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on 26 February 2017
So many mixed reviews on this book. I literally could not put it down but like most agree the writing is not the best. If you're looking for cheap thrills though look no further: Anna's flushing - or more the amount that's she does it - will leave you feeling embarrassed for the poor girl!
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on 22 April 2016
i have very mixed feelings about these books Volume One is dominated, sorry for the pun, with sex and not much of a storyline, however with volume Two and then Three this does improve slightly. I actually became interested a little. The only reason I rea these books was because I was abroad and had nothing better to do. I read all three in 5 days and I can truly say it’s an ok book to read the only thing that I can fault is just how much it repeats itself in all three books!

I would recommend a read of all the books even if this isn’t the type of genre that you would usually read as it defiantly is my usual.
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on 2 May 2017
Still lots of gratuitous sex, but this book actually has a story to it, unlike book 1. I read this book out of morbid curiosity, but now I'm interested & looking forward to book 3.
For some reason I'm not able to comment on book 3, so I'll just add it to this one. This book is actually much better than the other two. There is very readable story content which makes the sex take a back seat (as it were!), and a very satisfactory conclusion.
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on 14 February 2014
Upon discovering that a film is being made based upon the books, I decided to give in and read the (still) much talked about Fifty Shades.
For the first couple of chapters we see Ana as a vulnerable, naive young girl . I wondered how much "Holy Cow" I could take but she knows exactly what she is getting into and grows up very quickly! But, in actual fact, she is becoming involved with a really good man ! Christian is in love with her from the get go but he doesn't know how to show it but why? is revealed as the story progresses!
If like me , you're made to cringe at the thought of a woman being exploited and experiencing pain during sexual play, then don't be put off this book. There is only one scene of such nature and her reaction is such a shock to Christian that it becomes the turning factor in his viewpoint! The remaining kinky stuff is fun and just used to make their sex life interes
ting ! There are plenty of highly sensual "vanilla"sex scenes as well!
Overall, the story shows what love and understanding can do for a damaged soul! Nothing to do with the exploitation of women as many people claim !
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on 14 February 2015
Read for the naughty bits. Really, that's the only time the central character Mr Grey is remotely appealing. Outside of his playroom he's rather unpleasant. He sells Anastasia's only means of transport, follows her to Georgia when she tells him she needs space (after using his wealth to find out what flight she's on so he can upgrade her ticket though), throws hissy fits when she hangs out with male friends, and buys the publishing company she works for. Inside the playroom really was the only time I could see the appeal of him. Also I felt like the romance aspect of the plot was a little disturbing. Aside from his obvious stalking tendancies the inference seemed to be that he was only into that lifestyle because he had a traumatic childhood and only the love of a good woman could 'cure' him. So that's why I recommend skim reading through to the activities in the red room of pain. Those passages are worth the three stars, despite their sometimes cringe worthy dialogue and their general tameness.
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on 16 January 2015
I wanted to read this before the film came out for valentines day. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that I was hooked from the beginning . You just needed to know what happened next to poor naïve Anastasia, under the skilled machinations of Christian Grey.

It was not as raunchy and shocking as I was lead to believe, as most sexual themes are repeated throughout the three books.

Nevertheless if you don't take life too seriously this is a good trilogy for a holiday read or winter months which is why I purchased it.

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on 11 June 2015
I didn't read the first book as I was sick of hearing about it. However, I liked the film so much that I really wanted to see what was going to happen next, so I ordered fifty shades darker. At page 223 I gave up and closed the book. The dialogue is shockingly repetitive, and without being harsh, if a lot of the repetitive sex scenes were eradicated and we got to the punch line a lot quicker, then maybe I wouldn't have got so bored not even half way into it. In my personal opinion, there is just to much sex, and it becomes boring rather than exciting. And I'm disappointed that Christian is so easy in the second book. There's no chase and the excitement comes to an abrupt end, because if we are all honest, we loved the hard to get Christian. And most would agree, that the author rushed him in fifty shades darker. The dark side of him could have stayed a while an kept the readers pleading for more.
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on 11 November 2016
This book definitley lived up to the hype on all faces of media. The story of the scarred Dom Mr Grey and the innocent virgin Ana improved with each part. This novel was a gentle introduction to the world of BDSM and very different angle of a love story. All that said this is amongst my recommends of must reads
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on 1 March 2015
There was such a boohaa about the whole Fifty Shades and I ummed and ahhed a long time as to whether I should read it or not, but then remembered a friend of mine saying that she preferred to have her own opinions about anything and as such she read just about anything. So, I read it with an open mind. Yes, there was a lot of sex in it, but I loved the story. A messed up young man, life gave him lemons when he was young, and here he finds a young girl who somehow touches something inside of him that hasn't been touched before. I think if you took the sex out, everyone would have loved this story, but it's there, the sex, but it is also a product of his life and as such has to be faced. I am actually worried about watching the film and am still not certain whether I should or not, as I am afraid that the magnetic force/pull that was between Christian and Ana may not come over in the film and that would make it look like a smutty film and that would spoil things for me.
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on 8 November 2012
I purchased this book as I could not ignore the hype - I was oblivious to the twilight saga and then ended up reading and enjoying all 4 books after the first movie was released - so I took the plunge and went for Fifty Shades. I bought the Trilogy because I'm quite a fast reader and it was a good deal. I enjoyed the first half of Fifty Shades of Grey but then it became a bit samey - I started skipping pages as I recognised I had pretty much read the scenes earlier in the book. As the first book ended on a cliff hanger I started the second book - and by chapter 3 the cliff hanger was resolved and I was a bit bored. So I gave up on Fifty Shades Darker. I'm sure I will end up skim reading the rest of book two and book three one day but I'm not going to rush to do it. I didn't really like the characters either - I found Anastasia quite flat and I couldn't relate to any aspect of her personality, I felt no attraction toward Christian at all and I felt that the other characters were just there to service the two main characters - Ana's mother and her best friend are totally pointless and one dimensional. I respect EL James for the success that she has achieved from something born out of fan fiction but this just isn't my kind of book, the plot doesn't build quick enough for me and it's too repetitive. I prefer suspense novels and if I am looking for a romance romp I'll turn to the trusted Jilly Cooper or Jo Carnegie for a bit of sauciness.
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