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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2014
I did hate this album at first and felt more resentful about it after Ian Watkins' arrest and subsequent guilty plea to child sex offences with it being their last album. However, whilst he is a scumbag and he truly deserves the sentence he is given, I still believe the music shouldn't be affected by his actions, no matter how horrific they are and Lostprophets were a favourite band of mine growing up.

With that said, Weapons is the weakest of the five albums Lostprophets put out. It's not a bad album like I thought it was when I first listened to it, but compared to their previous work, it's slightly disappointing. There's still some great tunes from the band that capture the same rebellious fire they possessed on Start Something. 'Bring 'Em Down' is a really effective opener for the album with its impressive melding of metal riffing with Jamie Oliver's Nine Inch Nails style synths permeating the song and culminating in an impressive breakdown. 'We Bring An Arsenal' hearkens back to the band's original hardcore group Public Disturbance with its punk like drumming from Luke Johnson (who proves to be an efficient replacement for Ilan Rubin). 'Jesus Walks' and 'Somedays' are the most poppy songs the band have ever recorded with softer instrumentation and slower pace, feeling very reflective and introspective but don't go into cheese territory which is refreshing. There are also more atmospheric songs like 'Another Shot' and 'A Little Reminder I'll Never Forget' which rely on some impressive sampling from Jamie and distorted guitar work from Lee Gaze and Mike Lewis. 'Heart On Loan' sounds like something from Liberation Transmission with its more upbeat new wave inspired hooks and feels like a breathe of fresh air from the angsty metal tunes and the slow burning haunting tunes whilst 'Can't Get Enough' closes off the album terrifically with its apocalyptic tone, capturing almost the same level of brilliance as The Betrayed did with its closing song and going full throttle with the hidden track. 'A Song For Where I'm From' and 'Better Off Dead' however are the two very weak tracks on the album. The former feels like it's recycling 'Last Summer' and 'Where We Belong' too much with its nostalgia-themed lyrics and just feels lazy, and just makes me wish the band could've played it less safe with this album. 'Better Off Dead' just comes across as cringey with Ian Watkins providing some awkward attempts at rapping and comes off like a Rage Against the Machine demo song that the band wouldn't even use for the final song. The deluxe edition for the album (which also features a black sleeve cover in place of the usual white one) also features unused songs by the band for The Betrayed which they recorded with former drummer Ilan Rubin along with a remix of 'Bring 'Em Down'. These unused songs are great tunes and it's good to hear them get some exposure now considering the album they were planned for was scrapped. Weapons on the whole is another great album from the Welsh rockers and if you loved their previous albums, it's more or less the same. It doesn't break any new ground for the band and does feel like its revisiting the past a bit too much but aside from those problems and the two aforementioned tracks, it's an impressive final send off by the band and really does make it a shame that the hard work put in by the remaining five innocent members has been utterly destroyed by one nonce's vile actions. People will continue to hate this band for what Ian Watkins has done but for me, it's always been about the music which has been the soundtrack to my teen years.
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on 15 April 2012
As a long time Lostprophets fan I was ecstatic on nabbing a signed copy of this album, Jamie Oliver (I assume) has even taken time to sketch himself a hat on his photo. Signed or otherwise the album artwork is great with lots of historical imagery and enough sprockets to keep a steampunk nut such as myself more than satisfied. Also if anyone was wondering the scroll reading "Deus Velox Nex" basically means "God's Swift (but violent) Death" in latin, probably borrowed from the Nicholas Cage film "Drive Angry" (read into it if you must).

Anyway, the music on the album is fantastic but that comes as no surprise; it's brilliantly performed, well mixed and for the most part has some stirring lyrics. To my ear it also sounds as well produced as any of their previous albums (contrary to a previous reviewers opinion). Now the Tracks:

Bring Em' Down - Not exactly the norm; plenty of bass and synth make for a different, but none the less great, single.

We Bring An Arsenal - Pacey and catchy; this is a a great singalong track which definitely echos a chanting crowd.

Another Shot - Classic Lostprophets; a treat for (post-"Fake Sound of Progress") long-term fans and an excuse for newcomers to work back through the discography.

Jesus Walks - An amazing track (best on the album?); deep, catchy and definitely the song that I had stuck in my head after the first listen.

A Song From Where I'm From - A meaningful anthem about missing home (or youth?), feels a bit like "Where We Belong", "Last Summer" or even "Ode to Summer" in theme.

A Little Reminder That I'll Never Forget - Regrettably, nothings special but not a bad track either.

Better Off Dead - When I downloaded this as a preview (from the Lostprophets website, I'm not some sort of pirate) I didn't think that the rap-like verses worked but the tracks is a real grower with catchy lyrics and a great contrast between the intense verses and more melodic chorus.

Heart On Loan - This reminds me off "Liberation Transmission" but not at it's best. It's not a bad track but it, much like "A Little Reminder...", it's outshone by the rest of the album.

Somedays - Summery and a little less intense than the rest of the album allowing individual musical talents within the band (all of them but one at once) to show through.

Can't Get Enough - A slow, moody track with some original instrumentals. Very Good. BUT DON'T STOP THERE!!

Weapon (Hidden Track) - Concealed seven and a half minutes after the end of "Can't Get Enough" is a short track that showcases the heaviest end of the bands spectrum and Watkins' vocal abilities. It's not for everyone but I really enjoy the track which could almost be compared to the emo/screamo style of bands such as Blessthefall or Atreyu.

I'm sorry if any of this sounds like the other reviews but over-all this really is a fantastic album, beaten only by "Start Something" as Lostprophets greatest achievement. A must-buy for fans old and new.
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on 16 May 2012
Having been a Lostprophet fan since the release of "Start Something" i was really looking forward to hearing another fantastic album by one of my favourite bands. After listening through the album however i was left feeling quite dissapointed with them this time. The album isn't's just ok. There feels like there isn't alot of passion throughout the album and the lyrics seem very borring and poorly written (Something that surprised me as normally they are fantastic lyricists). "Better Off Dead" is actually one of the best songs by Lostprophets i think i've heard but unfortunately it was the only song on the album i was actually excited about. Hopefully they will turn it around for the next one as despite this i still love them as a group!
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on 7 April 2012
A great fith album from the welsh boys. Their best album since 'Start Something.'

Bring Em Down - 9/10 A great lead single, different, but still keeps that great lostprophets energy.

We Bring an Arsenal - 10/10 Football chant like intro, extremely catchy verses and lyrics, powerful sing along chorus. Lostprophets at their best.

Another Shot - 9/10 - Sounds like it just got pulled from Start Something, a sign of past brilliance.

Jesus Walks - 10/10 - Best song on the album. Very uplifting and memorable.

A song for where I'm from - 9/10 Love the lyrics in the chorus, so bittersweet.

A little reminder that I'll never forget - 7/10 One of the weakest on the album, however, still a good song. Interesting intro.

Better off Dead - 10/10 Another unfamiliar sound from them. The near rap verses are amazing. Strong chorus.

Heart on Loan - 7/10 Weakest on the album. Feels like a filler. Still worth a listen.

Somedays - 10/10 Don't let the slower pacing of the song put you off. Brilliant song. The vocals really shines here.

Can't get enough - 9/10 Again, sounds like it was pulled straight from 'Start Something.' I don't understand why there is a 10 minute silence after the song has finished though.

I reccomend you buy this album. Lostprophets are a highly underrated band with not as much recognition as they should have. They are far better than most of the tripe poprock bands you find nowadays ( All time low, You me at six ) to name a few. SUPPORT THEM
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on 1 December 2013
You know what you're getting from Lostprophets. Catchy-ish pop-metal with the lyrical depth of a Mr Men book. That said, I'd like to point out to previous reviewers that the majority of Lostprophets are almost certainly not sex offenders, and I can confirm that this album poses little to no danger to children.
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on 24 February 2016
Very very good
Love Jesus walks ....
Well whole album actually, it's just such a shame,such a shame.
The reincarnated group of original members just don't cut it in the new band without the numpty lead singer.
It's like Queen without Freddie Mercury.
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on 27 April 2012
For those who were betrayed by their last album, buy this!
Lostprophets have quickly pulled this album together and though the recording sounds some what off, the album itself is brilliant.
Its not an album to be similarised with start something but rather its more a mix between their first 3 albums. The best song was jesus walks closely followed by we bring an arsenal. I had a few moments of my mind being blown away when ians powerful voice gives it welly. This album shows lostprophets talent as good as their liberation album and i think the doubt i had from their betrayed album is long gone. Well done welsh boys its good to have you back!
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on 11 May 2012
The album opener and first single Bring Em Down kicks the album off in a high octane, fist pumping style with a true Lostprophets style sing-a-long chorus. It's an aggressive song that demands attention and warms the listener up for a true LP classic that follows. We Bring An Arsenal is the band at it's very best, catchy throughout it opens with some monster riffs, has a football terrace type chant and an anthemic chorus you just a have to sing along with. Awesome stuff.
From there the album continues to impress with Jesus Walks and Better Off Dead also showing the quality and award winning songwriting ability of the band.
For me Weapons isn't as consistent as Liberation Transmission but it has a harder edge to it like Start Something to which it is closely matched. It's an excellent album and a stark reminder of why Lostprophets are one of the best bands in the world right now. Quite why they aren't getting the hype they deserve is beyond me.
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on 11 May 2012
Wow, just got this album and I'm really enjoying it. I was a massive fan of The Fake Sound of Progress and, especially Start Something. It took me a while to get into their other albums such as Liberation transmission, however Weapons is a really strong album. I found it really easy to get into, there is a decent amount of variety and some songs particularly standout without having to listen to it solidly for days to pick out differences between songs (Another Shot stood out really early on, and Bring 'em down).

Having songs that stand out with very little listening is a very strong quality for an album to have and I've really been enjoying listening to it at work on the stereo there; it is an album to listen to on biiiig speakers in a big room.

Compared to other albums I think it stands up pretty well. Like many other bands (Feeder, Muse, Foo Fighters) the music has toned down a bit with maturity of the band, but I think they've done really well to keep energy in this album even if the vocals aren't *as* loud and powerful as the earlier albums.
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on 30 July 2012
Brief bio: Been a fan since Start Something and fell in love with them right from the word go.

The Review...
After The Betrayed, I wondered where Lostprophets were going to go with their fifth album. Rumours were flying left, right and centre about the direction the music was going to go. Then I heard Bring 'Em Down live. OMG. I was so geared up I was wishing the days away until release. Better Off Dead was a new sound (never heard Ian "rapping" before, but it works!). And then the release.

Lostprophets have developed so much since FSOP, and it's clear that there have been more than a few lessons learnt. A lot of this album echoes Start Something and Liberation Transmission, but there's a more mature element to the album too. Highlights for me were Another Shot, Jesus Walks, We Bring An Arsenal, Heart On Loan and Somedays. To be honest, the entire album is amazing. At the end of Can't Get Enough is a sneaky bonus track (hence the 7 minutes of silence), and that is the heaviest song I've ever heard from Lostprophets. Interesting track, definitely could go somewhere. I think it's called Weapons, so look it up on Youtube if you haven't bought the album yet.

In Conclusion..
Regardless of if you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer to Lostprophets, you're going to love this album.
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