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on 31 March 2010
Having borrowed this book time and time again from the library and friends, I decided it was time to own my own copy.

Unlike the majority of paramedic textbooks, it does not focus on clinical skills and anatomy and physiology thus making it the first paramedic textbook (in my knowledge!) to address the underpinning knowledge now required by every paramedic.

While the book does not go into excessive detail on any one subject there is enough information for you to understand the subject, then an inordinate amount of references to prompt further reading.

Blaber, hasn't yet let me down on any subject required for essays in my BSc Paramedic Practice course...and I'm nearly finished!
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on 27 July 2014
Don't buy this it's been replaced by a much better updated version.
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on 10 March 2009
Having just started as a practice placement educator of student paramedics who are being trained jointly with Swansea University and the Welsh Ambulance service ,I found this book very helpful in helping me understand the needs of my students and what they are looking to learn. Having become a paramedic through the IHCD route it has helped me understand the theoretical/university aspect of their learning needs. It is a book that I have advised my students to get hold of. It is written in an easy style that is simple to read and that links well to other chapters within the book. It has also opened my eyes to some things that I could put in to practice on the job and confirmed some things that I am doing right. I don't know if this book is being used by the staff on the course at the university but I for one shall be informing them and all the students I come into contact with to get hold of a copy. The chapters are short, concise and with good references for further reading, it covers all the topics I believe are relevant to the students course and cannot fail to stand them in good stead if they put into practice what they read and learn from this book.
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on 3 May 2012
As a student paramedic I found the first edition of this book (Blaber 2008) was the book I had open most of the time. In preparation before starting the course it was excellent as an introduction to the world of pre-hospital care, giving an overview of what was to come. Once on the course I found I kept returning to relevant chapters and `seeing things' I'd missed that were now specific to experiences on placement. (Think of it like watching `The Sixth Sense' - it's a great film to see first time but even better when you watch it again knowing Bruce Willis is a ghost; you see stuff you missed that adds to your experience!)

This second edition (Blaber 2012) is even better than the original - (think `The Godfather 2'.)
All but one of the original chapters are there giving a great foundation to the subjects that students will study (Hey, the clue's in the title of the book, right?) Once on placement you begin to appreciate the relevance of the psychology, sociology and reflective practice sections, (the communication, ethics and safeguarding chapters speak for themselves.)
The `consideration of history' chapter from edition one has gone - which, if you have to lose a chapter, was probably the right one to go as there are lots of other books that cover the formation of the NHS. (Having said that, you do have to search a bit for publications on the development of the ambulance service). In its place four new chapters have been included, making the book more in-depth in terms of placement practice as well as adding to the information on career development.

Having now chalked up several months of placement practice experience I think the new chapters on vulnerable adults and end of life care are particularly relevant and very helpful. A vast amount of our work is with elderly / vulnerable people who can be in the last months of their lives. The help these chapters give to students facing interaction with such patients, often in stressful situations, is invaluable.

I would say this book has become part of the canon for paramedic publications; you can't really say you're studying the subject without having a copy. You'll use it right through your training (I think I've referenced it in every piece of work I've handed in so far.) Dude, buy one!
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on 5 October 2008
This new book by an experienced ex A&E Nurse who is now the lead academic on the Paramedic programme at Greenwich University has drawn together an excellent mix of Nurses and Paramedic Tutors to give a basic foundation on the Psycho-Social aspects often missed by the traditional IHCD programmes. This book is a great introduction to the basics of communications, ethisc, law, socialogy and psychology ( as relating to Paramedics)that are core underpinning elements to ensure that the future paramedic practitioner is bult on a broader foundation.
I have to declare that I put together the CPD chapter at the end of the book, but trully believe that this is the first of this genre of book and will be an excellent purchase for any Tech moving on to a Paramedic programme or a newly employed student paramedic wanting to get a broad grasp before adding to the bookshelf.

Highly recomended,
Bob Fellows
Chairman College of Paramedics
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on 17 May 2012
I didn't' think I could have ever replaced my well-read copy of Foundations of Paramedic Practice: A theoretical perspective (Blaber 2008). But in April 2012, a phenomenon occurred and all prospective, student and qualified paramedics should have been purchasing their copy of the second edition of this essential textbook.

As I am sure your imagination has told you, this book provides a `theoretical perspective' of the paramedic world. As a Student Paramedic, it is essential that I can understand the underlying values and theories that shape the practice we use today. It is only when you are out there on the back of an ambulance, or in the living room of a vulnerable patient that you realise how psychology, sociology and reflections help better the care you are able to offer.

This second edition has expanded on the first, adding chapters on decision making and specialist developmental roles for paramedics. It continues to provide aspects which can be used for your continued professional development, bettering chances of career development.

I have only had this book a few weeks, and it is already well thumbed...and like its predecessor well referenced.
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on 27 May 2009
I am a student paramedic studying at Swansea University and have found this book very useful and a good read. It has alot of information and is relevant to my subject area. I know alot of the students on the course have been using this book and so far i have heard no bad point from anyone. I would advise anyone who is studying or hoping to study paramedic science or related courses to get this great book. You wont be disapointed!
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on 27 April 2012
'Foundations for Paramedic Practice: A Theoretical Perspective' is an essential text for student paramedics, paramedic mentors and registered paramedics. The previous edition was a first for the profession and this updated second edition covers many important issues which were traditionally overlooked within paramedic training programmes.

The text includes a large variety of topics such as ethics and the law, interpersonal communication, professional practice, reflective practice, psychology, sociology, social factors, safeguarding children, vulnerable adults, end of life care, leadership styles, decision making, change management and continuing professional development. All of the chapters are directly related to paramedic practice, making it easy to apply the theories to patient care and practice scenarios.

As a third year Student Paramedic, I have found this text ideal in supporting the social, psychological, leadership and management aspects of my BSc (Hons) university course, as well as supplementing my knowledge in many other areas, such as reflective practice. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) chapter is particularly helpful as it explains the relevance of both pre-registration and post-registration CPD, examples of types of CPD which may be undertaken and the reasons behind doing so.

Overall, this is an excellent text encompassing a wide variety of theoretical and academic topics, all of which should underpin any paramedic's practice. This text should enable students and paramedics to increase their self-awareness and assist in their personal and professional development, so that they may become a more knowledgeable and 'well-rounded' practitioner.
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on 22 September 2013
Ordered this book to jump start what I thought was lacking in my own professional practice as a Paramedic, What a disappointment. For example the chapter on CPD is nearly a word for word copy of what is available on the HCPC website, there is no insight from the author at all. There is such a small chapter on reflective practice that introduces reflection and before you know where you are it draws to a conclusion, leaving the reader at a loss. All the other topics can be covered by searching your University library or a simple web search using Google scholar. Sent mine back so glad I am using Nancy Caroline and my OU resources, save your money don't buy it.
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on 16 April 2010
I have recently purchased this book having borrowed it many times from the library. Blaber covers most aspects of Paramedic Practice that tend to be forgotten. As Paramedics we can have a tendancy to focus more on the practical or anatomy and physiology side of our role rather than the theoretical perspective. The book has made me more aware of the professional issues surrounding todays Paramedics. I would recommend Paramedics, student Paramedics and Technicians to purchase this book as it will extend your knowledge and may assist you in analysing your job from a different perspective.
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