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Oh my freakin' god! I absolutely loved this book! To be honest, I didn't think I would because I had a feeling that nothing would go the way I wanted it to, and it didn't, but it was perfect! I still think Wendy is one of the strongest characters I've ever read about. She had to deal with so much in this book, like marrying a guy she didn't love, dealing with her mother dying, trying to fight to save her kingdom and fighting to change the way the kingdom is run. She's fierce and strong-willed and I love that about her. Her strength is shown through how she deals with her mother's death and how she realises that she has very little time to mourn as she has her kingdom to save and she manages to put her feelings about her mothers death to the side for the time being to focus on saving her people.
She also had to deal with her feelings for Finn and Loki. Oh, Finn. Oh, Loki. I loved them both and I found it really hard to start with to imagine her with Loki because I was so set on her being with Finn, but after reading this book and seeing Wendy and Loki's relationship develop, it's clear that they're perfect for each other. I love how he shows her how much he cares about her and doesn't put anything in front of his love for her, unlike Finn. Wendy is crowned Queen hours after her mother dies (and Tove becomes King) and they start to work very quickly to plot to take down the King of the Vittra. Wendy had to fight her father (The Vittra King) to save her kingdom and with the help of her friends and her people, they invade the Vittra territory. Wendy faces the King and then he has his hobgoblin things bring in Loki and he stabs him in the heart in front of Wendy. It's at this moment that Wendy realises that she's at her most powerful when she's upset and angry and she harnesses this power to distract the King so she can kill him. Sarah (the Kings wife) helps Wendy to save Loki. I actually had a tear in my eye when he died because he had just started to grow on me and I'd realised how perfect he was for Wendy, but they manage to save him so everything's fine! This stops the war between the Vittra and the Trylle and they're finally at peace.
At the end of the book, there's a bonus short story which explains everything that's happened in the past year and a half: Wendy and Loki got married and have a little boy called Oliver; Tove admitted he's gay and is in a relationship with a Markis called Bain; Finn found love with a girl called Mia and her daughter Hanna and they are expecting a son; Matt and Willa are finally together (even though she had to give up her Marksinna title) and, even though there was a lot of things in this book that I didn't want to happen, it was definitely a perfect ending to the series and I absolutely loved it. The way it ended was so much better than I had imagined.
That's why I'm giving this book 5/5 stars.
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on 26 November 2013
The 'Trylle' trilogy has been an amazing set of books to read right from the first page of the first book and a reader couldn't ask for a more satisfying ending. The imagination and skill put into writing the series is amazing and each book has kept me hooked all the way through. After reading the first chapter of ' Switched' it's not hard to believe I ploughed through the trilogy in 2 days as the action and romance keeps a reader enticed at every turn. It isn't boring and cliche (except when you want it to be) and any reader that isn't surprised by the way Hocking reveals things throughout the book and, ultimately, ends the book is most likely a genius (or Amanda Hocking herself). I would recommend the books and author to anyone in want of a good read. The novels have everything you could ask for and more. A satisfying and enjoyable endings expected I promise...you won't be disappointed =)
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on 18 June 2013
(SPOILER WARNING: reveals certain key elements of the plot)
I have now read all three books in the series, and in my opinion, they decline in quality as you read them.
The first one, when I read it, was good enough; a little easy and frequently resorting to poor and undetailed language, but with a plot that did not fall apart as soon as you looked at it.
The second, I was annoyed at how Wendy manages to escape from Ondarike so easily, it really seemed just to be a way for the author to A: insert Loki into the story, and B: take up some more pages.
Having always liked Tove, I was satisfied with her engagement to him, since it at least had some depth and reason. At this point, I knew that she wouldn't be with him forever, though, and I was leaning towards the prospect of her marrying Finn in the end, as the books up to now had done a lot with building their relationship.
In Ascend, I felt the plot really started to go downhill. Elora's death was anticlimactic and turns out to be pretty much the only protagonist's death in the entire trilogy that is named. The others all feature in stories or unnamed happenings (such as the Vittra attack in the first book) and despite many of the characters often being in near-death situations, I never felt any real excitement because I knew that the chances of any of them dying were very low indeed.
The climax was a battle in Ondarike. Turns out it was pretty much the shortest battle in history, ending when Wendy gives Oren a headache and cuts off his head after feeling nothing more than `Really Pissed Off' about the fact that Loki has just been killed (but don't worry! He'll come back to life later!)
There was a lot of repetition in this trilogy, and after a whole book building up Wendy and Finn's relationship and another two where they repeatedly share inappropriately described moments, I'd have thought that their relationship would lead to somewhere, or at least that the author would be able to draw a decent conclusion. In the third book, it was like she realised too late that she had too many people who Wendy was having a relationship with and did a poor job of stitching it together. The ending was far too much of a `Happy ever after.'
I give this book two stars because I did not immediately throw it in the bin (though I might now.)
If you want to know the ending of this trilogy, ask a friend who's read it. They can tell you the whole plot better than the book itself can.
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on 21 May 2014
I loved the whole trilogy. It didn't become repetitive and monotonous by the third book as series starting with a fresh idea so often does.To get the most enjoyment from the trilogy it is worth reading them in the order published. i.e. start with Switched, read the free transition story accompanying it, then go on to Torn and its free transition story and finish with Ascend.
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on 7 February 2013
Loved the first two in this series but so disappointed with this one... SPOILER ALERT the first two books focused on the relationship between finn and wendy...then she chooses loki,rubbish, it just didn't work for me! What was the point of playing out the finn and wendy thing only to drop it and rush a love story with another character? A real shame because as i said the first two books are brilliant....any chance of a re-write with a wendy and finn ending?? :)
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on 6 August 2013
Started book three as soon as I'd finished book two and couldn't wait to finish it. The story ties up very nicely with an additional short story at the end which would've been better classed as a final chapter. The trilogy is not over sweet and nook three is a great improvement on the first book.
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on 28 December 2012
This was definitely a nice ending to an enchanting series. I deduct two stars however as I feel that the ending seemed quite rushed and a bit too convenient. The love between Wendy and Loki didn't seem to evolve at all, happening a bit too suddenly and her romance with Finn ending a bit too easily. One minute she wants to lose her virginity with Finn "her love" and the next she jumps in bed with Loki. Life isn't that easy. Also I felt that areas that could have been more exciting were brushed over. I did like the book though and would recommend it to anyone who fancies an easy read, although you do need to read the first two.
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on 27 January 2018
I read the trilogy originally a few years ago and decided to reread I'm glad I did and enjoyed every second.
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on 27 February 2015
This installment sees Wendy accepting her birth right and taking on her enemies, and off course there is love! After all this is young adult trilogy and the girl must find at the end her right boy! A very enjoyable story comes to an end. I would look for other books from the same author.
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on 4 May 2017
Really enjoyed the last book in the series.
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