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on 26 February 2013
This is one of those products that does exactly what it sets out to do. This clever little USB device, adds the capability to add a monitor or TV to a set-up that doesn't currently have the appropriate outputs (e.g. many laptops). However it doesn't stop there! You can add multiple units and have a complete multi-screen set-up!

Set-up of the device is very simple and straightforward. The compact box comes with the USB device itself, an HDMI->DVI adapter, a driver CD and an instruction book. The built quality of the device feels solid and durable. Overall the product feels high quality.

I tested the product with a Windows 7 64-bit laptop. Firstly I installed the driver using the supplied CD. Please note that the CD is a mini CD which works with most CD/DVD/BD readers, but slot reading devices do not like them. If that is an issue, you can download the driver directly from the manufacturers website ([...]). Having installed the driver (which is written/provided by DisplayLink), it is then simply a case of connecting the Anker device to a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port and connecting your monitor or TV. The device itself has an HDMI output which is compatible with sound. However, also included in the box is a DVI adapter so that you can connect it to many monitors (DVI does not support sound). The Anker device automatically detects the resolution capability of the connected device.

It is very important to emphasise that this product DOES work with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. There is a very slight latency in fast motion that I noticed when connected via USB 2.0, that was improved with USB 3.0. This would never be noticed for typical productivity, but may be noticed for gaming. Therefore, if you have a USB 3.0 port, it is strongly recommended to use this connection if possible. However the device is perfectly usable for the vast majority of productivity applications over USB 2.0.

When a monitor or TV is connected, an extra icon appears in the icon tray at the bottom right of the Windows desktop. From this icon, you can quickly customize both sound and video attributes. In particularly this provides a quick way of changing the resolution of the connected display and also whether the display is a duplication (mirror) or an extension of the desktop. In this way, it could be used to connect a projector for a travelling salesman, teacher, presenter. Or it could be part of a multi-screen display as part of a home or office installation.

I like devices that just work. This is one of those devices. It is compact, simple to install and use, and does exactly what it says without problems. Highly recommended!

N.B Please see photo showing the simple connection/usage of this device to a Sony TV
review image
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on 25 February 2013
OK, so I have an older laptop (must be about 6 years old now). As such I do not have HDMI out or DVI Out, if I want to connect to the TV I have to use VGA.... But my TV doesn't support an audio-in as well as VGA. Problem!

So while I don't need to connect the Laptop to the the TV regularly, Media streaming is accomplished through a NAS and X-Box360 combo. It is still handy to be able to connect the laptop for watching videos with encoders that cannot be played through the X-Box directly such as mkv.

All you need to do is visit the DisplayLink website to download the latest drivers (I decided to just do this direct and not use the pre-packed driver disc to ensure I was running the latest from the start). Once done, plug the device in and let the drivers install, then I plugged it into the TV a violla. Perfect picture and sound on my TV either as an extension to my homescreen or as a duplicate.

I could not be happier, it was so easy to do and the adapter in itself is not huge to become an annoyance if taking it away with you. The added DVI adapter would come in use for those with HDMI ports already taken up on your TV and do not want to unplug, or want to permanently set your PC to the TV as you can just use DVI port instead of HDMI for not much sacrifice in quality.

The only negative I could have for this (and this is more a personal issue) is the length of the USB cable could be a little longer for me to save pulling the pre-existing HDMI cable a bit more out from the cable tidy. But this is really my own issue, so is not impacted on my score for the product.

Nice product, well thought-out and excellent quality as always. Thanks Anker!
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on 16 March 2013
After using this product for about a week straight connecting my PC to my TV I have found that not only does it have a great quality on the mirroring of screens but it is also very easy to set up over a number of different screens!

Great product!!
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on 8 February 2013
First off I would like to say, what a fantastic idea! Many new computers include USB 3.0 and in the future it will be the norm. This product is helpful to have around if you think you have killed your GPU or require an additional output. It is very compact and the finish is really modern and professional. As with many Anker products I have used, the build quality is fantastic, dare I say, Corsair level.

Issues: I had some issues using this on my X79 machine. In my environment I have Active Directory Domain Services, and I couldn't set up this adapter to when logged in as a roaming profile, it required local administrator privileges, but once first config is complete, it works on any user. During the attempt to install this device, I had many issues with installing the drivers, purely based on the admin issue. I recommend getting the latest drivers from the Display Link website, which I ended up doing due to not having a CD drive on my computer to use the micro CD that came with the product.

My favourite points: The product is great quality. Windows Plug and play automatic driver finder will likely work but not recommended (really should download the latest drivers). It comes with a hdmi to dvi adaptor, which is useful if you wish to connect to a dvi monitor. Audio pass through, so great to hook up to a tv. I really recommend this product. 4.5/5 due to issues that occurred whilst on a roaming profile.
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on 27 March 2014
I needed to run a second monitor from my PC and did not want to go to expense of a dual port graphics card. At work we have tried several of USB adaptors with varying degrees of success. I bought this one on the basis of reviews from other sites and I have not been disappointed. It supports a 24" monitor at 1920 x 1080 32 bit colour and I am impressed. For the money this product is highly recommended as is Anker Direct.
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on 15 May 2013
I used the Anker USB- HDMI adapter with my thinkpad x1 Carbon running windows 8. I had initially looked into several different kinds of docks but reviews and impressions were that they didn't perform well, despite their high cost.

This item fulfilled all the functions I could ask of it and it works perfectly with a DVI connection to my 1080p monitor. I use my laptop with two monitors- a mini dvi and the anker usb 3.0 and they work in exactly the same way- even when I plug and unplug them or use windows to change the main monitor etc. The display output appears every bit as good as it was with mini DVI.

One word of warning: while the device also works with USB 2.0, I suspect that it will not work as well and I think that the availability of a USB 3.0 port on my laptop is the reason this has worked so well.

Anyway, I've never left a review on amazon before but I thought I would take this opportunity because I was somewhat surprised with how well this has been working for me.

I wouldn't hesittate to recommend.
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on 3 March 2013
This is a great idea for a product, it has a lot of different functions. The adapter can be used simply to connect a second monitor to a laptop or pc that doesn't have another video output slot. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool, if a graphics card or on-board graphics chip is broken and no longer working it can be used to verify that it is that that is broken and not the monitor or cable being used.

The adapter also comes with a HDMI to DVI converter so most types of monitors can be connected to with great ease. A mini disk CD driver also comes in the box that allows for easy setup and connectivity.

The overall build of the adapter is very strong and robust, the cable that links the USB to the adapter is fairly thick and won't easily split open, the box that the adapter is based in is made to a very high standard, all the corners are rounded and with no sharp exposed edges. The adapter is overall very lightweight and small, perfect for putting in a bag and taking it with you anywhere you need to go.
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on 21 October 2013
Excellent product does exactly what it says on the tin BUT be careful with the drivers installation!

Install FIRST using the supplied disk and follow the instructions, i.e. DO NOT connect the device until drivers installed, worst case you have to unistall a go again, it just wastes your time more than anything.

Once done you may still not be able to get your screen working, at this point allow windows to update the driver (google how to update a driver in your OS). A quick reboot and you're in.

Thought it wasn't working but I sorted it after about 10mins tinkering.

Other than that its really easy to use, handy little app and is USB 2 and 3 compatible.

Would definitely recommend!
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on 27 March 2014
On a Windows 8.1 laptop, we plugged it in and it just worked. Drivers downloaded automatically, screens flickered a few times and after about 30 seconds we were good to go.
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on 27 March 2014
Although the product came with a small disc I found it easier to download the latest software from the website (my surface pro does not have a disc drive). When I plugged into the TV screen I wanted to use it took a matter of seconds to sort out how to get both screens (and only the TV screen) working and the quality of sound and picture produced was excellent. I am pleased I bought the device.
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