at 99p for the trilogy, I thought it was worth a look to see if it was as bad as expected/as the extracts I'd seen suggested.

It's worse.

Quite besides the fact that it glamorises and normalises a relationship that is at best thoroughly abusive (not to mention that it claims to portray BDSM whilst being more of a twisted caricature by someone who likely has never even read a Wikipedia page about it), it's just so. poorly. written.

This book's USP is supposedly the oh so hot sex. Um. Well quite apart from the fact it takes chapters of utter tedium to get to said sex scenes, the sex itself is just... really not very good. James doesn't appear to have a strong understanding of female anatomy, despite being a woman, and overall the sex is surprisingly vanilla, extremely repetitive, and unbelievably unimaginative as well as frequently wildly unrealistic. How a writer, given the entire world of sexual experience to explore without any limit save their own imagination, can manage to make the sex that comprises most of this novel so desperately boring and unsexy I simply do not understand.

In addition, it's poorly written to the point where, were I a proofreader, copy editor or similar on this book, I would refuse to be associated with it. Even now that it's a huge bestseller from a legitimate publisher, it still contains the phrase "his eyebrows widen in surprise" - and yes, that's one of the more egregious complaints, but that's not to ignore that the prose, like the sex, is boring, juvenile and repetitive.

I read and write fanfic alongside original fiction, and some of it is genuinely brilliant. It is such a shame that of all the pieces of fanfic to make it to the mainstream, it was this dreck that somehow became popular.

Possibly worse than the Twilight books from which it spawned, which is some kind of backwards achievement I suppose, and one of those books where I would award zero stars if I could.

If you want poorly written faux-BDSM, I assure you there is plenty available out there for free. If you want a book with any merit whatsoever... well, there is definitely plenty available for free that leaves this mess in the dust, and if you are willing to spend your hard earned pennies, you can do far, far better than this. Even at 99p, this is a pile of garbage I returned with no regrets.
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on 19 February 2018
The book is a great read and goes into great depth with every scene. It is very erotic throughout the books sexual scenes and describes everything in great detail. 
Ana is a very innocent student trying to pass her exams. Christian is very demanding and bossy. He likes to control everything.
The book isn't written that great there is a lot of repetitive words and phrases but keeps you interested to read all 3 books in the series. series
The books shows Christian as been very domineering and controlling andcontrolling in everything. He has a real issue with Ana and food. The emails between Ana and Christian were really funny and had me chuckling to myself.He
This book does contain lots of BDSM but found it a definate eye opener.
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on 11 December 2012
Despite all the one-star reviews and against my better judgement, I bought the Kindle version of this book, mainly out of curiosity, but also to see if it was as appallingly-written as people say. It's much, much worse than that.

The author clearly has a very limited vocabulary and the same adjectives and exclamations are constantly repeated with maddening regularity. Mr. Christian Grey, who owns Grey Enterprises based in Grey House, has gray (not grey) eyes and wears gray flannel trousers; you get sick of seeing the word 'gray' (American spelling) very quickly.
As if that wasn't bad enough, how many times does the author have to say "oh my" or "holy crap" or "oh no". It's pathetic.

If any part of this book had been written as an O-level English composition it would have failed dismally, and the very fact that this book has become such a huge best-seller says a lot for the decline in the appreciation of our language and our literature.

The two main characters are extremely shallow and seem to have no redeeming personality features whatsoever. Even the sex scenes get boring after you've read the same stuff over and over again. A bit of variation, please! As other readers have pointed out, there is nothing clever or creative or artistic in the writing style at all. If this is all the talent it takes to make millions, then I've clearly missed my way in life.

I didn't even finish the book. I read the first ten chapters, did a quick keyword search on my Kindle to see if the other 400 or so pages were any different (they weren't) then deleted it from my device before any of my friends knew I'd been daft enough to buy it.

Cringe-worthy rubbish.
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on 30 May 2018
Two worlds meld when Ana Steele falls into Christian Grey’s office (see what I did there?) and shortly after the two embark on a passionate love affair, of which you will have read about yourself or heard a lot about in the press, online and also in its subsequent film adaptations.

Hidden in the depths of this book, alongside Steele’s split three way personality (her inner goddess and her subconscious feature prominently) there’s a love story of sorts, if a very passionate one with very unconventional features to it, though perhaps in terms of the White Knight saving the Damsel in Distress, it's wanting to be a mixture of both here?

What did I learn from Fifty Shades of Grey after it's 514 pages? Do we all know what we’re getting into when we meet someone? No. Do we have ourselves tested to the limit when we meet someone? Yes.

For whatever reason, this book has become a publishing sensation and has clearly entertained many people in the process of doing so.
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on 9 June 2012
I had to review this. As I'm really dismayed at how so many women are idolising these books as some work of art, with the lead male as a hero.

The lead male is a stalker, control freak and all round nutcase who should be in prison. The lead female is a doormat with split personalities.

The lead male is messed up as he was sexually abused as a teen, so now he is taking it out on the lead female. Erotic? Hardly.

It is written in the style you'd expect from an illiterate teenager. I can't believe grown women are fawning over this. The book is an empty shell, full of the same repetitive nonsense to fill a book. As far as erotica goes, it's unimaginitive and quite frankly boring. The hysteria reminds me of the days giggling behind the bike sheds. Surely the only people getting excited are the celibate, or those who have never come across erotica before. Also to note, those comparing it to twilight. You would be right. It was originally fan fiction. Bella-Ana. Edward-Grey. Jacob-Jose. Google it, the book is available in its original form on the net. Masters of the universe. Same book, same author under a pseudonym. Just the names have been changed for this to be released as "original" work. The characters are based on those of twilight.

To sum up this book, so you to don't have to waste your time reading it. Bella and Edward, I mean Ana and Grey have lots of boring sex, in a badly written book, repeat the following expressions......

"Biting lip"
"Rolling eyes"
"Oh my"
"Holy *!?* "
"Inner goddess"
"Darkening eyes"

That's the book basically word for word.
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on 26 July 2017
I chose this rating as I could easily read these books again. I love a good love story and can relate to dealing with someone with a bit of a shady past and how to help them deal with and get over it and to talk about it without being judgemental and still being capable of loving that person and tolerating their, sometimes intolerable, ways.

He is willing to change his ways for the person he has fallen in love with and accept that she is her own person who will do her own thing when she wants to regardless of whether he like it or not, she is always faithful to him and will love him unconditionally as he loves her the same, it just takes time for him to realise how she feels and vise versa. Thank you
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on 13 February 2015
This has been one of the worst books I have read. There is no story, no plot. Just a lot of irritating monologues and bizarre conversations. I don't believe the hype. It is a terrible book. By the middle of first book, I was flipping the pages and as I had paid for all 3 books I had to get through, but I just ended flipping through the page so I could say I had finished reading the book. The writing is like that of a ten year old. There is a lack of maturity which makes the BDSM scenes just cringe worthy.
I would say a total waste of time.
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on 29 July 2017
I didn't get caught up in the hype of these books and only purchased out of curosity after watching the first movie. I have to say while the context is interesting and quite frankly could have been condensed into one book - the style of writing the characters are utterly abysmal. An English Lit major experiencing sex of a very erotic nature for the first time could seemingly and maddingly only muster "whoa" and "inner goddess" - total tripe. There are the makings of a very good book - singular - and movie - singular - but of course there is money to be made so the storyline unsurprisingly was bare bones, which was shame as the backstory of Christian Grey is interesting and better told in the book "Grey" particular his nightmares, feelings etc. Of course the Triology is being told from the protaganist's point of view (Ana) but still I was so frustrated with the lack of literary style that I flipped through whole sections of these books and couldn't believe there were three of them to read. Glad I have now finished and would not pay to watch the movies.
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on 2 July 2018
Didn't see the film's or read the books as I'm not a big fan of over hyped media that is usually disappointing - but ...... I really, really loved these books !!

I loved the characters, they are all so well written and believable, even with the minor characters you can picture them in your mind.

The storyline was brilliant & not at all what I was expecting (sex, s&m etc - not that I'm against a bit of that) & yes there was plenty of `juicey` bits in it but not over done & decent story lines to keep me interested.

I read a lot of books from all genres & there are very few that hold me through three books - I was so sad when I got to the end of the trilogy - want to know what Anastasia & Christian (& their children are doing now !)
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